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Sorry father, we are looking for him.
Tiger, we’re going in.
Eagle wing, copy.
All clear.
Tiger, target located.
Control, call in the helicopter.
We’ve found the target.
Tiger, Tiger. Something’s wrong!
Something’s wrong.
Hey’?! What’s happening?
The satellite signal’s gone.
Get someone here, quick.
Lam, call the engineers and have
them check the back ups.
Sorry to call you back on your wedding day!
What’s wrong? Got bit by nuclear bomb?
It’s a big screw up.
What’s the screw up?
The satellite signal were disconnected,
leaving only the underwater cable as our key.
The staff at Stanley are checking the back up.
6 is totally screwed as well.
So what are we gonna do now?
Let’s call the boss!
Hey, still can’t get him yet.
Oh! He is over there.
Dr. Ken.
What’s the matter?
Dr. Ken, I have been trying to call you!
There’s been a big problem over at Stanley!
Dr. Ken, Mr. John has arrived!
The satellite signal were gone for 30 minutes.
It has just been re-established.
But the back ups are gone.
The initial investigation snows
no sign of sabotage.
You’ll have to find out what caused this
since I have no clue.
Thanks very much!
Let’s go!
– Let’s get out of here!
– That’s a wrap!
How’s the observatory report?
The Sun Spots has shown no irregular activities
in the past 24 hours;
no record or any explosion in outer spaoe!
There’s not even any special activities
in Guangzhou or Shenzhen!
Which means it only happened in Hong Kong.
The board of the server looks like
a roasted charcoal!
Such high level of energy
should be easily detectable!
I got it! I got it!
I know what you wanna…
But you know damn well we can’t
operate without a back up system!
We’ll create our own if we have to!
Call the insurance company right away! Yes!
How is it going? Clarence looks pissed!
You would have too!
I don’t think anyone will have to be responsible!
It’s a natural disaster!
I have sympathy for the poor insurance company.
It’s a lot of money!
Dr. Ken said it will be a few more minutes.
Did you tell him it is about his life and death?
Yes, but he is dealing with something
even more important.
More important than his own life?
That’s what he said!
Go call your boss, this is urgent,
immediately, alright!
– Why are you here?
– Why are you here?
My buddy said he needs me here!
Hey! Let me introduce.
James, from London, M 16
Chiu Tai-pang, from Sun Leungs Tam, CID.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you!
Oh you’re here Detective Chiu,
the boss has been waiting for you!
Sure, no problem!
Ah, Detective Chiu.
Oh! It’s okay! I know these people!
So classmate, are you in trouble?
A police party in the office?
– Mr. Chan.
– Inspector Yip!
James, he is from the UK!
– Hello!
– How are you?
Take a seat.
What can I do for you?
There have been 3 mysterious death
in the past 3 months.
All of them are re-known scientists
with one thing in common,
they were voted by the Century Magazine
Top Ten Future Leaders.
Dr. Ken
were you voted the top ten leaders last year?
We have reason to believe that
your life’s in danger, Dr. Ken.
So this filmsy piece of paper
is the certificate of Top Ten Future Leaders?
That’s correct!
Was there any prize money?
Let me explain this to you.
Every year the United Nation will select
‘IO leaders who hold the future of mankind.
I was one of the few.
The first Chinese ever selected!
So, what’s your area of expertise?
In layman’s term,
it took this size of cable
to transmit messages and data,
and now, this size will do it.
Is that all?
That’s correct!
Then, I have something here
that would make you even more happier!
What is it?
Congratulation, Dr. Ken, you’ve been awarded…
“Best boy friend of the year”!
Aren’t you glad?
Aren’t you proud of it?
Any prize money?
Nothing at all!
That’s impossible, there’s gotta
be a prize here somewhere.
Dr. Ken! Dr. Ken!
Have you ever heard of a group called
“Brotherhood of Technology”?
He’s lying.
According to our investigation,
all ten of you have received an invitation
from the Brotherhood of Technology.
Never mind,
I told you I’ve never heard of them,
and never received anything from this group!
Where were you last night?
I went boating.
Eye witness?
Hey, hold it man!
Are you booking him? What’s the charges?
You have the right to remain silent!
You’re a cop too! Just stay out of our way, OK?
I’m off duty now
an and I am speaking to him as a friend, OK?
Look, Dr. Ken is not a suspect in this case.
We are just worried about his safety!
Do you know Liam Anderson?
I do.
He died last night.
Why wasn’t this announced?
He died in a peculiar way and
the case is classified confidential!
Dr. Ken, let me ask you once again,
where were you at about 10:30 last night?
Hey! That was when the satellite signal went down!
The antenna was burnt at about that time!
By the way, why was Mr. Lima Anderson
in Hong Kong?
We’re not sure about that.
He was reported missing in Edinburgh
and was selected as the chairman
of the Global Bank last month.
MI6 has been treating this case
as a kidnapping by the terrorists!
Is he rich or something?
He’s not that rich but he did have the influence…
to control half of the cash flow asset in Europe!
Wow, that was one hell of explosion, wow!
Is that rig ht?
Hey, Detective,
when did you transfer back to town?
You promoted?
NO Shit!
The boys upstairs asked him to gather
some info and give it to some guy.
Sir I was wondering who’s the big shot
till know it’s you detective Chiu.
You’re really making your mark, man!
I mean, my ranking is higher than yours,
better pay cheque and I got a bigger quarter
and yet I am running around for you!
Hey, Detective, is it and in-thing
just to wear the gun-case?
Are the info here yet? Oh!
Hey, who the hell are you?
These are confidential!
Ah… Dr. Ken! He is Dr. Ken!
Dr. Ken, your specialized area
is info data transmission, right?
I don’t suppose you’re an expert
in forensic evidence, right?
Not at all, I just want to take a look, thanks!
Let him see the files.
Obviously there was an explosion at the scene.
According to the witnesses at the scene,
It was believe that the explosive were already
set on the victim’s body!
Were there anybody next to the victim?
Any one else got hurt?
Well! One was on this side! The other one here!
Both of them, luckily,
only got light burnt on their skin.
According to the record,
Mr. Anderson was about 175 pounds.
His remains, whatever’s left,
is less than ‘IO pounds.
That includes a portion of the liver,
one section of the spine,
one complete left foot plus a shoe
and sock that escaped the burnt!
Of course there is a totally deformed skull.
A deformed skull?
The skull is the hardest part of the body,
it can hardly be deformed!
You need at least 3000 Fahrenheit
to perform cremation.
The explosion was only half a second,
it must be really powerful!
Have you bi-sected the liver,
or even examined the spine?
Yes of course, the report is here.
Does the report state that the surface was
burnt to charcoal but the inside normal?
Bingo! Perfect!
Is there any trace of explosion sited around?
Well, the strange thing is,
a MI6 squad member declared…
he saw the victim’s bible catching fire first,
but it was not entirely burnt to ashes,
the last chapter remains in tack.
And we couldn’t find
any trace of explosive…
anywhere near the crime scene.
What about the sticky grease stain?
We are running it through the lab.
I believe it is burnt lard.
You aren’t thinking of human oil, are you?
You must be kidding!
I believe this is a human explosion!
There was a report on human explosion
in USA as early as 1952.
The evidence at the crime scene was very similar!
But how can somebody just explode?
The human body consists mostly of water,
I.e. H20
Both hydrogen and oxygen are
thus makes the explosion possible.
But what caused the explosion?
I am still looking for a logical answer.
So Mr. Anderson’s death is of natural cause?
I don’t know.
If someone can somehow cause
an explosion to another human,
and if that someone wants to kill me,
nobody can ever protect me!
Mr. Ken, I think I have to tell you one thing,
Mr. Anderson is the third victim,
two of the chosen ten already died,
And I think you’d better trust me,
let my boys take care of you.
I do not want to be followed by strangers,
and I don’t believe
there’s someone trying to kill me.
Dr. Ken, the police is
most concern about your safety.
but I think you want a cop to protect me
so the load is off your shoulder.
Detective Chiu will do!
That’s impossible, He is not qualified for this.
Well, for once I must agree with James.
I don’t think I am qualified to protect you.
You better go for one of the MIG.
Or else your life is at risk.
Detective Chiu.
Dr. Ken, I’m sorry!
There is a gentleman outside
who must see Detective Chiu in person.
He said he’s from Tak Ying Sauna.
How’s the assignment coming along?
Detective Chiu.
Hey, you! I said wait outside,
why the hell did you come in?
There is something I must show you personally
I did great this time, have I?
Not bad, huh!
Janis, show this gentleman out!
– This way, please!
– OK! OK!
Hey, I’ve heard you got some… V stuff,
something really powerful, can I see it?
you ask Teresa to show you around.
Wow, quite a set up here! Lots of staff!
Are you school mate of Dr. Ken back in Cambridge?
Which field are you in?
It’s true that we’re old school mates,
but only in primary school!
It’s quite a famous primary school.
Too bad, my dad could not get to
the secondary school as a janitor,
so I have to quit after primary.
Wow, this high resolution fish looks stunning!
Do you need to feed the fish with electronics?
Just kidding, come on, no hard feelings!
What is the progress of the investigate?
We believe that all the murders
are related to Brotherhood of Technology.
Dr, Ken
are you sure you haven’t received
any invitation from this organization?
This doesn’t make sense.
All members of this organization are
re-known scientists all over the world.
Are you saying that I lie?
I didn’t mean it this way!
Do you know Billy Conners?
He’s a genius, well-known as modern Freud.
He is an outstanding psychiatrist.
He is also the head of a scientific organization.
We suspect that he is the leader
of Brotherhood of Technology.
I don’t think they are after money.
Because Billy Conners is
one of the top ten richest men.
Although we are both scientists,
I am a lot poorer!
I think you should reconsider what we offer again!
I’ve decided…
to have Detective Chiu as my body-guard,
and nobody else.
Don’t be so stubborn, Mr. Ken!
OK, if you have so much faith in Detective Chiu,
we are more than happy to have him protect you.
You can call me if you need anything else!
After the murder,
have you noticed any difference
in Ken’s behaviour?
Which murder?
After Adele’s death?
Nothing unusual! Everything seems normal!
Did he skip work?
Why did he go for a boat trip yesterday?
It’s normal to go for a boat trip on Sundays.
If you boyfriend just passed away,
wont you just stay home and cry all day?
Would you still go to work daily?
He is just too normal.
Do you have any Panadol?
I have some!
I’m too used to Panadol,
should try some Aspirin next time!
Try some chocolate,
would do you no harm if you overdose.
Why are you so stupid?
This is not instant coffee,
you need a coffee pot!
You need to use a filter.
Let me help you.
You’ll take forever.
What do you think?
Are you new?
Correct. This is only my third day.
What is your name?
My name is Adele!
Adele! With a stroke above the “e”?
It was chosen by my French teacher.
Very unique, isn’t it?
I shall make you a cup of coffee
when I do one for my boss later.
Who is your boss?
His last name is Ken!
Then you can just do one for your boss. I’m fine!
Dr. Ken!
Hi, you are Adele?
You must be Dr. Ken!
Dr. Ken, I shall make you a cup of coffee
and bring it to your room.
That’s wonderful! Thank you!
Mr. Chow is having a meeting right now,
may I take a message?
Dr. Ken!
OK… Thank you!
You need anything, Dr. Ken?
This is for you!
Are you free for dinner tonight?
I’m sorry, I have classes tonight.
Maybe tomorrow?
That’s good!
Do you really trust him?
He seems to know too much.
Hey, he is a genius.
The famous walking encyclopedia.
I’m leaving, OK. Bye.
What about him?
Don’t worry, he’s the best cop.
Everything is protected by this layer of firewall,
it is used to protect our computer system…
from Hackers break-in.
I’m already scared by all these rolls of wiring.
– Clarence
– Teresa
Teresa, is Dr. Ken around?
He might be in his room.
Let me introduce, this his Clarence,
our director of computer system,
also Dr. Ken’s school mate
from the same university.
How are you?
This is detective Chiu, he is Dr. Ken’s bodyguard.
What’s the matter with Dr. Ken?
No big deal! So you’ve known him
for quite some time?
Sure, ever since the university days.
Do you recall him having
dispute with any person lately?
Sure, tons of them.
If our VOD is well received by the public,
then a lot of the computer guys
would be out of jobs.
Do you suspect anything unusual lately?
Well, he led us into some minor mistake recently.
Dr. Ken was never wrong before,
I’ll have to find Dr. Ken!
OK. Thank you.
Anything else? Let’s be quick?
There is something that will blow you away!
Is that also?
Install our VOD system and
your TV at home would turn
into two-way communication.
Miss Wong!
So, what’s the big deal, it’s only a TV!
Shut-up and listen!
All you need is to enter the code…
for the movie you want to see.
This is not innovative,
you can register by phone
And follow the movie time table.
But you have to follow their time table.
With VOD you can watch the movie
whatever time you like.
Don’t you interrupt!
And if you choose VOD to enjoy your movie,
you can fast forward, pause, reverse,
basically like watching video.
Besides movie, you can enjoy internet,
supermarket shopping, florist and so much more!
If I insert this additional SIM card,
you can credit the card directly from your account,
very convenient!
So much for functions.
The big bunch of wines,
what a mess.
How illiterate you are!
All you need is a telephone line.
Hey, it is none of your business! Just shut up!
Don’t pretend you know!
I just do not believe that a thin
telephone line can do so much.
You can ask the professional.
This lady is quite correct.
The greatest break through of our VOD
is to function through a simple telephone line.
See, she thinks you are illiterate also!
Fine, fine!
Elaine, please go on!
What a nerd!
Dr. Ken wants to meet us in War Room.
What is War Room? Someone’s at war?
This is where we do our analysis and discussion.
Only a few people have access.
Over there.
Clarence, you two have met.
This is Kim,
with a bunch of doctrinic degrees.
I can also tell your fortune
if you are interested.
I’m TC. I used to study Pathology.
But not any more.
Food is there, drink? Orange juice?
Ken, have you had any dispute with anyone lately?
Well, there may be several.
Once we launch our VOD,
every telecommunications in the market
would be affected.
Such as?
Such as? TV stations, video distributors,
internet services etc.
And mostly internet services.
I believe so. If someone wants Dr. Ken dead,
I would suppose he or she
to be connected to internet
or software development.
That will be an extensive list.
Well, there are top-five companies
that are most threatened by Dr. Ken.
Teresa, search the net,
and find the list of persons on the top levels.
I don’t think it is that serious.
VOD is not like internet computer,
it is a TV kind of thing!
I don’t see any difference!
TV is a family entertainment,
internet only one to one.
It’s like salt and sugar.
You would get sugar even if you have salt.
And all the victims come
from different background,
they may not be just pin-pointing at me.
So what”s your conclusion?
There is n conclusion.
They can murder by human explosion.
I cannot do anything to avoid them
from killing me.
Let’s not waste our time!
Are you great?
What’s the matter?
Let’s eat!
Are you sure you can manage?
Of course! My best achievement is not study,
but cooking instant noodles,
I won a prize in cooking instant noodles
when I was at colleague.
OK, cooking is all yours from now on!
But they took back the prize later oh
because they realized I cheated.
It’s so nice. Let’s get marry.
Are you crazy?!
Crazy to get marry!
Hey, don’t you move.
I want to get marry because I don’t want to move.
You will regret it!
I shall regret if I don’t get marry!
Sure! But you better gain 10 lbs first.
No problem.
I want to spend our honeymoon in Prague.
No problem, we shall book tickets tomorrow.
And also, I must marry a guy
with stupid hair style.
Like this?
Well, let’s continue.
Goto hell!
Are you kidding?
No need to examine any more. Tickets to Prague.
I’ve gained 3 lbs,
as for the new hair style…
I shall give a sample to the
stylist for reference.
Have you got any holidays?
Of course!
Well, senior staffs often have priorities
for taking holidays,
we junior staff
have nothing.
That’s correct!
Well, we’ll have to wait. Let me get the refunds.
Hold it.
How long are we going? Two weeks!
There is a small dock down there?
Very interesting!
Your house is very cold,
metal everywhere.
I think you need more wood.
Tickets for two to Prague. About time!
Are you gonna refund them?
What a waste. Why did you put it here?
Don’t touch my stuff!
It is wise to get a refund.
– You can use the money for dinner.
– Don’t touch please
Why are you so upset?
She’s gone for so long already.
You don’t need the tickets for decoration.
Not pretty at all.
None of your business!
What do you need me here for anyways?
Your duty is to protect me and that is it!
Of course I come here just to protect you!
I know nothing of your HI-tech,
or human explosion.
I’m just an ordinary cop!
You think I’m a scientist?!
You should get yourself
a MI6 squad member.
I can only chat with you.
I know! You want to die.
Why don’t you just kill yourself?
Don’t you drag me into this thing!
Don’t embroil me
If you wanna die, you are more than welcome
to do it on your own.
You know what I mean.
Are you hungry?
I just don’t know how to deal with you!
Of course I am hungry.
I haven’t eaten for the whole day.
What do you want?
Let me bring you to a nice place.
Trust me.
So, it is still here!
Why not? It’s always here!
What do you want?
You have all the time on earth to decide!
Vegetables, noodles.
Plain noodles for me.
Hey, I know you two.
It took you this long to recognize us?
Are you blind?
Leave now!
Eat more.
No, no, I can’t take your money.
Careful, it’s hot!
Wow, really spicy.
I thought you want extra spicy,
you can’t take this.
You were a lot better before!
Hey, I didn’t order sausage. I won’t pay for this.
It’s on me.
So can I order more?
This is such a small portion!
You never change. Always talk nonsense.
Have you finished your study?
What are you up to now?
Installing antenna.
What? That’s why you are so poor.
Nobody needs antenna any more.
Not even my apartment.
Maybe there are still markets opened
in mainland China or Vietnam.
Don’t worry.
“Dirty” noodles!
Wait a second would you?
Hey, tell everyone how much you own.
Get lost, would you?
Where were we just now?
You were just scolding him, continue.
OK. Whatever you do,
just make sure your are happy.
Take me as an example, I sell dirty noodles,
but so many rich guys come and eat.
If I didn’t open for a day.
They’ll have to goto eat
things of lesser standard.
Those noodles are just ridiculous!
I remember you have a daughter.
Don’t mention it.
I’m quite sure you’ve got a daughter.
Don’t mention it, I said!
Well you guys are so different
from the youngest nowadays.
At least you remember me.
Not bad.
Come on!
Now, try my noodles.
What about me?
You’ve got bad breath, of course you have to pay.
I’ll get back to work.
Well, the world stinks more each and everyday.
Not as bad as your breath!
Stinky but with a sweet taste,
want to try?
That’s it, smile before you blow up.
Hey, better be quick.
If you don’t pay, just close up.
Money! Money!
Hey what?
Police! Stop it!
Police! Stop it!
Thanks! Mike!
He still won’t shut the door?
Scared! He’s being whinnying all night.
It’s your lunch.
Relax, Mr. Sato.
You’re in good hands.
Thank you!
Thank you!
So what are you up to?
Why do you send me an English,
speaking watch guard. Where is he now?
You think it is easy to follow you around?
But we are really concern about Dr. Ken’s safety.
So you think that
I am incompetent to protecting him.
What do you think I should react…
in front of those guys?
But you are really incompetent!
I just don’t think your reputation
is of any relevance here.
Yes. Madam! You’re the boss.
Madam, the lab has finally finished the report.
Have you got it?
I’ve got it, thanks!
Which lab report is it?
Which one?
Your skull seems fine and there is
no sign of racture or bleeding.
I that case I can be discharged?
Well, I suggest you stay one more night.
Just to make sure there is no further damage.
I shall try to transfer the other patient
to other rooms.
Just stay in bed and rest for better protection!
I really want to go home.
Please be patient. Get some rest!
Hey, you. Had a fight with some guys? Painful eh?
Did you vomit?
Then you should be fine!
I always fight with a head injury.
My mom said it’s fine if there is no vomiting.
Pain is nothing.
What is your name anyways?
My last name is Ken.
I ask your name.
What on earth did you give me your last name!
Sorry, call me Tak.
You can call me Chuck. How do you do?
How do you do?
Why did they tie you up?
You don’t even know?
I’m crazy.
I bite people.
They want to get Chucky. So I bit them!
Who’s Chucky?
Chucky is famous, he barks really loud.
All the dogs are scared of him.
Hey, why do you laugh?
Let me tell you something really funny.
My mother lost a bet.
She often said that she
would live longer than I do.
But this time she lost.
She died
in her sleep.
The doctor told me she’s dead.
Do you miss her?
Sure, maybe just awhile each day.
You know, I am really busy.
At times,
I need to check out the hawkers at the market.
Sometimes I have to make sure the youngster
follow the lights when they cross the road.
And I even have to feed Chucky.
Oh Shit,
did Chucky eat today?
Have you got a girl friend?
Sometime ago.
There is a pretty nurse in this hospital.
She wears a Mickey Mouse watch.
My mom said that…
I should start a relationship
What is it?
If you suspect nothing, why do you run
the lab test? Just for fun?
Come on tell me about it.
A black spot appeared on my stomach X-ray.
The doctor suspected cancer
and he suggested to run
some lab cancer test on me.
So how is the report?
I hope it is nothing serious.
You don’t even smoke or drink!
Come on!
Well the doctor said that the black spot
is indigested “thousand year” egg.
He said I should eat less of that.
Oh you silly.
Dr. Ken,
we can now transfer him to other wards.
I don’t mind him at all. He’s OK.
Yeah, we’re buddies.
You are Tak.
Oh! I forgot my name cards.
This is my name card.
Call me if you need any help.
Hey! I don’t need…
no help from nobody!
Just let me know if anyone disturbs you.
You can tell them you know me.
I’m famous here.
Thanks a lot!
You are the same old stuff. Don’t
want talk to you.
No problem! Are you transferring me or not?
Right away.
Please excuse us. Dr. Ken,
just tell them you know me.
Did you bump your head?
Does that hurt?
What’s the matter?
Have you seen Adele?
How strange! I saw Adele just now.
You should have yours eyes checked!
I’m sure, I can feel her touch.
I’m sure she was here just now.
Alright. You should get some sleep.
I shall call the doctor.
Get some rest now!
The card was not here before!
Ask the nurse
if there anyone drop by with the card.
Yes, sir!
– I swear it wasn’t here before.
– It’s really strange!
The address is top secret.
Mr. Sato is there?
Is he the one who did
the research in Biology I.C.’?
He is the one who told us
about Brotherhood of Technology.
MI6 squad members are now protecting him.
Nobody would have known the address!
Yes, I’m starving.
What is this?
Ham and cheese!
Ham and cheese?!
How many times had ham and cheese
in the last few weeks working with you
Please help!
Madam! They were never out in the room.
Nothing happened.
What’s this burning smell?
I don’t know.
Smell like burning flesh.
Is Sato inside?
He’s gone!
He just disappeared?
Human Explosion again
Shouldn’t be!
If it is human explosion, the people beside him
would not be killed also.
What’s up? Human explosion again?
Let me take a look.
Please excuse us. Dr. Ken,
Hold on.
Ivy, please wait,
let me do the Forensic this time.
Kim has already called someone
from HK University.
Dr. Ken, you know the rules.
James asked us to do the forensic.
But James is not here yet.
Madam, our department
will look pretty bad on this.
Do you want to know the truth?
Ah! Doctor Yip! Doctor Wong! Doctor Lau!
So are you the expert or am I the expert?
You are the expert certainly.
You are my teacher.
I shall send you a report in two days.
Let’s say if you let me check on it first,
I shall let you examine after I’m finished.
You think I can still examine after you?
We have to keep the scene as it is.
I’ve taught you this before.
Sam, come to help.
Yes, coming.
According to the first witness
and investigation,
the door was locked inside
when the crime happened.
There were two corpse in the room.
Mr. Sato disappeared.
We discovered a large sum of cash
and credit card of Mr. Sato.
Also, the suit which Mr. Sato
was last seen wearing
was scattered all over the place.
But there was no signs of struggle.
This proves that a kidnap is very unlikely.
If he’s really left the place,
it must be at his own will,
About the forensic reports
on the two MI6 squad members,
the cause of death is failure of heart
and other major organs.
Everything just stopped.
I’ve never done an autopsy
on a cooked human before.
They were as if being micro-waved
to a piece of well-done meat.
They smell like BBQ pork.
You don’t have to be that graphic! What else?
Since the bodies were micro-waved from the inside,
every organs were cooked.
There were no trace of bacteria
to determine the time of death.
The skin…
Can you just jump to the conclusion?
Although I cannot track down
any evidence of the body,
I can determine their time of death
to be around 10:00pm -1O:07pm.
How did you come to such
a conclusion without any evidence?
I just imagine to put a ’180lb
piece of meat in a micro-wave
and how long does it take to cook.
As simple as that!
Our satellite
indicated a disturbance for 15 seconds
at 10:06 pm and thirty two seconds.
It does match the time of death.
We also checked the microwave oven.
Which surprisingly exceeded
the original micro power by ten times!
How could this happen?
I would like to know myself.
This doesn’t match any scientific logic.
We discover a large amount of ashes
We’ve checked already.
Basically they are organic compound,
and guess what,
So you are telling me that
the Japanese did not disappear.
Correct! Theoretically,
Would turn “it” back into a human being.
How can this be done?
I give up.
If you dehydrate a person,
one should turn into a dry corpse and that’s it.
But now we are seeing
It is like in cartoon
where a guy was shot dead by laser guns.
May be is laser!
Hey, I’m just kidding!
So you’re saying that the satellite is the killer?
Mr. Chung, you’re the expert,
please explain to us.
There are now more than
800 satellites serving the earth.
We only know half of their true usages.
The rest are all considered classified
military satellites.
Lily knowledge is that the U.S. government
has already converted some satellites
that can launch laser or partical beam.
That explain why the satellite center
was damaged then.
So, you mean it’s related to US Government, right?
Not exactly! There are too many countries,
too many enterprises, anybody can hold
the satellite, we don’t know?!
It is not difficult to check
if we know at that point in time,
which satellite are above
the sky of Hong Kong.
This is close Mr. Chung, thank you very much.
I would like you to immediately report to London!
Thank you very much.
Thank you to you too.
Mr. Ken, thanks.
This way please!
Dr. Yip, I do not fully understand.
I’ve encountered a lot of crime scenes,
it is quite common that
all victims share the same
or similar cause
of death.
But why did the Japanese dissolved entirely
and not the other two guys?
One is human explosion, one turns to ashes,
but what about the remaining dead bodies?
James didn’t say anything about their death.
I don’t think James know.
One guy is from Iran, the other is Russian.
Nobody ever announces their cause of death.
Why does a murder has to be this high-tech?
Maybe they are experimenting.
I believe somebody is trying to show off.
Mr. Sato might know more.
But he is dead.
Hey, we always communicate through the internet,
maybe we can break into his system.
But it is against the law to break
into other’s computer system.
Do you have any better suggestion?
But we don’t think we can manage.
Are you finished?
Already, I’m waiting for you.
Come on, police!
Come on, police!
Come on, police!
Warrior, police.
Is this Mr. Yao?
Yes, What?
This is only my computer game.
Hey, come on, don’t hurt me.
I need your help.
Detective, please don’t trick me.
I don’t think I can of any help.
But you are the local computer warrior,
aren’t you?
Are you crazy?
I know nothing about computer.
Uncle, I brought them to you.
Don’t pretend any more.
So it’s you! You little piece of shit.
How dare you put me into this trip!
You would never
get any help from…
if you want to decode all
your Japanese pornography.
Ah, you shit!
Mr. Yao, I urged him to bring me here.
My name is Dr. Ken.
But you are so young!
You beat
the Japanese and American
by using this single telephone line
to transmit video!
You are truly a smart ass!
I need your help to save my life?
Save your life?
His computer system is well-known
to be difficult to break in.
That’s why we need your help, uncle!
If you can successfully break into his system,
you will become famous over night.
Everyone will be frightened by your name.
But you always
claim to have all those hi-tech stuff.
You solve your own problem.
Sure we have the technology
but we don’t have a genius like you guys.
That’s true, we might not be very good at creating
but we are the best at breaking in…
but hey, not breaking the law though.
But you always break the law.
We only break small laws,
we don’t break big ones.
Madam, it’s your turn.
Our prime concern is to protect Dr. Ken.
Anything else is not my job!
– It’s not her job!
– Thanks
This time, I must really learn from you.
One condition!
I need your photograph
in front of my store window.
No problem!
OK, Andy. You handle the hardware.
Next, I need 20 link-up terminals,
the faster modem and a printer.
You need to put together at least
20 something gigabyte hard disk.
I don’t know if there is enough memory.
Ah Man, help me copy 20 of this hacker program
into the terminal.
Help me with the cable and table set-up, OK?
Any other problem?
Are you finished?
All done!
You only have 15 minutes
to enter this security system,
if you cannot enter the correct password,
the gate would close immediately.
If we try to break in manually,
it would take years.
The Japanese is a scientist, right? That’s easy.
Scientist thinks with a certain logic,
same as their password.
And also, check on his hobbies,
the surroundings around him etc.
May be his password is randomly
selected by computer.
These are three computers designated
to check this already.
Wish us luck.
Get ready!
Let’s do it!
Hey, I’m finished with the list.
What’s this?
It is about Japanese baseball.
Not even the name of the company staff.
Enter some more.
Oh shit! The computer just hang.
Pornographic stars, my expertise.
Well, I’m not that confident this time.
Hey, it’s working!
What is it?
What did you enter?
I don’t know! I just randomly pick
a word from the dictionary.
The final war between good
and evil in the book of Revelations.
Hey, why is it from the Bible?
Nos-Nostradams, what does it mean?
He is very famous French prophet.
He had predicted the end of the world.
Did the Japanese trick us?
This is just ordinary bible
or other religious scriptures.
It is all about predictions
for the end of the world.
Buddhism stresses on where there is a beginning,
there must be an end.
This is how “End-of-the-world” theory is based on.
Ancient Buddhist scripture reveals the great wheel
will turn in every 2,000 years.
Each time it turns,
the earth will suffer tremendous disaster.
It’s now 1997, aren’t you scared?
In Japan, the “God of Sun and Moon”
also mentions about the end of the world.
The gods will descend after 3,000 years.
Not only to destroy the world,
but even the spirit.
In the Koran scripture,
there is a large part about the end of the world.
And there is even a very
precise prediction on the date,
which is July, 1999.
The king of fear will descend from the sky.
As mentioned, in the book of Revelations
in the Bible,
there will be seven signs
to reveal the end of the world.
Maybe it has something to do with our search.
anti-christ will appear in the name of Satan.
On that day,
the mountain will be on fire
and thrown into the water.
One third of the sea will turn into blood…
and one third of the creatures
in the sea will die.
Even one third of ships will destroyed.
Some believes that Sadam Hosain is the anti-christ
and the Persian war is like that
has mentioned in the book.
The second sign:
There is a burning star, like a torch,
descending from the sky
into the ’1/3 of the seas and rivers.
The star is called Wormwood.
One third of the river would be made bitter.
And because of that, a lot of people will die.
“Wormwood” is a kind of herbs,
but it has another name
called “Chernobyl”
Sharing the same name of the Soviet nuclear
power station that exploded years ago.
The third sign: The reappearance
of the kingdom of Babylon.
The kingdom of the Babylon is very close
to the Euro-countries nows days.
And you must have heard of
the unification of Euro-countries.
The forth sign: The reappearance
of the temple of Jeruselam.
You remember Mr. Anderson?
He had a will stating that
if he dies,
all his fifty billion British pounds
will be donated
to rebuild the temple of Jerusalem.
The Norah’s Ark would reappear!
The Mr. Sato who vanished,
was dedicated in collecting DNA in each
and every living creatures.
So that none of them would extinct.
It is…
It is basically like the Noah’s ark theory.
The sixth sign: There would be a big earthquake,
full moon would turn red and
all the stars would fall down.
The seventh sign: Who does not believe me
would turn to me when the day comes,
everything would be destroyed
without the seal of God.
Five of the seven signs were revealed!
“Chernobyl” nuclear power station and
Sadam Hosain may be just a coincident.
But the rest seems to be man-made and artificial.
Would this be some kind of crazy scientist
who stir up all this?
I don’t think so.
Would somebody be stupid enough
to create the end of the day
where he would die himself.
That’ why I said he may be crazy.
How can we read a mad man’s mind?
Are you guys really scientists or not?
You sound so superstitious.
Do you know how to read “Fung Shui”‘?
Sure, give me your birth date.
There are a lot of things
that science cannot prove.
There is no point in arguing,
I think the answer is here somewhere.
Although I cannot be sure how this card appear,
I am sure that Adele is dead.
So what?
He used a ghost to give me the card.
I can feel her hands touching my head,
I could truly feel her warmth.
When I tried to catch her hand,
she just disappeared.
So you haven’t really touched her?
No! But I do not believe it’s a dream.
I don’t think you can feel the warmth in a dream.
Dr. Ken, you are a scientist.
Do you believe in ghost and spirit?
I cannot really say. That’s why I need your help.
Besides this particular incident,
have you ever dream about Adele?
How often?
Very often.
I think you have too much pressure from work.
Hey, Steve, you don’t give me work pressure
this kind of bull shit.
Please don’t even say this is an illusion
because I missed Adele too much.
How can you explain
the address on the card?
Do you think I make this up?
I am as confused as you are.
I cannot help you if you behave like this.
You take some rest.
How was it?
I still suspect that it is purely his illusions.
Here’s your drink.
So what’s your conclusion?
Does this mean he’s crazy?
He is just hyper.
This is a very common urban psycho symptoms!
What about the card? How can you explain it?
He can’t be sure himself whether
it is really Adele who delivered the card.
The card and Adele appearance
are two different issues.
Do you really believe him seeing Adele’s ghost?
Detective Chiu!
Speak up.
Don’t come over.
Don’t be afraid! Why are you behaving like this?
Don’t come near me. I’ve got a gun.
It’s me, Detective Chiu.
Put your gun down, it’s me!
Check the door!
Be careful, I don’t know what she is!
Why are you here?
I don’t know! I really don’t know!
Do you remember the past?
When is your birthday?
June 20th.
What about mine?
July 21st.
Remember our first conversation?
“You’re so stupid”!
So what is this? Are we all urban psychos?
Kenny, I am Adele, I really miss you.
Did Adele ever call you Kenny?
This is not your girl friend.
OK you can go. You are in the wrong body.
But I’m not finished.
Yes you are, now get your money outside.
Fine, thanks. I’ll pay you later outside.
I don’t mind. Thank you.
I’ve told you this wouldn’t work.
You’re wasting money.
Just a try.
Dr. Ken, my friend introduces this
spiritual psychic is now outside.
This house is really haunted.
Hey Peter, when did you
turn into a spiritual; psychic?
Wow, this house is hot haunted.
But guarded by police.
Sorry detective.
It’s been a long day.
Everyone is tired, let’s stop here.
Come on!
Maybe there are too many people around.
Next time I shall find you
a powerful spiritual psychic.
– What?
– The name is changed.
Are you kidding?
She’s been here.
Tickets to Prague for the day after next.
Why is my name on it?
I think someone wants me to visit Prague.
No kidding. I’m not going.
Don’t you think I’ll go with you.
It’s up to you.
Don’t you talk to me this way.
I’m really not going this time!
How can’t be this cold? My toes are frozen.
What did I do wrong?
Why am I here in Prague?
I said I wouldn’t come.
I’m sure I said so!
Did someone try to fool you on this one?
Adele and I thought of getting married here.
I think that’s the reason
why she wants me to come.
Don’t you think I do nothing at all!
I’ve checked the travel agency.
They said the tickets are booked
under your companies name.
May be it’s someone from your office
who wants to fool you.
Is it Janis?
There are so many staffs in my company
who can book the tickets using our name.
I believe Janis more than I believe you.
Why don’t you just ask Janis to come!
So are we checking on each and
every church here in Prague?
Adele truly likes the church here.
Why can’t she pick Phuket or some place warmer?
Here’s your hot drink! It’s freezing.
I don’t know why we are here for, especially me.
She’s not even
my girlfriend!
Don’t be upset.
Let’s start from the first church again.
Give me one more chance.
It shouldn’t be hard to find a Chinese here…
But she’s a ghost. I think you’ll have more
the luck at the cemetery.
Cemetery. You’re rig ht.
I know why you are here for.
I’m just kidding…
Come on.
Really, I’m just kidding.
Me and my big mouth!
There is hardly any one here.
Let’s go.
Just a second!
Let’s wait until the gate closes.
No kidding!
Walking is barely the least I can manage
I just don’t think I can stand.
May be you can jog on the same spot.
Adele, if you wanna see me,
just appear before me.
You can’t take off your hat here…
Hey, be careful, you almost got run over.
Why are you sighing?
This is pretty!
So what is the sighing for?
Of course I sigh.
I should have come here with a girl.
I miss Ivy a lot.
You can leave tomorrow.
I’m not in such a hurry!
Take it easy.
Besides, I haven’t seen Table-dance yet.
Maybe Adele likes table dance.
Better than the cemetery or the church!
Hey, take a picture, just to show we’ve been here.
Can you get the gooses and ducks?
Be quick.
Take off your clothes.
I’m taking it off!
I’m buying woman’s clothes for the first time.
Don’t yell at me!
You are really a hungry ghost!
I haven’t eaten for a long time.
Do you remember being hit by a car here
Yes I do. But I seem like sleeping for ages
and I dream about you.
Do you remember visiting me?
Of course. You even point your gun at me.
You frighten little shit!
Of course we are frightened. You’re a ghost.
Drink this, you’ll feel warmer.
Drink this, you’ll feel warmer.
You know I don’t drink wine.
Why do you want to test me?
I just cannot accept the fact…
I just cannot accept the fact…
you’d been cremated but now alive again.
You don’t want to see me?
Of course not!
You’ve got a new girlfriend.
Of course not!
Tell me the truth.
I can take this. Just tell me the truth!
No, I really don’t have a new girl friend.
You’re lying, I can see it in your eyes.
You must have a new girl.
You ask him. Just ask him whether
it’s true of not!
I don’t want to ask him. I’m asking you!
You better tell me straight.
Listen to me.
Are you lying?
I swear! I swear!
Now I can be sure
she is really Adele!
Are we really getting marry here?
Do you like it?
Only if you will not regret this!
Of course I won’t
You guys are making me sick.
Are you scared? You can leave if you are!
I am getting goose-bump!
Let’s ask Ivy to come also
I’ve called her already.
She is now checking the finger print
and other information.
She’s really the boring type. Always working!
Not so boring as you are, you nerd!
What’s the matter.
This is really strange!
If I’m gonna tell this to anyone,
people would say we’re crazy!
Does this all seems like we are dreaming?
What’s the difference? The most important thing
is that she’s now back.
Come over here!
– What’s up?
– This is beautiful! Look!
What’s so beautiful about?
You are gonna be broke this time.
Is this beautiful?
Wait… Hey… Wait for me!
Hey, wait!
Calm down!
Are you crazy? Get back here!
Just let go!
Get back!
Dr. Ken don’t panic.
Adele will be back.
The most important thing is
that you know she’s real.
Where’s Adele?
She is sleeping like a baby.
So you are the one who’s
been stirring up all this!
Everything is God’s will.
I’m just his messenger!
God, what god is this?
Only God can be so powerful!
This ring I give you. You wear it
when you’re back in Hong Kong.
Can’t move?!
Now you can’t move is because
I’m afraid you might get too excited!
What do you think you are to get me excited?
See, I always thought these guys
are crazy and I’m right!
Bye bye.
Get him. Let’s beat him up!
See, all this bunch of stuff.
Some I can name and some I don’t!
I’ve used up almost a month’s salary.
You will be alright with this.
Besides I’m with you! Don’t be scared!
I think I shall go alone tonight.
What are you talking about? I don’t get it.
I can feel the danger already.
But I really want to see Adele!
So what’s your point?
Are you surrending already?
Billy Conners is just another shrink!
He is a well-known scholar in Psychology!
He is doing research on extraordinary power!
So what?
A more senior shrink!
How do you explain Adele?
How would I know?
You scientist cannot explain it yourself!
I can’t explain it myself.
Don’t be scared. If he does any suspicious,
I shall beat him up without hesitation.
Don’t be scared.
You don’t understand!
You’ve got Ivy.
You haven’t lost the most precious in your life.
I really missed Adele.
So what is your point?
You are giving up now!
So you want to kick me away
when you don’t need me any more!
You think I’m some kind of show girl?
I didn’t mean that!
I’m sorry, am I interrupting?
Of course not, we’re just chatting.
Boss, do you wanna join our party?
No, thank you!
There are lots of good food.
Enjoy yourself tonight.
Alright, we’ll leave now!
please show Detective Chiu to the door!
Merry Christmas.
I’ll say Merry Christmas when I see you tomorrow.
Dr. Ken.
I said I’m not going. Have a nice party.
I’m not talking about the party.
Welcome to our association!
He’s here!
– Hi, Clarence!
– Hello
Dr. Ken, welcome!
Are you surprised that
there are so many familiar faces?
Hello Dr. Ken! We know you’ll
join us sooner or later.
Mr. Ken,
Where’s Adele?
She’s fine. Don’t worry!
Let’s start the ceremony.
Almight Lord.
Today I bring before thee, your most beloved son.
The last of the chosen few,
the mightiest and most powerful of them all.
Our soul will be united under you almighty lord.
And united, united we shall fulfill
your great vision.
Praise the almighty.
Drink this, Dr. Ken,
then, you not only will be one of us.
You will take my place.
I don’t understand.
You still do not believe?
I’ve told you I’m the messenger from God.
I am here to welcome you.
Is murder part of the welcome?
They died to prove god’s power?
So you admit that you’d murdered all those people?
In the way… yes.
That’s all I need!
Don’t move, police.
Hey stop moving. I have tendency
of jumping the gun.
You are under arrest Mr. Conner.
Chuck, get him over there, be careful!
Chiu, where’s your insurance?
There must be at least one!
Tell me where Adele is!
Why? Why don’t you believe me?
It’s God’s will.
Tell me! Tell me where Adele is!
You tell me where is she!
Why can’t you believe him?
I was cured of terminal cancer in just one day!
Hey, just a second. Hold it.
What are you doing? He’s dead already.
I want him alive!
No regrets! He’s a fake and killer!
But he knows how to perform miracles.
Where’s Dr. Ken?
He wants to sit around for awhile.
Will you marry me?
Are you crazy?
Why can’t I accept?
Am I too intelligent or just damn ignorant?
I really have bad feeling about this.
Dr. Ken!
Stop the car.
Call every cops back to the scene!
Yes sir!
Call the ambulance!
Oh What’s going on?
What are those?
If you believe me, I would not disappoint you.
I have a surprise for you!
Your friends are areal pain in the butt.
Why do you care so much about life and death?
Chui, let’s go!
Life and death is no big deal!
Are you nuts? Are you?
So you enjoy murder? Take me out then!
Kill me!
Oh! Wow! It’s painful!
It’s like being stabbed in the heart!
Hey, Ken, now I understand!
They are all chosen to help you,
and be your assistant.
What are you talking about?
I don’t understand!
Someone above gives you a quota
to select a bunch of people
to accomplish the last mission.
Last mission!
What is it?
The end of the world.
They sky turns red, great earth quakes…
All these signs have fulfilled.
If you, the last non-believer turn to him.
would be it!
It would be easy for all the scientist
and scholars to create the end of the world.
How many do I need to choose?
One thousand five hundred.
So you’re saying that only 1500 people survive
at the end of the world?
Yes, But what’s the difference?
End of the world, what’s the difference
between life or death.
You are the 1,500 people would to gods
and recreate a perfect world.
The new world could have no war, no starvation,
no disease, no triads, nothing.
Just Karaoke everyday, that’s wonderful!
And you would be the leader of all men.
Isn’t that great?
I make my own selection?
Of course, you are his son. I’m your buddy.
Save me a spot, OK?
Only if you wish,
Ivy would be alive like Adele!
Why are you suddenly so clear-minded?
You understand the whole picture?
It’s a miracle!
Why can’t you believe in Him now?
I’m not saying that I don’t believe in him, but…
What is the truth!
Hey this is the truth!
You still have to ask what is the truth?
Only the strongest survives,
that’s the law of nature…
and that’s also the truth. Is that also?
You said only 1,500 survive over
so many millions of people.
Do you think that’s right?
But they deserve to die!
See how they mess up the world.
Even if you don’t promote the end of the world.
He wants them to change,
why can’t he just say
so I guarantee that they will confess their sins
So what’s your point?
You’re not Detective Chiu!
He wont ask me to do it.
He knows that I won’t agree.
Why can’t you understand?
This is all part of his plan.
The world can change to a better place.
You can change to Detective Chiu.
You’ll lose Adele.
I was dead already.
We haven’t lost anything.
Since it is the end of the world.
It doesn’t make much difference!
But someone must do it.
Either you or other person!
Please find the other one.
You pick another one.
I don’t want to be another Judas.
You would goto hell!
What’s the difference between hell
and end of the world?
Let’s go together.
Fool! You’re a real fool!
God, please begin your last judgment!
Wow! So painful, so…
Did you stab my heart or something?
Damn you, you leadly hit me hard!
Are you Detective Chiu?
Who else can I be? You father?
Wow, it’s like a nightmare.
So it’s all over…
Don’t come close.
It’S OK!
How can you be so sure.
I’m dead.
What if I vanish again?
Don’t come close.
I’m scared to vanish again.
Can you promise not to miss me while I’m gone?
Adele, I…
Stay there and listen!
If I vanish again,
you must promise me to live to a good life.
I don’t want to see you depressed.
You only alive once.
I was already dead.
I’ve earned my extra time to see you again.
You won’t disappear again.
– Listen to me.
– I thought so…
…when I was in Prague.
Promise not to miss me.
I won’t miss you!
I think I shall goto heaven
or reincarnated.
I promise you I’ll live well.
I’ll date girls, alright?
But you must not cook instant noodles
for your new girl friends…
I’ll really scared to vanish again!
No you won’t!
I’ll never leave you.
No man would be so attentive.
Proudly announcing the
most attentive husband, Dr. Ken.
You’re nuts!
Ivy. Ivy…
I’m here!
Was it the end of the world?
How come you can have the fun?
I think if we have accepted the mission,
this might be the end of the world.
So this is test. So what kind of god is that?
Didn’t say! But I guess It’s the same.
Just do not do anything
that would hurt other people!
Does marrying Ivy count into this category?
I should reconsider.
You should go to hell for this!
Sure! If you let me choose,

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