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Zarafa -- - Trailer (Flash) (French)


Don’t cry.
They burnt my village.
My father will come and rescue me.
He is a great warrior.
If you are here, Maki, it’s because they burnt your village, too.
I said “Quiet!!”
Go easy on them. Don’t ruin the merchandise.
Look, Soula, the chains are too big for us.
– We can escape.
– Stop, Maki, it’s too dangerous.
Hamok! Go get him!
Good luck, Maki.
Hamok! Shut up, idiot!
I hope the little bastard is in there.
Stupid dog!! I don’t wanna hear you again
till we reach Alexandria!
We’ll hunt again tomorrow.
Thus began the grandiose adventure of Maki
and his friends.
The morning after…
One, two, three, four, five
How many legs do you have?
I saw you!
Nobody escapes me.
Let’s go
I’ll take you back by the scruff of the neck, my little man!
Come here, you!
You’ll stop running!
Damn beast! Get lost!
Make yourself scarce, I said!
Come now.
You are mine.
He is nobody’s.
Drop the gun or I kill you.
Now get lost before I change my mind.
We will meet again.
For your sake, I hope not.
– What are you doing?
– Go home before they find you again.
– Where are you taking him?
– I said go home.
Where are you taking him?!!
I promise you I’ll protect her and
do everything I can to take her back.
A mirage?
Yes. Mirages exist.
What is a mirage?
A mirage is like a dream you have while your eyes are open.
A dream without sleeping?
Exactly. Dreaming while awake.
Then, he didn’t really the oasis?
In the desert, never trust what you are seeing.
Sometimes, it can play tricks on you.
In the desert, or elsewhere…
Never take what you see at face value.
Why are you following me?
You don’t want to answer me?
Good. I don’t like talkative people.
I am following my giraffe.
Your giraffe?
What’s its name, your giraffe?
I don’t know.
We’ll call her Zarafa.
In my language, it means “Giraffe”.
Where do you take her?
She refuses to drink. If she doesn’t drink, she will die.
Tomorrow, we need to find something to eat.
We’ll go to Mahmoud’s.
Then I’ll find a caravan that will take you home.
If you go far from this camp
you will get lost.
If you get lost,
you will die.
Unless you can find your way in the stars.
In the desert or in the middle of the ocean
if you are lost,
ask the sky.
Hey, Mahmoud!
I can’t believe my eyes! Hassan!
So you found your giraffe?
The Pasha will be happy.
She is magnificent!
I need milk.
I have milk.
Do you want it skimmed, half-skimmed, pasteurized, concentrated, dehydrated…..
– I have very good yogurt.
– Just milk.
Milk. Just milk he said.
But milk of what? Goat? Sheep? Cow?
All right, all right, no problem, friend.
But tell me, what do you want milk for?
To make butter? cheese? crêpes? cakes?
Goat milk. For the giraffe.
Goat milk.
I don’t have it.
I will count to three.
But I’ve got cow milk.
Let me present Mounh and Sounh.
They are the sacred cows of Tibet.
Tibet? What is it?
It’s a country. It’s very big!
Isn’t it obvious?
Do they give milk?
Of course! Not just any milk either. They give sacred milk!
Excellent for kids’ growth. Also very good for…
For you, friend, two for the price of one.
Just one.
If you take just one, it’s twice the price.
-How come?
Because…err…you never separate twins.
Or it becomes very expensive.
I only need one.
Mounh or Sounh.
No, Sounh.
Why are they called Mounh and Sounh?
Because Moonh was born under the moon
And Sounh under the sun.
I thought they were twins.
They are twins.
Born on an Eclipse day.
The moon hid the sun when Moonh was born.
And when Soonh was born,
the sun reappeared.
The next caravan due South, when does it leave?
In three days.
Three days. Hmm.
Not before?
don’t be so hurried.
Hurried men are dead.
And why are you going South?
I thought you were going back to Alexandria?
Not for me.
It’s for the kid.
The kid?
How much for a pass?
Hmm…a ticket South…it depends.
First class, business class,
economic class, which I strongly advice against. Too packed!
In front or behind?
In front or behind what?
In front of the dromedary’s hump or behind it.
Mahmoud, don’t annoy me.
Behind, then.
I warned you, Hassan. You never separate twins.
Besides, it was less expensive to take both.
The Zarafas!
Damn Tibetan cows! Mahmoud, if I catch you,
I’ll tie your mustache to the cows!
Ooh! It’s delicious!
Hey, Hassan!
– Hassan!
– What?
You don’t know how to milk a cow?
Ask the sky!
When we reach Alexandria, you will take the first caravan
and you go home. Understood?
I’ll teach you!!
What is it?
This stuff is itchy!
That stuff?
Nobody will recognize you with that stuff.
A real little king.
At Alexandria, the Turks besieged the port,
preventing Egyptian boats from coming and going.
That’s where our friends met Malaterre.
– Range too short. Need more charge!
– What?
Range too short! Need more charge!
Shoot the lighthouse!
The lighthouse!
No! Not the lighthouse!
Hassan! You old skinflint!
You succeeded!
Malaterre! You old hag!
Victory!! Victory!
Look, it’s Hassan.
– A giraffe!
– The Pasha will be happy!
He succeeded.
You have succeeded!
Do like I do, understand?
I’ve been waiting for you with impatience.
She is magnificent!
I’m glad she pleases you, your Highness.
I hope she will please the King of France, too.
There is no better present than this!
A present?
The idea is a bit crazy
but, to free his country from the Turks,
the Pasha of Egypt needed help from the King of France.
And hopefully, Zarafa would be enough to warrant it.
Your Highness,
how are you going to send the giraffe to France?
We’re besieged by the Turks.
There is no way to leave the port.
There is one, Hassan.
There is one way.
There is our savior.
Captain Moreno has accepted to bring Zarafa to France.
Your Highness, this man you call “our savior”
is a slaver who does business with tomb raiders.
Yes, Hassan, but if he is in connivance with the Turks
they will let his ship pass.
And his goods?
You talk of a ship.
I am talking of a city.
The Great Alexandria.
With all due respect, your Highness,
I don’t play with the lives of others.
I don’t trust this man.
Let me take Zarafa to France.
And how will you go past the Turks?
The Geese Road?
Are you mad?
I’ve never used that balloon before!
You want to cross the Mediterranean
with a giraffe on board?
Don’t always reason with your head
listen to your heart.
Your Highness, this man is crazy. The desert sun boiled his brain.
Alexandria needs you.
But your Highness,
the Mediterranean…
is big!
It’s very simple.
We need to go high enough to catch the warm currents.
Like the geese.
You really think we can travel like the geese?
You’ve been wanting to do this for years!
And now, you chicken out!
All right.
We leave this night.
Our fate is in your capable hands.
Give Zarafa to the King of France, and we are saved.
In Paris, go see a man named Saint-Hilaire.
He is the most renowned scientist in Europe.
He’ll help you.
Then, you will hand-deliver this message to the King.
Alexandria shall be freed, this I swear.
Your balloon is awesome!
What are you doing?
Loading the cows.
The cows?
I thought we bring only the giraffe!
We need the cows to feed Zarafa.
Why not bring Benur also?
Benur stays.
He will take Maki to the South.
Can I come with you?
Not a chance!
We are taking Zarafa to France.
Where is it?
Far away.
Very far.
Come down now.
No! Not without Zarafa!
She doesn’t belong to you!
Free her!
Don’t spoil everything.
You are free now.
I hate you!
I’ll talk to him.
You love that giraffe, huh?
I promised her mother I’d take care of her.
Let me come with you.
Let me keep my promise.
Feelings only bring troubles.
Hay for the cows.
Where is he going?
Benur is taking him home.
Without saying goodbye.
Well, I’d like to leave before the Turks wake up.
This is madness.
We did it!
Not yet.
To reach the warm currents, we must do like the geese
We need to go high.
I told you it was stupid to load the cows.
Throw everything you can, it’s our only chance.
No, not that!
We did it.
No cows, no hay.
Besides, you are allergic.
who’s next?
No one can beat you, Bouboulina.
Are my men men or women?
Incoming cows!!
What the heck?
Cows are falling from the sky now?
You put the kid…in the hay?
I can believe someone can be so…so stupid!
He is alright.
On a pirate ship?
Who are you, kid?
I am Maki. On a mission from the Pasha of Egypt.
We’re bringing a treasure to France.
A treasure?
Where is this treasure?
Let’s eat the cows and throw the kid to the sharks.
I am sick of fish soup.
We want moussaka!
Kepta duona!
Beef balls!
Beef steaks!
I like you.
Follow the balloon.
you see him?
What is he doing?
Tell me, Bouboulina…
you really believe his story?
I don’t know…
but the kid is so determined…
I think there is something of great value in that balloon.
Tell me kid. What is in the balloon?
Precious stones?
No, my treasure is much more precious than stones.
What is gold?
is beautiful!
Shines like the sun…
My treasure is even more beautiful.
My poor Zarafa, my country is beautiful but…
it’s not a country for you.
– Maki was right
– You are talking to a giraffe.
You talk to Benur.
It’s not the same thing.
Why? Because Benur understands you?
We land here before going to Paris.
I need to reinflate the balloon.
My time has come.
Would you like to earn another gold piece?
where is the kid?
Where is the kid?
With me!
Come get him if you dare.
We will meet again and then..
We’ll meet again.
You told me that already.
You were right, Maki.
Your treasure is very beautiful.
I promised her mother to take her home.
Don’t start, Maki.
I appreciate your courage and your help but
Zarafa must be brought to Paris as soon as possible.
The kid made a promise, he must keep his words.
One must always keep one’s promises.
Says Bouboulina.
Allright, you won, Maki. We go home.
Thank you.
You make good choices.
Take good care of him.
And we never know…
if you ever find yourself in Greece, come see me.
Ask for Bouboulina.
Adios, Maki.
– Continue to keep your promises.
– Goodbye Bouboulina.
Head for Africa?
Head for Paris.
– But..
– It’s your fault.
You didn’t leave me a choice.
Zarafa and me will escape.
the moment your back is turned.
You will never see us again!
So, this is snow.
I’ve never seen it before.
Be assured you will see plenty of it.
Snow. It falls from the sky…like rain.
Light…like a leaf.
It’s solid. And then, it becomes liquid.
And when you walk in it, first it’s cold
then it burns you…like fire.
Yes. It’s a wonderful thing, snow.
But also dangerous.
Pierce the balloon! With your sword.
Don’t be sad. They are buddhist cows.
What is a buddhist?
According to their religion…
when they die, Mounh and Sounh
will be reincarnated as other animals.
Any animal?
As an ant?
Why not?
Me, I prefer a lion.
A cheetah! A rhino! A panther! A crocodile!
An elephant! A mosquito!
A mosquito?
How funny!
To bite him!
And you? What animal would you be reincarnated as?
A giraffe!
Remember what I told you…
Sounh’s spirit will join the body of another animal.
You are lying again.
It’s Sounh!
In Paris, they went to the zoo at the Garden.
Malaterre went to repair his balloon.
What is a zoo?
It’s a place where…
they put animals in cages.
Giraffa camelopardalis!
Come now, mr. Saint-Hilaire,
don’t make us wait any longer.
There is is, your Majesty,
A gift from the Pasha of Egypt.
What is that thing?
A Giraffa camelopardalis.
I mean…a giraffe, your Majesty.
Oh! What a beautiful giraffe!!
Hurrah for the King’s giraffe!!
Look at its neck!
How ugly!
I like the patterns of its skin.
It will look nice in my lounge.
– What a neck!
– Longer than a chimney!
– Mom, I want one!
– Me too!
Hey, is it nice up there?
It rains, she is the first to get wet.
And I am the last.
Your Majesty, here are the people who
traveled all the way from Africa to France.
to bring you this giraffe.
France’s very first giraffe, your Highness.
Very well.
So, you are the ones who brought this marvel to us?
Yes, your Majesty.
Your Majesty, from the Pasha of Egypt.
Alexandria is besieged.
How sad!
And the Pasha asks for our help.
– And what does he offer us in exchange?
– A giraffe!
What is your name, my brave man?
Hassan, your Majesty.
Well, Hassan. Go tell your Pasha that France
has other things to do than to fight the Turks.
And it’s not with a giraffe that
you will persuade me to do otherwise.
The Kingdom of France is not a marketplace.
Then give us back Zarafa!
Your Majesty?
Please make sure the monkey cages are securely closed.
I see one has escaped.
I am not a monkey!!
It’s you who are…
Please forgive him, your Majesty, he…
he…is just a kid.
Your Majesty, you know, when she grows up, she will be even bigger!
We’ll see. We are keeping her.
Does it mean you will help us, your Majesty?
No. But a gift is a gift.
Come see Zarafa. The first giraffe ever seen in France.
What a pleasant surprise!
We accomplished nothing!
Come now, I’ll take you home.
– Saint-Hilair took care of our return voyage.
We leave this night.
– Not without Zarafa!
Stop that.
Say goodbye and come. This is not a place for you.
I won’t leave without Zarafa!
I promised her mother.
– You think they will let you take her?
– I promised!
And me, I keep my promises.
Very well. Do what you want.
I am not your father.
Hassan looked everywhere for Maki that day.
And the days after that.
In vain.
That’s right. Maki and Soula found each other at least.
Alas. They would soon be separated again.
Believe me, you get a good deal.
On the other hand, no return, no exchange.
In Paris, the “Giraffe Fashion” has swept over the city.
People walked giraffe,
dressed giraffe.
And rode giraffe.
It was Giraffomania!
People came from all over the country,
to see France’s first giraffe.
As for Zarafa, she didn’t forget Maki.
And each day, she waited for him to come back
and rescue her as he has promised.
But time passed…
and passed…
And Zarafa lost all hope.
Then, little by little, the Giraffomania faded,
plunging Zarafa into oblivion.
Can we come down now?
The children are sick.
Malaterre made a meager a living with his balloon,
always nostalgic for the adventures he had.
– This machine is not for children!
– Your balloon is nasty!
As for Hassan, he never went home.
Ashamed of having failed his mission
and betrayed his friends.
He tried to forget.
But of them all, it was Maki who suffered the most.
Moreno has decided to bring him to heel.
– We are hungry!!
– Hurry!
Such was his daily life.
Day after day…
Week after week…
He had no more hope.
Until the day when…
What is that…grotesque thing?
Your Majesty.
River horse. Commonly known as Hippopotamus.
He comes from Africa.
At this rate, you will soon empty the country of animals.
Err…it’s a continent, your Majesty.
Oh! What a beautiful hippopotamus!!
Hurrah for the King’s hippopotamus!!
Your umbrella, quick!!
This time you come with me!
Catch them, Hamock!!
What is this mess?!!
How are we going home?
Go home? No!
I must find Zarafa.
Zarafa! Zarafa! You only think of her.
Meanwhile we are lost in a foreign city.
You hear me, Maki? We are lost.
In the desert or the middle of the ocean,
if you’re lost…
ask the sky.
Ask the sky.
The sky?
We are saved!
Soula, we are saved!
Tell me when you see the giraffe.
The geese are leaving.
Time to go home.
I beg you.
Help us.
He didn’t even recognize us.
We don’t need him.
Without him we can’t free Zarafa, sorry Maki.
You are abandoning us, too?
Well then, stay here and keep working for peanuts.
Wait for me!
Don’t come back again.
We don’t want you here, métèque!!
Prince of the desert.
That’s why you are thirsty? Haha!
I have come to take you home, Zarafa.
Malaterre, come help me!
I am sorry. Zarafa won’t fit into the montgolfier balloon.
She is too big.
We must leave her.
Come on, Maki!
I can’t leave her.
my little guardian angel
you can talk?
Only you don’t hear me with your ears,
but your heart
You must leave without me.
Return to our motherland.
Build a house.
Start a family.
And when your family grows, your house will become a village.
Do you understand?
Your mommy…
I promised her…
– It’s not me you must take back to Africa.
– Not you?
Who then?
Someone you can love…
with whom you can start a family…
We must leave now.
I’ll never forget you!!
Never! Never!
You will always be in my heart, beloved Maki.
I will visit you in your dreams.
I knew you wouldn’t leave without your giraffe.
You’re so single-minded!
This is the last time you make me run after you.
And you, this is the last time you lay your hands on this boy.
Come, Maki.
We go home.
Forgive me, my son.
You won’t escape me!
Hamok? Is it you?
Go get help, my dog!
It took them years to return to Africa.
And they had many adventures
But that is another story.
Thus, Maki and Soula built a village…
that grew…and grew…
For they had many children.
And their children also had many children of their own.
You are among them.
Why are you sad, Lomba?
Because Hassan is dead.
But my story is not yet finished.
Sometimes, life gifts you with beautiful surprises.
And Zarafa?
The Garden received many new residents.
And the year when another marvel came from Egypt…
Zarafa was no longer alone.
And…a few months later…

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