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Why are you coming alone, Priya?
Where is Siva?
He’s too much, says he won’t
board a standing bus.
He asked me to go
and would follow.
Can’t tolerate his antics anymore?
Look how an idle brain thinks!
We’ve come leaving ourjobs for him
and he’s refusing to board the bus.
Where is he?
Does he know where we are going?
Why would he be
bothered to know it?
Look, where he’s sitting?
His phone is ringing, tell him.
Your phone is ringing,
should anyone tell you that also?
Hey, call from my father.
– Hello.
– lt’s me here.
– Hello dad…
– l’m Siva’s father.
Couldn’t you tell it was your father?
– Hello…hello…
– Siva’s father.
– Father!
– ls it Priya?
– Yes.
– Travelling?- Yes.
– Where?
– For his interview only, father.
– ln Bangalore?
– Yes.
We are going to meet our madam.
– Recommendation?
– Yes, interview is on Monday.
– Will he get it?
– l’m sure he’ll get it this time.
– No problem, right?
No, no problem.
– Where is he?
– He’s here only.
– ls he there?
– Want to talk to him?
– No, l’ll talk to him later.
– Okay, father.
You won’t board a standing bus,
won’t you get down also? Come.
Come fast, guys.
What are you looking at?
Don’t you want to come? Come.
– Hi Priya!
– Hello madam.
Who is Siva among them?
– He’s Siva.
– What did you major in?
– EC madam.
– Our batch only.
– Okay, let’s meet on Monday.
– Bye.
– Thank you madam.- See you.
– Come, let’s go.
– Come.
– Same colour.
– Same colour?
Try this one.
This will not work out, Priya.
Do you’ve atleast one formal dress?
This is best dress to
attend the interview. Go.
This is wrong, Priya.
Don’t worry about right or wrong,
you need a job now. Go.
Super! Very nice.
You look very handsome.
So smart.
Shut up, you may turn me
into a mannequin.
Don’t compare yourself
with a respectable mannequin.
lt has a job.
Hey what’s the mater?
Hey, talking to you only.
– Where did you go?
– You won’t believe it.
First tell us, then we’ll believe it.
A replica of me,
l went to see again but vanished.
We can’t bear one man like you,
how can we tolerate another?
No way! Come.
Where is Siva?
Tomorrow is interview and he’s
like a zombie, don’t know why?
He’s on the terrace.
What happened?
Tensed about the interview?
Keep that in mind.
Only then you’ll succeed. Okay?
All the best.
Meet in the morning.
– No need Priya.
– Keep quiet.
lt’s problem to me
if l button up the top one.
lt’s like someone is holding
me by my collar.
– This will not work out.
– This will work out.
You could’ve come clean
shaven atleast today.
l’ll miss cuteness.
– All the best.
– All the best.
– Best of luck.
– All the best.
Come in please.
Why are you waiting?
Please come in.
Please come in.
One minute…one minute…
– Hey why did you come out?
– What happened?
– Finished? ls your interview over?
-You’ve come out so quickly.
Tell me, what happened?
Missed again.
What? Missed?
We had everything in place,
you say you missed?
l was going in and
she was going out.
– Who?
– That girl.
What? Girl?
This is outrageous.
We took two days off from work
to meet madam and fix a job.
He’s after a girl, this is not fair.
Wait, if you’ve a job,
everything will come to you.
lf you settle in life, thousands
of girls will come after you.
ls it fair to lose a job for a girl?
l don’t want you to pacify..
What were you looking at?
lt was like her.
This is atrocious.
– Nothing more to say. l’m leaving Priya.
– Wait.
– Who is that girl?
– Who knows?
– Where is she?
– l’ve to find it.
Do you know atleast her name?
Call her the name l like the most.
He’s very honest,
let him do his job.
Let’s do ourjob.
Come, let’s go.
She came like rain drop,,,
And vanished into thin air,,,
When l see her,
l like to see her always,,,
l feel like asking her name,,,
When she smiles like a flower,,,
l feel like flying in air,,,
Go,,,go to her,,,
my legs are pestering me,,,
Tell her,,,tell her,,,
my heart is ordering me,,
She has charmed my heart
with her beauty,,,
Angel,,,she’s an angel,,,
ls my life enough to see
her beautiful face?
Air is filled with her fragrance,,,
Do flowers seek her
advice to bloom?
A strand of hair on her forehead
creates lightning in my heart,,,
Her eyes can make
flowers bloom,,,
l wish to kiss her soft cheeks,,,
l wish to be her anklets on
seeing her beautiful feet,,,
On the road,,,
On enchanting evenings,,,
l wish to walk with her,,,
resting on her shoulders,,,
When falling on ground,,,
l’ll rush to hold her shadow too,,,
And carry it on my heart,,,
She arrested me at first sight,,,
She cut me up without any injury,,,
She has done something to me,,,
When l speak to myself,,,
She eavesdropped there also,,,
She shouted on me in dream also,,,
Priya, don’t always have Red Bull,
try this sometimes.
– lt’ll be super.
– Tell me.
Where are you guys?
You said going in my car will not work
out as sentiment and went by bus.
Did it work out or fizzled?
We are pouring.
Don’t drink in car, be careful.
– Go…go…
– We are quite far from the car.
What’s this?
Anyone of you please come to
the railway station to pick us up.
– Okay.
– Okay.
Car owner is asking, someone has
to go to station to pick him up.
We are using his car always.
He rarely asks for his car.
We should be on time.
Who is going?
– lt’s me! Where are you?
– At station.
Senseless! Where did you lose it?
lt was all because of you.
We must reach Madras now,
how are we going to reach?
Hello madam, we are on the way.
The girl lost the tickets.
Yes madam, we missed the train.
No problem, you arrange everything,
we’ll reach on time.
Okay madam.
– Will you ply to Madras?
– No sir.
He’s refusing!
– Can you ply to Madras?
– No…no…
He’s also refusing.
Hello…one minute.
Come, let’s go.
– You said Madras, right?
– l said Madras only.
Come sir…come.
– How much you want?
– Give anything.
– Tell me, how much you want?
– Let’s talk later.
Okay, open the boot.
Sit inside.
– How long will you take?
– When do you want to reach?
– As fast as possible.
– We can go sir.
– Hello..
– Hello…where are you?
– l’m busy.
– Busy?
l’ll call you later.
l’ve come with wife and kids.
– He cut the line.
– Cut the line?
Do we’ve to stand here
giving our car to him?
You’re running a travel agency
but no car to pick us up.
Give her to me.
l’ll catch an auto and go home.
– Leave her…
– Father…
No father, nothing come.
Bloody fool cheated me.
Why are you knocking the car?
– Hey skinhead, stop!
– Sorry sir.
– Are you coming?
– Yes.
– How are you coming?
– We are coming in car.
You arrange everything.
l’ll do that,
when will you reach here?
One minute…one minute…
– Can we be there by 4 pm?
– We can.
Yes madam, we’ll be there by 4 pm.
– This girl spoilt everything.
– Okay.
You come to the registrar’s office.
We’ll be there, okay madam.
– l’ll cut now.
– Okay.
Go fast.
We must reach by 4 pm, right?
l’ll take care of it.
Do you’ve any sense?
Look, how we are getting late.
l’ve to reply because of you.
No other way?
Why did you get into the jam?
Do we expect these things?
We’ve to go by this road only.
Gone! l don’t think this
will end now.
Are you happy now?
You must be very happy now.
We are caught up here,
all because of you.
Look, how we walked into a jam,
l don’t think this will clear now.
Where are you going, man?
Where is he going?
Why are you creating
a scene on the road?
– Take your vehicle.
– First ask him to take his vehicle.
Beat him, he hit the auto and not
giving way for over half an hour.
Take your vehicle.
Creating a scene for silly problem,
only thrashing will speak to them.
That’s why l slapped him.
we are on the way…
Ban… madam, we are coming.
We’ve left Bangalore.
Okay madam.
You go…go…
– How much sir?
– Fill it for Rs.1000.
– 5 betel leaves.
– 120?
Hello, one minute.
– Can you take the car?
– What?
Please start the car.
He must come, right?
He needn’t come, please listen to me.
Please take the car.
– Hey stop the car…
– Go fast.
– Hello…hello…
– Tell me.
Madam, it’s me.
The girl left with the driver.
Ladyluck came and
gave a bounty,,,
Will you please lower the volume?
l didn’t switch it on,
it started on its own.
– What’s the problem?
– Will you drive quietly?
– Where do you want to go?
– Go to the airport.
– That guy’s phone is ringing.
– Pick it.
– Hello…
– Hello…
l didn’t mean to answer the call.
l said to pick it up.
Where are you?
He’s shouting on us over phone.
– l’m in airport.
– Airport?
You should’ve seen…that girl.
She got into the car.
– She was with me till now.
– With you?
Just now l dropped her at airport.
Do you know she was
in Bangalore till now?
Pouring rain…one umbrella…
How will it be if two go
without getting wet?
lt was like that.
Rain in Bangalore?
Just for an assumption.
Just now, she left.
She flew away.
Did she go away?
– ln a flight?
– Yes.
– l didn’t expect this in my life.
– Hello… hello…
l missed my flight.
Just now.
Please take the car.
Let’s go, sit in.
l’ll call you later.
Where do you want to go now?
Railway station.
You came from there just now.
Will you please go without
asking questions?
l can see you’re tensed
but don’t know what it is.
– Keep this.
– No need.
– No, please keep it.
– You’ve already paid me.
lt’s me!
– l asked her but got no reply…
– Hello.
– Start the car immediately.
– Get in.
Missed the train too?
Will you please drive quietly?
l can go only if l know
the destination, right?
Go somewhere.
Stop at some high altitude.
l’ll jump down to my death.
Please come out.
This is the highest place l know.
Please come.
l said just like that,
will you bring me the place really?
Looks like you may even
push me down.
l’m telling you, please come.
Entire city!
Look, how big the city is!
lt looks like a dot from here.
Our problems too are like that only.
When you see it closer,
it’s very big,
when you see it from far,
it’s small.
Did you see how many ups and
downs were there on the way?
Life too is like that.
How can you talk about suicide?
l can sense you’re in trouble.
But l don’t know what it is.
lf you need any help from me,
ask, l’ll do it.
lf you trust me.
Didn’t feel like trusting me?
Can you take me to Bombay?
Flowery air,,,flowery air,,,
she came like a flower,,,
She filled happiness all my way,,,
This girl’s affection is
breezing past my heart,,,
Many stars will speak with
her sparkling eyes,,,
There’s no word to express my love,,,
There are no more dreams
to my eyes,,,
– Don’t beat me mother.
– What’s this childishness on road?
– Had you fallen under the car?
– He wouldn’t get hurt so much.
You’ve taken his car,
don’t show up for 3 days.
He’ll kill you.
Not 3 days, l’ll not show up in
6 days, l’m going to Bombay.
What? Bombay?
Yes, she requested me to drop
her there, l’m going with her.
l may need money on the way,
deposit in my account.
Deposit money?
You can tell me atleast now,
what’s your problem?
Please don’t ask me.
Evening sky,,,little cloudy,,,
Gentle breeze,,,touch and go,,,
l’m all smiles,,,these moments
are saving happiness,,,
l’m seeing adjusting the rear view
mirror to see your eyes,,,
O girl, l’m driving silently
sitting in the front seat,,,
Though the traveller goes away,,,
The footprints remain,,,
This moment will be the most
cherished memory of my life,,,
Hey, it’s Siva.
How do l drive the car?
Have l ever given way
to any vehicle?
Now, everything is different.
l’m flying in air.
Someone brushed my car
and l wasn’t getting angry too.
– Why is it like that?
– Because it’s my car.
How can you get angry?
He cut the line as usual.
– Enough…stop it.
– Sir asked to fill the tank.
No, don’t have much money.
No madam,
sir asked me to fill the tank.
What’s the problem?
You asked to fill the tank
and madam wants to stop.
l told him to stop earlier itself.
Now running short by Rs.100,
what to do?
You fill the tank.
l’ve this much only.
We can’t reach Bombay for
the money you have.
Keep it with you.
Keep the account,
l’ll pay after reaching Bombay.
– Please.
– l’m very weak in maths.
Then, l’ll keep the account.
When a beautiful river flows,,,
my heart will yearn to ask it’s name,,,
Who is she? What’s her name?
l’m in bliss till l get know it,,,
l’m crossing many people
and places on the way,,,
l’m switching off and on like the
signal on the highway,,,
Get down and offer prayers.
l’m able to understand the meaning of
songs of unknown languages too,,,
lf you’re my companion in the journey,
the distance gets shorter,,,
Brother, this is the number,
they filled the petrol here only.
Brother, they filled in this
petrol bunk only.
We are following them.
We can surely catch them.
Nobody would want to betray
my mother, an innocent lady.
Nobody would’ve expected
dad will do like this.
Moreover theirs was
a love marriage.
But dad never behaved properly
for mother’s honest nature.
Dad started as small builder in Madras
and started growing big.
Another girl came into
my dad’s life.
Mother hid everything.
That was mother’s biggest mistake.
Dad took advantage of it
and went overboard.
One day dad came home and said
that girl’s brother is my groom.
Mother didn’t like it.
There was a big fight.
Dad beat my mother.
She slept that night
never to wake up again.
After mom’s death,
they tried to force things on me.
Then l decided to leave the place.
l left home to find a job
and a place of my own.
l stayed in Bangalore
to find a job.
Jayaraman came there
and found me.
He’s dad’s partner.
He said there won’t be any problem
if l transfer property to them.
l too believed him and went.
On the way l came to know he wasn’t
taking me to register the property,
but for marriage registration.
l was thinking of escaping
from him.
That’s why l told you to take the car
from petrol bunk leaving him behind.
l’m now going to my grandma’s
place in Bombay.
– Hey, tell me.
– Are you in office?
lmportant matter.
She told me her story
while travelling in car.
She told me of many problems.
l didn’t hear much.
She said lastly about running away
from a marriage forced on her.
l was very happy to hear it.
l feel the route is clear to me.
Don’t celebrate so quickly,
she came running away from a marriage,
she may have a lover,
just inquire with her.
You’ll never let anyone be happy.
Can’t you ever say something good?
Cut the line, l’ll call you later.
Shall we go?
You didn’t like the marriage…
anything like…
Love…anything like that?
No, nothing like that.
l’ve a dream about the qualities
the man should have.
What’s that?
First is job,
second is…l can judge on seeing.
– How can you judge on seeing?
– l can.
The dress he wears,
the way he talks,
the way he sees,
everything will tell about him.
About the man’s character.
To say simply, ring tone too will
tell about his character.
What sort of a character we are.
Why did you cut the call?
No problem, answer the call.
There’s nothing to speak.
– Come, let’s eat something.
– No, l’m not hungry.
lf you’re not hungry,
give me company.
– What would you like to have sir?
– One butter dosa.
Okay sir.
Butter dosa doesn’t mean
you should stuff with it,
roast dosa to golden brown,
add little butter, that’s enough.
Most important,
don’t turn the dosa.
– Let it fry on one side only.
– Okay sir.
– Do you’ve mini idly?
– We do sir.
– One plate.
– Okay sir.
– Why are you going away?
– Sir.
– You’ve curd vada?
– Yes sir.
– One plate.
– Anything else sir?
– That’s all.
– Thank you sir.
– One mineral water bottle.
– Okay sir.
Curd vada, mini idly,
okay…ghee roast.
l said no just for namesake.
Won’t you ask me again?
l’ve ordered this for you only,
have it.
l could see in your eyes that your
lips were lying about hunger.
Have it.
– Thank you very much.
– No need of that, please have it.
You could’ve ordered
something for you also.
You carry on, l’ll order.
– Hello, a plain dosa.
– Anything else sir?
That’s all.
You’re eating so much
without feeling hungry,
just thinking how much would
you eat if you were hungry.
Don’t cast evil eye.
Keep it in account.
Sorry…for you?
No problem, you have it,
l’ll order another one.
No, you have it.
Hello, your man is sitting there.
My man?
You said about your dream man,
l thought he could be like him.
Am l right?
Yeah…yeah…one minute.
Hello, your man is blocking the way.
Hi! My car has broke down.
My office is on the highway.
Can you give me a lift?
Didn’t get you?
He’s asking if you could
drop him on the way.
His car broke down.
Thank you…thank you…
O yeah!
Thank you.
Nice car…really nice.
Hi, l’m Mahesh Vinayak
and you are…?
Charu…nice name.
– So, where are you coming from?
– Bangalore.
Bangalore! Okay.
And so…where are you going?
– Bombay.
– Mumbai!
l love Mumbai!
He’s talking too much.
l was born and
brought up there, you know?
Always something new
about Mumbai.
So, what do you do?
– Searching for a job.
– Searching for a job?
What is your educational qualification?
– B.E. lT.
– B.E. lT?
l’m also a B.E. lT.
You know what,
l work in a company close by,
it’s called the Origin,
l can get you a job,
Hey…what are you doing man?
Speed breaker…speed breaker.
Speed breaker…speed breaker?
Watch the road, man.
What kind of a driver do you have?
You’re a beautiful looking girl…
Hey…so, you say you’ve
passed B.E.
But you look like sweet sixteen.
You look really young.
Well, guess my age…
come on.
Come on guess it, l’m a sweet
handsome good looking guy.
Come on. No? No problem.
Hey! What are you doing man?
– Dog…dog…
– What dog?
Dog crossed the road.
Whatever man!
Hey listen, my life is more
important than the dog’s life.
So be careful.
Why are you driving rash?
Drive smoothly.
You should listen to her.
That’s what l’m saying to him.
Hey, stop here.
Stop…stop…just pull over…
Have we reached your place?
l thought still far away.
– Take it.
– Oh thank you.
Excuse me, please shift inside,
you know…
l just had to sit in the back, you know,
because he’s such a dangerous driver.
Hey, you just drive…drive…
You know l was…
come on, don’t stare at me. Drive.
l’m so much safer in
the back with you,
this driver is so jerky, so jerky.
So, what star sign are you?
– Capricorn.
– Capricorn?
Even l’m a Capricorn.
Capricorn and Capricorn,
so nice..nice…
He’s doing too much.
Looks like he’ll match
horoscopes too.
l’ll take him to task.
What’s going on man?
– What happened?
– Who knows? l must check.
– Hey how much time!
– Half an hour.
No problem, l’ll talk to her,
you do your work, okay?
How to discard him?
– Hello…half day.
– Day? No…no…
l’m a very busy man.
Hey, my card. Call me, okay?
Call me…call me…
– Alright, bye.
– Enough of it, come.
– Don’t forget to call me.
– Bye.- Come man.
– Bye…bye…
– Mahesh, come…come…
– Hold on…hold on…
– No…no…
l know…l know…
This is the perfect vehicle for you.
– l won’t go in this.
– Come, listen to me.
Dump him somewhere on the way.
Hello…you said it’ll take half day.
How did it start now?
Don’t know why, the moment he got
down, the car ignited instantly.
– You didn’t like him, did you?
– l didn’t understand him.
You know what’s Charu doing now?
She’s sleeping.
Entire country is sleeping,
is it news if Charu too sleeps?
You’re calling at 2 am to tell Charu is
sleeping, what do you mean by it?
– What? ls it 2 am now?
– Yes.
l came to know after you told me.
The moment she got into the car,
l’m beyond time.
l’m totally confused.
Only few look beautiful
while sleeping and crying.
Charu is one of them.
You know how she is?
You won’t believe me,
l came to know her name
was Charu just now.
But l would’ve chanted her name
more than 200 times.
How’s it possible when the person you like
is near everything around appears like them?
Will you believe this?
l’ve started admiring moon also.
Look, how many times he has
called all the night.
68 missed calls to
all four of us.
He’s a big torture.
He’s calling again.
You know what is Charu doing now?
What would she be doing morning?
Brushing her teeth.
How do they find all these things?
He cut the call.
He’s torturing us with his calls, right?
You call him now.
Why are you cutting the call?
Tell me.
Though you’re in hearing mood,
l’m not in telling mood, hang it up.
– Why are you cutting my call?
– Why are you teasing him?
– Don’t you’ve any work today?
– Give it to me.
– Hello.
– Hey Priya.
What? You’re calling all the night
to disturb our sleep.
Torture? Who said that?
– That’s okay, how far it has come?
– About 500 kms?
Not that, how far it has come
between you both?
Oh that one!
You’ve told me everything,
have you told her anything about this?
She shouldn’t know it from me,
she must feel it.
What? Feel?
This moment, this second
l’m very happy.
l like travelling with her.
l’m enjoying it.
You’re enjoying, it’s okay,
how will she know it?
Whether it’s ice or fire if it’s brought
near our back, we can feel it.
Like wise, she’ll also feel it.
lt shouldn’t be expressed.
What’s this boys? He’s talking
philosophy citing ice and fire.
Give me the phone.
Buddy, l’ll give you few tips.
Don’t go on travel, on the way
stop at any roadside eatery.
Same room, dim light, night,
mood of girls is different then,
girls seen in day time are different at
nights, decency will to go to dogs,
it will bloom then, slowly…
if you brush her leg with yours…
Don’t talk rotten things.
Are girls so cheap to you?
– Priya, give the phone to him.
– He wants to talk to you.
Has my idea worked?
– What is he saying?
– He said super.
Don’t try to manage,
drizzle is falling here also. Wipe it.
Get down.
Get your papers.
Show your RC book,
driving license.
– Looks like l’m in trouble.
– Come on show me.
– No sir.
– Don’t you’ve?
– Come here sir.
– Where are you taking me?
– Come, let’s talk it out.
– Where?
– Right.
– You go…go…
Thank you sir.
Why did you pay him?
Why didn’t you show your license?
l don’t have all that.
You’re a driver,
won’t you keep papers?
Hello…l’m not a driver.
– Not a driver?
– Yes.
Oh God! Sorry…l talked bad about you
without knowing you’re the owner.
Hello, l’m not the owner too.
Not the owner too?
Friend’s car, l came to the
station to pick him up,
suddenly he came asked
if l can ply to Madras,
you were next to him,
you were in tears,
l felt you were in trouble
so l came with you,
but l didn’t expect
l’ll be travelling to Bombay.
Thank you very much.
What did you say now?
Thank you very much.
No problem, forget it.
– Hello!
– Where are you guys?
Madam, we are on the way.
Bloody! l can hear you
chewing the bone.
Narrating tales to me about
going on the way.
No madam, all the guys
were hungry.
Bloody bitch! Do you know what
that damn lady was saying?
She was barking at me like a dog.
She knows everything including
the leg piece we are eating now.
How does she know?
Who is that spy?
Brother, there are no spies here.
You haven’t cut the phone call yet.
– Give the phone to that son of gun.
– Just a minute, madam.
Madam, talk to her.
– When l talk, is it like dog barking?
– No madam.
Bloody bull!
Give the phone to him.
Take it.
– Slap to that rogue!
– Okay madam.
Madam, l slapped him.
l must hear its echo here.
Slap him.
Okay madam.
What’s it?
Nothing brother.
Come, let’s go.
Come here.
l’m struggling alone here,
won’t you help me?
– What should l do, Siva?
– Bring wood like this.
Sorry…l’m so sorry…
Hurt your eyes?
May l go now?
lf you go, how can we reach Bombay?
What should l do now?
– l’ll start the car, you push it.
– Okay.
Push strongly.
l’m pushing with all strength.
What happened?
What are you doing?
l was pushing it strongly
but it’s hard to move…
Come here.
Sit there.
Sit inside.
Listen carefully.
That one in the corner is clutch,
this one here is accelerator,
– when l tell you…
– Okay…okay…
Will you please let me tell fully?
Pressing the clutch,
raise this accelerator,
when l push the car,
release the clutch. Okay?
Okay…okay…you push the car.
Let me see.
Raise it!
Keep raising it!
Watch out! Apply brake!
You didn’t tell me you can drive car.
You never asked me.
Why did you stop like that?
Just missed me.
l’ll never miss, once l fix in mind,
l’ll hit the mark perfectly.
l was watching you on the way,
opposite vehicles were coming correctly,
but you were driving wrong few times.
Hello, l agree you know to drive.
For that don’t tease me.
Open the boot.
– Water service.
– Okay sir.
– Wash the full body.
– Okay sir.
– Hello…
– What happened?
Not yet seen her.
l’ll call you immediately
on seeing her.
Thank you sir.
– Who is that?
– What’s that?
Are you blind? Get down, bloody
Sir..sir…no sir…
– Sir, please don’t hurt him.
– Sir…sir…
Who is that beating our man?
What happened, Siva?
Some trouble.
Good, we left the place.
Not a tree around to stop by.
Can’t hold on any more.
Super! l thought and you stopped.
– How did you…
– lsn’t it nice place?
l thought of stopping you,
but you stopped on your own.
Siva! See how nice the falls are!
What? There too?
– Come here.
– Coming.
Why are you standing here?
– lsn’t it nice, Siva?
– Super!
How did you feel like stopping here?
– How can l go on without stopping?
– Tell me.
l felt it, humid air, gushing water
sound in a distance.
l felt it.
Did you hear this sound inside?
l did hear.
Didn’t you hear it?
What’s this?
Now l know why you’re so happy.
You love nature?
Don’t ask me that.
When l see such places,
it’ll overflow.
Extempore poetry.
lt’s going to rain,
let’s get into the car. Come.
You love nature but
running away from rain.
Don’t you like rain?
You don’t know…l must go away
at the first drop falling,
if not l’ll not go even if rain stops.
l’ll get wet totally.
Please understand me, come.
Let’s go.
Why should we postpone
things we love?
lf you love rain, get wet.
Nothing to achieve there.
Enjoy rain.
lt’s heavily pouring down,,,
lf she smiles beautifully,
it’s a cyclone,,,
lt’s raining continuously and
l’m holding umbrella in my heart,,,
Legs have become four
and hands eight,,,
Don’t know what’s happening,,,
something has happened,,,
When she dances in rain
like the peacock,,,
My heart is shattering like a bridge
while a train is crossing on it,,,
Something has happened,,,
Song which was never sung,,,
Singing beautifully
the unheard song,,,
My salutations to rain for
uniting you with me,,,
l’ve lost myself,
search in your heart,,,
lt’s like mantra and
new tantra,,,
l’m rotating like top
and feeling giddy,,,
Where is my angel?
She’s dancing happily here,,,
No one is like you in this world,,,
Nobody can say this other than me,,,
He sent me with two small eyes,,,
My eyes are not enough,
why did he create and sent her here?
My heart is fluttering
like a butterfly,,,
She’s like a flower
and has killed me,,,
Where am l to go?
My heart is stuttering in intoxication,,,
lf l smile beautifully,
it’s a rain of fire,,,
lt’s pouring down heavily and
lightning is holding the umbrella,,,
Sky has broken into two,,,
earth is broken into pieces,,,
Even rain has turned hot
with my breath,,,
Don’t try to stop this rain,,,
Don’t try to impound my heart
with a dam,,,
Have a blast,,,
enjoy to the hilt,,,
Look at the car!
Back door is open.
Go fast, let’s tell them.
May be wife and kids are sitting back.
Yes madam…yes…
Go fast, why are you watching
my face? Go!
Hello…hello…door is open!
– What happened?
– Stop the car.
Brother! That girl!
Watch out!
Why are you laughing now?
You went to tell your tormentor
to close the door.
They would’ve closed you forever.
You’re laughing,
they’ve come closer.
l’m scared.
Why are you getting scared?
l’m there for you.
What will you do?
Change the route.
lt’s me! Just now l saw…
My dear,,,my love,,,
Young mango,,,
When l see you,,,
keep on laughing,,,
Listening to my joke,
am l not a humour king?
Well said!
My king,,,your lover,,,
When he saw me,,,
says a thousand tales,,,
Siva, look behind.
l think we’ve company.
Yes Siva.
They are here. Behind us.
Go fast!
Siva, go fast.
Go fast!
– Go…go…
– They have neared us.
Go faster!
Go…go…you go…
you go to the front…
– Go fast.
– Keep quiet please.
This is not yours, this is my trouble.
They are not after you,
they are after me.
Go, don’t spare him.
Go…go fast…
Push him with the car…
push him…
Get down the road,
don’t spare him today. Chase him.
Catch him!
Let anything may happen,
don’t get down from the car.
You bloody!
You put a mark on my face.
Watch out! How many marks
l’ll put on your face!
You can’t even count them.
Let me see how you will
escape from me today.
Go…stop the game with this.
Next time if l see you again,
l’ll not leave you half dead like this.
Who are they?
Why are they after you?
You said you’ve relatives in Bombay,
l’ve enemies there.
l didn’t get you.
You will get know slowly.
What’s the problem?
Why are they after you?
Who are they?
l thought people were after me,
why are they after you also?
Nothing big as you think,
just a small problem.
l went to Bombay to
attend an interview.
lt was my first visit to Bombay.
Just now came, waiting for the car.
What are you doing?
You think l’m weak, l’ll punch you…
– Go…go…
– Go?
My friend is coming if not
l’ll take you to task. You go man.
Why are you staring at me?
lf l get you, you’re finished.
Looking at me..hey…
How are you?
l’m fine…l’m fine.
– You’re raising a hell.
– Get in, area is mine.
You’re raising a lot of dust.
What’s the problem early
in the morning?
A man hit my car from wrong
side and created problem,
thank God, you came.
He escaped if not he would be dead.
We must keep them under thumbs.
Bombay people dread people of Madras.
Last week too had problem,
l just gave a punch.
Ours must be the
first punch in Bombay.
Only then they will listen to us.
Why are you putting up
shop on road? Bloody idiot!
Buddy! My name is a terror
in this area.
– How is my area?
– Okay, no problem.
This is best place and
you say just okay.
Look at that aunt selling fruits.
Where’s your husband? ln jail?
Matunga police station?
l’ll take care of him.
You’re speaking about police case.
Lots of issues.
She has been crying for four days,
police took her second husband.
l took up the matter.
Just one word and
Sl saluted me and sent a man.
He fell on my feet to save his life.
You’re lucky to see me free today.
Generally, l’m very busy.
– Okay, when is your interview?
– Tomorrow morning.
No problem, you get everything from
vegetarian to non-vegetarian food.
You have food and take rest.
Why are you calling me
so many times?
A small problem,
l’ll settle it and come.
What’s this nonsense?
l’m coming…
l’m in an important meeting.
Call me later.
You’ve killed two people outside,
l’ll look after the cases.
But it’s difficult to hit the man inside.
Everybody is watching me.
l can’t help you in this matter.
Press, media glare is on this case.
lf l do anything,
it may go against you.
Very happy to hear your words.
You’re right.
Look! How those birds flew
for a small sound.
You want me also to
fly away like birds.
He has been working with me
for 12 long years,
he knows everything about me,
if he opens up against me
even once, that’s it!
Are you happy?
What are you saying man?
We engaged you for that purpose only.
You say can’t do, impossible,
you’re useless man.
Let me finish it,
there’s only one way out.
Tell anyone of your men
to hurt someone in public,
and go to jail in that case,
tell him to finish him in jail
and walk out.
Nobody will suspect anything.
Have you understood his plan?
Why did you beat around the bush
instead of telling this straight?
Good! Everything will be alright.
– ls it him?
– No. Go and see there.
– ls it this man?
– No, not him.
l don’t know.
l don’t know sir.
l didn’t see anything sir.
Do you know? Tell me.
Go…stop…stop the car…
– Get out.
– Brother…
– My house is there.
– Go…go..
– What’s the problem?
– Bali’s goons.
lt’s a battle going on outside.
lt seems someone had
beaten up Bali’s men.
Today he’s finished.
Area will turn into war zone.
They are searching mad for the man.
Don’t know who beat them.
lt was none other than me.
No jokes please.
You too have started talking like me.
– Just a minute.
– What?
Don’t open that door.
Someone followed me, l beat him up.
Enough man!
Too much!
What are you saying man?
Did you really beat him?
Why did you do like that?
You told me ours must be
first punch in Bombay.
l said it for fun only.
Will you follow it as rule?
City is on fire outside,
you’re sitting calmly here.
Get out from here fast,
if they see you, you’re finished.
Where is your bag?
– Why are you shivering?
– What are you saying man?
Do you know who is Bali?
Do you know his power in Bombay?
You’re talking coolly here.
– Come…come…get going…
– Why are you rushing?
Come quietly. Not this side,
let’s go from back.
l was out forjust few hours
and you’ve done so much.
Come…get into the car fast.
Bend down, somebody may see you.
Don’t spare anyone,
take him to boss.
Thrash the bastard!
They are taking someone else
mistaking him for me.
Problem is solved, leave it.
Why should he get
caught unnecessarily?
Shut up, don’t talk aboutjustice
like Solomon Papaiah.
– Shut up.
– Stop the car.
Bring him…bring him.
Boss, we caught him,
he’s the guy.
Don’t leave him, boss.
Stop the car l say.
– Shut up.
– Stop it.
Stop it.
l saw him beating our men.
Boss, don’t spare him.
Bury him alive, boss.
Don’t spare him alive, boss.
Hello, one minute.
He didn’t beat your men,
he’s not connected with it.
l beat your men.
He’s not that man…
he’s not that man, boss.
He’s the man, don’t think, kill him.
Trying to become a hero.
How dare!
You accept in public that
you beat my men.
You know who l am?
Where are you from?
Tell him, who l am.
Who so ever you may be,
that’s not a problem to me.
Your man beat me,
unnecessarily attacked me.
So l retaliated.
Will you retaliate if he touches you?
Will you?
l’ll touch you now.
– He’s innocent, forgive him.
– Come on beat me.
Sir, he has come to attend an interview.
– Please forgive him.
– Will you beat me also?
– Please forgive him sir…
– Come on beat me.
– Come on beat me, you bloody.
– Forgive him Bali sir.
Beat me!
Come, Siva!
What have you done? You’ve created
a big problem in one day.
l’m confused, Oh God!
What am l to do with a guy like you?
No use in feeling now, forget it.
lf l return without attending interview,
father will shout at me.
Look at him! ls attending
interview more important?
We are running for lives and
you want to attend interview.
Never again come to Bombay,
stay away from it all your life.
l would’ve lost my life too.
No, l don’t want to have
anything with you.
Why did you come with me
if you’ve a problem here?
Have you forgotten it?
You were in tears while asking me.
lf l could drop you in Bombay.
What can a man do in
such situation?
l didn’t think about
my personal problem.
You go back form here, if they see
you again, we’ll be in trouble.
You go back.
l’ll catch some other vehicle
to Bombay.
l can’t leave you midway.
– Not like that…
– Don’t you trust me?
– Trust…
– Scared?
Not scared…
Then, come and sit in car.
What happened?
Look there!
What are you going to do now?
Give your hand bag.
Please give me.
Drive the car.
They only know me.
They don’t know you.
l’ll walk down, you come.
He looks similar,
but if l tell l may get slapped.
No way.
Check every car thoroughly.
What happened?
Look there!
Hey that girl!
Come on boys!
Siva, they’ve seen me. Go fast.
Hey stop!
They have come closer.
– They are gone.
– Keep quiet.
Keep quiet.
He’s not here, get the vehicle.
Hey, get the vehicles.
What’s that noise?
Just like that…
to calm the beasts inside.
What? Animal inside?
l meant the beasts in the forest.
Are there beasts in this forest?
lsn’t it super?
l love such places.
lt’s cool! Fantastic mood!
Why are you silent?
Gone dumb?
Watch out!
You’re walking away.
The earth is rotating,,,
Do you sing also?
ls it enough, O God?
l’m sure this sound will scare animals.
Dance too!
Radha, beautiful Radha,,,
Came closer to heart with eyes
doing the speaking, O Radha,,,
Why this sudden change?
What’s this spread of magic on heart?
Why am l dancing now?
Why my heart is swinging?
You’re spreading net with smile
while talking to me,,,
Calling yourself a vegetarian,
why are you killing people?
O girl, you’re chasing me,,,
How am l to describe the
beauty of your chase?
l’m wide awake in the
middle of night,,,
l’m seeing my heart melting
and flowing out,,,
Will this moment prolong?
l’m asking you,,,
ls it spring time?
Will the distance between us get shorter?
Can l ever forget this night
and time spent here?
Moon will admire your beauty
from the sky,,,
Stars will come down to earth
to become your anklets,,,
We’ve reached Bombay.
Where do you want to go?
GP Rajan road.
– Hello.
– What?
– GP Rajan road?
– Go straight and turn left.
Thank you.
Oh this is it?
Have you come here before?
No, this is my first visit.
– l’ve to find from here.
– Find?
– Do you’ve number?
– No, let’s inquire.
How can we inquire in such a big city
without phone or door number?
Mother told me if you ask
anyone they’ll guide us.
This is childishness.
No, not as you think.
GPR is my grandpa,
this road is named after him.
GP Rajan companies
is familiar name here.
– lt can’t be.
– What?
l saw a bhel puri push cart
with GP Rajan’s name.
Road is on his name, he won’t have
come down to so low level.
Certainly not.
– Definitely not.
– l too said the same.
Let’s ask him.
Not him, let’s ask in the
shop next to him.
Let’s ask.
Brother, GP Rajan
group of companies…
– Raju bhai…someone’s here for you.
– l didn’t ask about him.
l was asking about the owner of
GP Rajan group of companies.
One minute.
Take this.
– You mean paper mill owner?
– Yes.
Go and ask in that building.
You will know it.
– ls it Rajan group of companies?
– No madam.
Please find elsewhere.
He’s confusing, we can find it.
Bloody killer is back!
lf sees me, l’m finished.
Hello…l don’t know Tamil…
know Hindi, from Sourashtra.
Oh no! lt’s not me!
Brother, a soda please.
Why did you come to Bombay?
– About a small job.
– Job again?
Not for me.
– What’s this new set up?
– What’s this new get up?
When did you grow so much hair?
From the day you created
trouble for me here.
l’m on streets changing my style
and with my broken Hindi.
Whatever it is, let’s go home
and discuss, brother.
We’ll be in trouble if anyone
of the group sees on road.
Two groups?
Why are you asking newly?
Andhra group that is after me,
Bombay group which
is after him already.
lt makes two, right?
Good development.
Are you creating more
troubles in different states?
Take, l’m going.
Why are you leaving me on road?
Where did you leave me earlier?
Did you leave me in a star hotel room?
Don’t play, let’s go home.
No…no…l sleep here, bath there.
No home, no ration card.
Care of platform.
Brother, need keys to keep
water inside.
Give me the keys fast.
He’s asking keys at the right time.
Brother, he’s calling you,
he wants keys to keep water inside.
Do you know Hindi too, sister?
That’s Marathi not Hindi.
l think she watches all the channels.
ls your home here only?
l thought we may have to go around,
but he has brought us to home only.
He’s always playful from childhood.
Take it.
Come, let’s go up.
Pay for it.
– Where are you going?
– Come fast..
He told about water and
showed my home.
l’m feeling giddy already.
Don’t know what’s going to happen?
Why did you come home straight
going all around? Why?
Come quickly with the keys.
Don’t drop it down,
guitar may break.
Using guitar bag like a carry bag?
Fridge isn’t cooling.
That’s not a fridge at all.
Don’t beat around the bush, straight to
the point, why are you here?
– Nothing buddy…
– Don’t touch.
Just have to find an address, that’s all.
What’s the address?
lt’s not detailed.
Even if it’s not, tell me.
Rajan Group of Companies, Bombay.
That’s it.
ls it an address?
lt’s not detailed but no details.
How am l to find it?
No problem even if takes a week.
Find it leisurely.
– Till then?
– Stay with you.
No, tell me the address again.
Rajan Group of Companies, Bombay.
Rajan Group of Companies, Bombay.
There are so many details.
l’ll find it in 2 hours.
Didn’t l tell you? He’s my friend,
he’ll give life for me.
lf he’s stays for two days,
he’ll take life also.
Why are you after him?
– Not the guy, we want that girl.
– Why?
She was about to marry,
she ran away, bloody bitch.
Okay, you take the girl,
but we’ll kill that guy.
What’s that mark?
– How did it happen?
– That…l fell down.
l slipped in bathroom.
Priya! We’ve reached Bombay.
Couldn’t find the address,
staying with a friend.
He has gone out to find the address.
Don’t know how long
will l be with her?
But l’m very happy.
– l’ve an idea.
– What’s it?
She’ll say no need to find that address,
l like you, l’ll come with you.
Will your friend find the address?
No time to express my love,,,
No need to express your love,,,
No words to describe our love,,,
Truth can’t be hidden for long,,,
l didn’t yearn to be yours,,,
l didn’t wish to rest on
your shoulders,,,
l’ll not feel sad after you leave me,,,
l don’t know to tell such lies,,,
Your beauty has made my summers
into rainy season,,,
Dreams about you can make
even mountains to slip,,,
When you speak making
gestures with hands,,,
lt rocks my heart,,,
Without the knowledge of mind and age
some thoughts are trapping me,,,
As love gets into the
system with eyes,,,
Will it give place to covertness?
l acted a little and
yearned a little,,,
l did enjoy this game,,,
My path will change and
eyes will slip with your eyes,,,
This is new yearning,,,
Though it’s painful,
my heart wants it,,,
Look at me without
speaking a word,,,
Let these seconds prolong,,,
Close your eyes without
any thoughts,,,
Let my closeness continue,,,
l’m seeing myself without
anyone observing it,,,
l’m seeing you without
my knowledge,,,
Like a child my eyes are
jumping on seeing you,,,
My dawns must break open
seeing your face,,,
My dusks must end
with me resting in your lap,,,
O my love,,,
Still in home?
We are waiting for you only.
l’m waiting for you to leave.
Why are you saying like this?
l can see everything happening
in my home,
if you come out, l’ll walk in.
Whatever it is cell to cell,
phone to phone only.
You out going and l’m in coming.
Let’s go.
Do you’ve entry pass?
– Stop that car.
– Stop..stop…
Why are you barging in?
You were stopped there, right?
Why did you come in?
– l’m their relative.
– Whose relative?
l’m here to meet them.
Okay, pull over the this side.
Pull over to the side.
Stop here.
– Sir…
– Go ahead.
She’s from their family.
She’s Saradamma’s grand daughter.
– Can’t what he’s saying?
– You tell him
l’m coming from Chennai.
l’m Saradamma’s grand daughter.
l want to meet her, so l’m here.
Okay, l’ll inform and come.
– But you must know
how you barged in.- Stay here only.
– Keep an eye. l’m going in.
– Okay sir.
Excuse me sir.
Two people have come
from Chennai,
one of them says she’s
madam’s grand daughter.
– lf you permit me l’ll bring them.
– l’ll inform madam.- l’ll wait here sir.
Excuse me.
Looks like a wedding.
– The skinhead is coming.
– l told you wait outside.
He’s asking something,
manage him.
– We should waited outside.
– We’ve already come in, leave it.
l’m asking you,
why are you not answering me?
– Go out…go…get out.
– Let them in.
lsn’t she just like my Janu?
Come in.
l came here fearing.
l didn’t expect this.
They are showering love on me.
l must thank you for everything.
No need of that, please take this.
– Then…?
– Then…
Charu, aunt is calling you.
Wait, l’ll be back in a sec.
Raj, come here!
Something has struck me,,,
Looking at you like a stranger,,,
A play is being enacted around,,,
How can l also act?
l slept off on the recurring
dream of the life,,,
l yearned to catch the
moon vanishing at dawn,,
O my dear, l’m carrying the cherished
memories of you in my heart,,,
l lost my heart while
leaving you here,,,
l’m leaving myself with you,,,
l don’t have anything with me,,,
Where am l to go?
Who am l to ask?
All my paths and destinations
are with you,,,
You came into my life,,,
You changed my days and
nights forever,,,
Why did you give me this separation?
Why did you leave my life
with loneliness?
l can hear your voice deep inside,,,
My life is attacking me,,,
Where am l? Where am l going?
l’ve forgotten,,,
Where are you, Siva?
On road.
– She?
– Her home.
What happened?
lt’s all over. Curtains down.
Found the address,
she went to her people.
Did you tell her?
What was her reaction?
She thanked profoundly for everything.
Didn’t she tell anything else?
What else can she say?
That’s all she told.
On the whole l’m very happy.
She was welcomed with both hands.
l don’t know why was
l standing there.
l felt my job there is over.
That’s why l left.
l drove from Bangalore to Bombay,
l never felt the distance.
But now l’ve just reached the road
leaving her at home,
this seems very long, Priya.
Tears in my eyes.
Nothing will happen as you think.
Be brave.
He’s saying something,
please talk to him.
Siva, it’s me Anand.
What happened?
l’m in traffic, will call you later.
Haven’t you gone yet?
Still roaming in Bombay?
ls your problem solved?
Do you want any help from my uncle?
Purchase…entire family is up there.
Suddenly they brought me here.
Everyone is choosing things for me.
l was getting suffocated.
You saw me there, right?
How they welcomed me!
Won’t we feel shy to select
so many things at a time?
That’s why l’m standing here.
Nice car, you know?
Not a little jerk too. Really!
They quote high rate while purchasing,
they offer low rates when we sell.
Got this much only for
your bangles.
Keep it with you, it’s for you only.
l’ve a new life, he’s a watchman.
l gave him my old bangles.
He sold them off and
giving me the money.
You said you don’t have money
for train and bus ticket.
And my sought my help
to sell these bangles.
l don’t want your money, take it.
Hard earned money is
not helping me…
Did it come all of a sudden?
You all are so affectionate on her.
Runaway girl’s runaway daughter.
Her mother walked out on us.
lt appears like had happened just now.
Just now able to raise the head.
Shouldn’t we ever raise our heads?
She has come all the way from there
to spoil our peace and happiness.
Same running away tendencies.
Her mother ditched all of us.
Today she has come refusing the
marriage arranged by her father.
Our curses have brought her
to this condition.
Please listen to me, don’t shout,
she may hear you.
Let her hear,
l’m shouting for that only.
She has no place in this family.
lf you want to help her,
keep her away and do it.
lf you consider her
more than us, leave us.
lf not we’ll go out.
Decide it now.
They threw me out of the house.
They didn’t like me.
They talked bad about my mother.
So l couldn’t stay there.
That’s why l left them.
Mother told there’s a road with
grandpa’s name in Bombay.
But didn’t expect l’ll be
on the road.
You spent three hard days
to bring me here,
l didn’t want you to know this.
So tried to manage it.
But the old man spilled
all the beans.
You made me to bleed that day.
You made me eat stinking food
in jail for 6 months.
Give that to me.
He’s my enemy, my hunt!
You don’t have anything
to do with him.
You wanted the girl, take her.
Drive the car slowly,
let’s watch him getting beaten up.
Drive fast!
Anyone still there? Come!
lf you come after me
or that girl…
Come, let me see who will
dare come after us.
Get in.
Nobody will come now,
don’t get scared.
l’ll take care of everything.
What happened, Siva?
Look there!
– Hi!
– Hi!
You never told us that
you’re coming with her.
Couldn’t tolerate his torture.
He tortured us.
He saw you in a bus in Bangalore,
and since then we are finished.
– ln a Bangalore bus…
– Gone!
Saw me in a Bangalore bus?
He missed his interview
because of you.
Evertime anything happened,
he called us to spoil our work.
He cried a lot after leaving you
in your grandma’s home.
lt was very difficult to pacify him.
He loves you so much.
l told him to express his feelings but
he insisted you must come forth first.
He would’ve chanted your name
atleast 1000 times a day.
That is…

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