The Hike – 2011

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, Seth!
, Seth! Adam!
Do not bother. Help me a little.
Pass it through.
Do not try it.
– Of course not, damn it.
– Wait a minute!
– What is it?
Flee! Flee!
Run away!
, Seth! – Gemma!
, Adam! – Rache?
Good morning, girls.
It is too early. We’ve driven
a long time, but we are not aware of.
What a joke. You’d be excited about.
This is an adventure.
But why so early?
– Rise of the car.
Kate is coming soon.
How is Katie doing?
– Well, but do not want to talk about it.
It is good that he left the army.
It is dangerous.
Not talking about it. We girls
we just have fun.
Hey, girls.
– Hello! Are you all right?
What a fun to see.
– You are a lovely brown.
How can all?
Well. Slept the entire trip.
Do not be nasty. It is too early.
– Thank you for arranging this.
I missed.
– Where is Tori?
The middle panel should be a girl
join us at this time.
I got soup, rice and pasta, but
I do not water purification tablets.
I have a wonderful tent.
Water-resistant, and everything.
Tori will interest shoes
– That’s for sure.
I talked with your mother …
– I am applying for breakfast. Expect Square.
Buy the magazine.
??- Bring me some chocolate donuts.
He seems to be okay.
– He secretly things.
Here he comes.
Is he still that guy
in? What an asshole.
You were gone for two months and
as soon as you start the journey.
What about me?
– What about you?
How do I know what you’re doing, when
ever tell you anything?
What is this?
– Point to explode.
Why do you want to know?
– You’ve been home for five minutes.
Now, you go again. What about me?
– I have had enough.
Is it enough? Do you think so?
You damn going anywhere.
You do not touch me! Applies to me.
Do not touch him, you bastard.
– Come on, let’s go.
You should have left him long ago.
Or do enough for you.
After all, it is seen.
Where did that go?
– Are you okay?
I am.
– Why do you have with him?
It’s over. He did not trust me.
– You’ve said that before.
The Army taught me, that is
to learn to retreat in time.
Yes, I know.
– I’m serious.
You need to listen to
your brain and your friends.
Where did you learn to hit around?
– Training.
It was the best in the army.
– You did not, however, remained there.
I do not have rules.
– I want to learn things like that.
I can teach you. – You can give
education boyfriend.
of Kamala tyrant.
– The former boyfriend.
It is to be able to leave on time.
– That’s right.
Whether the early days.
Let’s hear a little music.
I can not find anything good.
– No Kylietä.
Is it here?
– It is, according to the map.
What about GPS?
– It is not unfamiliar with these roads.
We are in the wilderness,
where there are no roads.
Let’s go. – This is better
than the pre-school.
Or collection.
– I’ve got a tough.
Flying and waiting.
– It is difficult.
Did one of the children involved?
– Take the backpacks, so let’s go.
Tori, what are these? Your bags.
How so?
– Not with them can not walk.
He’s just chic.
All the activities are not heroes.
What do they have?
– Everything needed.
I can see it.
– What is this?
– You do not need them.
There is no electricity.
– I need a charger. I want to play.
Come on.
– What’s here?
– What is this?
Give me.
– Dental floss.
You do not need half the things.
– Okay.
I need it. I am ready.
Do we leave the car here?
– There’s no parking spaces.
We have no choice. We are
we are here. – It’s true.
Let’s go. – The distance is 8 km.
We’re there at 13.00.
Does it lunch time?
, and we will continue northwest
Sunset Point, at 18:00.
– Are you ready?
Yes, ma’am.
– Idiots.
Should the ceiling be raised?
– You do not need.
The sun shines for three days.
– I never took the bikinis.
Be in the nude.
– Annoying.
What was that?
– I’m scared.
The birds haunt me.
– It is because of hair.
I do not want birds in my hair.
– You have beautiful hair.
Be quiet.
Did he lie with the agent?
– It was the last.
He has had several agents.
– Yeah, they prod.
Think about it yourself. Do you hear?
Hello. What about my flight?
This field is lousy.
Call broke.
– What do you mean? This is an important call.
This is ridiculous.
– Enter the phone back.
I received a SMS from Dean.
I will not tell where we are.
Thank you for your help.
– Dean is crazy.
He did not find you here.
– I hope not.
Which house is it?
– What is house?
Do not you booked a cottage?
– We do not. We tents.
That’s what camp life is.
– We will set up a tent.
We will spend the night in the desert.
– I hope that the beds are comfortable.
Are you kidding me?
It’s here.
– Beautiful.
This is a dried up riverbed.
– Okay.
Let’s go.
– Can not we rest?
Yes, of course, but
we need to move.
I need a bathroom break.
– I need to call.
I have a weak bladder.
– What is your phone?
we go? Come on.
– Okay.
Did you find it?
– I do not. I am looking for a later date.
It’s scary, but I want
to see. – Whether you’re brave.
We do not have equipment.
Without them, we do not get out.
What do you mean?
– You can slip and hit your head.
It may be to blame themselves.
– People disappear every year.
is often due to indiscretion.
– I do not want it.
It is full of bats.
They like hair.
I hate bats.
This Torikin survives.
It’s like limbo.
– Easy for you to say.
Come and see!
– No bugs.
– Spiders, and others.
This is wonderful!
Look out, it is slippery.
– It’s like we could die.
, and we might die.
– None.
Fortunately, you do not have interest rate shoes.
– That’s funny.
You should be careful.
– Take a photo.
What is the camera?
– I found mine.
– Are all of the picture?
Can I see? It is a good one.
??- I’ll show awful.
And you do not show.
– It’s a good
we go,
before you die?
Now I am scared.
– Climb up badly.
Calmly only.
– Take the model of the army.
This is a really nice place.
If we cross the river here,
we get there in time.
we voijäädä this?
– We need to go.
We have already walked
600 miles. My feet ache.
We can camp out here.
– We were going to Sunset Point?
Oh, yeah. Let’s go out there and
to the lake at camp.
We’re almost there.
– Can not even drink?
Take a glass of this.
– Goodness.
I’m not surprised.
Do you have a secret cache?
Let ahead.
– Right glasses.
This looks good
– Make yourself comfortable.
What are toast?
– Friendship.
, and the friendship of water.
– He’s going to swim.
After all, you freeze! Unbelievable!
Are you kidding me?
– Are you going to jump?
How does it feel?
– He did it!
Is it cold?
– How does it feel?
It does not seem dangerous.
You came back. Did you get anything?
What do you mean?
This is a disgusting dirty.
I’m trying to get food.
You could not even wash dishes.
Do not talk to me about. I am not a slave.
Shut up, damn it.
– Never again. Be our CD.
What are you staring at? Do you come from.
– What the hell is wrong with you?
Learn to respect.
– Where do we go?
Please, Tori.
– Continue only.
??Crazy are the best.
– No thanks.
I never thought that we would see no one.
May I look at the map?
– They looked strange.
Come on, Anja. Let’s go
to set the traps.
This is like a jungle.
As it seems, at least.
Have you been in the jungle?
– Eksyisit without us.
What a cool.
We need to get to the top.
– Son of a bitch.
Let’s go.
– I do not carry the bag up.
It would be useless.
– It is useful.
Put them out of sight.
– Even though this.
This is enough.
– Wait a minute!
Good. Rise to the top.
Very good.
What happened?
– The finger got stuck.
It was not really.
– Trying too.
The first down. 50 pounds.
– Okay.
Come on.
– Any of the burgers backside.
Do not see your dream.
– A miracle that it fits in here.
Damn it!
Hey, ladies.
– You jump on me.
I scared you.
– That was reckless.
Hey, ladies.
– Hello.
We do not mean bad.
– Of course not.
What are you doing here?
– Climb and we have fun.
We change the news. What
you will come into the woods?
We will spend the weekend.
– Adventures and explore ourselves.
That. – Shows
fun. Can we try?
With those kynsilläkö?
– They are suitable for purposes other than climbing.
That’s for sure.
– Show me what to do.
I’m sorry what?
– Show your model.
along a rope climb.
– Okay.
– Tori.
??- David.
That there onAlokas Kate.
You look in good condition.
– I am a model.
I do not know. Maybe later.
– Lift the leg at that.
What does it look?
– Good. I can not believe them.
They find the men from all over.
– Tori to attract attention.
At least he paid for it.
– That’s it.
What do I do now?
– The lake will still take.
Shall we go to Sunset Point, morning
and the rest are girls?
It fits.
It is worth to camp before dark.
Here, there is no field.
– Girls.
I’m sorry.
– Girls.
We need to set up
tents before dark.
Thank you. I mean …
– Thank you for your presentation.
Are you also camping here?
I think so.
– Behind the rock is a good place.
Maybe we will see the lake.
– I hope.
Come and say hello to us.
– Hello, boys.
Let’s go.
– Pohjoispuolelleko?
What about the west side?
– It is a difficult route.
You want to bet?
– Taasko?
Whether you’re excited about.
– It is worthy of.
You think only one thing.
– I will at least smile.
I had to drop off a cliff.
We need to set up
a tent and light a campfire.
Come on, you three.
I’ll get wood.
– Make haste, I am hungry.
Does anyone know how to assemble the tent?
– Juurija root.
ReikäAja stake B.
Ethan, stop pelleilemästä.
Olisitpa’ve seen your face.
As if you’d seen a ghost.
How do I go.
Where are the others?
– Camp.
I’ll get wood.
– That’s not enough of any.
Not so. Where are the boys?
– They are looking for you.
Ellie likes it.
– They are transparent.
Do not you have one?
– I’m not.
Listen, take this.
– Thank you. Whether you’re friendly.
Thank you. Damn it, I got a stick.
– Show.
It’s nothing.
– Let me see.
Thank you. My hero.
Where are you leirinne?
– Visiting the rock
Are you on the beach?
– Yes. There is beautiful.
There is wonderful.
– Absolutely.
I gotta go.
I kokkausvuorossa.
Then I let you. I do not
guaranteed no kokkausvuorossa.
I hope that girls
food coming. I am dying of hunger.
Maybe we will see later.
– Of course.
Climbing was fun.
– Yeah, but I stayed really stick.
Climbing was fun.
– Yeah, but I stayed really stick.
It was fortunate that we could see the girls.
– Absolutely.
– What’s happening over there?
Let’s take a look.
Wait a minute.
What the hell is staring at?
– I’m sorry what?
Are you okay, honey?
– I am.
He is in good condition. Begin to sink.
– Beware of your words.
Oh, yeah? Be self-care.
look out for me to be worth.
– Come on!
Come on.
– Coward. Threatens with an ax.
Set more traps.
Come on. Hell of a fool.
– Idiot.
It’s fun to watch the fires.
– Relax under the stars.
We can read the latest “Sup Girliä”.
Fine posture
– Show.
A classic.
– Where is the toilet?
You can go in there,
there or there.
Be careful, do not snakes bite.
– I guess I do not go.
Can I borrow a knife?
– Backpack has a few.
– Thank you.
That was Jack’s knife.
– I’m sorry. I did not know.
It’s okay. You can use it.
We are sorry about it.
– Thank you.
Can I ask you, what happened?
You do not need to tell you.
I’m just trying to understand.
We were -
transporting prisoners.
Jack’s unit consisted of a convoy.
I made explosive device räjähtija
hell got loose.
attacked attacked
on every side.
Two men were
the crowd captive.
Jack up the car to provide support.
We have a saying:
We must be able to retreat in time.
It must be understood, at
the probability is against you.
He does not flinched.
He paid a heavy price for it.
Oh, my God. I’m sorry …
I could not guess,
it was like that.
I’m going to walk.
Think about that sort of
happens to someone dear.
I do not even think of it.
I have not met anyone
proper time.
I do not want to even begin.
Eksäni is crazy.
It’s true. – I meet only
tylsimyksiä or leikittelijöitä.
I can not win.
– What about those who we met?
Not bad.
– Do not bother.
Looking for something to eat.
Damn it! Oh, hell!
Help! Help!
Damn it! Not!
Damn foxes.
Girls! Where are you from?
We came here in the past.
– After all, Charlie is no longer a rock?
We do not know if we do not check.
– I should have left the camp.
Kate can not find us.
– You do not have to come.
Would I be left alone?
– With us you are safe.
jättimäyrien spared from attack!
Do we know where the boys are?
– We did not see the camp.
Find more in the morning again.
– Okay. Let’s do it.
– We will.
Now, we’re in trouble.
We’re here.
– Where are you roof you?
You left the stove on fire.
– We went to look for men.
This is a girls’ weekend
and you are looking for boys.
It’s nothing without flirttiä.
– Did you find Charlie’s on the way?
I’m worried about. He has been a
long gone. – He is in good condition.
We’ve been waiting a long time.
Eat while waiting?
What’s that over there?
– Shows a flashlight.
It could be Charlie?
– Or it is a weird creep.
He can not hurt.
Maybe because he is not returned.
Let’s go to investigate.
Stay close.
The lamp is there.
– Who uses it?
Stay close.
I was getting a heart attack.
– Throw a beer.
You’re idiots.
– Come for a swim.
It’s cold.
– I did not bring swimsuit.
Not we.
– Well, hey heipä.
Shall we go? What do you say?
– Why not?
Strip down now.
– Just about!
Whether you’re strong.
– Come on.
Do you come from you?
I’ll go.
– Me too. See you.
Come on.
– Come on.
Will you help me up?
– We just have a little fun.
I can see it.
– The water is cold.
It is so cold.
Paleltukaa you, I’m looking for Charlie.
We should go.
– Come back again.
Here is more fun.
We have to find Charlie.
– Is he okay?
Is there anything could have happened?
– Let’s go look for the camp by hand.
Come to our camp. David can not
know something. – Maybe they are together.
I doubt it.
– It is still possible.
I’m going with you.
I can bring him back.
It’s not a good idea.
– I’ll be with him.
Then we do not get lost.
– We can guide him to come to you.
You can come with us.
– Returning to the camp. Now scoot.
May I borrow your towel?
I’m soaking wet.
He’s been able to drop the stones
or river. Who knows?
Do not panic. Stay calm.
Kate. What is it?
What about those earlier types?
– The man and two naistako?
Yes. Maybe they have
seen Charlie.
Shall we ask?
– They were not friendly.
Johnny comes along.
– What is that.
Is it?
– Of course.
– We’re going for us when he is found.
Is there anybody here?
We are looking for our friend.
– They are not here. Let’s go.
We need to look for.
– Do not. Do not open it.
Kate, stop it!
I told him not to support the emergency access.
– No one.
Have you found something interesting?
– I do not.
What was that?
– Foxes.
They have hundreds. Come on.
What is that?
– Rabbit only.
Why is it about?
-, It is skinned to be eaten.
Let’s go. Let’s stay on the move.
– Where are they?
This is like a landfill.
– Let’s get out.
We are not a source
before Charlie can be found.
What is it?
– Stay behind me.
Is it the animal’s blood?
That’s for sure.
Stay with it.
– I do not want to be here.
Is it a he?
– Stay there!
Ellie! Wait a minute!
– It’s not his.
It is the second camp for girls. Come on!
we look for a friend?
– Do not rush this.
How far away is the camp?
– Just close.
I want to now.
Wait a minute. What is that?
– Wait a minute.
Wait a minute. Tori.
– Square?
What the hell is going on here?
Go away.
We have to go.
– What is happening here?
What are you doing? We do not work that way.
I’ve said it before.
Ethan, what are you doing?
– I said that this is mine.
Bring him to camp.
What is this?
Was it Charlie? Who was it?
– I do not know.
Take it easy.
Come here. Just calm down.
If it was not Charlie …
What are you doing?
Count off, fool.
– What do you mean?
You kissed me.
– I’m not an idiot.
What did you say?
– I’m gonna go over to the other.
You do not go anywhere.
We need to go.
You said it yourself.
You have to know when the backs off.
That girl is dead.
We’re friends, but the source of.
– Prepare.
Hurry up.
– Kate.
Come on. Move it.
Where are we going?
– Looking for girls and go.
Hold my hands.
Be quiet.
And turn off the flashlight.
I’m sorry. I will do my best.
I am not kidding. Stay calm.
– Is that Ellie?
Stay here.
Ellie. Ellie, can you hear me? Ellie!
Oh, my God. Stay there.
I’ll take you out of here.
What’s going on?
– Leave him in there.
Searching for him later.
Looking for others first.
Oh, my God. I was not going to hurt.
– Where is my boyfriend?
We need to find him.
– The boys are the critters.
Come and buried him before morning.
He is heavy.
Johnny. Search for Dave the tent.
I have a hunger.
Come on. Food does
to herself ready.
You better tie.
– It’s a double knee.
We do not want to play in recent times.
– We really do not.
I can not run anymore.
– Same here.
This is due to climbing
the sun. Exhausting.
Taasko chili con carne?
– Prepare yourself what you want.
We get some bread.
Monitor your food, and those two.
in Croatia were all
one big pot.
mix all.
Spices and herbs blended.
Take it easy.
Let’s see how long
jaksat to fight against.
How long will it last?
– About five minutes. Say ago.
Was that all?
Do you want to taste?
It’s okay.
No need to ask. Look at me.
Look me in the eye.
Maybe I’ll take first.
You may get excited about.
Please. Do not touch him.
Let him be!
I’ll kill you, damn it!
I was gone only a
few minutes!
Shut up!
– I wonder how got here?
How do I know?
We need to escape.
I’m going to.
Stop it, please!
Look what you made me do!
What the hell is this?
Which bound him?
Come and eat.
– He hit me kannolla.
happens to him will certainly
more and it hurts me, damn it.
If you would have handled it correctly,
he were still alive. I’ll take this.
You’re supposed to model, and
my Ellie. – It was in the past.
It is unfair.
– Shut up!
Be fair, Ethan.
– This is enough. Where do you want?
Damn it, it stinks.
Take it out of the tent.
– Treat hommasi the country.
If it stays here,
we can not smell out.
Ethan. We agreed on this.
– For him, when I’m ready.
Take her hand.
Make a knot at the right time.
He’s so beautiful.
You make me vomit.
I am gentle.
And you do not like that?
I can be rough.
Come on, Johnny.
For him, when I’m ready.
Excuse me, that
I to you earlier.
I did not expect any interruption.
Do not be nervous.
Do you promise to behave?
If you disconnect me,
we can do this correctly.
Do not fight against the
or you’ll be sorry.
just about.
I’m sorry!
– So You think harsh.
I’m sorry.
– Soon you are.
I told you to be without protest.
– I’m sorry. I had to start panicking.
Let me go. I did not tell anyone.
Do you promise?
Do you promise and swear?
Do you like me so stupid,
to let you go?
We did not do anything wrong!
I do not want to die!
Or you do not do anything wrong?
You came this far without any protection.
What do you expect?
What do you expect?
Where are you going?
You are not allowed to go,
before you get to know.
You’re crazy! Why are you doing this?
This is a toy.
I the number of rules.
The other is a pathetic excuse
Johnny did not have the desired child.
Dead girls do not
David running away.
This is your own fault.
– You’re pathetic!
attacking women attacked!
Go to hell, you loser!
You’re a loser!
They are the sort of people!
They do not last past.
Teidätkö why I do this?
Therefore, that I can do it!
Hands off him,
even sick shit.
What the hell?
Get up!
Ethan, it hurt, hell bloody well.
Run only.
– What about girls?
They died.
– What?
Take this.
– What?
It’s Jack’s knife.
– Where are we?
– Let’s go to the dried river.
Where the hell is it?
Let’s go.
Is this the right direction?
Run. Run!
– I ran for so long.
Go to hell.
Run, Ellie! Not!
– Ethan.
Hell, bitch!
Where are you going?
Look at this mess, stupid bitch!
How do I explain this?
Fuck you!
Wait a minute!
Wait a minute!
Wait a minute!
Please help me!
Hell. What has happened?
We need to get away from it.
Attacked was attacked in the woods.
Where is Tori?
– He’s dead.
What do you mean? You
hurt. Get in the car.
It is he!
I have something for you.
devil dick.
What have you done Square?
Please help!
Please help me.
Please help me.
What is this?
What is it?
Someone is trying to kill me.
– Go away. I’ll call the police.
Oh, my God.
Someone is trying to kill me.
My friends are dead.
– What has happened?
After all, you’re bleeding.
What happened to your arm?
Let me see.
I just watch.
Okay. I’ll call an ambulance.
Wait here.
The police, thank you.
I also need an ambulance.
The kitchen has a
assaulted a woman.
I do not know his name.
Her bone sticking out his hand.
– No!
Hello. Hello?
Wait a minute.
– He tried to kill me.
Those sick bastards
killed my friend.
They threw me down on a rock!
– I do not understand what you’re saying.
Hello. Damn phone.
Hey, sweetie. You’re early.
I am applying for a spare rope.
Are you okay?
– What is your car?
It got stuck. How so?
– Here is a beaten woman.
Stay away!
– What are you doing?
He needs medical attention.
Have you called an ambulance?
He was assaulted in the woods.
What happened to your face?
I was climbing.
– Do not listen to him. That’s a scratch -
is my my!
Polka most in her face!
You did not believe him? Did you call the police?
– Player, but the call was cut off.
I am applying for a mobile phone.
??- Wait a minute.
Go away!
– No-one will not hurt you. Take it easy.
Do not talk to me.
– We want to help you.
Do not you know him at all?
He tried to kill me.
He’s a mess.
– Do not listen to him.
You did not believe him?
– I do not know.
Crazy woman says that raiskasin
someone and you believe him.
He did not talk about rape.
– Raped and murdered …
Go away! Do not touch him!
– Get away from him!
He’s crazy! Look at him.
– What happened to your face?
I slipped climbing.
Ask the boys.
Johnny and the other one is dead.
– What do you mean?
I’ll kill you too!
– What is this, Ethan?
I do not know. Where are they?
– He’s a murderer.
The police find the bodies.
– Trust me. I am your husband.
Why would I lie to you? Take a look.
See, what he did to me!
– He confessed to the murder!
He’s trying to kill us.
You let him in!
He’s lying!
– I tried to help him
You’ll pay for this!
– Shut up. Give it here.
Stay away!
Hell, bitch.

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