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The harness, is a process.
And Ben isn’t free from it.
Looking for you family?
I combed that
rubble for a long time…
but they were gone.
What were you and Jimmy doing
hunting Skitters, Ben?
I need a reason?
I’m sorry.
He’s gone.
You want out?
There’s the door.
I can’t protect them anymore.
We can’t protect them anymore.
That’s the craziest thing
I ever seen!
What is that,
26 and 27?
27 and 28.
Tick tick,
Yo, Eminem!
You a’ight?
Original Air Date on July 1, 2012
You see that steam?
And the lights on?
The building’s got power.
Well, whatever they’re up to
in there,
it’s none
of our concern.
Our orders are to find
the safest way to Charleston,
which means we’ll steer
a wide path around this place.
You’ve been quiet lately.
Got nothing to say.
You eat by yourself,
you barely sleep.
It’s like
you’re a different person.
I don’t want to talk
about it.
We all miss Jimmy.
But you got to figure out a way
to put that behind you.
Those are our bikes!
Can you believe that?
Where the hell
did they come from?
We’re not going back to camp
without those bikes.
What are you doing?
I’m just trying something.
They’re headed east.
How do you know?
I can hear their engines.
Take those
in to the mess for me.
Thank you.
Look at me.
Good news.
Aliens left?
Who told you?
I wanted to be the first.
I thought you’d be so impressed.
Ha, ha.
So did you actually have
good news?
A chocopie?
Where did you get this?
My unit found a Korean grocery
that hadn’t even been touched.
We got enough food
for a week.
And I remember
you saying
that you really liked those
when you were a kid.
I was addicted.
These things kept me rolling in
baby fat till I hit high school.
I never thought I’d have
anything like this again.
Me neither.
Oh, sorry. Um…
No, that’s –
Don’t mind me.
I’m just, um…
No, it’s okay.
I got to go find, uh…
Matt! I sent him
on his first mission today.
Well, then, I’m –
I’m just gonna go –
Well, we’ll find some.
Now that we got enough wheels to
get out of this hell hole.
Maybe we could go
to the Blue Mountains.
Lots of wildlife.
Be nice to have
some fresh meat for a change.
What do you know
about hunting?
More than you.
My dad used to take my sister
and me.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
I just want to talk
about the bikes.
15 to 1?
There’s nothing to talk about.
Get the hell out.
I’d back off
if I were you.
Now, if they don’t stand down
in 5 seconds, you die.
Dale lo que quiere.
Pero necesitamos
esas motos.
Stand down.
Put your guns down.
All of you –
put your guns on the ground.
That’s your name?
Well, I’m Hal.
And that’s my brother, Ben.
Just take the bikes
and go.
It’s just you guys here?
No adults?
We don’t need them.
Adults get us killed.
We look out
for each other.
Our people are camped out
not far from here.
We might be able to spare
some extra bike parts.
At the very least,
food and water.
You all look like you could use
a good meal, no offense.
Say yes.
Hilary, Sean, Julian, and Rob,
come with us to check it out.
The rest of you…
hold down the fort.
We’ll be back
as soon as possible.
All right, all right.
Yo, it’s like this.
Check it out.
♪ Yo, our homeboy Matt,
went down the alley ♪
♪ and was like, “oh, snap!” ♪
♪ finna put these Skitters
in a trap ♪
♪ make them feel
they the mack ♪
♪ till we hit them in the back
with a tick tick boom! ♪
♪ and those Skitters
went splat! ♪
That wasn’t bad.
Hey. Hey.
Yo, what gives,
mason jar?
He’s 9 years old. Beer?
Use your head.
Little man’s just
on cup-holder duty.
We’re celebrating.
Two more kills
this morning, boss.
Really? Yeah?
Dad, it was so awesome!
I led two Skitters all by myself
into Tector’s field of fire.
What do you mean
you “led”?
He was just
supposed to be a runner.
“Report back to camp if you saw
any alien activity.”
We saw an opportunity,
seized the initiative.
And used my son
as Skitter bait?
They were boxed in, man.
It was fish in a barrel.
Dad, it’s not a big –
Look, Teck and I have killed
more Skitters than anybody else.
Shut up, Boon.
The man’s right. We screwed up.
No, we didn’t.
A screw-up is if we miss.
What if you had missed?
Our job is not to miss.
Hey, you’re 20 years old! You
were selling cellphones a year ago!
What if you had missed?!
We don’t miss –
My orders were clear –
man an observation post,
not paint a target
on my 9-year-old’s back!
You can take that Barrett rifle
and give it to the second team.
You’re off sniper duty.
And you can both go join the
sanitation crew until further notice.
Let’s go.
You’re gonna sit out the next
couple of missions, Matt.
You’ve ruined everything.
Trouble in paradise?
Discipline issue.
Nothing I can’t handle.
Must be Hal and Ben.
What do we have here?
Found them holed up
in a warehouse.
No adults.
Maybe we can
help them out.
My girl.
How did she die?
She ran out of her
blood-pressure medication.
Mom always
forgot to refill it.
I used to do it
for her.
Me too.
After you guys split.
I thought about you a lot.
I figured you were dead.
I came looking for you,
For you, and for your mother,
and for…
for your sister.
Wish I’d gotten there
We’re together now.
That’s all that matters.
I missed you, papa bear.
I missed you, too,
baby bear.
And what else?
Did you spot the factory
on Barnard and High Street?
Yeah, now,
we saw that one.
Lots of
battle bots there.
Kids with those parasites on
their backs, and chinches, too.
The big bugs.
Oh, no, yeah.
We call ‘em Skitters.
My bad.
I’m gonna get you back.
That your girlfriend?
No. Nah, nah, nah, nah. Nah.
We’re just friends.
You’re kidding, right?
That girl just kicked
a soccer ball in your face
and you’re smiling
like you just won the lottery?
Hey, Dad.
Diego was just giving us
some great intel
on our way
down to Charleston.
What’s in Charleston, anyway?
Rumors of survivors
against the invasion.
Your group’s welcome to join us
if you want.
We’ll think about it.
Truck’s ready if you want
to start loading your supplies.
Jamil scrounged up
some bike parts.
You might
be able to fix yours with.
Sorry we can’t give you more,
but we’re pretty thin as it is.
It’s more
than all right.
All right.
Come on. Let’s go.
Let’s go.
Hey, I’m sorry if I
embarrassed you yesterday.
No, you aren’t.
I know you want to be a fighter,
but you got a lot to learn.
Following orders,
for starters.
I did a good job.
I killed two Skitters.
You could have gotten yourself
killed in the process.
It wasn’t smart.
Well, neither was getting onto
an alien spaceship, Dad.
You remember these, from
your volleyball tournaments?
You were a hit.
We’re gonna go load up the
truck, if you want to come help.
I’ll be there
in a minute.
did you meet Diego?
Not properly. I’m Dan.
I’ve heard a lot about you.
Hey, uh…
Te veo afuera, chiquita.
Sí, mi Amor.
Nos vemos ahorita.
You speakin’ Spanish now?
Yes, Dad. I speak Spanish.
He’s my boyfriend.
Friendly guy.
He’s just being
Protective? Of what?
You just got to
get to know him.
Be open-minded, okay?
I am open-minded.
Since when?
While I’m still young, people!
Iya hay que darle matarile
a esto!
Hey, what’s wrong?
I can’t talk. Sorry.
Nice hat.
You a baseball fan?
I just found it.
You’re the kid
who helped kill
those chinches
yesterday, huh?
Yeah, that was me.
pretty cool, man.
It was.
I was on my scooter
and I saw two Skitters
but pretended
like I didn’t,
and then I led them into
Boon and Tector’s field of fire,
and they shot their heads off,
and they exploded like…
Bashoo! Bashoo!
That’s pretty good.
– We’re loaded.
– Oh.
I was thinking maybe
I should go with you.
Don’t worry, Dad.
I’ll be fine.
You’re just
dropping the supplies,
and you’re
coming right back.
We’ll be gone
an hour, tops.
You coming?
Of course.
Ahora, mount up,
I’m gonna get you back.
You know that, right?
Is that a fact?
Yes, I like to say, “vengeance
is mine, saith the Hal.”
This doesn’t look good.
Somebody ripped up
our place.
Robbie’s jacket.
Somebody, help!
are you all right?
They took everybody.
Hey, buddy,
how long ago was this?
I don’t know.
They’re gonna be
That factory, right here.
That’s where we’ve seen
a lot of harnessed kids.
And that’s the building we saw in
the scouting unit yesterday.
The building has power.
And Mechs guarding it.
Maybe they turned the factory
into a harness facility.
Would explain the security.
Okay. Ben.
What do you remember about the
place where you were harnessed?
Um, not much.
Just fragments.
Anything you can remember
will be helpful.
first, they kept us
in a holding room.
For how long?
I don’t know.
What else?
They took us
to the harnessing chamber.
What was the distance
the holding room
and the harnessing chamber?
I’m sorry.
I don’t remember.
All right, look.
We’re wasting time.
We know they’re in there.
Let’s go.
Not so fast.
We need a plan.
Improvising gets people killed.
While you’re sitting around
making plans,
they’re harnessing
our friends.
I’m not gonna put
people’s lives at risk
so that you can go off
Stay here with your maps.
I’m going in.
I said no.
I don’t take orders
from anyone,
especially a man who couldn’t
save his own family.
Hey! You listen to me, there, Sonny boy –
Dad, stop!
You do not talk to me
about my family!
I said stop it!
You hear me?
I told you
he hasn’t changed.
Jeanne, I am sorry.
If you were sorry,
you’d try to be different.
You wouldn’t be the same
angry control freak.
This is exactly
why mom kicked you out.
What’s the word?
We’re going after them.
What about
the 2nd Mass?
Yeah, aren’t you supposed to
wait for Weaver and my dad?
I don’t need anyone’s permission
to go get my own people.
You okay?
Good man.
What about you,
Skitter killer?
There’s room
for one more.
Grab your weapons and gear up.
We move out in five.
Ben, you don’t have to go along
on this one.
What are you
talking about?
Just, you going back
to a harness facility,
I’m a little worried.
Worried I might freak out
at a critical moment?
No one’s thinking that.
Because I’m going.
Just wanted to let you know you
you had a choice.
Okay. Thanks.
You got a spare shotgun?
You all right?
Everything she said
is true.
I’ve never been
able to control my anger.
Sweeps through me
like a brush fire.
If I’d been a better husband,
a better father,
her mother and her sister
might still be alive.
There’s nothing
I can do about it now.
Yeah, there is.
Talk to her the way
you’re talking to me.
Take me with you, boss.
You’re benched, Tector.
I never should have
put your boy at risk.
Give me a chance
to make it right.
All right.
Grab a weapon.
But you’re back
on sanitation detail tomorrow.
Yes, sir.
What’s wrong?
Can’t find Matt.
He’s not in our tent,
he’s not in the mess tent.
I don’t know
where he is.
He’s gone.
Jeanne too.
All the bikes are gone.
They went without us?
Come on.
That’s Matt’s hat.
You think the cockroaches
got them?
Only one way
to find out.
Maggie, Dai, Tector,
you go in the back.
We’ll go in the front.
Let’s go!
Don’t go loud
unless you have to.
Let’s go!
Don’t know the layout
of this place
or what we’re
walking into.
There’s no time
to worry about that.
It’s me, Jeanne.
W-where are we?
Just try to breathe slowly.
I’m right here with you.
What’s he doing?!
I’m here, Jonny.
Get it off!
Get it off!
Damn you, Chinches!
Go to hell!
They took the others away.
We need to go after them.
No! No!
Let me go!
Sounds like our team
already found them.
I’m right here, baby.
Hurry up. Hurry, Dad.
I’m here. I’m here.
It’s okay.
You all right?
Hey, I’m here.
I’m sorry.
I should have listened to you.
You’re okay.
That’s all that matters.
We’re out of here.
Follow me.
Don’t look back.
Don’t you think you could have
thrown a grenade over there?
Are you okay?
You think you could
get him loose?
We got to
wag it and shag it.
We’re gonna have beaucoup
Skitters coming any second.
Son of a — God.
Ugh. I’m all right.
I’m okay. I’m okay.
We got to go.
Let’s go! I’m okay!
What is that?
Another pain pill?
to prevent infection.
You getting paid
to push ‘em?
Take the pill.
All right.
I’ll check in on you
a little later?
Come on in.
How’s the leg?
Oh, it’s just a scratch.
It’s stupid.
the things
that you said before…
Forget them.
No. You were right.
I…I let you down.
you deserved better.
Doesn’t matter now,
I want to make it up
to you.
You already did.
You’re not angry?
I’m gonna be honest.
You weren’t a great dad.
But you’re
an incredible leader.
And the older I get,
the more I appreciate that.
I’m gonna change, Jeanne.
I mean it.
For you.
I know.
Thank you.
I guess that your friends
are getting ready to leave, huh?
They wanted me to thank you
for the extra supplies.
They really liked
all of you.
Even Diego.
But they don’t want be
part of the resistance.
They think they have
a better chance of surviving
by avoiding the aliens
and finding a place to hole up.
they may be right.
You’re gonna miss Diego,
aren’t you?
I’m gonna miss him
a lot.
I don’t want to say goodbye.
Well, hey, come here.
Come here.
It’s all right.
I’m sorry.
You don’t have to
be sorry.
It’s all right, sweetheart.
It’s hard, I know.
I know.
Yeah, it is.
Oh, listen, I, uh…
before I forget…
I have something.
Your compass.
Remember the time
we were tracking that buck
up in the Berkshires
and lost track of time?
Sun went down, and we had to
make our way back to camp.
Mom was furious.
“You know better than that,
Yeah, well,
she was right.
You know what?
I’m sorry.
I think my meds are gonna –
just kicking in.
I’ll let you rest.
How’s it going?
No sign that the Skitters
followed us.
Look what
I got a hold of.
So, how long’s
this been going on?
Come on, Ben.
In the harnessing
I saw your spikes glow.
You’re mistaken.
That’s how
you want to play this?
You’re just gonna lie
about it?
Hope it goes away
instead of getting worse?
That’s exactly
what I’m gonna do.
Who here is gonna understand
glowing spikes?
Half of these people still think
I killed Jimmy.
You can rat me out
if you want,
but I am not signing
my own death warrant.
And I am your brother.
And all I’m trying to do
is help.
I know.
But you need to back off.
You want to see me,
Yes, I did.
That’s the unit’s laundry.
I want you to wash it.
Yes, sir.
When you’re finished
with that,
you can stop by the armory tent
and pick up the Barrett rifle.
I’m putting you back
on sniper duty.
Yes, sir.
I want you to do something
for me, though.
Keep Boon in line.
Don’t you worry, boss.
He step out of line, I’ll put
my boot so far up his butt
he’ll taste shoe leather.
What’s going on, Lo?
Why don’t you let me in on it?
Maybe I could help.
I had an aunt and uncle
in Parras.
It’s this tiny town
in the middle of nowhere,
Northern Mexico.
And I-I always ask
new people
if they’ve heard any news
of survivors.
And I asked Diego…
and he said
it was wiped out.
And of course it is,
you know?
I don’t know why I was hoping
they’d somehow survived.
I’m an idiot.
Lo, you’re not an idiot.
And — and I’m sorry
about your family,
but…it doesn’t mean
you stop hoping,
it just means you got to hope
for something else.
You know, for Charleston.
For a new life one day,
a new family.
Hope’s all we got.
“Dad, I’m sorry.
“But I’m not coming with you
to Charleston.
“I said some terrible things,
“but I want you to know this
has nothing to do with that.
“I have my own life now
with Diego and the other kids.
“And while I’d love to come
with you,
“I know that they need me
like the 2nd Mass needs you.
“I’m sorry to say goodbye
this way.
“But if I told you in person,

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