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We won, victory is ours!
We won, victory is ours!
We won, victory is ours!
Solna FC! Solna FC! Solna FC!
Is everyone on?
– Yes!
Stop! Wait!
Oh, shit!
Did the bus leave without you?
– Yeah, dammit! They can go to hell.
Are you from Stockholm?
– Yeah. I’m on holidays.
Should we go to the Tivoli amusement park?
– It’s closed.
But then it’s free.
Wow! Come on!
Did you see those kids?
What are they doing here?
– What difference does it make?
Eva… Come here, come here, come here.
Two adults, please.
– I have the tickets. Here.
Take two.
Good! These are the two best.
Maybe you’ll need it some day. Here.
– Thanks.
I didn’t think anyone would see us today.
Do you think we really should be out here
in this cold?
What are you doing? You know what they cost?
Did you hear that?
There’s something strange about all this.
Can’t you go and see, Mats?
– What’s your name?
– Kasper.
– And you?
– Kia. Kasper and Kia…
That really sounds nice.
– Do you have to go to Stockholm right now?
– No, no one’s waiting for me.
Why did you do it? Want to talk about
why you strangled Sigbrit yesterday?
Martin Beck…
– The head of the C.I.D.
I heard him at the Police Academy.
He was questioning a murderer.
Beck. Should we bring him
from Stockholm to question you?
Wasn’t he the one who put you in jail
for killing your wife?
Okay. Martin Beck it is.
Down, Nalle!
You have to be the world’s worst police dog.
– Nöjd? [I. e. satisfied].
– It depends on how you look at it.
My name is Nöjd. Herrgott Nöjd.
What a name for a cop, huh!
So I usually introduce myself that way, like it was a question. It flusters people.
Should we go to the station or to
Danielsson? You may want to have lunch?
Let’s go to the amusement park.
You knew Danielsson.
– He strangled his wife.
But that was ten years ago.
He’s reclusive and keeps pretty much to himself.
I have to say…
Do people here know he was in jail?
– Yeah, sure.
Do they know why?
– Yes, he killed his wife.
She provoked and deceived him.
Everyone knows that here in the neighbourhood.
He probably had a difficult time…
both before and after the murder.
There are a lot of people here
in the summer. Thousands of families, cars…
Do you have any children?
– Yes, but they find their own amusements.
Have you taken the fingerprints from the key pad?
No, I don’t think so.
Did you find anything else
here at the crime scene?
Money, handbag,
liqueur bottles, condoms?
No, nothing.
You stay here.
Sigbrit Mård worked here in the summer.
Over there. It was there she was…
Where during the winter?
– At a café in town.
Did Danielsson know her?
– Yes, Gunnar and Sigbrit were neighbours.
Their houses were close to each other.
In fact, Gunnar works here all year.
He does simple repairs
and drives the garbage truck.
Sometimes in the summer he dresses up as a
bear and lets himself be photographed.
Did Danielsson socialize with Mård?
We have a witness who saw them
together yesterday afternoon.
I guess you want to meet him.
– We can do that later.
There’s no one home. – Hello?
Is that Rick? Hey, it’s Kasper.
I’m staying a bit longer. I met a friend
and I’ll be sleeping there tonight.
What? Do you want me to hang up now? Why?
He said he’s waiting for a call.
– Your brother?
He’s so damn cocky.
He’s got the whole house to himself.
Mum and Dad
are on holiday in Majorca.
Same here.
I’m on holiday from the probation officer.
So… Now close your eyes
and open your mouth.
Open your mouth!
Delicious. Really!
– Okay.
Your turn. Close your eyes.
– Yes! Open your mouth.
Have you had mumps?
Damned cookie monster.
Do you have to leave crumbs all over the car?
Have you ever had mumps?
– No. Why?
It’s dangerous when you get older.
You can become sterile.
Yes, and …?
18 kilometers to Moby.
Don’t you want want breakfast, Officer?
– No.
Doesn’t any one eat breakfast in Stockholm?
Hey! So you’ve been assigned to me!
Yes. Country air sucks.
Where’s Gunvald then?
– He’s sitting in the car sleeping.
Breakfast! Rise and shine!
– Up! Up!
It’s good that you came. We’ve got to teach
the local police some basics.
Gunvald can teach them to meditate.
So, reinforcements from Stockholm?
Too bad you’re here for a murder.
It’s so nice in summer.
This is my team.
Lennart Holmberg. Gunvald Larsson.
– Nah, I don’t like the boonies.
Shall we perhaps go in?
The coroner is finished. He rang
last night. Gunvald, give him a push.
Sex murder, yes or no.
Two witnesses in the frame…
How do I get there?
– We have a police car you can borrow.
What if there’s an emergency then?
– Then we can take my car.
Nobody from the roadside
or petrol stations saw Sigbrit.
It looks as if she was there before she…
Yes, before she was attacked.
Nöjd. Yeah. Yeah.
Malm. From Stockholm.
– Already?
The Chief of Police.
– Mr Nöjd, have you had mumps?
– No.
Too bad. My daughter has it. It’s
infectious and I don’t feel well. Am I swollen?
He’s wondering if we need…
…if we need a helicopter.
And he wondered
if Danielsson has confessed.
We don’t even know if he has anything
to confess.
Nalle, here!
They’ll fit.
It’s better if you wear them.
How practical to have the fire
and police station in one place.
Shall we go then?
I don’t recognize that car.
I wonder if…?
The Evening Standard. Mohlin.
A real hack of a police reporter.
His path is lined with corpses.
But he’s not alone.
Reporters from provincial papers
hang out with him too. -Yes, they’re real dogs.
Sigbrit lived over there.
– Hey, Gunnar.
– Hi.
You wanted to talk to me.
Gunnar! What do you think about the accusations?
A comment!
You met Sigbrit Mård on Sunday.
– Yes.
– At the shop in Moby.
What did you do?
Did you talk to her?
– She wanted to buy eggs.
She used to buy eggs from you?
It is better
if you answer the questions, Gunnar.
Did you meet often?
– Only in the amusement park.
Would you have liked
to have seen her more often?
You won’t have a chance of
taking a photo from there.
Do you remember you told me once
that you’re frightened of women?
That you hate them and
that was why you killed your wife.
Do you remember that?
What’s it like now?
Do you feel the same way?
Well, it’s still the same.
You’re afraid of women?
Were you afraid of Sigbrit Mård?
Sigbrit was different
from other women?
– Did you like Sigbrit Mård?
Did you ever tell her that?
– No.
Did you sleep with Sigbrit?
All right. We’re talking about Sunday.
Try to pull yourself together enough
to remember everything you did that day.
Yay! He scored! Yay!
I went straight home from the shop.
Did Sigbrit say anything?
– I don’t know. She didn’t speak.
Why were you there?
I bought a newspaper and cigarettes.
Did you meet anyone else on Sunday?
– No. No.
Will you come again?
– Yes, I’ll be back.
Bye, Gunnar.
This will probably work out all right.
Has he confessed? What was the motive?
Have you arrested him?
Are more people going to be killed?
How did he murder her?
– Are you letting a murderer go free?!
Why are you the cheerleader for this pack of hounds?
We had eaten at the inn.
Expensive as hell…
Then we went to the car park
at the amusement park.
Why would you do that?
– Why the hell do you think?
Isn’t it a bit cold at this time of year?
– In the first place I have a heater,
secondly, I’m married
and thirdly, I can’t afford a hotel room.
Now, if you had it so good,
why did you get out of the car?
Eva wanted me to check out
those two guys.
Two guys? What’s this about?
– The ones who drove off in the car.
This is the first I’ve heard anything about this.
Why didn’t you say something at the hearing?
I did.
Two guys in a red jeep…
Dammit, you said nothing at the hearing!
– I did, I swear I did.
Fucking idiots!
What did they look like, these guys?
Hard to say.
They were in their 20s, I guess.
Black clothes…
Hey, I had other things to think about.
Thank you.
One of them had a hooded jacket with an
emblem on the back, the kind soccer fans wear.
It was dark and they ran away.
I’d never recognize them again.
Why did you want Mats to go out
to see if anything was wrong?
You wanted a little peace and quiet?
– Perhaps it…
Okay, thank you.
– You’re welcome.
Mård. Sigbrit Mård. 38 years old.
Death by strangulation.
Additional injuries:
she was struck violently in the groin
and the pubic bone has a contusion
resulting from a heavy blow.
Did she have sexual intercourse?
– Sexual intercourse can probably be ruled out.
We’ve certainly not found
any semen or secretions.
Her husband is a sea captain
and lives in Norrköping.
Drinks like a sponge.
They haven’t lived together for a long time.
Is he on at sea now?
– No, he’s been on sick leave for five years.
Are there any other relatives?
– No, her parents are dead.
She’s got distant relatives
in New Zealand.
Her pantyhose and panties were torn
during the attack but the bra is intact.
She had both shoes on.
A blouse and skirt were next to the corpse
and haven’t been tampered with.
Could she have taken off them herself?
Sure, she could have done.
“To my dear neighbour. Just ask
if you need help.” From Gunnar.
She hadn’t even planted them.
She lived alone?
– Yes, I don’t know that she had any friends in Viken.
Poor woman. 38 years old and single.
It couldn’t have been easy
in this community.
Not surprising that she had to sneak
somewhere for a hug.
You mean Sigbrit had a secret lover?
We certainly can’t rule out that possibility.
Do you think the place where the corpse
was found is also the crime scene? – Yes.
Did she put up some kind of a fight?
– We didn’t find any signs of it.
“Darling, don’t wait for me.
“My brother-in-law is coming to town
“And I haven’t had a chance
to get away.
“I’ll call you later tonight, if I can.”
“Kisses, Kaj.”
– Does a Kaj live here?
Our only Kaj is just under seven
and has just started school.
Our Kaj is probably a bit older. And married.
And so he wouldn’t want it known
that he has a mistress.
“Darling Sigge, can you forgive me?
I didn’t mean what I said.
“I’ll explain everything on Thursday.
I miss you.
“I love you. Kaj.”
He calls her Sigge. No one else here ever did.
He’s not from here.
Have you finished eating?
Here’s the autopsy report.
This murder is almost identical
with the murder of Danielsson’s wife.
Our two witnesses say they saw
a car with two people…
which, as they stated at the hearing,
disappeared without warning.
Our colleagues felt no
necessity to inform us about it…
because they believe that they’ve already
got the murderer. Fucking idiots!
I gave them such a dressing down
that their ears are still flapping.
Did they say what the drivers looked like?
– In a minute. I’m coming to that.
They were two men, quite young.
One of them was wearing a hooded jacket
with an emblem on the back.
The getaway car was a Japanese jeep,
registration number unknown.
At the time of the offense, three Japanese
jeeps were stolen.
The first belongs to Rune Eriksson Kalmar.
He had been away for two weeks.
The second one belongs Åke Lundin
and has been gone since last Friday.
The third belongs to a cookie factory in
Sundström and was discovered on Monday morning.
A cookie factory? That’s right up your alley.
Do the car owners have alibis?
– I haven’t had time to check yet.
You should be the one to do it.
– I’ll go! Can’t I eat first?
How quiet it is. I wonder
if the hacks have gone.
They’re off to get drunk.
They’ve already decided who the killer is.
Are you going to arrest Danielsson?
How does it feel to arrest
a murderer twice?
We’re bringing Gunnar Danielsson here
because that’s what he wants.
There’s no question of arresting anybody, Mohlin.
It’s for safety reasons.
Apparently he needs protection.
What do they want from me? I want to be left alone.
We can take you to the police station
if you want. You’d be left in peace there.
What about the animals, then?
– I can take care of the chickens and the fishing.
Go and pack your things.
Who’s she?
Sigbrit’s co-worker. – Gunnar…
You knew Sigbrit Mård?
– We only met on the job.
She was nice. Really nice… to everyone…
although I don’t think any of us
knew her particularly well.
She watched Richard Gere films
and cared about what she looked like.
Do you think she had a man?
– No.
Why don’t you?
– I would have heard about it.
She could have had a secret lover.
– I can’t imagine such a thing.
Why not?
– She wasn’t the type.
Did she ever mention the name Kaj?
– Kaj? No, she didn’t.
You’ve never heard that name?
– No, I haven’t.
Why are you going on and on about it?
You’ve got the killer.
Thanks for your help.
Chief Commissioner Stig-Åke Malm.
Do the police have sufficient resources
to solve this kind of complex crime?
The murder of Sigbrit Mård
is a high priority.
We have the perpetrator under close observation.
The suspect was previously convicted of
a similar murder.
We’ve put all our energies to work
at solving the case…
Wait here, I’ll fetch him.
Wait, Martin! I’m going with you.
I checked with the police file
in Stockholm. You were right.
Captain Mård killed a Brazilian
sailor in Trinidad-Tobago in ’75.
He got away with fines
and expulsion. I’m sticking with you.
I’ll shout if he even twitches.
Who the hell are you?
– Take it easy.
I don’t have to take it easy.
I live here.
I hate all those devils who
tell me what to do.
I’ve been to one hundred and eight countries.
Do you know which one is
the bloody worst? Sweden!
Here everyone’s after me, the police, the health insurance, the tax collector, the welfare office.
Even the post office is after me!
What’s going on?
You’re destroying everything for me.
My life, my job, everything!
How do you know it’s exactly
one hundred and eight countries?
Wait… Here’s my logbook.
How do I know?
Because I keep track.
Sweden, Finland, Denmark…
And later, see here…
South Yemen, Upper Volta.
But you haven’t answered my question.
Who are you?
Martin Beck, head of the C.I.D.
I want to ask you about Sigbrit Mård.
She’s dead.
Yes, just like the sailor in Trinidad.
– Oh, you’ve dug out all that old shit?
Congratulations. Nice work!
I didn’t think you were good enough.
– We can still probably learn a thing or two.
Wait! Wait! It’s untidy.
Keep your shirt on!
Did I say that you could go in?
Are you unhappy?
– What?
Are you in mourning? Your ex-wife is dead.
Are you sorry about it?
You can’t mourn for something
you haven’t had in a long time.
When was the last time you saw Sigbrit?
– About half a year ago.
You were divorced but you still saw each other.
Why were you divorced?
Normally you wouldn’t give a shit about all this.
I got sick and all of a sudden we were
together all the time, Sigbrit and I.
Until then I was only home about twice a year.
But then… Nothing worked and I started
to drink and to fight with her.
So she was the one who wanted a separation?
– Yes, but anyway I arranged it for her.
She used to say “You’re the train
that sometimes runs into my tunnel.”
Well, she wanted it sometimes
and I didn’t say no.
So you continued to see her?
– Sometimes I played trains with her.
But last summer she didn’t want to any more.
I haven’t seen her since.
What did you do on Sunday
between the hours of 6:00 and 11:00 pm?
I can answer that.
He was on the the Baltic Clipper, the ferry.
Drinking duty-free liquor.
– Susanne, shut up!
Speak when I tell you to.
My logbook.
The logbook of my life.
The only book a person needs.
Here are all the boats that passed
Baltic Clipper that day.
I couldn’t just sit still in that
farming village. There was nothing to do.
I spent all my time drinking.
I used to yell at her to shine
my shoes and I beat her up a lot.
Hell, I think
she got sick of me.
You can believe I was sorry as hell afterwards.
I’ve been sorry for fifteen years,
every day, with two bottles of booze.
And if the killer’s the bastard
who lives next to… Then…
Yes, what?
Go to hell.
I’ve nothing more to say.
I’ll see you again.
I didn’t do it! I beat Sigbrit up
but I didn’t kill her.
I was in love with her!
Can you believe that, fucking cop bastard!
Damn it to hell!
Didn’t you hear me when I shouted?
Was that a good one?
– Very good.
I think we can forget about Mård.
My talisman.
It’s an eagle feather.
It’s protected me
and it will protect you.
And do you know what?
An Indian feels no pain.
Gunnar! Gunnar?
Keep it.
Your… Your damn…!
What radio code is 23?
– Mischief-making, kids and juveniles.
– Traffic accident, ambulance.
– Violent crime, assault.
– 21?
He’s probably drunk.
That’s a 33… traffic of fences.
Do you have to drive so fast?
A Japanese jeep…
There are the lights!
Kia, what’s going on?
– Why the hell are the cops chasing us?
Sit still and shut up!
Step out of the car.
Hands on the roof!
– Stop, or I’ll shoot!
What the hell has got into you??!
We’ve got to get the other one!
Damn! A girl.
Excuse me, there’s been a fax
for Superintendent Beck.
Is it for Officer Beck?
It’s from Malm.
“Investigation in Moby
dissolved until further notice.
“Beck requested to take over investigation
of the killing of a police officer.”
Police killing?
Martin, good to see you.
You didn’t come in the helicopter?
– I had to deploy it somewhere else.
Our colleague Borglund is dead.
The other two are seriously injured.
Two guys steal a car, drive to the
amusement park and murder a woman.
Three days later the police chase them here…
So one of them was a girl?
It looks like it…
The woman was killed in self defence
but she’s not been identified.
Her accomplice escaped
and must be regarded as dangerous.
Is the lipstick all there is here?
No handbag or anything else?
No, that’s all.
But whoever it was collects lighters.
Why do you think
the accomplice is dangerous?
First, they fired their guns immediately
and the murder robbery of Sigbrit Mård
was so brutal.
Murder robbery? Wasn’t it a sex crime?
– That’s water under the bridge now.
You call this
“thorough investigative work”?
The car is evidence that directly
connects it to the crime. What more do you want?
Our dead colleague is proof that
the two crimes were committed by the same killer.
It’s too easy! We have no idea
who murdered Sigbrit Mård.
Where are you going Martin?
– To the sex monster. Coming?
That was yesterday’s news.
Where are you going?
– To find out who killed Sigbrit Mård.
Do you stop at the amusement park?
It’s closed in the winter.
So you haven’t stopped there recently
to drop off someone?
Not this Sunday?
– No one gets off there now.
But in the summer,
there are lots of people then…
It’s a park for the whole family.
I feel good too when I’m there.
I usually go there with my family.
My daughter loves it.
There’s a water slide.
It’s maybe about a 100 foot drop.
It’s really scary and that’s a fact…
Sigbrit’s handbag. An elderly gentleman
found it close to the amusement park.
It could have been thrown from a car.
No lipstick.
“K”… It could stand for Kaj.
A man with definite habits.
The only time he had
for his mistress was on Thursday.
We’ll release Gunnar.
Take care.
Martin, look over there! Lights.
– It’s Sigbrit’s house.
Who could it be?
– We’ll go and see.
What’s all this about then?
I’ve got to fix everything up.
It’s for her sake.
Then I want her to have a proper burial too.
After all, I am her husband.
– Yes…
We’ve checked your log. It’s all true.
The boats passed the ferry.
I told you I had an alibi.
Why didn’t Sigbrit want to see you?
– She probably found someone else.
There is someone else, but neither her neighbours
nor her co-workers have seen him.
He’s married.
Sigbrit… a secret lover?
No, no, that can’t be true.
No thanks.
Captain Mård…
Sign on a boat again
and drink as much as you want.
But above all,
don’t drink warm vodka.
Do you think I’m the only person in this
beautiful country to drink himself to death?
How did that get here?
– Our colleagues didn’t have room for it
so they sent it here.
We’re working on the same case.
Yes, it is.
Is anything else missing, apart from the revolver?
– I don’t think so. Who’s going to clean up here?
Kids have been here.
We’re hunting for a kid.
You know you shot the girl dead?
What should I have done? She was shooting wildly.
I already had a bullet in my arm.
You shot at the other kid, too?
– Yes.
– He was running away.
Did you fire warning shots?
– He was going to escape!
So you didn’t shoot any warning shots.
Was he hurt?
– I don’t know.
And that was after
the girl had shot at you? -Yes.
Before that she shot me in the stomach,
and then she went for Hector.
You’ve violated all the rules. – If we hadn’t,
we’d have been where Borglund is now.
What did the kid look like?
– I couldn’t pursue him.
About 1,80, short dark curly hair,
pilot jacket, black pants. About 20 years old.
See to it that you pulverize that damn rat!
Of course, man.
The police are on the lookout
for one of the persons…
involved in a gunfight yesterday.
According to witnesses, he is
male, in his 20s, 1.85 tall.
He has short dark curly hair
and was wearing a hooded jacket.
According to police, it is likely
that the man is armed.
And is connected with the shooting
death of a policeman and a 19-year-old woman.
All the owners of the Jeeps have alibis,
so Kollberg said.
Why are we here?
It’s my chance to see
Sundström’s famous picture collection.
We discovered that the car was gone on Monday morning… The Hill landscape painting is there…
but since we don’t have anybody guarding
the factory site on the weekends,
the car could have been stolen any time after
last Friday… Here’s the Milles…
An employee could have stolen the car…
Is that a Josefsson?
If they knew where the key was.
– In theory, yes.
Then you’ll have to check
each one of the employees.
For that it’s best
that you speak with my wife.
It was just an idea. I suppose you
and your wife were at home on Sunday?
Yeah, right. That’s right.
We had lunch with my parents-in-law,
the way we usually do on Sundays.
Then my wife was in some kind
of equestrian competition.
And I sorted some out slides
from our holiday.
A Sunday hobby…
Do you have children?
– Oh, yeah.
Were they photos from the summer?
No, from Whitsuntide.
We were at some friend’s house
on the archipelago.
Yes, that’s all.
The Bror Hjorth Museum in Uppsala.
In connection with the gun fight last night and
the death of a policeman and a 19-year-old woman,
two policemen were badly wounded.
They are being cared for at the Karolinska Hospital
and their condition is said to be stable.
The police are on the lookout for
one of the suspects.
The man is in his 20s, 1.85 tall,
has short dark curly hair
and was wearing a hooded jacket.
He is believed to be armed.
What fucking bullshit!
He’s not armed.
The shots fired were from the girl’s gun
and from our colleagues’ weapons.
We’ve been told that Borglund died
in connection with an exchange of shots.
I asked at the hospital.
Borglund tried to escape.
He slipped in a ditch, hit his head
on a rock and broke his neck.
So there was no cop killer.
Why would Sigbrit go to the park
with those two kids in the jeep?
It doesn’t mean she did.
– What about the purse then?
They may have taken her purse after
she was dead, murdered by someone else.
Then no wonder that they ran amok.
– Killed by someone else…
Who could it have been?
Gunnar or the mysterious Kaj?
Or someone else…
Excuse me, where can I sign in?
– The concierge sitting over there.
We’re looking like fools. This has to change.
– Yes. He was called a cop killer.
Is there any evidence against the kid?
He’s suspected of murder robbery, attacks against
the police and the illegal possession of weapons.
My little brother has disappeared.
Now I’ll say it for the third time.
He was playing hockey last weekend
near a place called Moby.
Then he got separated from the team.
– Hey there!
How old is your little brother?
– 16 years old, so I’m gettiing a little worried.
Hey, kid. Come here.
How long has he been missing?
He called and said
that he’d coming home later.
Where did he call from?
– He said he was with a friend.
Join up with us.
Take it easy, we’re just going to talk.
I’ve been calling you.
– What did you say?
Weeds never go away.
They always turn up again.
What can I do for you?
– Did he always play for you?
Kasper didn’t train.
He’s an outsider, not a real fighter.
He should get involved with some other sport.
Chess or something.
Do you have a picture of him?
Hasn’t he got one?
I asked you.
– I was going to report it himself.
– So soon …?
Kasper disappeared near the amusement park
where that woman was murdered.
The very same evening.
Don’t worry. I’ll get the photograph.
Johan and Pelle take over!
What’s he talking about?
What has Kasper done?
He’s in a damn lot of trouble.
If for once in life you want to straighten out
your brother, you stick with me.
There he is.
There he is.
– Is that him?
It doesn’t match your description.
– It was really dark.
I’m sure now. It’s him.
He’s the offender.
Take it easy now.
A suspected offender.
Excuse me then.
– Fucking amateur.
Rick? Rick?
Ricky? Shit…
“Hello, boys! Hope you’re enjoying
the winter at home. Hugs, Mama.”
– Short and skinny. That’s him.
– Thank you.
Lennart? It’s me.
We need to get hold of this kid.
Damn Malm and his helicopters.
Do you understand? Do everything you can.
– Larsson, Gunvald…
– Hey, it’s Rick.
Kasper is back.
– Good, we’re coming.
His brother is still inside the house.
We haven’t seen the suspect.
Is Section A in place? Come in.
Section A is in place.
– Section B, are you in place?
– We’re in place.
This is Operation PM ..
Police Murderer.
Hey! Where have you been?
What kind of clothes are you wearing?
What the hell? Rick, come here.
Come on. What the hell is this?
Is it the police?
Damn it, Rick…
– What are you talking about? Stay here.
I’m fucking cold.
I think I’ll take a shower.
Attention all units!
This is Malm. We’re on site.
Section C will arrive in three minutes,
100 meters west of surveillance target.
How long are you going to be in there?
You’ll look like a dried fig.
Someone just came out.
In my opinion, that’s the wanted man.
– Quiet!
Do you know where he went?
I think I know the place my brother
will probably go to.
I repeat… this is Malm!
– Drive there.
What the hell is he doing here?
– My dad used to work here.
Stop! Or I’ll blow you to hell.
Don’t be afraid.
Nothing is going to happen.
Shut up, you fucking snitch!
Keep talking.
Keep talking, I say.
You, Kasper…
Mama called this morning.
She wondered how we’re doing.
Dad gives…
Remember when we were in Cyprus?
And Dad was sitting on the can
for the entire flight…
And you ended up next to
that crazy bitch.
Okay, guys. Jump in.
All units return to the base.
The killer has been apprehended.
Operation PM is completed
with excellent results.
Kollberg, Larsson.
Have you disarmed the killer?
I don’t have a gun. I didn’t know
that Kia had one. I’m not a murderer.
Malm, call Kollberg and Larsson!
Snap off that fucking radio.
Where are we going?
– To someone who needs your help.
Then you should get some sleep.
Are your glands swollen?
Should I call the doctor?
Great! So when are you coming here?
I’ll be waiting for you.
Yes. Good.
We were lucky that it went so well.
– This is the kid’s brother, Rick.
What about the kid, then?
– He’s tired and hungry.
I’ll talk to him.
Make sure that Kasper sees Sundström
when we come out.
Mrs. Sundström? Inspector Beck.
This is about the stolen car.
Thank you, Carina.
Finally this investigation
is coming to an end.
I’d just like to have
a little signature here.
It was nice that the car wasn’t damaged.
By the way, is your husband here?
I just need to ask him a question.
One moment.
Please sit down.
Carl-Ivar? Can you please come in?
He’ll be here in a minute.
Oh yes, we’ve already met.
What do you want?
I would like to talk a bit about Kaj.
Well… Maybe we can go outside
and talk about it.
It’s about the car.
This is Gunvald Larsson
and Lennart Kollberg. My colleagues.
This is Kasper.
Kasper saw you in the amusement
park on Sunday.
You met Sigbrit Mård on a regular basis.
We have letters to prove it.
We also found her diary…
where she noted down all your meetings.
It was usually on Thursday.
But you made an exception on Sunday
when you went to the park in this car,
which you then reported stolen.
Your nickname Kaj
came from the license plate.
Yes… That was where we met
for the first time.
I was there with the kids.
I thought we should go to
the place where we first met.
Did you break it off?
She wanted to make me get a divorce.
She threatened
to tell my wife everything.
But you didn’t want a divorce?
– Of course not!
My wife owns it all…
the factory, the house, the art.
She’d get custody of the children.
I wouldn’t have a place to live.
I didn’t think that
the woman was worth that price.
I mean Sigbrit.
Why did you make it look
like a sex murder?
She knew her neighbour, the murderer.
I thought it would look as though…
– It’s his heart!
– Call an ambulance!
Take it easy. It will be all right.
– What do you mean?
He’ll survive.
And that would be a good thing …?
It’s coming shortly.
You might come back for a holiday.
We won’t be having any more killings
in my district.
I’ve got to ask you something.

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