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In 1876, the royal treasury in Beijing
was robbed and
2 million taels of gold were stolen
Empress Dowager is in flaming anger
Empress Dowager arrives…
Long live Your Highness
Remove the cover
Your Highness, did you see that?
Today’s dishes have been
specially prepared
by the royal kitchen
according to your wishes
There’s chicken, duck and lamb
These are fried lobsters
Your Highness, why are you still worrying
about the state’s affairs even at meal?
They should be dealt with by ministers
There’s no need for you to worry about
Did you know about
the Royal Treasury
losing two million taels of gold?
Your Highness,
it’s not my responsibility…
Then tell me, whose fault is it?
I deserve a million deaths
I’ve no appetite
You can have all the food
I deserve death…
Mr. Liu, Forbidden city’s
chief of Security arrives
Greetings to Your Highness
Long live Your Highness
Thank you Your Highness
Mr Liu, what have you been doing?
The Royal Treasury has been pried open
Would my royal dinning hall
be pulled down too one day?
Your Highness,
our investigations show that
the commander guarding the treasury
conspired with some bandits
which enabled them to
get into the treasury so easily
The commander was silenced
and killed after that
Mr. Liu, losing gold is one thing;
More importantly
the country is losing face
How dare a couple of burglars
turn the palace upside down
If those westerners come to know of this,
our Qing Empire…
I’m trying my best to capture the robbers
Alright, I’ll give you ten days for that
lt’ll sure be enough
Your Highness, ten days…
Mr Liu, Her Highness is already
generous enough
to give you ten days
Your Highness
If you insist on accomplishing the task
in ten days
only one person can do that
The head constable, Leng Tian Ying
Sir, I beg you, spare us
Damn you, how dare you block my way
If you don’t retreat,
I’ll kill his whole family
What are we going to do?
Wait for my brother here
and let him take the decision
That’s right…
Mr Leng
How’s it going?
Three robbers robbed a bank
and are hiding inside
Why not attack with fire?
All the occupants in there
are being held hostage
can’t smoke them out
Brother, he’s not armed
and is wounded seriously
Should have let him live
Kill them all
Do we still have to bring these burglars
to court?
Brother, you’re overdoing it
Shut up
Lord Leng, chief of Security summons you
Please set off for the capital immediately
Leng Tian Ying,
head constable from the capital is here
Greetings from Leng Tian Ying
The treasury in the capital
was robbed of 2 million taels of gold
a day ago
The five robbers
are said to be on the loose
capture them within 10 days,
dead or alive
cun Yi, round up all the constables
in the training ground
Brother, what’s the mission?
According to information the 5 robbers
have escaped from the capital
I want to select a few of our best men
to pursue them
You take over in my absence
Why? Is it because
I am not taking you along?
You want the truth?
We’re brothers, speak plainly
I wouldn’t want to come
Following you for 7 years
I have seen
how you never take live prisoners
You have spilled much blood
You really like being called
Killer constable?
You aren’t a constable,
you’re a murderer actually
That’s our duty
But it doesn’t include merciless killing
You have spilled much blood
and I want no part of it
If you want to kill, do it on your own
cun Yi
Remember, as constables
we are faced with fierce robbers
It’s them or us
“capital Station”
Squad 3, Attention
Follow the marker
I’m the marker
Fall in
Squad 3 in the capital station
are all ready
At ease
At ease
Peng Lai, Zhao Jian, Sun Heng, stay
The rest, dismiss
Peng Lai, Zhao Jian, Sun Heng, stay
The rest, dismiss
Fall in
At your service
chief of Security has ordered me
to capture
the robbers of the treasury
You are among the best
and will follow me
on this mission tomorrow, dismiss
Lord Leng
You haven’t assigned me any duty
I never intended to bring you along
You think I am too old?
You think I can’t take the hardship?
It’s the same to assist my brother here
Lord Leng, I can still fight
I don’t have a belly yet
I have followed you many years
and have groomed
everyone here
Then what do you want?
Not much
I am retiring
Ask your wife to prepare
some clothes for you
so as not to catch cold on the way
Dong Hu, Zhang Liang, Su Wu etc.
They all had great sense of honor
in past dynasties
Wen Tian Xiang
Lord Leng, the tea is ready
cui Hin, come over here
Lord Leng
I heard you’ve just got engaged
so you can’t go on this mission
This is just a small token of mine
“one hundred taels”
Thank you
but I wouldn’t take your gift
I have decided to follow you,
capture the robbers and then get married
lt’ll be a dangerous mission
and your life will be at stake
I don’t want a groom-to-be
to take the risk
Go and get married
I have been with you for over 10 years
have I been afraid of death?
Please accept my gift
Ma Zhong, why bring such pretty boots?
My wife made them for me
to prevent cold sores on the road
How sweet of your wife!
Has she also prepared
a pee bottle for you?
I am not like you,
still wetting the bed n’ all
Damn you
His wife really loves him
Mr chui, mercy
I’ll tell you…
you want to know who killed
the whole family at Tung Tao Village?
Again, mercy…
Do you want to know about that case?
Do you want to know
who committed rape and murder
at the cui residence?
Don’t kill me
Tell me who robbed the royal treasury?
I can’t tell you
or I’ll be dead
I can’t…
I don’t know…
Tell me who robbed the royal treasury
or I’ll throw you down
I really don’t know
cui Hin, what are you dong here?
Please pardon me
If I knew who robbed the treasury
would you take me together?
Say what you said just now
Madam Wang a neighbour told my wife
that her husband has pieces of gold
with the treasury’s mark on them
Who’s her husband?
Yue Wu Guai of the Tai Fat Mill House
Get lost
Let’s go and capture Yue Wu Guai
Lord Leng
Are you really not taking a wife?
Guess it won’t be too late to wait
till the bandits are apprehended
Don’t cry
How can the matter of treasury
be shared with others?
I didn’t know it’d be this serious
I won’t speak it again
It seems there’s someone outside
You sure?
Damn, it’s the constables
Let’s escape through the back
Don’t move
Ah Niu, run quickly
Run, don’t cry
Don’t run
Run, Ah Niu
Stand still
Run, Ah Niu, don’t grab him
Don’t move
Sir, I’m innocent
I don’t know anything, sir
Who else if not you?
I really don’t know
Ma Zhong
Sir, please don’t. Ah Niu…
Please have mercy on him
Sir, have mercy on us
Don’t, Ah Niu
Sir, mercy
I’ll speak
Tao Bau, the blacksmith. Zhang Long
and Wang Wan Wu
Fang Feng Jia is the leader
Where’s the gold?
I beg you to do me a favor
leave the gold for my wife
I beg you
Ah Niu… Sir, I beg you
Have mercy on us
Give us a chance
I’ll speak, it’s inside the bucket
Please don’t take my gold
Let go
My gold, let me go
How are you?
Dear, wake up
Lord Leng, watch out
chop off his head
You killed Ah Niu,
you’ll die a cruel death
You are a beast, a monster
I’ll kill you
You’ll die a cruel death
Peng Lai, let’s go
– Peng Lai
– Yes
Being kind to criminals means
being cruel to yourself
Why are these people so frightened?
They take us for robbers
who’re here to rob them again
Poor souls
Don’t forget, they are Hans
we are Manchurians
we can’t mess with politics
Just do yourjob as a constable
check inside
Lord Leng
It’s a deserted ancestral hall
Let’s spend the night here
Still bothered by
the incident at the mill house?
I just think
everyone has the right to live
even if they are criminals
Do we have the right
to kill them at our will?
Besides, they are victims of circumstances
and have been pushed into what they do
You are too soft
Hardly cut out to be a constable
Then you’re saying lord Leng
is right to kill today?
Not only today
I have always admired
his iron-like character
in dealing with those bandits
He never drags his feet
If I were in his position one day
I too would be a Killer constable
You all think he is cold
and has no feelings, right?
You’re wrong, he is also human
and has his humanity as well
But because he is a committed constable,
his emotions are like his sword;
Hidden deep inside its sheath
The bed is ready
Go and rest
Peng Lai, what are you doing?
Taking some leftovers
for the starving people
Take this to them
Thank you
Zhao Jian, where’s Peng Lai?
Have you seen him come back?
What is it?
Haven’t seen him return
Let’s find him, quick
Go on
Isn’t this our bowl?
He might have been here
Find him, quick
Peng Lai…
Peng Lai…
Iron thorns
Lord Leng, what’s the matter?
What is it?
There are two assassins
Are you injured?
Peng Lai has been seriously wounded
in the opposite village
He’s in there
We can’t move him. If we do, he dies
Peng Lai
Just kill me
I can’t take it
Please heed my words
even criminals are human beings,
don’t kill improperly
I beg you, let me die
Please, don’t let me suffer
Let me die
come on, I can’t take it
Lord Leng
Damn, bastard
It’s your fault for
pushing me to rob the treasury
now I have been stabbed
The Killer constable never leaves
a live prisoner
We couldn’t kill him last night means…
It means we’ll be hunted
the rest of our lives
You want to escape?
Of course, no matter what
we can’t wait here and die
I said you have no brains
that’s why you can’t escape
Where are you running to now?
If we separate
we’ll give him an opportunity
to kill us one by one
What are we going to do?
Find Fang Feng Jia and Wang Wan Wu
Four against one
Regardless of
how good the Killer constable may be
he can’t escape from us
No wonder you used to be
the leader of the troops
You are indeed smart
I’ll go immediately to find them
See you at the Da Long Bay fishing house
after 3 days
Zhang Long
Zhang Long…
No need to wait
Killer constable
Zhang Long betrayed you, he won’t come
That bastard betrayed me
Lord Leng
Put it down as
300 taels of gold from Zhang Long
Take his head
Lord Leng, we’ve searched his home
There’re only three hundred taels of gold
Did you interrogate him?
Yes, he’s telling the truth
His share is only
three hundred taels of gold
Killer constable, I’ve sold out
that blacksmith to you
You should trust and let me go
That’s right,
I’ve promised to grant you a pardon
But I didn’t say I’d spare your life
Execute him
Killer constable,
you’d never have thought of this
I knew that you wouldn’t let me get off
so easily
You won’t have expected me
to be smarter than you are
He’s escaped
Lord Leng, follow me
Lord Leng, never mind about me,
hurry and chase
Hurry and go, Lord Leng
Lord Leng,
have those robbers been captured?
They didn’t escape, right?
Lord Leng, Sun Heng died too
Over there
Let’s take a rest here
Sir, have a seat, where are you from?
Stop talking rubbish
It’s chaotic out there
and hard to do business
Lord Leng, sit
Get us some beef and wine
Sir, the country is in chaos and
hard to make a living
There’s no food at all,
where do I find beef for you?
Then what do you folks have?
Some toasted bread
Alright then, hurry
Fan Jin Peng
What a surprise that
in such a barren place
I can meet the Killer constable
How lucky!
Fan Jin Peng, you’re notorious
in the Eastern Kwangtung
What are you doing here?
I’ve heard that
The Royal Treasury has been robbed
I’m here in the hope of
somehow benefiting from it
The treasury has been robbed
and the court is furious
It’s not a trivial matter
You’d better go back where you came from
Head constable
What’s the big deal for the court
to lose some gold?
There’s no harm sparing some
for us common people
It’s not the kind of money
that you can benefit from
Leng Tian Ying,
you too are a government official
You should know that people like us
never suffer loss in business
Since I’m here
how can I leave empty-handed?
I won’t let you go away
empty-handed either
I’ll give you 50 taels of gold
and then you leave
cui Hin
What are you going to do
if I refuse your favour?
Then don’t even think of leaving here
Leng Tian Ying, you hold great esteem
in the capital
and I’m famous in the South
lt’ll be difficult to tell
who will win if we fight
If I were you,
I’d take this fifty taels of gold
without any hesitation
Lord Leng, he’s a great rascal
Why don’t you kill him?
Till now, there’s no proof of his crime
Besides, he’s a kung fu expert,
I may not be his match
I’ve met the person you want me to kill
on my way just now
Since you’ve met him
why didn’t you kill him for me?
I haven’t got my remuneration yet
It’s too early to kill him
Alright, 300 taels of gold,
they are all here
The Royal Treasury has been robbed of
two million taels
Friend, is your share just this bit?
Friend, it really is
please take it
This may be good enough
only for ordinary people
But as for killing Killer constable
this is a bit too little
What… what do you want?
These 300 taels
aren’t even enough to kill you
But if I kill you
this three hundred taels will become mine
That’s much easier
than killing Killer constable
So why bother to fight
with Killer constable?
You are a man of no integrity
A man with integrity won’t become
a professional killer
You should accept your fate
Damn it
It’s scorpion poisonous dart
That’s right
once hit, you’ll die of blood poisoning
within fifty steps
I’ll fight you
Friend, being rash is of no use
lt’ll only accelerate you to death
Killer constable,
I don’t care about the reward
and killed the man you want
Fifty taels of gold for killing a person
is the cheapest reward I’ve asked for
I just want to make friends with you
We can easily be friends
Please just open your bag
If the gold bars
have the Royal seal printed on them
you’d better leave them behind and go
Killer constable, no need to be so furious
The gold will be returned to you
Ma Zhong, go and get back the gold
Lord Leng, secret weapon
Ma Zhong
Scorpion dart
Give me the antidote
Even if I give you the antidote
you can’t go down alive
Where’s the antidote?
There’s no need for us to fight,
we are an equal match
You can’t kill me,
and I can’t harm you either
I don’t want the gold
Let’s be friends
I can give you the antidote for your man
Good swordsmanship
Didn’t expect that your sword can kill
from far or near
Fan Jin Peng, you didn’t expect that
I can escape the attack of your Needle
You are the first one
but still you’ll die from poisoning
Fan Jin Peng, you are too presumptuous
Throatlock Needle never misses
why coat it with poison?
But this time you’ve missed
Had there been antidote in the bottle
I wouldn’t have given you
Your man will surely die
Lord Leng, where’s the antidote?
There’s none
Lord Leng, thank you
for bringing me together
cui Hin, help me up
Lord Leng, constable Ma Zhong
from the capital station
is awaiting your order
Arise, lie down and have some rest
Ma Zhong
Ma Zhong…
Lord Leng, your wound is getting better
Ma Zhong wished to thank you for lending
the coat to him that night
He was reluctant to put on these boots
He said he wanted to leave them for you
Lord Leng, have some tea
Lord Leng, we should go back first
What are you saying?
Lord Leng, what I mean is that presently
there’s only you and me,
and you are wounded
We can maybe return to the capital
until you recuperate
Shut up
Don’t forget, we are constables
I’m only slightly wounded,
there’s no big deal about it
These are our duties
even if it entails sacrificing our lives
Lord Leng, but your wounds…
cui Hin
Giving up half way
is not only against our conscience
we’ll fail Lord Liu
who has entrusted us this mission
Xiao Lan
Dad, I miss you so much
Foolish child, am I not here now?
Dad, I’ll make you some tea
Dad, have some tea
Dad, where have you been?
Why have you been away
for so long this time?
Xiao Lan, come here
it’s the same as before
I’m just doing some trading
Dad, it seems you’re
hiding something from me
Every time you came back,
you’d try to make me talk
but this time you don’t even want to talk
Xiao Lan, you are right
I do have something in my mind
Dad, what is it?
Nothing of great importance
It’s just that something went wrong
in a transaction
I still have to go back to settle it
This time I’m just on my way to see you
Dad, you have to go again?
Good girl, this will be my last time
I won’t go away again,
I’ll stay with you forever
can you not go this once, dad?
Don’t cry
Don’t go, dad, stay with me
Dad… don’t go, dad…
Don’t leave me behind
Take care on your way
Leng Tian Ying, it’s your doomsday
Why do you have to come again?
I don’t like you killing people
nor like to see you die
Who are you?
Miss, I’m a trader
You are wounded
I’ve met some robbers
and was wounded by them
How pitiful! Sorry, I’m blind
come, I’ll help you in for a rest
Feeling better
Thank you, Miss
How come you’re riding my dad’s horse?
Your dad’s horse?
Yes, dad has tied
a number of little bells on the horse
so that I’ll know every time he comes back
Miss, you are so enthusiastic
in helping others
Your dad must be a good man
My dad is extremely good to friends
and likes helping out
Did he lend you his horse?
Your dad and I are good friends
My dad loves me
You lie down and have some rest
My dad said he’s on his way to finalise
one last trade
and would be back to stay with me
He’ll be back soon, just take a good rest
Who is it?
It’s me
Dad, you are back?
Xiao Lan
Dad, what happened to you?
Nothing, go and make some tea for me
Dad, your old friend is here
He’s resting and is waiting for you
Who is it?
Dad, have some tea
So you are here
Dad, he’s in bed
Why didn’t you greet him?
Miss, we did already
You’re already up
Why didn’t I hear you greet?
Leng Tian Ying, how are you?
Fang Feng Jia, long time no see
You two have a seat
I’ll go and prepare some dishes
Miss, no need
What? You’re leaving again?
That’s right, he has to travel a long way
I must see him off
Uncle Leng, you really must go
That’s right, the road is long
If I don’t go your dad will have to
I appreciate your great kindness
Xiao Lan
I’ll be back soon after
I see Uncle Leng off
Leng Tian Ying, thanks for not exposing me
in front of my daughter
Don’t think I’ll spare you
because of your daughter
Where did you hide the gold you’ve taken?
If you want to know where…
Show your skill, defeat me
Where’s the gold? Speak
cun Yi
I’m looking for you
Head of the gang is hiding
among the reeds, find him
Go and find him, hurry
cun Yi
cun Yi
Brother, chase him, never mind about me
Hurry, go
cun Yi
cun Yi
Brother, capital station can do without me
but can’t do without you
cun Yi, you…
Run, hurry and run, hurry
Brother, run
Run, Brother, run
Archer, get ready
Second group, get ready
First group, get ready
I knew that you’ll follow traces of blood
to find me
The gold you want is here
Take it
one thousand taels
How come it’s so little?
That’s all I’ve got
Where did you hide the rest?
With Lord Liu,
chief of Security of the Forbidden city
Bullshit, don’t accuse other people
How will a government official
turn out to be a thief?
Hurry, hand over the gold
I’ve heard that you’re very perspicacious
but it turns out to be
an undeserved reputation
can’t even tell the truth from false
Shut up, if you don’t hand it over,
I’ll cut you up
No problem, but it’s sad that
you can’t tell the truth
Surround the house
First group go to the back
Second group go to the left
Third group to the right
Your men can’t rescue you
even if they surround here
Leng Tian Ying, you’re wrong
The men outside are not mine,
they are Lord Liu’s
They are archers sent by Lord Liu
How’d Lord Liu send archers
to kill government official
Because he’s the mastermind
behind the Treasury robbery
You’re talking nonsense
The Royal Treasury has been
heavily guarded
Without anyone from inside,
no one can get in
This is the map to the Treasury
given to me in person by Lord Liu
He embezzled 2 million taels of gold
and couldn’t repay
so he planned a fake heist
The real amount that was robbed
was the two thousand taels we got
He took the rest
capitalising on
your practice of killing prisoners
he wanted us dead
And also sent archers to kill me
Damn, I’ll fight them to the death
Leng Tian Ying, that’s exactly
what he wants
But then, your followers would
die for nothing
I have a plan
that could get you out of here
I have been seriously injured
and would not be able to survive
Those outside think you are the
only one here
but you must promise me one thing
What is it? Speak
You must promise to
take care of my daughter
This is where I usually
hide from constables
There is an air vent
Go in, quickly
Hide, quick
Please remember to
take care of my daughter
I’d like to know
what made you become a robber?
You Manchurians forced me
Go in quickly
Xiao Lan, dad won’t be returning
to see you
The corpse is here
chop off his head
Let’s go
cun Yi
cun Yi
Well done…
Ba Jia
Take them to lord Wang
and reward each with a hundred taels
Thank you
Go on
Ba Jia
Feed their carcasses to my dogs
My greetings, your highness
Long live
What’s the progress about
the Royal Treasury robbery?
All the robbers have been exterminated
Leng Tian Ying the head constable
along with his five men
have been killed on duty
Pass the order that they be praised
Make way…
Go away
Make way…

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