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“Customer who’s waiting for the order…”
Uh, yes!
[In the old days, Goethe said...]
[...for people in their 20s, love is an illusion.]
[In their 30s, love is a fling.]
[Then a year ago...]
[The miracle of my life that occured
when I was 29 to 30 years old...]
[What was that?]
[They came to my life like a storm,
breaking my heart in pieces...]
[Then they were gone without a trace...
Was it just an illusion...?)
[What I had with them wasn't love?
Was it just a fling?]
[Mishima Yukio* had said...]
(*Writer and playwright)
["When it comes to love, the woman
is a pro while the man is a rookie."]
[At that time, I was less than a rookie.]
[No way in hell can I win against 4 pros!]
[But I'm not a virgin!]
[I'm a second virgin.* I did it once...]
(*Someone who has lost his virginity but has
remained sexually inactive since then)
[Although I never did it with a girl I love.]
[Bob Dylan's really great!]
["There are more important things
out there besides love and sex..."]
[What the hell...?]
[I haven't had love nor sex...]
[What should I do?! I wanna know
more about love and sex!]
["Love will cultivate the character" Ozaki Yutaka.*]
(*Famous 80′s singer and composer)
[What sh*t was that? Please
don't give me that crap!]
[I'm sorry I never cultivated myself!]
[Just because you died as a young man...]
(Note: Yutaka died of drugs and alcohol at age 27)
[...don't become a willy-nilly legend...]
(Note: Yutaka died of drugs and alcohol at age 27)
For now…
…I should get a job…
Yes! I’m Fujimoto Yukiyo…
31 years old.
Your website, the… “Natalie*”… when it
started as a news site…
(*JP website for music and entertainment news)
…I felt its originality was very refreshing.
I also love manga, comedy and music, too.
I’m a simple and straightforward guy actually.
Then, um…
I, uh, also have a Twitter account…
For Natalie, uhh…
…linking your information with
Twitter is really fast…
Like for now, it’s sorta like
Well, it is kinda a new wave thing…
still a virgin loser, huh?
I didn’t expect to find you here.
It’s been a long time.
By the way, why are you here now, Sumi-san?
Well, have you seen it…the film, “Social Network?”
When I saw that…
I thought I wanna be like Mark Zuckerberg,
to make a company like it…
… and learn to extort money from this
You’re following 345…
…Followers, 3.
You have 34,211 tweets…
…how can you tweet that many…?
Eh? Shoko-tan*!?
(*Nakagawa Shoko = celebrity and otaku idol)
These are obviously something like a virgin’s tweets.
“Tenga eggs,* daangg~! It’s pretty tight”
(*An egg-shaped sex toy for men)
No, no, that’s ..!
You don’t have a girlfriend, right?
When’s the last time you had sex?
How many times? Without counting Tenga.
Can you answer that question?
It’s pretty important.
You’re 100% virgin, right?
Or a second virgin or something like that.
What?! No…
[What's with these guys?
I can't believe this!]
[The worst!]
[I just wanna work here,
what the heck do they care about it?]
So if it’s like that…
…is there a problem?
I don’t like virgin guys
walking around in this company.
It’s my thing.
Oh, hey, Chika.
Don’t ‘Oh, hey’ me.
What’s going on.. all of a sudden.
Huh? I thought you were in Kumamoto right now.
I’ve seen your Twitter.
You told me you’ll never get married!
No, it’s nothing like that!
A think I wrote it as just an excuse
to visit her parents….
You never visited Kumamoto for me!
Put that away…
Oh, hey, Kaorin.
Don’t ‘Oh, hey’ me.
Who is this woman?
She barged into my house,
I was so scared!
What’s happening here?
Well… It’s current girlfriend vs. former
girlfriend kind of situation.
I didn’t know you had such a pretty girlfriend?
Even the water delivery girl…
Tak-kun… You’re horrible!
Tsk… Even in the company.
She just started working here
as a part-timer last month…
[In Ryu Murakami's early novel
"The Nagasaki Dutch Village..."]
["The company president who flirts with
the company staff is a scum," he wrote.]
[And this situation's not something to envy but...]
[You're amazing, Sumi-san!]
[He must have something to make
these women go crazy over him.]
[What is it?]
[Work skills?]
[Human skills?]
[Or sex?]
[Will I be able to know if I work here?]
[I see...]
[That's right! What're you gonna
do in this kind of situation!]
Takuya! Takuya!
Hey, answer me!
…is my ‘moteki,’ isn’t it?
(*highest state of popularity/appeal)
“Moteki” my ass~!!
– Th-this is my most favorite t-shirt!
– Are you kidding!
It hurts!
[Huh? Where am I?]
[Am I dead?]
[Without having sex yet with a girl
that I actually love?!]
[No, no, no way!]
[I still want to have more sex!!!]
[I also want to try a threesome!]
[I can't be dead, no freakin way~!!]
[One more time.]
[At least one more time...!]
“Love me!… Hug me!”
– [That's right.]
“Love me!… Hug me!”
– [Come!!]
“Love me!… Hug me!”
“Love me!… Hug me!”
– [...MOTEKIIII~!]
“Love me!… Hug me!”
OP song: “Yoake no Beat” by FUJI FABRIC
EarthBuri Team presents:
The Movie
~Hanbun no koto de ii kara kimi oshiete okure~
*It’s ok even a half of a thing, please tell me*
From the original manga by: KUBO Mitsu
~Hanbun no koto de ii kara kimi oshiete okure~
*It’s ok even a half of a thing, please tell me*
~Sasai na koto de ii kara
*It’s okay even if it’s a trivial thing*
~Mazu wa soko kara hajime yo~
*Let’s start from there*
MORIYAMA Mirai (Fujimoto Yukyo)
~Mazu wa soko kara hajime yo~
*Let’s start from there*
NAGASAWA Masami (Matsuo Miyuki)
~Tokai no mannaka de kimi wa~
*In the middle of the city*
ASO Kumiko (Masumoto Rumiko)
~Nani wo omotte iru no~
*What’s on your mind?*
NAKA Riisa (Ai)
~Dandan yofuke ga chikadzu ku…~
*Late night gradually approaches*
NAKA Riisa (Ai)
~Ai mo kawarazu mimizawari da~
*As always, gets on my nerves*
MAKI Yoko (Karaki Motoko)
~Ai mo kawarazu mimizawari da~
*As always, gets on my nerves*
~Bakubaku natte ru kodou tabi no…~
*The beat signals the start of the journey*
~…Hajimari no aizu sa~
*The beat signals the start of the journey*
~Korekara matte ru sekai~
*The world is now waiting*
~Boku no mune wa odora sareru~
*My heart is dancing*
~Bakubaku natte ru kodou tabi no…~
*The beat signals the start of the journey*
~…Hajimari no aizu sa~
*The beat signals the start of the journey*
~Korekara matte ru sekai~
*The world is now waiting… *
~Boku no mune wa odora sareru~
*My heart is dancing*
Written and Directed by: OHNE Hitoshi
~Boku no mune wa odora sareru~
*My heart is dancing*
[Has been 3 months since then...]
[...Hope for my "Moteki Again" power,
and somehow I'm still alive.]
[And I've been working as a reporter
on a news website, Natalie...somehow...]
[I'm not sure if this kind of industry is
lacking in manpower or just lacking...]
[I've been sent to cover events alone
and do interviews from the start...]
[...and upload articles to the website.]
[Of course, there are many mistakes
which put me down in the dumps...]
[Unlike my previous temping and part-time
jobs, I feel some sense of fulfillment.]
[And most of all, I can pursue my
interests and get paid...]
[This is seriously amazing!]
[Until last year, I was just part of the
audience during Music Festivals.]
[Now, I can enter it as a qualified
member of a staff!]
[This is so cool!]
[Really freakin awesome~!]
“We’re gonna flush you out..
we are Zainichi Funk!”
(BGM: “Maru Maru Funk” by Zainichi Funk)
“We are Zainichi Funk!”
“We’ll not run, we’ll not hide…
Zainichi Funk!”
“Zainichi Funk!”
[But even so...]
[...those couples who come to
rockfests, just die will ya?]
[Just f*ck off and die!]
Excuse me..
If you have a copy of the concert’s line-up sked,
can you show it to me?
Oh, sure.
Don’t mention it.
Ah, it’s still Marin* and Tavito**…
(*Sunahara Yoshinori = Club DJ)
(**Nanao Tavito = singer-songwriter)
[She's not pretty...]
[But if I look closely, she's somewhat sexy...)
[Is it possible she came here alone?]
Um…maybe soon…
Oh, are you a staff member?
Ah! Well..
I’m just covering the event.
Wow! That’s great!
Is it for a magazine?
Well, it’s called “Natalie”..
Oh, Natalie!
Well, I always check that out!
– Oh, really?
– Yes!
This is awesome!
[Can a thing like this happen
in this line of work...?]
[A girl like this will let me have it right away...]
[Here goes~!]
Would you like something to drink?
If you want, we can go inside the backstage, too…
What’s this?
He suddenly started talking to me…
– What?
– Uh…
Since he’s a member of a staff…
…he said I can go inside
the backstage.
– Oh, no, no!
– Seriously?
C’mon, let’s go.
Why did you suddenly go and disappear?
I didn’t!
[I hear it... I can hear it...]
– “What the hell was that?”
– “It was gross…”
“Trying to pick up a girl with a staff’s pass…
It’s too late with him…”
“Should look at himself in the mirror…”
“I’m sure he’s just a gopher…”
“…only doin’ some sh*t work…”
“Yeah, how low can you get…
Really! He’s watching us. Yuck!”
“Man, he’s obviously a virgin.
Bet he has a Tenga girlfriend.”
“Eew! Gross!”
(*”Gera gera”= sound of rude or scornful laughter)
“Ka Kou Warui Furare Kata”
Written and performed by: Oe Senri
~Ka kou warui furare kata~
*Uncool way to get dumped*
~Nidoto kimi ni awanai~
*I won’t see you again*
~Daiji na koto wa itsu datte~
*I always realize important things…*
~Wakarete hajimete kigatsuita~
*…after you’re gone.*
~Dare ka no koe ga kikitaku te~
*I wanted to hear someone’s voice*
~Omoi tsuku mamani denwashita~
*So I dialed any number that came to mind*
~Hitoride omou sabishisa wa~
*Loneliness I feel while thinking of you*
~Kekkon shitemo onnaji darou~
*I’m sure it wouldn’t change even after I marry you*
~Kimi ga hoshii~
*I want you*
~Ima demo hoshii~
*I still want you*
[I want... I want ..]
*When I think about you I always want to cry*
[I wanna die... I wanna die...]
~Moshimo kimi ni aenakereba~
*If I had not met you*
[I wanna die... I wanna die... I wanna die!]
~Chigau ikikata boku wa erande ita~
*I would have chosen a different way of life*
What?! You didn’t take any pictures?!
– Huh? Photos of the rockfest?
– Oh, um…
You didn’t take them? Why?
What the hell… Ugh, I swear~.
Sorry! Sorry!
Why the heck not… such a virgin loser.
Go and get laid, will ya? I’ll pay for it!
Don’t let this loser be in charge of the damn pix!
I guess it was too much for the virgin…
(BGM: “Self Control” by TM Network)
~(Self Control) Ima made no boku wa~
*(Self Control) So far, I have…*
~(Self Control) Honto no kanashimi~
*(Self Control) A real kind of sorrow*
~(Self Control) Shirazuni ita no sa~
*(Self Control) Didn’t know*
“I failed in my job again. I want to die.”
~(Self Control) Kimi ni au made wa~
*(Self Control) Before I met you*
“But I must continue to live here…”
~(Self Control) Kimi ni au made wa~
*(Self Control) Before I met you*
“…for now, I’m controlling my emotions
while listening to TM’s “Self-Control.”
~(Self Control) Torawareta kokoro o~
*(Self Control) You possessed my heart*
~(Self Control) Konagona ni suru sa~
*(Self Control) Shattering it*
~(Self Control) Barabarani suru sa~
*(Self Control) Breaking into small pieces*
“The articles you wrote at Natalie…”
“They are always so funny.”
“I also got scolded by my boss earlier…”
“…and cried while I listened to TM.”
[Who is this?]
[Oh, right... this is the first time
I got a reply from my tweet.]
[I'm a little thrilled.]
[Oh, well, it's a guy though.]
Good work.
You, too.
“Went to the Kiyoshiro photo exhibit. Existing of rock
god and ordinary people without contradictions. Broke
into tears! At the Tokyu Dep’t. Store in Kichijoji!”
[Oh, he's talking about Kiyoshiro.*]
(*Imawano Kiyoshiro = Japan’s late legendary rocker)
[But still, I think this guy has good taste?]
[His tweets are funny.]
[Wow! He also got a tweet from
Suidobashi* of Asakusa Kid.]
(*Japanese comedian)
“I was listening to ‘Self-Control’ during
my down-in-the-dumps lunch time.”
“I often sing the easy song “Get Wild”
during karaoke.”
“Just a simple fan of TM.”
Woah, that was fast.
” ‘TM’ is said to be an abbreviation
of ‘time machine.’ ”
“But some say it really means ‘Tama.’* ”
(*District in Tokyo where the band came from)
“Also, ‘TM Revolution’* stands for
‘Takanori Makes Revolution…’ ” Seriously…
(*TMR = Takanori Nishikawa, singer)
[Since then, we kinda hit it off and started talking
about work and encouraged each other. We decided
to meet and go out for drinks.]
job. We are both writers but I’m in a website…”
Natalie? Amazing…Your news is so fast. Srsly”
and my boss is a sadist. It’s a war zone everyday.”
your complaints anyday. Let’s try our best.”
Is there any tip for this? I feel dizzy. Where am I?”
just type it up and fix it on paper. Just keep doing it..”
recorded. I’ll die… I did press REC, I think I did… ”
apologize and do it over!!….”
about my report. Am I gonna die?”
[Even though with a go out with a
total stranger, maybe I gained some sociability.]
to over 30 people today for my mistakes”
by the office… Don’t run away, don’t run away…”
Great job to me! … I wanna celebrate!”
together one day. I can take you to Shimokita”
Later in the evening”
in front of Village Vanguard”
[Well, let's finish it up early and go home
and read some manga.]
Uh, Yukiyo-kun?
Well, what do you know! You look cool!
Uh… M-Matsuo-san?
Oh, I’m sorry, I…
I thought you were a man…
Oh! That twitter icon of mine?
I get mistaken all the time.
(BGM: “Monogatari wa chito fuantei”
by N’Shukugawa Boys)
I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
(BGM: “Monogatari wa chito fuantei”
by N’Shukugawa Boys)
Oh, no, no…
~An’na funi~
*That way*
So you’re Yukiyo-kun… So cool!
~An’na funi~
*That way*
On Twitter, I thought I’d expect to see some geek…
~Boku-ra ha meguri atte~
*We met around*
Oh, really?
~Kon’na funi~
*This kind of…*
~LIFE TOGETHER shiterunante~
*…LIFE TOGETHER we have*
Would you like to go out for drinks?
~LIFE TOGETHER shiterunante~
*…LIFE TOGETHER we have*
~Monogatari wa chito Fuantei~
*The story is a little bit unstable*
Uh, okay ..
~Monogatari wa chito fuantei~
*The story is a little bit unstable*
~Monogatari wa chito fuantei~
*The story is a little bit unstable*
~Monogatari wa chito fuantei~
*The story is a little bit unstable*
~Monogatari wa chito fuantei~
*The story is a little bit unstable*
I work for Eyescream (Magazine).
Ah! Eye- Eyescream?
This is the newest issue.
[What's this?]
[What's happening here!]
[What IS this meeting!]
[Hey hey, wait wait!]
[Don't be a wuss, don't be nervous!]
[What's with this girl... she's so crazy cute!]
[What the heck! Seriously, she's to die for!]
[Whoa! Those legs...They look so hot!]
Matsuo Miyuki-san as a World Heritage right now!!]
[Not only that... Eh?!]
[A cute girl like her knows "Shingeki no Kyojin*!?]
(*A fantasy-action manga)
[Wow! I'm getting a reaction
on this kind of stuff, too?]
[And our tastes in music suit each other...
How can this be?]
[Her spec is extreme! Are you the 'Saikano?*']
(*from “Saishuu Heiki Kanojo” = a manga)
[No, wait! Don't take that off!
It will make me look!]
[Please! Please stop touching me!]
[And also... and also...!]
[They're big!!!]
[Anyway, this girl...]
[ definitely a playgirl.]
Huh? What is it?
No, no, it’s nothing…
Oh, excuse me.
Good work!
[Whew~!... That was close!]
[She almost got me hooked!]
[Anyway this girl...]
[...doesn't fit to any type I ever met.]
[How I wish~...]
[I bet it's fun to have a relationship
with a girl like her?]
Miyuki-chan, do you…
…have a boyfriend?
…an older guy.
Oh, I see…
[There you see! B*tch confirmed!]
[This is the pattern of an unavailable girl
teasing the simple guy!]
– Excuse me! How about you, Yukiyo?
[This is the pattern of an unavailable girl
teasing the simple guy!]
Then me, too.
[Well...but I guess it's ok.]
[I might as well enjoy myself.]
[I don't have to worry about expecting anything.]
[Yep... Here we go as a friend~!]
[Later, it became a threesome atmosphere
with Miyuki-chan and her friend, Ayami-chan.]
[Soon, the last train ride had ended and Miyuki-chan
who lives in Kichijoji wasn't able to go home.]
[Also we got even more drunk...]
[...and found myself at my place with
the three of us watching DVDs.]
Let’s see it one more time!
One more time!
[What's this?]
Oh, crap…
[What's happening here?]
(BGM: “Ikareta BABY” by Fishmans)
~Kanashi toki ni ukabu no wa~
*When you’re sad, it hovers*
~Itsu demo kimi no~
*Your face*
[What the-? Huh? What's this?]
~Kao datta yo~
*All the time*
[What's happening?]
[I never had this kind of pattern...]
~Kanashi toki ni~
*When you’re sad*
[Huh? So then..]
~Warau no wa~
*I laugh*
[Let's see...]
~Itsu demo kunno koto datta yo~
*It was always you*
~Hito wa itsu demo~
*Always the one*
Shoot… I fell asleep.
Oh… did I snore?
Instead of snoring…
…you should worry about your drool.
That’s some drool.
Oh, crap…
Somehow, I’m so sleepy…
Oh, it’s time to catch the first train.
Let’s go, Miyuki.
Don’t wanna~
Want to sleep.
Let’s go~
Come on, get up.
Hey, Miyuki…
Let’s go home~… It’s no use.
Can I leave her here?
Oh, yeah.
So then, til next time ..
We’ll go drinking again.
Oh, yeah. Til next time.
You have Twitter?
Yeah, I do.
Then let’s follow each other from now on.
Yeah, sure. Take care.
Do you know how to go back?
Yeah, maybe… I’ll just walk straight ahead?
Yeah, be careful.
That’s right! I’m Matsuo!!
Oh, shoot… I fell asleep.
…you might catch a cold sleeping like that.
It’s okay to sleep on my bed for now.
Oh, okay…
Thanks. I think I will…
Oh, well, so then…
Can I borrow a t-shirt?
And maybe a…
…a pair of shorts or something.
– Shorts? Sure…
…a pair of shorts or something.
Are you okay with this?
Where’s your bathroom?
Oh, the bathroom! Over there.
Is this okay?
Yeah, it’s okay.
Oh, right!
Sorry, I’m gonna take a shower, okay?
Oh, no problem.
Oh, so it is.
So, good night.
Oh, yeah… good night.
You wanna sleep with me?
I… uh…
It’s okay, I’ll just sleep here…
Okay, then, can you give me some water?
I’m thirsty.
Oh, water? Okay.
[Eh?! "You wanna sleep with me?"
What the heck should I say?]
["Are you half-asleep?"]
["Or drunk?"]
Here’s your water…
Here, water.
You wanna drink?
Uh, sure.
Let’s sleep.
– Hey, Yukiyo-kun..
– Yeah?
What time do you have to be at work tomorrow?
By noon.
Yeah, me, too.
I don’t wanna…
[What the hell!]
[What the hell is this!]
[I can't! My brain can't handle
this kind of situation!]
[This... Hey!!]
[She's not wearing a bra!]
[Is this that kind of atmosphere?]
[Is this IT?]
[Is this where I can go all the way!?]
[Yes, I can!]
[I can really do it--!]
What is it?
Uh, yes…
Um… sex…
Is there a…
…a Starbucks around here?
Uh. Yeah.
Okay, then…
Get some sleep…
…and then let’s go there
after we wake up.
Oh, okay…
You know…
I don’t take caffeine…
I can only drink decaf.
Oh, I see.
That’s right.
Let’s go to a festival!
Then, let’s go together.
[What is this?]
[It looks like a real couple or something...]
[It's the first time I felt anything like this...]
[So far, she's so different
from anyone I've ever met.]
[...she already has a boyfriend.]
[In the past, I would probably have ran away.]
[There's no way I can have her!]
Well, then…
Til next time.
[This could be my greatest love...]
[This IS really my moteki!]
(BGM: “Baby Cruising Love” by Perfume)
~Kono unmei wa~
*Fate of love*
~Ai no shoumei wa~
*Proof of love*
~Futari no koukai to~
*May have something similar*
~Nanika ga niteiru kamone~
*To our voyage*
~Ai ni ikitai yo~
*I want to go see you…*
~To’oi kuukan wo~
*Far beyond space*
~Baby Cruising Love~
~Tadoritsukitai ano basho~
*I want to reach that place soon*
~Kantan na koto tte kanchigai wo shite itara~
*Whenever I misunderstood about something easy*
~Handan ayamatte ushiro wo furikaeru nda~
*I misjudge and look back*
~Nandatte itsumo chikamichi wo sagashite kita~
*I’ve always been looking for shortcuts for anything*
~Kekkyoku taisetsu na takaramono made nakushita~
*After all, I’ve lost my precious treasure*
~Hatto shite ki ga tsui tara~
*When suddenly I noticed it*
~Hikikaese nai hodo no kyori ga~
*There had been a distance even I couldn’t go back to*
~Tada mae wo miru koto wa~
*Just continue looking ahead*
~Kowakute shouganai ne~
*It’s scary, and we can’t do anything about it*
~Kono unmei wa~
*Fate of love*
~Ai no shoumei wa~
*Proof of love*
~Futari no koukai to~
*May have something similar*
~Nanika ga niteiru kamone~
*To our voyage*
~Ai ni ikitai yo~
*I want to go see you…*
~To’oi kuukan wo~
*Far beyond space*
~Baby Cruising Love~
~Tadoritsukitai ano basho~
*I want to reach that place soon*
~Baby Cruising Love~
~Baby Cruising Love~
~Baby Cruising Love~
~Kono unmei wa~
*Fate of love*
~Ai no shoumei wa~
*Proof of love*
~Futari no koukai to~
*May have something similar*
~Nanika ga niteiru kamone~
*To our voyage*
~Ai ni ikitai yo~
*I want to go see you…*
~To’oi kuukan wo~
*Far beyond space*
~Baby Cruising Love~
~Tadoritsukitai ano basho~
*I want to reach that place soon*
– Go for it!!
– Good luck!
[Thank you, Perfume!]
[Thank you, dancers!]
[I'm gonna move forward with Miyuki!]
[I'm gonna start with my "voyage!"]
“So, that’s what I thought…”
“I’ve got a hang-over,
my head hurts…”
“Will I be able to handle my work?”
“Well, me, too…”
“…I don’t want to work.”
but couldn’t eat.”
“Don’t you make your meals at home?”
“According to your tweets, it
seems you eat out often.”
“I do cook but nothing fancy.”
“If you want, I can make something for you.”
“I’m gonna look forward to it!”
“So when can we meet again?”
“I’ll contact you, okay?”
[I haven't heard from her
for 25 hours, 46 minutes.]
It seems she went out drinking last night.
There’s a picture… I guess
they’re the staff from her company.
“Today, will be late due to
an interview and photo shoot…”
But what’s with these replies?
Is she familiar with this person?
Is this a guy?…A girl?
[Ah, dammit!]
[Why am I checking out all her tweets?]
[Really gross!]
[My feelings increasing while
not seeing her... It's so annoying!]
[No, I mustn't!]
[I just met her the first
time the other day!]
[I gotta act cool!]
[Besides, she has a boyfriend!]
[I can't expect anything from her!]
[I mustn't expect anything!]
(BGM: “Hashire!” by Momoiro Clover)
~Egao ga tomaranai!~
*I can’t stop smiling*
~Odoru kokoro tomaranai!~
*My heart can’t stop dancing*
~Ugoki dasu yo kimi no moto he~
*I start moving towards you*
~Hashire! Hashire! Hashire!~
*Run! Run! Run!*
~Egao ga tomaranai!~
*I can’t stop smiling*
~Odoru kokoro tomaranai!~
*My heart can’t stop dancing*
~Ugoki dasu yo kimi no moto he~
*I start moving towards you*
[Yeah, that's right!]
~Ugoki dasu yo kimi no moto he~
*I start moving towards you*
[That's because I haven't told
her properly that I like her!]
[I'm gonna tell her now
what my heart feels!]
[I'm going to Miyuki-chan!]
[I'm going towards you!]
~Ugoki dashite boku no karada~
*My body is moving towards you*
~Hashire! Hashire! Hashire!~
*Run! Run! Run!*
Wake up, you big loser~!!
Will you stop listening to idol songs
and get a freakin grip, dumbass!
Watch out.
Idol songs are like a drug
when you’re feeling down.
Momoiro Clover, AKB48, SmileAge…
They’re all the same!
“Express your feelings of love…”
Their lyrics place importance on that
and brainwash people into confessing their love.
It’s not being in touch with reality!
Uh, yes…
I know.
I know that more than anyone…
I was paying close attention to it but…
What was I doing….
Oh… I’m sorry.
No, thank you for pointing it out!
I’m ashamed. Really I am!
I apologize. I’m sorry.
How did you all know…?
As a matter of fact, Fuji…
…your Twitter password…
…we were able to obtain it…
So the staff has been…
…checking out your direct messages.
We are all more than work, you know.
We’ve been checking them out…
…and havin’ a helluva good time!
Seriously, would you please cut me some slack!
What the hell’s wrong
with this company?!
I’m sorry! But really…
We already erased your password.
I changed it already!
It’s too late but…
…your DMs (direct message), you know…
…were really exciting.
Fuji is obviously in love, right?
Actually, what was it about?
More importantly, have you done it with her?
You did?
You did it, right?
Uhm… I didn’t…
This… go take it, man… Seriously…
Use it when you kiss.
I don’t need it!
No, what I mean is…
Here’s two for you.
No, how can I…
How can I?!
She has a boyfriend!!
– Excuse me.
– Yes?
An order of this salad…
Yes, sir.
And collagen boiled gyoza.
[This bastard... Why is he ordering lame foods in
this kind of timing like some freakin' office girl?!]
So listen up, Fuji.
Are you gonna give up?
If she doesn’t have a boyfriend…
…then all the men in the world
are your rivals.
But then…
If she does have a boyfriend…
…you’ll only have one rival.
You and this Miyuki…
It could be destiny!
Destined to be doomed!!
That’s the thing!
[You rotten jerks...]
[I'll never forgive you!]
Oh, isn’t this the same pattern again?
Feels like destiny right from the start.
Who is it?
– I’m going to the restroom…
– Wait, wait!
It’s… Miyuki-chan..
No, no…
Quickly take it! You should answer it!
Um, hello?
“Ah, Yukiyo-kun?”
“I’m sorry! I wasn’t able to reply at all…”
No, no, no!
It’s completely okay.
“What’re you doing now?”
Oh, I see… I wish I was drinking, too.
What did she say?
She’s coming.
Let’s get busy then!
Good good good good!
First, let’s put her here…
Sit here and relax.
Please stop it!
Sorry, can I join in?
Oh, I also came here with my friend.
Good evening…
Sorry to drop in so suddenly.
I’m Masumoto Rumiko.
Please sit.
Oh, well, Miyuki-chan!
Hello. Nice to meet you~.
Please I beg you…
I’m really sorry to barge in like this.
No, no, no! Not at all!
Give them the menu.
Oh, thank you.
Ah! By the way…
Rumiko doesn’t have a boyfriend now.
– Stop it! That is really stupid…
– So, please take care of her!
What is it that you do?
Um, I’m a designer of mini-cars.
Uh, here…
I design stuff…
…that transforms into mini-car toys.
Like this Skyline*…
(*Nissan Skyline car)
…It becomes a police car!
Wow! That’s cool!
– Right?
– This is fantastic!
– Really?
– Yes! Really…
But it’s really childish.
But it’s not, right?
– But you know…
– Isn’t it cute?
– Is there someone that you like?
– Cool…
Right now, there’s no one.
Sorry, Yukiyo-kun…
I gotta get up early tomorrow…
– I have to go.
– Oh, I see.
I’m going so I’ll leave Rumiko
in your care, okay?
Uh, okay.
I have to disappear now….
(Note: She’s making hand gestures like a Ninja and
throwing shuriken blades)
Shoo shoo shoo!
(Note: She’s making hand gestures like a Ninja and
throwing shuriken blades)
Aww, c’mon!
I’m leaving Rumiko with you guys…
So take care of her please.
Wait! Miyuki!
I’m sorry! Bye now… I’ll call you.
Oh, yeah ..
Yeah! Bye-bye.
I’m going now, yes. I’ll be
riding a taxi.
Done? Are we finished?
(BGM: “Konayuki” by Remioromen)
~Tsunagatteita noni~
*…were connected to each other.*
~Konayuki nee eien wo~
*Powdered snow is…*
[Was it her boyfriend?]
[When she said she's going "now,"
it was her boyfriend, huh?]
[So by now I'm sure
they're having sex.]
Uh, yes?
You don’t sing?
No. I do sing.
Well, sorta..
Anyway, do you
sing, too, Rumiko-san?
Well, somehow…
Well, you don’t seem the type
who does karaoke much.
Well, the thing is…
I like karaoke so much that
I actually even come here alone.
I go often, too!
I would also sing alone.
Oh, if you like you can sing anything.
Let’s see…
Ah.. oh my goodness…
I’m so nervous!
By: Mariya Takeuchi
That’s mine.
Go, Rumiko-san!
Oh, sorry! Oh, dear…
~Tomodachi ijou no kimochi~
*More than a friend*
~Mune ni tojikomete kita keredo~
*I have locked away my heart but*
~Kokoro ga mou uso wo tsukenakute~
*This heart could not lie anymore*
~Konna ni setsunai~
*So sad*
~Konna ni setsunai~
*So sad*
[This song...]
~Konna ni setsunai~
*So sad*
[..the lyrics...]
~Konna ni setsunai~
*So sad*
~Futoshita shigusa ni hisomu~
*Hidden unexpected gestures*
~Futoshita shigusa ni hisomu~
*Hidden unexpected gestures*
~Anata no omoi wo tashikameru~
*Make sure of your feelings*
[Were you testing my feelings?]
~Anata no omoi wo tashikameru~
*Make sure of your feelings*
~Nagai aida iezu ni ita koto~
*For so long, I cannot say it*
~Moshikashitara watashi to onaji da to…~
*If you feel the same way as me…*
[Miyuki's feelings and mine...]
~Moshikashitara watashi to onaji da to…~
*If I feel the same way…*
[...are the same?!]
~Me to me ga atte yubi ga fureau sono toki~
*Eye to eye, our fingers touch
each other all the time*
*All the riddles will be solved*
~Damatta mama de hayaku kuchibiru ubatte~
*Keep quiet…Hurry and steal my lips*
~Yatto ieru “suki datta” to~
*I can finally say “I love you”*
That was great!
No… really it was the best!
Totally awesome!
Good luck, okay?!
So then, Rumiko, do your best!
Yes.. you, too!
…Let’s do our best.
Good luck to you…
Good luck…to ME~!!
(BGM: “Anoko boku ga rongushuto kimetara
donna kao suru darou” by Okamura Yasuyuki)
~Ato mo 15-byo de~
*The next 15 seconds*
[I'm gonna do my best!]
~Ato mo 15-byo de~
*The next 15 seconds*
[I will not end up in the self-contained love patterns!]
~Ato mo 15-byo de~
*The next 15 seconds*
[I will not end up in the self-contained love patterns!]
~Konomama ja 35 renpai~
*As it is, 35 straight losses*
[She pretty much knows how I feel...]
~Konomama ja 35 renpai~
*As it is, 35 straight losses*
[No self-denial...]
~Boku no mune no doramu ga~
*The drums in my heart*
[I will enjoy this love!]
~Boku no mune no doramu ga~
*The drums in my heart…*
[I will enjoy this love!]
~Hebimeta o netsuen shite iru~
*…are playing Heavy Metal*
[Don't be impatient even if you can't be alone with her!]
~Hebimeta o netsuen shite iru~
*are playing Heavy Metal*
*Slipping shoes in sweat*
~Marude utau iruka mitaida~
*Like a dolphin singing*
~Anoko boku ga rongushuto kimetara~
*If I can make this long shot, I wonder*
[Although she is a playgirl, no worries!]
~Anoko boku ga rongushuto kimetara~
*If I can make this long shot, I wonder*
~Donna kao suru darou~
*What kind of face she’ll make?*
~Daremoga mo akiramete nigaku hohoemukeredo~
*Everyone is giving up now smiling bitterly but*
[Alright! Alright!]
~Daremoga mo akiramete nigaku hohoemukeredo~
*Everyone is giving up now smiling bitterly but*
[The distance between us is closing in]
~Daremoga mo akiramete nigaku hohoemukeredo~
*Everyone is giving up now smiling bitterly but*
[I think she sees me more than she does
with her boyfriend for the past month.]
~Daremoga mo akiramete nigaku hohoemukeredo~
*Everyone is giving up now smiling bitterly but*
[And I think Miyuki-chan is starting to like me!]
~Bokuranara dekiru hazu~
*But we should be able to…*
Of course not, stupid!
Nothing has changed at all!
No, it did!
Because we’re getting
closer as friends…
And also we’ve been meeting everyday…
…and I’ve been receiving
lots of emails from her.
And seriously, I’m convinced that she sees
me more than she sees her boyfriend.
Listen, Fuji…
Tell me…
Have you met her boyfriend? How’s he like?
I, uh…
I don’t know him actually.
Well, you see, he doesn’t come up
in our conversations…
I mean… uh… well…
right now.. the timing’s not…
What’s wrong with this picture?
I know that…!
– I know…
– No, not you!
I’m talking about this b*tch, man!
So what do you like about her?
– What?
– Her big boobs?
That’s not it…
It IS, right?
…listen, Fuji, okay?
That kind of girl…
…enjoys having men fall for her.
She may be meeting with you…
…and replying to your emails…
But you’re not the only one, she also meets
with her boyfriend all the time, think about that.
[Yeah, but...]
[I want to do it, too...]
[But I don't know how to go about it...]
[I don't get it.]
What’s the matter?
Well…weren’t you staring at me or something?
Was I?
Uh, no… no reason.
Did something happen?
What? No, no…Nothing happened.
What? C’mon, tell me what happened.
Actually, you see…
I always had difficulty talking to people
while looking into their eyes.
I see…
So then…
Let’s have a staring contest while talking.
– What?
– C’mon, let’s play!
So instead…
…the first to look away loses.
Alright then… start!
I lost! I give up!
That was pretty fast!
No… I really can’t..
It felt like forever to me.
So short! It was too soon.
Oh, my, I’m shedding tears.
Say, Miyuki-chan…
…you see, I…
…don’t wanna go home.
Then you wanna stay at my place tonight?
I still have some work to do at home,
but you can go ahead and sleep.
Oh, yeah.. okay–…
So, uh.. yeah.
Excuse me! Tequila please!
[Yes, this is it!]
– “What happened to you?”
[Yes, this is it!]
– [I'm finally gonna have sex!]
– “Are you alright?”
Mmm…. Miyuki-chan…
Uh, is there…
…someone else living here?
But that person’s not coming
back so it’s okay.
You can stay here in my room.
(BGM: “Yorokobi ni saku hana” by ACO)
~Karada o zutto hitashite mo~
*Even if I soak my body all the way through*
~Sukoshi kokoro o herasu no yo~
*I’ll still lose a little of my heart*
~Ashita kara…mae o mite…~
*Starting tomorrow, I’ll look ahead*
~Ashita kara…mae o mite…~
*Starting tomorrow, I’ll look ahead*
Why did you tweet that you’re lonely?
~Oborete yuku wa mainichi no anata ni~
*I’m drowning in you everyday.*
~Yukkuri to iki mo dekizu ni~
*I can’t even take slow breaths*
~Anata e to afureru kotoba wa~
*I’m filled with words for you*
~Kesshite yasashiku wa nai nodakedo~
*But they’ll never be gentle*
~Sono hiza no ue ni oita ude…~
*Those arms resting on your knees*
~Kino aishita yubi~
*Those fingers I loved yesterday*
~Kyoo nemutte miru yume wa~
*The dream that I see when I fall asleep today*
~Eien no maboroshi yo~
*Is an endless illusion*
~Yorokobi ni saku hana ga~
*If the flower that blooms in bliss…*
~Karete shimattanara~
*Ever withers away*
~Kan tan yo watashi wa on’na de~
*Easy to explain, I’m a woman*
~Totemo kokoro ga yowai~
*And my heart is very fragile*
[Is this good!? Yes! I'm doing it!]
[Alright! I've managed to turn
things around!]
[Yes! I can do this!]
[I should continue kissing her
and let her lie down on the bed...]
[No, no... first, I gotta undress her!]
Huh? Came back…?
For r-real?!
Yeah, but ..
I gotta go!
Not good!
Not good! Too high!
Bad, bad!
What am I gonna do?
Why didn’t you make proper arrangements?
Wait! What’re you doing!!
Wait! Wait!
Oh, no, no…
Miyuki! What’re you gonna tell him?!
Hey there.~
Oh, it’s you Ayami.
Sorry for coming so suddenly…
My phone’s dead, can I stay here tonight?
Sorry, is someone here?
Yeah! Yukiyo’s sleeping over here.
Oh, yeah?
Hey, wassup!
Good evening.
They made me have tequila at the
party after the live concert…
Oh, yeah? Who?
Huh? Hamaken…
He’s really the worst!
For real?
Want some water?
Okay… I’m leaving.
I just remembered that I need to
do some work.
Oh, yeah?
Okay then, see ya!
Yeah, bye.
“Shikkaku (Disqualified)”
By: Tachibana Izumi
~Jibun no iitai koto o watashi wa nani mo iwanai~
*I cannot say what I wanted to say*
~Jibun no yaritai koto o watashi wa nanimo dekinai~
*I cannot do what I wanted to do*
[Not cool... Not cool...]
~Jibun no tame ni naitemo hito no tame ni wa nakenai~
*I can cry for myself but not for others*
[Not cool! Not cool! Not cool~!!]
~Shugi shucho o sakende soto wo~
*To assert my principles, I don’t have*
~Aruku yuuki nankanai~
*The courage to walk off and shout*
~Hinemosu beddo ni neteruno ha byonin ka akanbo~
*Only ones who stay in bed all
day are either ill or babies*
~Nanimokamo ga iya ni naruniha
madamada waka sugiru~
*Still too young to get sick of everything*
~Kizutsuita kizutsukerareta to sawaide usabarashi~
*Fussing over bruised feelings to vent the frustration*
~Shitsuren shita tomodachi nagusame~
*While consulting a broken-hearted friend*
~Doko ka hotsu to shi teru~
*Somehow feels comforting*
~Anata wa shikkaku! So hakkiri iwaretai~
*You’re disqualified! I want someone to tell me that*
[I wanna die! I wanna die! I wanna die!]
I want to love…
…want to freely…
I want to freely love someone.
What’re you doing?
Wow! This guy right here?
Yeah. This man’s a 31-year-old virgin,
Fujimoto Yukiyo.
Really? Hello~!
Sumi-san, tell me more about him.
Hey, say hello.
…He’s feeling nervous.
Can I go home?
I really don’t like to pay to be treated nicely.
Besides, I’m uncomfortable with people
who wears that kind of make-up.
What? Wait a minute! Why not?
You don’t wanna tell me your story?
C’mon, sit down?
He sat down~.
Fujimoto-san, this girl Miyuki…
Maybe you’re not really in love with her…
Well, just like your last “moteki…”
…everytime a girl told you that they like you…
…you’ll go along with it right away.
Isn’t this the same pattern?
Don’t give me that crap…
It has really evolved, you know.
Eh? Where?
I’m going for her wholeheartedly this time!
So then, if you go and confess
your love for her….
…it’ll still be the same as your
current situation.
Even if you had sex with her…
…she will not become yours.
That’s right.
In fact, Fujimoto-san, I don’t think
she’s your “No. 1,” is she?
She’s right.
Sumi-san, keep quiet, will ya!
She’s not kind at all!
Ai-chan, don’t pick on him too much.
Because a virgin easily gets hurt.
I told you I’m not a virgin…
Quit calling me that, will ya?
Yes. I’m drinking with the idiot. Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
I’m sorry.
But Fujimoto-san…
…I don’t think it’ll work between you and that girl.
I know you have big boobs…
But don’t flatter yourself, ya bitch!
Sorry about my boobies!
Those boobs…
Those boobs!
[I won't be touching them anymore.]
[Miyuki's boobs...]
Good morning.
You were very impressive
last night, Fujimoto-san.
Would you like more?
What?… Wait, what?
“Ai! Time to eat!”
Your new husband looks like an earnest guy.
So when can he move in?
We have to take care of the marriage
papers so he can’t run away.
This is Risa-chan!
He’s gonna be your new daddy.
– Hey, wait a sec…
– “I am Risa~!”…
Which room on the second floor?
Huh? The tatami room.
How much can you pay?
About 20,000 yen ($260)?
– Not enough.
– Then what?
40,000 ($500).
What? 40,000 is impossible.
I’m sorry! I’m…
Although I was so drunk…
I caused so much trouble to your daughter.
And I don’t really remember anything at all…
I can’t marry yet…
I still don’t have a position
at my workplace…
With my lousy annual salary of
2.3 million ($25K), it’s not possible.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
You’re joking, seriously,
it was a joke.
Nothing happened…
You actually thought we had sex…
What did you eat this morning?
You ate bread?
Did anyone have rice?
I didn’t have…a breakfast!
I don’t eat it, too.
Do you have a marriage dream?
Right? You just want to fall in love?
No… well..
Not really but…
I don’t even have anyone to
love so it can’t happen.
I want to get married again soon.
Oh, is that right.
Yeah. But men…
…wants to “stay in love” even after marrying, right?
This baby’s daddy…
…kept having affairs…
But then…
…all because I became a mother,
and no longer the lover…
I understand that now.
Ah! I don’t understand difficult things.
Well, for men in general…
…compared to the old days…
…there’s no reason to marry young.
Financially and respectability.
Well, there’s a lot of people like that…
And there are many fun things out there…
But it’s the same for women, too.
How should I put it…
…men and women’s clearly different points…
Fujimoto-san, what do you think it is?
A-About what?
Time limit to have a child.
That’s the only thing that hasn’t changed…
That’s why…
There are limits to how long they can wait.
Oh, I’m going this way.
Oh, okay.
Then, please come see me at the bar.
I will…
…listen, okay?
If you feel up to it…
…please marry me?
As for Fujimoto-san’s type…
…there’ll be someone who’ll want you.
So long!
(“Ai no Bakudan” By B’z)
~Ai no bakudan motto takusan okkotoshite kure~
*Drop many more Love Bombs for me*
(“Ultra-Soul” by B’z)
~Soshite kagayaku ultra-soul~
*And then that ultra soul will shine!*
(“Shoudou” by B’z)
*Everything about you gives me impulse*
~Go for it! Go for it!~
~Aijyou koso ga shoudou~
*Affection is what drives someone*
Yikes… she’s all alone
singing karaoke.
– Scary.
– Ugh.
Isn’t she pathetic?
~Yeahhh… Yeah!~
“I’m alone singing karaoke.”
“Singing a medley of B’z songs is the best!”
“But Inaba-san’s* voice key is too high!”
(*Inaba Koshi = lead singer of B’z)
“I’m down in the dumps and drinking alone…”
“B’z on cable radio is annoying…”
“No, I’m just jealous of Inaba’s
energy right now.”
~Ai no bakudan motto takusan okkotoshite kure~
*Drop many more Love Bombs for me*
~Nemurenai kono machi no domannaka ni~
*Right in the middle of this sleepless street*
~Soshite kagayaku ultra-soul~
*And then that ultra soul will shine!*
~Doko ka ni ikeru to shinjiyou~
*I’ll believe that it’ll lead me somewhere*
*Everything about you gives me impulse*
~Go for it! Go for it!~
Wow… now there’s two…
– Really scary ..
– Freaky, huh?
~Yeahhh.. Yeah!~
What the hell?
That was awesome!
Frankly, I don’t even like B’z at all.
But singing their songs sure feels great!
I’m glad.
I was worried you’ll think I’m weird.
But you really do this, huh?
Going to karaoke alone.
Do you think I’m weird…?
No, no, that’s not what I meant.
I told you before that I also do that.
Oh… right.
By the way, how old are you, Rumiko-san?
Oh.. well…
I’m 33.
Oh, so that means…
Miyuki-chan is…
…7 years younger.
It’s unusual, isn’t it?
Our age difference is much more
than something like normal siblings.
We just hit it off and felt comfortable
with each other.
Yeah, I can see that with her.
We should all get together again…
The other day, I went to Miyuki-chan’s place.
You know…
She’s living with her boyfriend.
I thought her boyfriend had
come home suddenly…
…and she saw me in a total panic…
After that, I guess we became a bit
awkward with each other.
Well, I guess I can handle the
fact that she has a boyfriend.
I’m not good enough.
…can I sing?
Oh, sure.
Woah, I haven’t heard this in a while.
[Lyrics: Yuki . Composed by: Takuya]
~Dan dan fushigi na yoru ga kita~
*The mysterious night gradually comes*
Man, that song was great.
Yeah… I mean…
I really didn’t listen to Judy and Mary’s
songs much…
I see.
I, on the other hand, don’t know
much about Yuki’s* newer songs.
(*Lead singer of Judy and Mary, now a solo artist)
Oh, yeah? It’s really good.
Oh! If you want, I’ll lend you my CD collection.
Wow! Thanks!
So then…
Yeah, see ya.
Contact me again, okay?
Yeah, you, too.
Oh, and Miyuki, too.
Oh. Okay.
~Dan dan fushigi na yoru ga kita~
*The mysterious night gradually comes*
Yeah, bye.
~Dan dan fushigi na yoru ga kita~
*The mysterious night gradually comes*
~Anata to yume no nakae~
*With you into a dream*
~Utagoe wa hibiku kogoeru fuyu no sora ni~
*I can hear a singing voice in the frozen winter sky*
~Anata to futari de kono mama kieteshimaou~
*Let’s disappear together like this*
~Ima anata no karada ni~
*I am melting into you*
~Tokete hitotsu ni kasanarou~
*Becoming one*
~Tada anata no nukumori wo~
*It’s just your warmth*
~Hada de kanjiteru yoake~
*Against my skin in the dawn*
~Kyou kegarenaki hitsuji tachi wa~
*Today the innocent sheeps are*
~Inochi no mizu wo sosoide~
*Pouring out their life’s water*
~Yuki no naka wo samayotteru~
*Wandering around in the snow*
Excuse me!
~Yuki no naka wo samayotteru~
*Wandering around in the snow*
~Yuki no naka wo samayotteru~
*Wandering around in the snow*
Excuse me…
~Yuki no naka wo samayotteru~
*Wandering around in the snow*
I said wait…
What is it?
I really like you, Yukiyo-kun.
I love you.
I really do.
~Anata to futari de kono mama kieteshimaou~
*Let’s disappear together like this*
~Ima anata no karada ni~
*I am melting into you*
~Tokete hitotsu ni kasanarou~
*Becoming one*
~Anata to futari de kono mama kieteshimaou~
*Let’s disappear together like this*
~Ima anata no karada ni~
*I am melting into you*
~Tokete hitotsu ni kasanarou~
*Becoming one*
[Huh? What's this?]
~Tokete hitotsu ni kasanarou~
*Becoming one*
[Is this okay?]
~Tokete hitotsu ni kasanarou~
*Becoming one*
[Am I gonna have my second sexual experience?]
~Tada anata no nukumori wo~
*It’s just your warmth*
[But then...somehow...]
~Tada anata no nukumori wo~
*It’s just your warmth*
~Hada de kanjiteru yoake~
*Against my skin in the dawn*
Good morning…
No! Don’t look!
I didn’t take off my make-up…
No, no, no… It’s okay.
I have poor eyesight anyway.
No, no, no!
I’m sorry… Can I take a bath?
Oh, ‘kay.
I borrowed your towel, okay?
You want tea or coffee?
Mm-hmm ..
Should I make breakfast?
Can I look in your fridge?
Oh, it’s alright! I’m fine! Stop…
I’m sorry.
I didn’t mean anything by that.
When my hair dries, I’ll be on my way.
“Karaoke was great! B’z is the best!”
“I was alone at karaoke, now there’s 2 of us”
“Time for Disco.”
(BGM: “DESCO” by Ziyoou-vachi)
~Amaku sukitoru kotoba “Who are you?”~
*Transparent words, “Who are you?”
~Son’na koto shiranai wa~
*I don’t know about it*
~Purasuchikku no karada mamoru koto ga dekinai no~
*Cannot protect this plastic body*
~Ima ijo soreijo ni mo do shiyo mo nai i~
*There’s nothing more that can be done*
~Nee disuko ni yukitai no ima hikari ni mamirete~
*Hey, I wanna go to a disco, basked in light*
~Pureidisuko kirakira tobichiru yoru ni wa~
*Play disco in the glittering night*
~U-ea, disuko abunai asobi de kimeru no~
*Yeah, Disco, decide to play dangerously*
~Shiranai eiga no ketsumatsu*
*I don’t know how the movie ends*
~Oshiete kurete mo tsumaranai no yo~
*Don’t tell me it’s boring*
~Pureidisuko kirakira tobichiru yoru ni wa~
*Play disco in the glittering night*
They’re good!
They totally rock, huh?
We’re gonna interview them for next month’s
feature, so listen well.
Oh, you’re here, too?
Yes, I’m covering this event.
Are you with someone?
Uh, yes I am!
It’s been a while… You’re doin’ okay?
Yeah, I’m good.
Well, we haven’t been in touch lately.
So… how’ve you been?
Oh, I’m a bit busy these days.
Oh! Yeah…Hi.
How come…?
I just wanted to see this
type of live concert…
So I asked Miyuki…
– Here, Rumiko..
– Oh, thanks.
Let’s go?
Uh, wait…
“How do you do, I’m Nakimiso…”
“Pleased to meet you all.”
Nothing, never mind.
(“Tomodachi ja gaman dekinai” by Maeno Kenta)
~Kitsuku dakiatte~
*Hugging each other tightly*
~Kitsuku dakiatte~
*Hugging each other tightly*
~Hanareba nare ni naru ne~
*I get drift away*
[I should tell Rumiko-san
after this concert...]
[...we should start dating.]
[I'm sure I can begin to love her...]
~Tomodachi ja gaman dekinai~
*I can’t stand being friends*
~Anata no koibito ni naritai~
*I want to be your lover*
~Watashi no tanoshi omoide zenbu ageru kara~
*I’ll give you all the fondest memories*
~Anata no koibito ni naritai~
*I want to be your lover.*
~Tomodachi ja gaman dekinai~
*I can’t stand being friends*
~Tomodachi ja gaman dekinai~
*I can’t stand being friends*
…slept with Rumiko.
~Tomodachi ja gaman dekinai~
*I can’t stand being friends*
~Anata no koibito ni naritai~
*I want to be your lover*
What’s up?
“There are tickets available for
the next event at discounted rates…”
“…also for the tickets to
Sense of Wonder Festival…”
[Oh, my God... why did I say that?]
[This is bad. I ought to apologize.]
[How am I going to apologize?]
“This is not cool.”
Good work.
“Then let’s do it later.”
– Come.
“Then let’s do it later.”
Over here.
– Taki-san. Can I have a moment?
– Eh?… Sure.
This is our new reporter.
N-Nice to meet you.
I am, uh..
…from “Natalie..”
Hey, dumbass…
You don’t have to hand out
business cards to musicians.
Oh, it’s okay. I don’t need it.
(Note: He is Taki Pierre = musician/actor)
– Sorry!
– He’s a big fan of yours for a long time.
(Note: He is Taki Pierre = musician/actor)
I had some flexi-discs* from the Nagomu** era.
(**Nagomu = now defunct record company)
(*Flexi discs = thin vinyl phonograph records)
Really? I have those, too.
(**Nagomu = now defunct record company)
(*Flexi discs = thin vinyl phonograph records)
Excuse me. You’re Fujimoto-san, right?
Uh, yes, that’s right.
I’m the organizer of today’s event.
I’m Yamashita.
– Oh..
– Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
Miyuki told me a lot about you.
I think we’re of the same age, right?
– Oh, is that so.
– Looking forward to working with you.
Same here.
So then Miyuki-chan…
…when can we go on a date?
– Next week, let’s go next week!
– Taki-san!
– What do you want?
– I told you before…
– What?
– Miyuki and I are living together.
– Seriously?
– Yeah. I already told you that.
What the–
You and Miyuki are an item?
– That’s right.
– What the hell?
I didn’t want everyone
to make a fuss about it.
Hey, you…
You there.
You look like a mouse.
A mouse?
You say that to everyone!
But he really does! A mouse…
Do I really?
Like “squeak~”…
Did you know about that?
About Miyuki-chan’s boyfriend.
Yeah, sorry.
Why are you apologizing?
Oh, right, right…
You kept silent about it
for me, right? I see…
– Uh…
– I see it now.
There’s no way I can go up
against someone like him…
I can’t believe he’s the same age as me…
He’s great…
Looked like a nice guy…
…and seems like he’s
doing a great job, too…
I understand why she’s in love with him.
It all makes sense…
You wanna go for some drinks?
Hey, come with me.
There’s surely an oden shop still open…
I’m sorry…
We became like that the other day…
But I…
…like Miyuki-chan…
I knew about it.
But I…
I was still happy…
I really…
…love you, Yukiyo-kun…
I’m sorry. I can’t go from Miyuki-chan to us
being a couple, it’s impossible for me.
I just can’t.
So then…
…Can we just remain as friends?
Well, it’s impossible to be friends either!
Besides, I don’t think we’re compatible…
We have different interests…
We have totally different tastes in music!
I’m sorry…
I’m sorry…
St-…Stop saying that!
Just try to accept it…
It’s really irritating!
And also…
…you’re such a hassle!
Am I a hassle?!
Am I?!
Then, what do you want me to do? Tell me!
Tell me!
I don’t know what to do!
I’m sorry!
I’ll be better…
I’ll learn anything…
I’ll learn to like what you like…
Like movies…
…and music…
So please don’t see me as a burden!
I’ll even watch Shinsei Kamattechan*
on YouTube from now on.
(*Pop band that promotes their music
through streaming sites)
I won’t even listen to B’z anymore!
I’m sorry…
I just…
Forgive me, Rumiko-san, I just can’t do it.
(BGM: “Bara Bara” by Hoshino Gen)
~Sekai wa hitotsu janai~
*Our worlds are not one*
~Aa sonomama barabara no mama~
*As it is, they remain apart*
~Sekai wa hitotsu ni narenai~
*Worlds can’t become one*
~A sonomama doko ka ni ikou~
*As it is, let’s go somewhere else*
~Kigaau to misekakete~
*Let’s pretend we get along*
~Kasanari ateru dake~
*Just so they can overlap*
~Honmono wa anata watashi wa nisemono~
*You are real, I am fake*
~Sekai wa hitotsu janai~
*Our worlds are not one*
~A motoyori barabara no mama~
*As it is, they remain apart*
~Boku-ra wa hitotsu ni narenai~
*We cannot become one*
~Sonomama doko ka ni ikou~
*As it is, let’s go somewhere else*
~Ano sekai to kono sekai~
*That world and this world*
~Kasanari atta tokoro ni~
*Would overlap at some point*
~Tatta hitotsu no mono ga aru nda~
*There’s only one thing*
~Sekai wa hitotsu janai~
*Our worlds are not one*
~A sonomama kasanari atte~
*As it is, there’s an overlap*
~Boku-ra wa hitotsu ni narenai~
*We cannot become one*
Anyway…it’s true..
Rumiko-san’s a pretty hard worker.
Oh, sorry. I wasn’t listening…
No, it’s okay.
But… the sex was precise, right?
I was able to hit the mark? It’s good, huh?
– Yes.
– Right?
You’re right.
It was precise.
…for Rumiko-san…
From now on…
…maybe you should try having
sex with many guys.
Fujimoto’s not the only man around.
Yeah, you’re right.
What would you want to do for breakfast?
You wanna grab some
macrobiotic breakfast…?
Oh, I’m going home.
I’m hungry.
(BGM: “Kahlua Milk” by Okamura Yasuyaki)
~Ato mou ikkai anata kara mata~
*Just one more*
~Moikkai no denwa de bokuraha de naoseru~
*Just one more call from you and we can start over*
~Demo ko itta koto bakkari tsudzuketara~
*But if we keep this up*
~Ano omoide ga dame ni natte yuku~
*My memories of you will be shattered*
~Kon’nande i no ka wakaranai keredo~
*I don’t know if this is as good as it gets*
~Don’na mono demo kimi ni kanaiyashinai~
*But none of it compares to you*
Excuse me!
~Anokoro no boku wa karuamiruku~
*In those days..*
Can I have a second serving please!
~Anokoro no boku wa karuamiruku~
*In those days..*
Yes, ma’am.
~Nomeba akaku na teta yo ne~
*I got drunk on Kahlua milk*
~Imanara nakama to babonsoda nomeru keredo~
*These days I can drink bourbon sodas with the guys*
~Honto ha oishi to omoenai~
*But I don’t really like them*
What is it? You’re so annoying…
I envy musicians.
Even if you get dumped, just
write songs and get paid for it.
Just because yours is not going well,
don’t go picking on Okamura-san*…
(*The one singing ‘Kahlua Milk’)
No, no…
I won’t be able to create anything and
just do a half-assed job…
– Tsk! Can you stop it…?
I won’t be able to create anything and
just do a half-assed job…
…Your down-in-the-dumps attitude
will become contagious!
Oh, that’s right. Fuji.
The rockfest next week, you know,
“Sense of Wonder…?”
I want you to go…
…and cover it, alright?
Hello. Thanks for taking time to see me.
Thanks for the other day.
We have so many tickets left so we’re
very grateful for your coverage.
Oh, please take a seat.
– Maki!
– Yes, sir?
Three chai,* please.
(*Indian spice milk tea)
Right away.
[Tsk! What's with the freakin' chai?]
Sorry, we’re a little pressed for time…
can we get started please?
Ah… okay.
Let’s see…
This rockfest…
I need to ask what the basic concept is?
Oh, okay…
Well, it’s based on the formative
experience of the festival…
So I wanted to start from there.
So we used to make free paper*…
(*Newspaper meant to be distributed to
a specific audience for free)
…then started to hold events in clubs…
But now we want to have an outdoor festival.
Like feeling the limitations in an enclosed space…
[What the hell's this?]
[I can't comprehend what he's saying...]
[Why do I have to listen to the success story
of the boyfriend of the woman I love?]
[Plus, he's the same age
as me, and he's cool...]
[And he's also a bigshot
producer of music fests.]
[He has everything I don't have!]
[And oh, yeah... he also has had sex
with Miyuki many, many times!]
…and make this an exciting event.
So I do take my wife to it every year.
I think she enjoys it… I hope.
Well, it’s like including it in my family time.
Is that okay to talk about?
About what?
Yamashita-san’s private life…
Oh, I don’t mind at all.
Ah, that’s right…
Miyuki knows about it… my wife, I mean.
We understand. Sorry.
As for our special feature…
Our camp area is much more
convenient than others…
…and it’s also a very accessible environment.
And try to keep the image
of a full support system.
Then… um…
Rather than that .. Isn’t it strange?
About what?
Do you think you really have
convinced her with that?
What do you mean?
Don’t give me that crap!!
Uh… I…
I like Miyuki.
So, at least…
…I ask you not to upset her.
That’s enough, Fujimoto.
Yes, I understand.
Thanks for today.
Thank you for your time.
Let’s go, Fuji.
Are you okay?
Yeah, sorry about that.
I’m fine.
Sumi-san knew about it, didn’t he?
About Yamashita-san.
That he’s married.
So he sent me there on purpose.
I wouldn’t know.
But dammit, why Miyuki-chan?
Does it really matter?
If two people understand each other,
then it’s okay to be together.
That’s bullsh*t!
So what’re you gonna do?
You wanna go back
and beat him up?
Like in some young men’s comics?
You’re gonna learn boxing, too?
Like in the “Boys on the Run” manga?
(*About an awkward guy who learns boxing)
Do you have anything that’s
better than him?
You ask yourself that now!
Want to be free…
Want to have things your way…
Those things are allowed for selected people!
You’re NOT it!
So just shut the hell up, dumbass!
I’ll resign from this job–
You’re not in a position to say such a thing.
Summarize these notes by tomorrow.
(“Sh*tty festival organizer, goddamn bastard
Yamashita Daisuke… f*cking interview”)
Oh, is that so?
Well, he was pretty upset so
he might go to you.
If he calls you, you shouldn’t answer, okay?
“I understand.”
“By the way, Miyuki…”
“You shouldn’t act too kindly…”
“…even to friends.”
“…how far did you go with him?”
This is the first time you worried
about a thing like that.
Doesn’t matter who I was
playing around with…
You never said anything until now.
“I never asked about you either but…”
“Why didn’t you?”
“Why are we talking about this now?”
…if I bring up your wife
in our conversations…
…you talk like it’s an ordinary thing.
…I really hated it!
“…I couldn’t say anything!”
Sorry, Miyuki.
I’m busy right now…
“We’ll do this later.”
Do you love me?
“Miyuki-chan, open the door!”
“We have to talk!”
Miyuki-chan, I need to tell
you something!
Can I borrow a towel or something?
(Note: *Can be interpreted as ‘why?’)
It was raining…
What is it you wanted to say?
I haven’t told you properly but…
Since we first met…
I’ve fallen in love with you.
So you love me, so what?
So what?
I love you so…
I want us to hang out together…
I love you so…
I… I want to be close to you.
And so then?
…it could lead to…
Well… go out with marriage in view.
Well, but, uh, uh, I mean…
Like that of supply and demand,
should have that sort of balance…
Well, I’m really not at the level to say
things like this but…
No, I mean…
So why is it then?!
If you do love me…
…how come you slept with Rumiko!?
Did you think I won’t be hurt by it?!
Like making a spiteful remark…
…telling me that you did it with Rumiko?
You wanted to hurt me, didn’t you?
If you wanna talk about that…
then what about you?
What about me?!
If you were going out with that Daisuke guy…
…then why did you kiss me?
More importantly, he said he’s married!
He has a wife!
Aren’t you bothered about this affair?
Who says I don’t care?!
I never thought that what
I was doing is right…
Not even once!
Can you…
…go out with me?
I’m sorry…
For the last time…
…can I get a hug?
How about a kiss?
I’m sorry.
At least for once…
…can I do it with you?
I won’t do anything…
…but can you let me sleep here?
I’m sorry.
Did you like me?
I cannot grow up with Yukiyo-kun…
Let me smell your breath.
Eh, no way, I ate some garlic! No…
Why not.. why not…
(BGM: “Tokyo” by Quruli)
~Tokyo no machi ni dete kimashita~
*I came out to the city of Tokyo*
~Aikawarazu wake no wakaranai koto itemasu~
*As usual, I’m talking nonsense*
~Hazukashii koto nai yo ni miemasu ka~
*Do I look like I have nothing to be embarrassed about?*
~Eki de tamani mukashi no~
*At the station, sometimes…*
~Kimi ga natsukashiku narimasu~
*I reminisce those days with you*
~Ame ni fura rete karera wa kaze o hikimashita~
*They got caught in the rain and caught a cold*
~Aikawarazu boku wa nantoka daijobudesu~
*As usual, somehow, I’m okay*
~Yoku yasundara kitto yoku naru deshou~
*If they rest well, they’ll be better*
~Kon’ya chotto kimi ni denwa shiyou to omotta~
*I think I’ll try to call you tonight*
~Kimi ga inai koto Kimi to umaku hanasenai koto~
*You may not be home, I may not be able
to talk well with you*
~Kimi ga sutekidatta koto wasurete shimatta koto~
*I have forgotten how nice you were*
(“Young charismatic organizer Daisuke Yamashita
aims for success with music fest, Sense of Wonder”)
(“Click to publish?”)
~Kimi ga iru ka na Kimi to umaku hanaseru ka na~
*I wonder if you’re home, I wonder if I can
talk well with you*
~Maa i ka Demo sugoku tsuraku naru ndarou na~
*Well, it’s ok, but I’m sure it’ll be painful*
~Kimi ga sutekidatta koto Chotto omoidashite miyou ka na~
*Let me remember how wonderful you were*
~Omoidashite miyou ka na~
*Let’s try to remember*
~Kimi ga iru ka na Kimi ga iru ka na~
*I wonder if you’re home, are you home?*
~Kimi to umaku hanaseru ka na~
*I wonder if I can talk well with you…*
~Kemuri hajimeta mukou gawa ni~
*Other side of the smoke*
(BGM: “Ya-do” by Tokyo No. 1 Soul Set)
~Hitori no kage ga rin to ukabu~
*Single shadow rise dignifiedly*
~Itsumademo wasure wa shinai sa
sono yokogao sobie tatsu kaori~
*I’ll never forget your face, your scent*
Is it okay to go get them now?
Oh, right.
You can go get them now.
Hey there.
Great job.
How is it? You’re enjoying it?
Yeah! It’s amazing.
It’s on a totally different scale now.
Well, it’s more work for me.
I can’t even see the show.
I’ll watch it for you.
You’re right.
Can we go eat later?
I have something to say to you.
Oh… What is it?
I have talked things over with my wife.
I have left the house.
We can live together from now on.
What’s with that reaction?
You should be a little more happy about it.
Ah! I’m Fujimoto Yukiyo from Natalie!
Nice to meet you!
– You’re so loud, dumbass!
– Ouch!!
Sorry, it’s always like this…
Is your rib broken?
Sorry, I’m just excited
to see the live concerts.
We’re from Natalie. Please assist us
with this feature coverage. I’m Miura.
– Hello. I’m Karaki.
We’re from Natalie. Please assist us
with this feature coverage. I’m Miura.
We’ll be doing some interviews.
I’ll- I’ll just go to the restroom…
“Oh, sorry…”
“…Once he gets back…”
What do you know! You look cool!
I slept with Rumiko.
I can’t grow up with Yukiyo-kun…
~An’na funi bokura wa meguri atte~
*We were meeting around like that*
~Kon’na funi LIFE TOGETHER shite iru nante~
*Like this life together we have*
~Monogatari wa chito fuantei~
*The story is a bit unstable*
Wait, Miyuki-chan!
Miyuki-chan, wait please!
Hey, Miyuki-chan! Why’re you running?
I said wait!
Hey, Miyuki-chan!!
~Monogatari wa chito fuantei~
*The story is a bit unstable*
~Idea ga atte~
*We met!*
~Wakare ga aru~
*We parted*
~Aenai toki ga sugiyuku yo~
*We didn’t meet as time passes*
~Soredemo kimi wa suki?~
*Do you still love me?*
~Surechigau koto o osorezu~
*Not afraid to pass each other by*
~Darenimo namida misezu~
*Not showing your tears to anyone*
~An’na funi bokura wa meguri atte~
*That way, we met around*
~Kon’nafuni LIFE TOGETHER shite iru nante~
*This kind of life together we have*
~Monogatari wa chito fuantei~
*The story is a bit unstable*
What the hell!
Miyuki-chan, I’m-I’m sorry.
Stop chasing after me!
Leave me alone!
I told you I can’t grow up with you!
I wish I never met you…
I really…
…wish I never met…
Let me go…
Let go!
1, 2, 3, 4
~Monogatari wa chito fuantei~
*The story is a bit unstable*
(“Konya wa Boogie Back” by Scha Dara Parr and Ozawa Kenji)
~Dance floor ni hanayaka na hikari~
*The lights on the dance floor are sparkling*
~Boku wo sotto tsutsumu you na harmony~
*Feels like being gently embraced by the harmony*
~Boogie Back, Shake it Up~
~Kami-sama ga kureta~
*God has given me*
~Amai amai milk and honey~
*Sweet sweet milk and honey*
~Ichi ni san wo matazu ni~
*Without waiting for 1, 2, 3*
~Juuroku shousetsu no tabi no hajimari~
*16th Chapter journey has begun*
=MORIYAMA Mirai (as “Fujimoto Yukiyo”)=
~Bu de doa wo doka- to kette~
*In our boots, kick down the door with a bang*
=MORIYAMA Mirai (as “Fujimoto Yukiyo”)=
~Bu de doa wo doka- to kette~
*In our boots, kick down the door with a bang*
=NAGASAWA Masami (as “Matsuo Miyuki”)=
~”Ruka-” to sakende doka doka itte~
*And loudly shout, “Look out!”*
=NAGASAWA Masami (as “Matsuo Miyuki”)=
~”Ruka-” to sakende doka doka itte~
*And loudly shout, “Look out!”*
=ASO Kumiko (as “Masumoto Rumiko”)=
~Te-buru no piza purasu mo- chikin~
*”Plus more chicken” pizza on the table*
=ASO Kumiko (as “Masumoto Rumiko”)=
~Bi-ru de ikki ni nagashi komi~
*And wash it down all at once with beer*
=NAKA Riisa (as “Ai”)=
~Geppu de minna ni say hello~
*While belching, everyone say “hello”*
=NAKA Riisa (as “Ai”)=
~Geppu de minna ni say hello~
*While belching, everyone say “hello”*
=MAKI Yoko (as “Karaki Motoko”)=
~On and on to the break of dawn~
=YAMADA Maho (as “Ayami”)=
~Te na guai ni Ee ikitaissu ne~
*Like this, we say, “Yeah, wanna go there”*
=DATE Satoru (as “Miura”)=
=LILY (as mother of Ai)=
~Te na guai ni Ee ikitaissu ne~
*Like this, we say, “Yeah, wanna go there”*
=UCHIDA Chika (as “Chika”)=
=HIGASHI Kanako (as “Kaorin”)=
~Issu nee Yeah! Nante nee~
*”Sounds great” Yeah! Like that*
=DENDA Uni (as the water delivery girl)=
=UEDA Haruka (as “Miki-chan”)=
~Yokunai kore? Kore yokunai?~
*Isn’t this great? It’s great, isn’t it?*
=NOBUKAWA Seijun (as “Komiyama Motoki”)=
=AKAHORI Masaaki (as a Yoshinoya clerk)=
~C’mon! (Yokunaku naku naku naku nai?)~
*It’s so so so great, isn’t it*
=MARUMARO Ichiro and
SOFU Koyui (as festival couple)=
~Knock knock! Who is it?~
=ARAI Hirofumi (as “Shimada Yuuichi”)=
~Ore sucha ani in the pureisu to be~
*It’s me, Scha in the place to be*
=KANEKO Nobuaki (as “Yamashita Daisuke”)=
~Nante guai ni ua~ ua~
*Uwah uwah and so on*
=LILY Franky (as “Sumida Takuya”)=
~Wait wait wait wait goddamn~
=LILY Franky (as “Sumida Takuya”)=
~Tte ore tte nani mo ite ne~
*What happened to me?*
=Producers: IZAWA Shohei, ICHIKAWA Minami=
~Iya nake ta su “Eh~” maji nake ta su~
*No, cry out “Eh~” Seriously crying out*
=Executive Producers: NAKAO Tetsuro,
~Furisutairu guai ni maji nake ta su~
*Freestyle and so on, seriously cry*
=Planning and Production: KAWAMURA Genki=
~Stop, check it yo man~
=Producers: SUZUKI Kazumi, OKABE Shinji,
~Kimi koso suge ze bozu MY MAN~
*You’re so awesome, boys my man*
=ART: Sasaki Hisashi=
~Sono gorono bokurato itsutta ra~
*We said that time*
=Stylist: IGA Daisuke=
=Casting: OOZU Sawako=
~Itsumokonna choushi datta~
*The tune was always like this*
=Editing: ISHIDA Yusuke=
=Assistant Director: KOTOKU Koji=
~Kokoro no besuto 10 daiichii wa~
*Our ten best feelings*
=Line Producer: SUGIHARA Nami=
=Photography: MIYAMOTO Wataru=
~Konna kyoku datta~
*Are in this song*
=Lighting: FUKAWA Hidenobu=
=Production-in-charge: TAGUCHINAMA Onore=
~Dance floor ni hanayaka na hikari~
*The lights on the dance floor are sparkling*
=Lighting: FUKAWA Hidenobu=
=Production-in-charge: TAGUCHINAMA Onore=
~Dance floor ni hanayaka na hikari~
*The lights on the dance floor are sparkling*
=Music: IWASAKI Taisei=
=Music Supervisor: KITAHARA Kyoko=
~Boku wo sotto tsutsumu you na harmony~
*Feels like being gently embraced by the harmony*
=Title Back/Musical Scene Director: ISHIDA Yusuke=
=Recording: NAKATA Hideko=
~Boogie Back, Shake it Up~
=Voicing: KATO Yamato=
~Kami-sama ga kureta~
*God has given me*
=Sound Effects: OKAWARA Masahiro=
~Amai amai milk and honey~
*Sweet sweet milk and honey*
=Produced by: TV Tokyo, Toho=
~Kokoro gawari no aite wa~
*Fickle hearted people*
=Co-produced by: Dentsu, Office Crescendo=
~Boku ni kimena yo~
*Decide on me*
=Co-produced by: Sony Music Entertainment=
~Romance no big hitter Great shooter~
*I’m a big hitter for romance A great shooter*
=Co-produced by: Parco, Yahoo!Japan=
~Odori tsudzukeru nara~
*If I can keep dancing*
=Co-produced by: TV Osaka, TV Aichi=
~Saigo ni wa kitto boku koso ga rabu mashin~
*In the end, I’ll be the only love machine*
=Production: Toho Video Planning Department=
~Kimi ni zutto sasageru yo fantaji~
*I’ll always offer you the fantasy*
=Production: Office Crescendo=
~Boogie Back, Shake it Up~
=Distrubuted by: Toho=
~Kami-sama ga kureta~
*God has given me*
~Amai amai milk and honey~
*Sweet, sweet milk and honey*
=Translation and editing: earthcolors=
~Pati tsudzuki moeagaru 2-ri~
*As the party goes on, two people are fired up*
=Spot Translator and QC: danburi=
~So sa beibi koyoi no riariti~
*That’s it baby, it is tonight’s reality*
Styling: furransu
~Boogie Back, Shake it Up~
=Special thanks: zdzd, \( -o _ o- )/=
~Yoru no nakaba ni wa~
*In the middle of the night*
=Credits (Song Translations): AnimeLyrics=
~Kamisama ni arigato~
*Thanks to God*
=Credits (Song Translations): Quartet4=
~Wairudo na kimi uruwashi no fusshi kya~
*The wild side of you is like a lovely pussy cat*
=Credits (Song Translations): B’z Wiki=
~Boku no te ni kamitsuite oru naito rongu~
*You bit at my hand all night long*
=Credits (Song Translations): yarukizero=
~Boogie Back, Shake it Up~
=Credits (Song Translations): Perfume City=
~Yoru no owari ni wa~
*At the end of the night*
~2-ri kiri no wanda rando~
*It’s a wonderland just for the two of us*
Yo! Yo!
Everybody say “Boogie Back!”
“Boogie Back!”
Say “Boogie Back!”
“Boogie Back!”
Say “Boogie Back!” (Boogie Back!)
One more time.
“Boogie Back!”

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