O-ssak-han Yeon-ae 2011 English English

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CJ Entertainment Presents
A Sang Sang Film Production
Executive Producer Jay C. Gil
Associate Producer LEE Sang-moo
lnvestment Executive JANG Jin-seung
Produced by AN Sang-hoon
Co-producers LEE Won-tae AN Young-jin
I was an average
street magician
Famous magicians all have
their special tricks
Doing magic with doves and cards
And transformation magic
Overrated, right?
I needed something really unique
Just then
I saw a strange woman
One more time?
She never smiled
Like she had a dark secret
I can’t really explain it
I followed that mysterious woman
It felt so strange
How should I put it?
Like a ghost was about to
pop out of a wardrobe
Just then
I had an awesome idea!
Exorcist magician
Wardrobe ghost
Magic spell!
Jo-gu Ma Rocks!
I’m a star!
Mega hit!
I built up the courage
From then on became a team
And my magic show
became a sensation
Why did you come here?
The one
who killed you
is here?
Is the killer watching you
Don’t move
Come back here!
Let her go or I’ll destroy you!
Where did she go?
Has anyone seen her?
No one?
Let me find her
If you need to apologize,
do it sincerely
That’s our lesson
Did you enjoy the show?
That’s the end of
Jo-gu Ma’s Horror lllusion
Come on out
Great job, today
Just keep it up
You were great
It’d be nice if you were taller
and your face smaller
Touch up your nose and eyes?
Great job
Thank you
You’re a natural
Live with an actual ghost or something?
Don’t go
We’re all going out for drinks
I have an appointment
You always say that
I have many appointments
So sorry
I’ll buy tuna sashimi
if you come. The best kind
The best!
I’m dying for fresh tuna
I’m sorry
I’m really sorry
She never went out once
with us in over a year
She’s a Hikikomori
– She doesn’t shut herself at home
– Someday she will
– We’re having tuna, right?
– No, sausages
You can’t mess with tuna like that!
Come on!
I want tuna!
The best!
I’ll buy tuna, then!
A big can, that is
Roll it around
Happy birthday, Sweetie
I sent a gift
What Mom?
– A husband
– What?
I signed you up at
a marriage agency to meet men
You didn’t have to do that
How’s work?
When will you become a magician?
It’s just a part-time job
How’s everything there?
Great air and nice people
It’s so beautiful here
There’s a forest behind us
On snowy days, it feels like
a fairy will come out
I wish you could come
– I’m sorry, Sweetie
– Don’t start up again, Mom
I’m fine, Mom
I’m really happy here
My co-workers love me
Men are lining up
to have dinner with me
I met up with Min-jung again
I see her often
Mom, I’m fine
Don’t worry
Leaving you alone like that
Sure you’re okay?
I’m so sorry, Yu-ri
– So sorry
– Stop crying, Mom
We’d better hang up, Sis
Take good care of Mom
Okay, talk to you soon
I have information
on a hit-and-run
No, I didn’t see it directly
Someone told me
Practice at home, will ya?
She’s abnormal, that girl
She doesn’t eat with us,
but chows down alone
What now?
Where are you going?
No prior engagements today?
Then, we’re all going out
I have stuff to do at home
I’m sorry
No exceptions this time
That was strong
I have to do the laundry
and feed my dog
That can all wait, can’t it?
My dog goes crazy
if she misses a meal
Then, let it go crazy
I’ll be there in spirit
No, you’ll be there in person!
If it isn’t your parents’ funeral,
be there
– She’ll never come
– This time, she will
– Bet $100?
– Sure
That’s fascist
I just wanna take
the whole crew out!
That doesn’t make any sense
What’s with you?
I don’t want to go
You have to
– Why?
Not everyone likes to drink
Then don’t!
Drink Coke instead!
How can I drink Coke
with beer in front of me?
Looking good
Okay, fine
I’ll go
But I act out when I’m drunk
Me, too
I can drink 7 bottles of Soju
You can drink 70 bottles
See you later, then
No firm principles
Where’s her sense of consistency?
Here’s $80 after taxes and such
And cash discount
My grandma appeared
in my dream last night
She stared at me
and hit me with her cane
You ungrateful little schmuck
You good for nothing
selfish bugger
You never visited me
when I was alive!
How can you sleep!
It felt so real
Who’s that?
That’s a unique response
It hurt when she hit you, right?
It felt like it
That wasn’t a dream
When you folks are asleep
Did you know
dead people visit you?
They come in your sleep
They come and stare like this
Sometimes they strangle you
And most folks think
it’s just a nightmare
Really think it’s just
a nightmare?
Of course you don’t know
You half-seeing worldlings
Is this an occupational illness?
Go ahead, move
She’s totally drunk
Ever tasted the bitterness of life?
Or the spicy hotness?
Thanks to your rich parents
you got special tutoring
And went to the best university
Then, you learned magic
to hit on girls
But you hit it big!
You became a star
You look good
You set up a company
and became the boss
Your girlfriend’s
practically a model
But you know
You don’t have heart
No heart
There’s nothing in here
You pork rind
She may be on to something
What did I tell you!
I didn’t say anything
I told you I acted up
when I’m drunk
I didn’t want to come
Why’d you call me out?
I love being alone
Why did you?
We’ve been working together
for a long time
And you have a part in
things working out for
Why’d you call me out?
I’m trying to explain here
You think you know me?
You know me?
What state I’m in?
How much pain I’m in?
– Let go, please
– How hard it is
Do you know?
– Please, you’re drunk
– You don’t know!
Goodnight, everyone
– Don’t be late tomorrow
– Okay
Give me a shirt
But I don’t have a spare
I mean my shirt!
Calling me pork rind
Do I look like a pork rind?
Like she knows anything about me
Always by herself and eating alone
What is she? A ghost?
How annoying
She even looks like a ghost
And she drinks 30 bottles of beer!
She ripped my shirt!
Why do you care?
Well, it’s just
She’s a thorn in my eye
Call me every single day
I’m not much of a caller
Then, I won’t sleep with you
Okay, I’ll call
– See you
– Have a good trip
I’ll call you
It’s Yu-ri Kang
Did you get home okay?
You drank 30 bottles of beer
I may have caused a scene
but I don’t remember
How about ripping up
my shirt to shreds?
I’m so sorry
What’s your shirt size?
I only wear tailor-made shirts
Oh, I see
Then, can you take it
out of my paycheck?
That’s a given
Do you remember what you said?
I mean
I’m not one to hold grudges
for what happens
But there must be
a misunderstanding
I’m not trying to explain
myself or anything
But the whole staff was there
I’ll just say one thing
Hello? Hello?
Still, go check
She’s one of us
I’m not a private detective
Why should l?
You want me to go, then?
Yeah, you go! Bye!
Who is it?
Give me my tailor-made shirt!
Sick jerk
Mr. Ma?
Yes, it’s Jo-gu
I don’t have anything to eat
It’s okay. Anything’s fine
I really mean it
You have a tent in the living room?
Yes, it’s nice and cozy
It’s too big here to live alone
What about your family?
They immigrated
To where?
Oh, Norway!
Have you been there?
Do you visit employees’
homes often?
Not really
Just when I hear
strange screaming
Sure you’re okay?
I’m fine
That’s good
You don’t like to talk
and meet people, do you?
Not good with words?
Then just ask about their hobbies
Do you have a hobby?
I like windsurfing
I want to try that too
Something like that
So, what’s your hobby?
I don’t have one
Oh, you don’t
What’s your hobby?
I don’t have one, either
I’d better go
You can stay longer
No, I should go
Who’s that?
The neighbor’s kid
Why’s he here?
He sometimes comes
playing hide-and-seek
Funny kid
Hey! Come on in!
No, don’t!
He’s dirty
Boys can be messy
Where’d he go?
Please, just go
He came in
I think you should go
No, Jo-gu
Why you little
Just go, I’ll handle this
– Where’re you going?
– It’s okay
– No, stop
He’s not here
I’d better just go
– You’re coming, right?
– Yes, let’s go
Okay, where should we go?
Let’s hide here
See that? He’s really fast!
Yeah, he is
He’s amazing
Damn goons came again?
No, a man came
A bachelor ghost?
No, a real live man
He’s so considerate
I work for his company
I know, but still
He didn’t have to
come and check on you
Is he hot?
Not bad
Hit on him
We’re not like that
Anything can happen
between a man and a woman
He has a girlfriend
It’s more fun stealing
That’s crazy
I’m hanging up
The bitch only calls
when she wants
Ow, my head
Better get back up
What? Oh no!
Hello? Yu-ri? Yu-ri!
The kid came to my house!
That kid!
You mean a goat?
Wake up, will you?
That boy is here in my house!
The dirty kid from your house
He was on my back!
Calm down and have a drink
How the hell is he
climbing walls?
First, just drink up
Yu-ri! Wait!
Should I turn on the lights?
They hate that
Please don’t cling to me
I’m not clinging
Stay outside if you’re scared
I’m not scared, just nervous
– You live alone?
– Yes
Nice place
You made a lot on my idea, huh?
The idea was mine
You were the inspiration
Same thing
No, it’s not
Why’d he flip all my cars?
Just in case
What’s this?
Strawberry jam
I made it myself
– Really?
– Wanna try it?
Wow, it’s good
Take it later
Thank you
– Flashlight!
– Right
You like romantic comedies?
I don’t watch movies
with sad endings
Take ‘Life is beautiful’
Beat sadness with laughter
Isn’t that great?
Is life really beautiful?
You like horror, right?
With blood everywhere?
– My life is a horror
– What?
You think he’s gone?
That’s strange
Once they’re on you, they stay
Then, where would he be?
Still on your back
I see
Stay still
He’s on me, isn’t he?
Oh no! What do I do?
No, no!
Get him off me!
Are you okay?
I called an ambulance
My son
Son! My son
Is my son okay?
He feels warm
I died for a moment
back in high school
Hurry up! Over there!
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
There’s another survivor here!
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
She was my best friend
If he chose Ju-hee instead of me
she’d be alive today
Since then,
dead spirits came to me
And people started avoiding me
But it’s okay. I can take it
– I can’t live like this
– Then, what about your sister?
We can’t leave her here alone
– You’re scared too, Mom
– Wait
Let’s just leave
Or I’m moving out!
Come on
It’s not easy for me, either
Ju-hee’s the problem
She gives my family and friends
the scare of
Ju-hee wants me to live like a ghost
Like a living ghost
Why’d he save you first?
He said I was glowing
What does that mean?
I don’t know
You think I’m lonely?
I’m perfectly fine!
It’s fun hanging out by myself!
I can play online games
and write Tweets!
I have 100 followers!
No matter what you do,
I’m still happy!
That felt good
Ju-hee! You bitch!
Go to hell!
What if she comes to you?
No way
I’m serious
I’m sorry
She appears to
folks near you?
Yes. So, stay back
So, you don’t have
any friends?
We just talk on the phone
That’s kind of a date
No, it’s not a date
You had coffee
Went for a drive
And he drove you home?
That’s a date
Well, I don’t think
he hates me
I have a friend who writes dramas
She must know more about
the dating game
Wanna make a three-way call?
What did she write?
Bitches. It’s a romantic comedy
You probably don’t know
Bitches? I saw that
The one about three bitches?
Yeah, that’s right
What’s up?
Remember the girl I told you about?
With the ghost?
Oh, the medium
Say hello
– Hello
She has a problem
Well, it’s not really a problem
I keep meeting this guy
Oh, I get it
In romantic comedies
there is always a barrier
between a couple in love
Class difference,
their parents’ disapproval…
Let’s just say you have
a very unique barrier
Does your face need
professional help?
What? No
Ten years ago,
people used to say I was pretty
And your body?
Well-proportioned or not?
My butt
That means
we’re the same
The top 1% of women like us
can date no matter what
You know what?
Murderers can’t kill gals like us
we’re beautiful
You can do it!
I can do it!
Go get him!
She’s a medium
who talks with ghosts
In the past,
they became shamans
She’s not like that
Who’re you talking about?
– Just someone
– Where is she?
– Forget it
– Who is it?
– Forget it
– Tell me who!
– Tell me!
And find a new lunch place
I’m talking here,
Well, okay then
What’s up?
It’s Yu-ri
What’s going on?
Is he a loan shark?
You go ahead
Do you have a hobby?
Watching baseball games…
I like women who cross-stitch
I see
– I have to save her
– Why you?
I’ll handle it
– I’m a man of justice
– Just go
– Don’t push
– Go home
A marriage agency?
Mom signed me up
for my birthday
What were your conditions?
A nice man with a sense of humor
who laughs a lot
So, what does he do for a living?
Wanted to become
a comedian but failed
Do you like him?
Actually, he kinda scares me
Let’s just go
I can’t do that
You said he’s scary
Still, I can’t just go
Wait, why do you care
about my blind date?
Of course I care about all my staff
Stay here
The thing is
I don’t know how to tell you this
Please don’t be shocked
by what I’m about to tell you
This friend here is
that friend
Let’s go! Come on!
– What did you tell him?
– Let’s just go!
What did you say?
That you were
in the army with me
Come on!
How about him?
He’s a fashion designer
You have high standards
This guy works at a bank
He’s like the sweetest guy
I don’t care about looks or jobs
Only guts
Only guts?
Just guts!
Just guts
Oh, I have the perfect friend
He was in the marines
An expert martial artist
who is a Blue House bodyguard
They were town thugs
They were messing with a girl
and she was crying
I couldn’t just walk by
I have 12 degrees in martial arts
What happened?
I jumped up!
Flipped, then rammed down on one
The other 11 got scared
and couldn’t do a thing
There were 11?
That’s right!
Wasn’t it two high school kids?
Who’s right?
Two high school kids
– Ki-woo, you’re hilarious
– Really?
I said that on purpose
What’s with this chair?
Let’s go over there
My back hurts
You better hold still!
This is fun!
Then what?
Can we meet again?
I heard your story, Yu-ri
When I plan to protect someone,
I do it with my life
I would step in front of a bullet
Sorry, man
I’ll be right down
I need to go move my car
What is he a bulletproof vest?
Wasn’t that funny?
It’s hilarious
Why isn’t this working?
What the hell?
What’s taking him so long?
Are you okay?
Stay back!
Stay back!
Stay away from me
Stay away
I’m so sorry
You try
No, I’m not really into this
Try it
It’ll make you feel better
Why hit a flying ball?
Just let it go wherever
What in the world
Bunt it
Just laugh all you want
You can’t even hit one?
Not one!
How’s that so funny?
Not even a foul ball!
I told you I didn’t want to do it
Can’t get worse than that
Why did you laugh?
I was just
I really
wanted to kiss him
It’s cuz you’ve been
kiss-starved for too long
Poor girl
How long did you starve?
Just a peck in grade 9?
Dear god
You never know,
so learn the basics first
There are five different
kinds of kisses
The Hamburger, Sliding,
Air Cleaning
Candy, and Wrestling kisses
That many?
What’s the Hamburger?
It’s sucking the upper
and lower lips
back and forth
Don’t do it with a bearded guy,
you’ll get hair in your mouth
The Air Cleaning?
How do you do that?
I’ll explain this one
Tilt your head 15¢ª
Your eyes at around 30¢ª
– Practice on a doll
– Come here you!
You gotta do this outside
where the air is fresh
Put your lips together on his
Then, breathe in and out
Air in, air out
There’s always a jerk
who burps right then
That jerk needs a major beating
Wait till I get my hands on him!
The jerk ate garlic before, too
What am l,
Why call me out
instead of your girlfriend?
She went to France
I’m living fine by myself
Don’t throw a lake
into the calm stone
You didn’t have to come out
A man called!
Why wouldn’t I come?
That’s sad
Yu-ri, I found out
something cool
Heroines of horror films
don’t fall in love
Isn’t that weird?
If they did, it’d be
a melodrama not a horror
Silly fool
Why? Can’t they fall in love?
If they were in love,
they wouldn’t be scared at all
With someone beside you,
why would you be scared?
I guess
Three steps to drinking Soju well
Do you know?
My daddy taught me
Drinking Soju well, step 1
Step 1?
Just drink it
Drinking Soju well, step 2!
Step 2
– Clink glasses
– Clink glasses
Drinking Soju well, step 3
Step 3
Drink it with someone you love
Drink it
Forget love!
Forget it!
Ma’am? Another bottle
Let’s go somewhere else
– Really?
– You’re on?
– Okay! Let’s go!
– Let’s go!
I know a great place
around here
What? Aren’t we going?
This is it?
But it’s the same place
It’s my turn!
Why’d you call me out today?
To have drinks
Do you know
how hard it is for me?
Come on. Don’t start again
How hard my life is
I know
But can you put this down?
You do?
It’s okay. I brought a shirt
We’re here
Where are we?
Your place
I don’t want to go in
I’m scared
Hold on. It’ll pass
How to overcome fear, step 1!
Eat till you drop
How to overcome fear, step 2!
This is the sound of
a drowning frog
There, you smiled!
How to overcome fear, step 3!
Be comforted
Any steps to sleeping well?
Good night
Sweet dreams
I don’t suspect
anything between you two
Don’t worry
I heard your story
He called me in France
It must be hard for you
I get by
I’m not worried about Jo-gu
Even if he fell
in love with you
Jo-gu can’t handle it
I’m not saying this
cuz I’m afraid of losing him
Jo-gu is a normal Korean man
He can’t love like that
A man has to be
above average to be with you
Please, go home
I’m worried about you, that’s all
I don’t think I can live like that
You can’t meet friends
You can’t date men
There’s no family around
Living in a haunted house
with just a dog?
That’s horrible
I would’ve gone crazy
Or committed suicide
Stop it!
I respect you
It’s okay. I’m fine
My mom calls me everyday
I have fun with friends
on the phone
It’s not so bad living alone
I don’t have to worry about
what others think
That’s why I never went out
for drinks
Why would I kill myself?
It never crossed my mind
Living is so much fun
I’d better get going
I’ll see myself out
Am I that pitiful?
I have family and friends
I have a loving family
They didn’t desert me
I told them to go
And I have great friends
You’re my friends, right?
Why would I kill myself?
I’m living fine
She’s a tough gal
To strike back like that
Are you really fine?
Of course I am
Then, what’s troubling you?
I don’t know
You’re fine by yourself
and happy alone?
So, why are you in pain?
I’m not in pain
Be honest with yourself
Why are you doing this?
I’m happy
You’re happy living alone?
I’m happy
With ghosts haunting you?
You’re happy?
I’m happy
Then, why are you crying?
I don’t know
I don’t know
Come on, let’s lighten up, huh?
I don’t think I can laugh anymore
It hurts
I’m not happy at all!
I’ve never been happy
for one moment
I’ll live like this forever
and die alone
She was right
What man can ever love me?
She asked me if I was lonely
I said I wasn’t
I said I was happy alone
But how can I not be lonely?
Sometimes I’d go for days
without saying a word
I don’t know if I’m alive or dead
Why do I always say I’m happy?
If I don’t, I’d go crazy and die
I want to be happy, too
I want to laugh, too
I want to be happy, too
I want to be happy, too
What are you thinking?
Do you miss her?
Cuz you pity her?
I thought love was about
two similar people on common ground
But the top 1% seems different
They have real, passionate love
for each other
Good luck with her
Be honest
You’re not meeting Yu-ri
cuz of me
Isn’t it cuz you’re scared?
Why’d she quit out of the blue?
No professionalism
Let’s forget the old ghost
and love the new one
Who is it?
Long time no see, my friend
How’d you get so big?
I’m 8 months pregnant
There’s a baby in here?
Why didn’t you tell me!
It’s Auntie Yu-ri!
It’s my potbelly
Why you!
I missed you!
Who’s this?
Take a wild guess
Good to see you
Good to see you, too!
– I wanted to see you, friend!
– Me, too!
Hey, let’s catch up inside
over a barbecue!
You meet in 10 years
and you wanna eat first?
It’s T-bone steak! The best!
– I’m in!
– Let’s go!
Come on
Go in!
Your clothes look scarier
Jo-gu Ma?
Where is he?
What are you doing here?
Go away
Do you miss her?
Just go away
Yu-ri is pretty
But that’s cuz of the make-up
Without it, you could be shocked
Don’t let it deceive you!
I miss her
Of course you do
It’s the hormones talking
When you wanna mate,
the pituitary gland shoots out oxytocin
Then, you wanna see her, hold her,
and do all kinds of naughty stuff
I can’t take it!
I’ve been there, too
Drink some liquor, get a massage,
and sleep it off
That’s how I overcame it
If you call her, it’s over
Can you handle this?
She’s not normal
Of course!
Good decision
The sausages are cooked!
Let’s eat!
I love sausages
You had a good shot this time
Too bad
You miss him, right?
.Dang. Your face says
you miss him like crazy
It’s cuz he’s passive
In romantic comedies,
the man takes the initiative
No matter how wild the gal,
the man takes the lead
Women like it like that
If you know so much,
why’re you still single?
The star actress lives alone
You’re a minor role, bitch
That’s you bitch!
Like a friend of the star!
You’re friend
of the star’s friend!
Answer it
I miss you so much
I miss you
Let’s meet
My friends are over
She says she has friends over
It means she hates you
Big time
Can’t stand you
I’ll be right out
See you soon
What did she say?
See you soon?
She loves you! Big time
You need make-up!
– Good thinking!
– Wait!
Where are you meeting him?
You hung up, stupid!
Make-up, first
Are you okay?
You’ll need insurance to date me
I got a policy
One won’t do
Accident, life insurance
The best coverage
Okay, I promise
I’ll say this for the first
and last time
Don’t say I ruined your life
Or write scary bitch
and stuff like that on my Twitter
Or lodge a compensation claim
against me
Promise not to blame me?
Of course
If it gets too hard,
you can run away
Do you have anything to say?
First, let’s change
to a couple’s phone plan
And put each other
on speed dial 1
Anniversaries, Valentines
Let’s forget that
What about birthdays?
We can do that
Dating isn’t much
What did you expect?
I’ve been dying to do
something with a boyfriend
I remember!
– What is it?
– Let’s go!
This used to be my dad’s study
I heard strange noises
so I never went down here
What noises?
Maybe rats?
Normally, you go to amusement parks
with a boyfriend
Not the basement
Can you go down and look?
Just me?
No, together
So, this is what it looks like
Maybe there are good
antiques down here
Where did you learn to dance?
From the education channel
– That was on purpose
Yes, you did
Your house is filled with
weird stuff
I guess
– Here
– Thanks
What happened to the bats?
I sent ‘em packing!
They left without a fight?
I scared them good
It’s great having a boyfriend
Isn’t it?
Now, we’re officially a couple
What should we do?
I don’t know
How about going on a trip?
How does hiking sound?
You don’t want silly s, do you?
That’s so not my style
What’s wrong?
I want to feel an orgasm
Why’re you blowing into my mouth?
You don’t know this?
– What about the Hamburger?
Let’s just try it
– I’d better go
– Okay
I’m really going now
Why aren’t you coming?
The air feels different
being in love
It’s so sweet
Snap out of it, pal
You think dating
will always be sweet?
See her swollen face
without make-up in the morning
And you’ll get shivers
down your spine
She’s pretty at night
But in the morning,
you’ll wanna run
That’s why men get off work
late at night
– Oh, really?
– Yes, pal!
Sometimes, you wanna
go to work at night
Or work all night!
Stop when you can
Wanna be in the tabloids?
Sure. I’ll tell ‘em
An empty forklift can hit a car
Could’ve been
a sudden acceleration
Signs falling down?
That happens
But five? That’s a lot
No, it’s not
There’s nothing wrong
– I don’t think so
– No way
Is the show ready?
Can I go?
Everything’s tip-top perfect
Okay, good! Let’s go!
Please don’t make a sound
Please don’t leave
because you’re scared
If you stay quietly,
you won’t get hurt
Why did you come here?
Do you have something to say?
The one
who killed you
is here?
Where is your killer?
What did you do!
– It’s not me!
– Then, who!
Yu-ri, Yu-ri!
Yu-ri! No!
– Jo-gu!
– Yu-ri
Can I try that on today?
No, it’s my guardian angel
from Grandma
Please? Just once?
No. Grandma said
never take it off
Okay, then I’ll take a pic
and give it right back
A picture?
Why you
But give it right back
He said I was glowing
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
Jo-gu! Jo-gu!
Wake up! Jo-gu!
What happened! Jo-gu!
Somebody do something!
Call 911! Hurry!
Jo-gu! Wake up!
You can go, Miss
It’s all a part of the show
Everything’s well under control
Jo-gu is resting well
If you want to report on him
just resting, you can
But that’s kinda boring,
don’t you think?
Fans have no interest
in him resting
There’s no bone or brain damage,
but he’s in a coma
You’re a grown-up
and don’t need me to butt in
But how about going to
your family?
Don’t worry about Jo-gu
I’ll arrive in Oslo at 2PM
I’ll stay a few days,
then go somewhere else
You know I can’t stay there
We’ll talk when I get there
Bye, Mom
Let’s see if you’re okay
– 2 times 3?
3 times 7?
– You’re fine!
37 times 24?
Oh dear
He’d better stay here! Doc?
Wait. Where’s Yu-ri?
Who’s Yu-ri?
What about me?
Come on. Where’s Yu-ri?
I don’t know
Where is she?
Why isn’t she answering?
Is she here?
I don’t know!
Where is she!
How the hell would I know?
Tell me or we’re through!
What? How could you!
After all these years,
you leave me for a girl?
I’ll double your salary
Think you can buy me off?
Hurry! Go catch her!
The stairs will be faster!
How can you leave like this?
Mom said to come
When will you be back?
I won’t
Are you kidding?
Let’s just break up
What about our couple phone plan?
Your attention, please
Flight KY6874 to Oslo
will be boarding at 11 AM
Passengers please come to Gate 112
I’m sorry
About what?
You didn’t do anything wrong
Fine, forget it
Have a nice trip
Have snowball fights
or whatever in Norway
And live a happy life
How about a goodbye kiss?
Forget it
The mouth is filled with germs
I’d better go. Take care
Yu-ri? It’s me
Please don’t call me
You know
I almost died then
It’s a miracle I’m alive
And I’m
really scared being with you
I always feel like something
will creep up
I can’t sleep
You know how hard it is?
I’ll never be able to sleep peacefully
But then
What about you?
If I’m like this, what about you?
Thinking about you being alone
It’s better that I have
a ghost on my back
Remember what I said
about horror heroines?
They never fall in love
They have to be lonely
for their screams to be desperate
But thinking of you screaming
It rips my heart out
I think I’m in love with you
Please, come back
Would you care for
something to drink?
No, thank you.
Would you care for
something to drink?
No, thank you
Would you care for
something to drink?
Oh, would you like some juice?
Is something the matter?
You know I can’t stand sandwiches
Please cancel my couple plan
Right now
Can I have this?
Why do you need her consent?
She just left as she pleased
How’s that a couple!
Flight KY6874 to Oslo
has returned due to
severe weather conditions
Cancel that!
I knew it!
You can’t leave me
You cried, right?
That’s why you hung up
The battery died
You cried. You lie
I know you love me
I love you, too
Then, we’re good
But still, nothing’s changed
So stubborn
She will stick to us
for life, right?
Nope, she’s staying
Why’s dating so hard?
Realize that just now?
Yes, I did
Can I kiss you?
Things will get harder
Love is never easy
Excuse me?
You’re all wet
It’s hard to say this
when we just met
Ever heard of killer presence?
I never flipped for someone
like this before
I suddenly feel all tingly
and hot right here
We seem to be around
the same age
I’m a lot younger than I look
Ever heard of Horror lllusion?
We’re looking for a new ghost
for our magic show
You’d be perfect
You don’t even need
If you could join us
Wait! Excuse me!
I knew things would work out
An ending kiss is the best
She’s kissing for 10 years
at one time
Drink a cup of saliva
why don’t you!
Let’s work together!
Look at me
when I’m talking to you!

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