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Jean Dujardin
and Laurent Lucas
in the film
Starring Agnes Blanchot
Aurelien Recoing
Jacques Frantz
and Jean-Pierre Cassel
Screenplay by Frank Mancuso
loosely based on the novel by Lawrence Block “Like a Bone in the Throat”
Composer Krishna Levy
Executive Producer Eric Hubert
Produced by
Romain Le Grand and Patrick Gimenez
A film by Frank Mancuso
Rythmic music
Look at me!
Shut up!
What do you want? What have I done?
Damn! Unbelievable.
Who are you? What do you want?
Taken in for questioning,
June 21, 2003 at 6:05.
Let’s go.
You’re still home?
I am having breakfast.
At eleven o’clock?
I’ve been ready for 30 minutes.
Your daughter is making herself beautiful.
– Should I wait for you?
No, I need to be in the operating room
in a quarter of an hour.
We are going to the pond
and then we’ll get something to eat.
I’ll call you
when I’ve finished.
Switch on your mobile.
Yes, boss. Love you.
Was that mum?
Is she joining us?
No. She’s busy.
We are going biking, not watching
a Spice Girls concert.
This is a sports outfit.
A sports outfit?
That’s right.
And the Spice Girls broke up a long time ago.
They broke up?
Nobody tells me anything.
You’re in custody.
Sign bottom left.
You have the right to a phone call.
Richard, it’s me.
Yes, Gino.
I’ve been arrested.
What for?
How much?
Bugger all – 200 grams.
200 grams, bugger all?
Where are you?
With the drug squad.
Put me on to my colleague.
He is asking for you.
Yes, he told me.
I’m on my way.
Yes …
I have to go. I’m sorry.
You promised to be with me.
It’s my job, honey.
It’s always the same!
You always lie!
I won’t be long. One hour tops.
You say one hour …
… but it will be
three hours!
Listen, it’s 11:20.
I’ll be back at one o’clock.
Go on, Emily …
Put on a DVD. We rented
the latest Tom Cruise with Mom.
Don’t you like Tom Cruise?
He won’t be happy when I tell him.
You don’t even know him.
Yes I do.
I had him in custody last week.
You’ll say anything!
It’s true!
I’ll tell you what he is like.
Brown hair, blue eyes, both of them,
white teeth.
Tall like, well … that.
He is better looking than you.
That’s not true!
Is so!
It’s not true.
Yes it is!
Well, if you say so …
I’ll be quick, I promise.
It’s not true about Tom Cruise?
I’m better looking.
My dad left me on my own again.
We can meet up, if you like.
I don’t know. He’ll be back soon.
Go on.
Your release from custody.
We’re even.
You need to give them something.
Something similar.
You’re tough!
Would you prefer to deal
with the Public Prosecutor?
Emily, is that you?
I owe you one.
One more.
Where are you with your bank robbers?
Soon. They’re ready to roll.
Can I buy you a drink?
No, I don’t have time – my kid is waiting for me.
Yes. Kids, you have to make the most of them.
They grow up fast.
I’d make more of them
if you respected my weekends.
I’ll call you.
She’s gone.
I don’t know.
She made a little scene.
She must be
with the little prick.
Yes, I see evil everywhere.
I’ll call you when I find her.
Love you.
Mobile phone rings
Richard, it’s Stephen.
I was going to call you.
Gino is breaking my balls.
He’s still dealing.
Listen, it’s not that.
Stephen to JP.
Richard is on his way. I’ll accompany him.
Where is it?
Follow me.
Let me go!
No, stop!
Come on!
I beg you.
Don’t go there.
No! No! No!
Sad music
Richard …
I have to ask
you some questions.
In this type of case,
you have to move quickly.
Richard …
Mr. Director-…
Good morning, Arnalde.
Hi, Josse.
Results of the autopsy?
Raped and beaten to death with a stone.
Do we have anything? DNA?
There are traces of lubricant.
From the condoms.
Have we interrogated the boy?
He was with her, but
after an argument, she left.
He went to a friend.
We checked.
How many men do we have
down there?
2 groups. 20 guys.
Is that enough?
Put 10 more cops onto it.
I want this bastard!
Slow music
Can we cover the casket?
Forgive me, my love.
Forgive me.
Sleep, baby.
Police Sirens
The Police
have arrested a suspect …
… In the murder of
little Emily Malinowski.
About 30 years old, the man is
being questioned by the crime squad.
His identity,
for now, has not been divulged.
So, has he confessed?
He continues to deny it.
He says he was there,
but is not involved.
And the forensic identification?
Complete unknown.
We sent his fingerprints for analysis.
Waiting for the results.
Without DNA
we need a confession.
Leave me alone with him
and you’ll have it.
Come on!
He’d claim that the confession was illegally
obtained. We have to do this right.
Am I making myself clear?
Stop it, Richard!
Let me go!
Who let him in?
Calm down!
Let me go!
Calm down!
I’ll take him home.
I want him to stay there
until the other is brought to justice.
Police Sirens
Daniel Eckmann initially denied involvement,
but at the end of his custody, ..
.. he confessed and gave details
that only the killer would have known.
the Crime Squad ..
… believes
that he should be charged.
Charlene Kroth,
Police HQ.
One year later.
Silence in court.
Counsellor, if I understand correctly, …
… The accused has revoked
the confession he made ..
.. June 30, 2003.
Exactly, your Honor.
According to my client,
these confessions, …
… Were extorted from him.
But these confessions were repeated to the
investigating judge at the reenactment.
An investigation carried out with the sole purpose
of resulting in a criminal charge ..
… and a perfunctory reenactment …
… based on a methodology
that I have already denounced.
And, to corroborate our doubts
regarding the validity …
… of these confessions …
… and of the entire process …
for your consideration …
… the fact that, despite forensic
science being to the fore, ..
… the police have been unable …
… to provide irrefutable evidence.
I refer, of course, to
DNA evidence.
I will speak of the unseemly haste
with which the investigation was conducted …
… the lack of formal evidence, …
… all these details
which have escaped …
… the wisdom of the
Finally, I will speak
of these investigators ..
… who are the very colleagues of
the father of the victim.
Silence in court!
I will ask you
to remember, when the time comes ..
… that doubt …
should benefit the accused.
Thank you.
Daniel Eckmann. To the question, ‘Is the accused
guilty of the murder of Emily Malinowski?’, …
… the answer was ‘yes’
by a majority of at least 8 votes.
To the question, ‘are there
any extenuating circumstances?’
The answer is ‘no’.
The Court and the jury sentence
you to 30 years imprisonment …
… with a minimum term of
22 years.
Under the law,
you have 10 days …
… to appeal.
The court is adjourned.
Thanks, Stephen.
Give Mathilde and Gabriel my love.
Do you want me to stay
No, thanks.
Listen, I had little choice
for my farewell drink.
It has to be tomorrow.
They are expecting me in Bordeaux.
No worries.
I’ll give you
my new address.
My dear inspector, …
… This time, that’s it.
Here I am.”
VIP Section
individual cell …
… For all the sex offenders,
the “nonces”, as they are known here.
I have the time to
think about everything.
Sir, ..
… I do not know whether you
will read this letter.
Perhaps you will you destroy it,
recognizing who it comes from?
I want to tell you …
… that, even though I cannot know the pain
of losing a child …
… I can relate to
your suffering.
a man that everyone accuses …
… is not guilty.
I am innocent.
Don’t misinterpret the purpose of this letter.
I’m not asking for a review of my case.
Justice has spoken and I suppose that
the despairing father must be satisfied.
But is the policeman satisfied?
Here, in this hole, I am
powerless to change my situation.
What interest would I have
in claiming that I am innocent?
Ask yourself, could
justice have made a mistake?
Could you live with the knowledge
that the culprit lurks nearby …
… and may offend again?
I beg you to believe
in my compassion.
Daniel Eckmann.”
Radio noise
One year later
Police Radio
It’s opening.
Richard, do you copy?
Copy that.
It’s the garbos.
Considered a mentally retarded pervert by
the psychiatric experts who examined him …
Armand Salinas committed his
first child murder before he was 20.
He crossed all of France, travelling on foot or
by train, staying in shelters for the homeless.
It’s him.
Since his arrest …
… by the Bordeaux
Criminal Investigation Department …
… he has become the record holder
of unsolved crimes.
The young victims, …
… both boys and girls,
were selected randomly.
The discovery of the body,
which may be that …
… of Loïc Fuller,
who disappeared in 2004, …
… would lengthen
the list of his crimes.
I didn’t do anything!
What the hell were you doing?
A love letter.
Aren’t you going to read it?
Not right now.
Room inspection.
Among the women who write to you,
there are mothers of families.
That burns my ass!
Life is unfair.
You need a pretty face
to attract sympathy.
Even if you’re a complete asshole.
Because you know you’re an asshole.
Can I take a piss?
Did you hear the news
about Salinas?
Regarding the boy who disappeared
near Bordeaux last summer.
Yes, I am aware of it.
I’d like to go and check something out.
Regarding Salinas?
We’re not handling the case.
I know.
I just want to check something.
Tell me …
… what kind of check?
A feeling, that’s all.
A feeling?
I can go while
I am on holiday.
Is it my style
to get in the way of an investigation?
If you want, you can go.
But sometimes, don’t forget
that I am your boss.
I’ll call you when I get there.
Say hello to Stephen from me.
Everything is there.
Salinas, Albin Migie ..
… Loïc Fuller. There you go.
You have on paper
a comparitive analysis …
… of other cases in which
he is suspected.
It will take you a year or two
to digest all this.
Knock, knock, knock
I can’t stay with you.
If you need me,
you can reach me on the mobile.
The coffee machine is there.
You’ll need it.
Take him into custody, advise the
prosecutor and check his identity.
We’ll deal with the rest tomorrow.
Aren’t you tired of
chasing after thugs?
Send the young guys after them.
The young guys are
thinking of their careers.
Only the old guys like me are still
playing cowboys and Indians.
Did you find anything interesting?
Must see it at my leisure.
We are going over to my place for dinner.
I won’t be good company.
You think I’m going to leave
you here while I get a steak?
Mathilde is waiting for us.
Your room is ready.
What do you think?
He told me he had
a little fixer-upper!
You had girls?
You’re stupid!
You should have seen the state
when we arrived!
Here you go.
Is it for me?
Thank you, Gabriel.
It’s beautiful!
Are they birds?
No, they’re angels
and there, that’s Emily.
We’ll get your schoolbag
or you’ll be late for school.
Goodbye, Richard.
Study hard.
We never discussed it in front of him.
It doesn’t matter.
That’s children for you.
I just learned that the court of appeal
has reconfirmed your sentence.
I’m incredibly sad
but not surprised.
It is rare that the justice
of men acknowledge its errors.
You must be
very disappointed and dejected.
But continue the fight.
You’re not alone.
Continue to write to me.
I shall try to put as much hope
in my letters as you put in yours.
It’s thanks to the confession of Salinas,
that we found the body of Loic Fuller.
He had disappeared from a campsite
where he was on holiday with his parents.
Salinas sometimes mixes
the elements of different murders.
For Loïc Fuller,
he talks about biking and a pond.
The boy was found in a field and he
was on foot when he disappeared.
This murder and the other 3
have similarities ..
… with that of Emily.
What re you trying to tell me?
Here’s the best for last.
A cousin of Salinas lives
15 km from where Emily was killed.
Sarko, heel!
Don’t move.
Inspector Malinowski.
I called you yesterday
Ah …
This way.
They say
Armand is a monster.
He’s a poor devil.
When he was a kid,
his father beat him …
… With cables, fed
him dog food.
When his mother died,
he was so unhappy.
When the coffin was lowered
into the ground …
… He jumped into the hole
in despair.
Have you considered ..
… whether your cousin
was there in June 2003?
On the phone
I didn’t remember.
But afterwards,
I was reminded of something.
He was there,
I mean, during the case.
We discussed it together.
He had found work as
a laborer for the town.
One evening, I called the doctor
for his migraines.
I always keep the prescriptions.
the 22nd, that’s it.
Excuse me, …
… your daughter,
when did this happen?
The day before.
The judge must interview
Salinas again.
You know what she told you
is worthless.
She needs to be
formally interviewed.
I know. I know. That’s why
someone has to go.
There is also Salinas’ employer
to be interviewed.
I want you to take care of it.
You’re kidding!
I’m overwhelmed here!
Listen, Stephen, I feel something.
I am not wrong about this.
I’m sure.
Fine, I’ll call Arcaro tomorrow
and I’ll go day after tomorrow. All right?
Yes, that’s fine.
We can’t drag the chain.
I’ll call you
as soon as I’ve got it.
The blood is a little dark.
Wait …
What’s the blood oxygen level?
Your blood oxygen level is 55!
What is it?
It was not in the trachea.
Here is a picture of me
like you wanted.
Don’t show anyone. I would be
embarrassed if anyone saw it.
this is my fourth letter …”
… and still you have not
Perhaps you have decided to ignore
my correspondence?”
I respect that choice,
but that will not stop me from writing again.
Whether you accept it or not,
we are linked by an invisible chain …
… that the death of Emily
has put between us.”
Every day,
I pray for your child …
… for your wife …
… and for you.
Faith gives me the strength to
forgive those who locked me up …
… and to continue to live
despite everything. ”
Not working today?
I’ve taken a few days off.
I have some things to sort
out here.
Til tonight.
It’s not true.
I screwed up in the operating room.
Caraux suspended me.
Wht didn’t you tell me?
I miss her so much!
You were with your cousin,
Annette, from April to June 2003?
If she says so.
That’s what she said.
This is also what was said by
the manager of Meudon road works …
… Who employed you,
Mr. Le Floch.
You worked
from May 2 to June 30 …
… as a laborer.
Yes, a laborer.
June 21
towards 11 o’clock in the morning ..
… you went to the landfill
to incinerate some old materials.
If that’s what he said, it’s true.
So you left
towards 11 o’clock?
At least, I think so.
He said that the road passes
along the woods of Meudon.
If that is true,
I went into the woods.
You were driving
at a normal speed?
Yes, I respect the speed limits,
you know.
Look at this photograph.
It’s little
Emily Malinowski.
You went into the woods …
… The day she died,
at the same time.
I would like you to concentrate
on the following question.
Mr. Salinas, …
… Did you kill
this little girl?
No! I didn’t kill her.
Did you attack her?
No! Since, since I didn’t even know her, this girl!
You went into these woods?
Did you stop for one reason or another?
What for?
To relive yourself
or to smoke a cigarette.
I don’t smoke!
Mr. Salinas has told you
everything he knows.
To conclude …
… you saw nothing, …
… heard nothing, did nothing?
I did not kill that child!
There were children, yes,
but that one, I did not kill her.
Calm down! Calm down! Police!
What were you doing?
Nothing, sir.
What’s your name?
Sylvain. Sylvain what?
Sylvain Ferro.
What were you doing?
I was watching, that’s all.
If you really are the police
then you should know very well what.
Should know what?
Should know what?
It is a place
where couples come.
How long have you been peeping?
It is the first time.
Answer me!
One year, two years,
How long?
3 Months.
Before, I lived in the Nièvre district.
Get out of here.
Eckmann, ..
… until recently
it was unimaginable …
“… that I should write you.
But things have changed.
Salinas was there
when my daughter was killed.
He denies having committed the murder.
Without Witnesses to
claim the opposite …
… We cannot prove
he is lying.
He remains innocent
and you, guilty.
In all your correspondence,
you proclaim your innocence.
I am ready to explore
your arguments and check them.
The murderer of my daughter
must be punished.
If it is not you,
help me to prove it.
Richard Malinowski.”
Female voice
– In your last letter …
… you were in a bad mood.
Because of the photos
that I did not send?
I am really trying
to understand your lifestyle ..
… Your moods, ..
… Your depression …
Often, I cannot.
Are you wearing
my silver cross?
There is a lot of me
in that cross. ”
Christina ..
Only our love ..
allows me to endure all this.
Only the hope of holding you
in my arms keeps me holding on …
.. When, like today,
things don’t go well.
Good morning, counsellor.
Good morning, Daniel.
How are you?
It is up to you to tell me.
We’re appealing for the verdict to be overturned,
but I have little hope.
I know.
I have one thing
to ask of you.
They respect
mail to the lawyer.
Is not for you
but for a woman.
Why go through me?
Your Mail
is not checked.
Of course they read everything!
They don’t care about me.
What do you mean?
I tell you. they don’t care about me,
Especially the one that makes my room.
You have to report it.
I’ll take care of it.
It wouldn’t do any good.
And when they find out,
they will take revenge, one way or another.
I have put a lot of time
nto writing this.
It is love.
This time, I am making
a special request. You see?
You understand why I don’t want
them to know?
Do you have a pen?
Thank you.
A post box?
She prefers to remain discreet.
She is divorced
but lives with her son.
You can read
if you want.
Well, …
… usually …
… I refuse to play postman.
But as an exception, given what
you have told me, ..
… I’ll post the letter.
Thank you, counsellor.
Thank you very much.
The murders that Salinas
has admitted to.
Sarkis Anna, 9,
Arras, April 2000.
Arnaud Tessier, 8,
St Pierre des Corps, October 2003.
Messouadhi Karim, 10,
Angouleme, January 2004.
Loïc Fuller, 10,
Lacanau, July 2004.
And the places
where he stayed.
Dainville, St Avertin, …
… Soyaux, St. Helena.
Both lines
follow the railway.
We know that Salinas
travels only by train.
His cousin lives there.
Emily Malinowski, 10,
June 21, 2003.
Emily was
his second victim.
Dear Richard, …”
I am surprised to find myself
calling you by your first name.
And I tell myself that I was right,
a thousand times right, to trust in God.
He alone could allow
such a miracle.”
You will prove that
I am innocent.
I trust in you, and in justice as well,
despite everything.”
I place my hope in you
and I continue to pray.
May God Almighty
guide your steps. ”
Doctor Delmas?
This way, Inspector.
Come on up.
Excuse me. I am taking advantage of
retirement to keep myself in shape.
I’ll be right with you.
You’re welcome.
Beep beep beep
Good, that will do for today.
My wife
bought it for herself …
… but considering what it cost, …
I decided …
to take advantage of it a little.
You have the prescription?
As I said on the phone,
it’s not recent.
Armand Salinas …
I remember.
His cousin called me.
He had headaches
and was delirious.
I had to administer a sedative.
What was the reason for this crisis?
He had had problems since
the death of his mother when he was 15.
For him
it was a terrible shock.
He developed
repeated migraines.
But at 18,
he left home.
I never saw him again.
You know what became of him?
Later, I heard stories of
physical abuse.
People talk too late.
And that famous night …
Did you notice
anything special?
Did he look
like he had been in a fight?
No, I do not remember.
I would have noted it
on the prescription.
You did not appear at
his trial?
No, I can’t see
why I would have appeared.
Did you see him again?
Never. I heard about him
on the news.
It was a shock, but …
I remember
the death of your child.
Like everyone, I followed
the case in the newspapers.
If I understand correctly …
… you think Armand Salinas
could be the murderer?
It is a possibility.
Well … So, let me
tell you something, Captain.
I should not
tell you this, …
… because it is covered
by medical confidentiality.
I don’t understand.
You think
Daniel Eckmann is innocent?
I state nothing.
I am exploring a trail, that’s all.
My position
doesn’t give me unlimited resources.
I need
a helping hand.
But you will need to tell me more,
I have plenty of time.
Before turning to sports, there are new
developments in the Eckmann case.
With us, Charlene Kraus,
our forensic specialist.
Exactly, Antoine.
The information comes directly
from Inspector Malinowski …
… The father of little Emily.
He determined that the serial killer Armand
Salinas, currently incarcerated in Bordeaux, …
… Indicted
for four other murders of children …
… Was
in the Paris region, ..
… The day of the murder of his daughter.
We have tried to contact Florence Arcaro,
the judge handling the matter, ..
… But she did not want
to comment on the case.
However, if this information is confirmed,
it could lead to a review of the facts …
… on which Daniel Eckmann
was convicted.
If I understand correctly, this policemen
is launching an appeal for witnesses?
Absolutely, Antoine.
And having spoken
to him at length, …
I can tell you that the Inspector will
take this counter-investigation all the way.
Even though it may call into question ..
… the findings of his very own colleagues.
Thank you.
What is this story?
Who is this Salinas?
A serial killer who got nicked in Bordeaux.
Stepehen is working on it.
What was his relationship with Emily?
He was in the area on that day.
Why didn’t you tell me about it?
Why am I learning about it on TV?
Trust me.
You re-open the investigation into
teh death of your daughter without telling me.
You go and confide in a journalist.
Do you trust me?
I sent you a report.
Have you lost your marbles?
I want to know
who killed my daughter.
The person who kileld your daughter is in the can.
He’s called Daniel Eckmann.
If you had listened you’d know
that there are some disturbing facts.
What I would call coincidences.
The case against Eckmann is straightforward.
And let me remind you that he confessed.
And let me also point out, that
Salinas does not rape his victims.
As far as we know.
Tell me, as of today, can you swear
that Eckmann is guilty?
One hundred percent?
Yes, I can swear to that.
I’ll sign whatever you want.
Believe me, damn it!
You’re making a mistake
looking for someone else.
You’re hurting
and you’re hurting people around you, …
… Starting with Claire.
No, it Arnalds.
He is with me.
I note.
A good woman
called the General Staff.
She has things to say
about Salinas.
I’m coming with you.
I saw the report about the case
on TV …
… about your little girl …
… and Salinas.
At the time, ..
… it was a couple of joggers
who discovered the body, right?
It was June 21, 2003, right?
I’m a maniac.
I make a note of everything.
My professional appointments
and everything I do.
Restaurants, cinemas, sports …
That day, I was also
jogging in the woods …
Between 11 and mid-day.
I saw Armand Salinas at the end of the
path that leads to the pond. I remember his face.
You realize what you are saying?
Why did you wait so long before
telling us?
At the time, they had arrested the culprit.
Why would I make a link between
the crime and this man that I had seen?
I saw the face of Salinas
the other evening on TV.
This is very important.
You must be sure of yourself.
If you confirm that you saw Salinas
it will have repercussions.
For him and for man
who is currently incarcerated.
I know.
But I have to do it, right?
Christina Carlier
34, secretary in an IT company
Husband died of cancer
3 years ago.
Since then, she lives alone with her son.
No police record.
A model citizen.
A false witness
put up by Eckmann?
I thought of that.
I checked everything. Mail,
visits: there’s no link.
What? What’s ip?
I don’t know.
It doesn’t feel right.
You’ve heard
Her testimony
and my information, …
… That should be enough.
Enough for what?
Enough for a retrial.
A retrial?
Are you nuts!?
What do you mean, nuts?
Everything I have collected points to Salinas!
Even the way Emily was killed.
Just like the other kids.
That’s what you say! It remains to be seen.
What more do you want?
I’ll tell you what I want. I want a cop who stops
thinking that his colleagues …
Are morons who collared the first
person they found.
They can all swear
that Eckmann is guilty.
All of them!
Get that through your skull!
And stop boozing, for Chrissakes!
Eckmann, justice has probably erred
in finding you guilty.
I have long been on the side of those
who believe you to be guilty.
But my investigation appears to show that
you are not the murderer of my daughter.
I didn’t want to help you.
Only the search for
the truth matters to me.
Dear Richard,
I met today with Peters …
… The lawyer that you found me.
He is great.
We talked at length about the file
that you gave him.
It’s me.
There is a bill
that I need to deal with today.
I’m running out of checks.
Call me back, please.
Locked drawer
Yes, I’ll be there in one hour.
Bye, Mum.
I didn’t want to get involved.
Didn’t want to get involved?
The murderer …
… of our daughter writes to you!
What are you trying to do?
Do you want to free this guy?
The man who killed Emily!
I want the real culprit, that’s all.
Which culprit?
Arnalds came to see me.
He does not understand what is going on with you.
Nobody understands what is going on with you.
Talk to me!
Talk to me!
Claire …
Yeah, Gino?
What for?
How much?
Bugger all, 200 grams.
200 Grams, bugger all!?
Take care of it yourself.
Shall we go?
Are you coming?
I can’t, Dad.
Why not?
“You know very well.
Know what?
I’m dead.
Clock Radio
Jingle France Info
It is 7:00 on France Info.
Here is the news.
Based on article 622 of the code of
criminal procedure, …
… having determined that the
appeal is well-founded, …
The Court of Appeals has
set aside Eckmann’s conviction.
It will set the date
for a new trial.
Tonight at 8.30, a complete report
with our special correspondent.
“Eckmann, …
The day before your new trial begins,
I am writing one last time …
First to assure you of my support …
… and to confirm
that in the proceedings …
… I will appear as a
witness for the defense.
Nor very smart to leave your nursery!
Especially without your nanny!
I hear you’re getting out?
We’ll miss you.
Now you’re going to find out how
it feels to take it up the ass!
Yes, hello?
Good morning Catherine, it’s Richard.
Oh, hello Richard.
Is Claire there?
Um …
No, she went out.
OK …
Richard …
You, how are you?
What should I say?
That everything is alright?
No, of course not.
Listen, Peter and I,
we are not angry with you.
We don’t understand these
procedures very well …
.. But, if you are doing this,
you must have your reasons.
Thanks, Catherine.
Give her my love.
Of course.
Slow Piano
Mrs. Carlier, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole
the truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
Raise your right hand
and say ‘I swear’.
I swear.
I was in the woods,
that day.
I already told the judge.
For the rest, it was not me.
The witness said she saw you
that day near the pond.
It was not me.
Either the lady is mistaken, or it was another day.
I don’t know.
Another day. Does that imply that you were
a regular visitor to these woods?
Not often, but I like to walk.
Can we assume that you were
In these woods the day of the murder …
… And that you are confusing
it with another day?
No, I know very well what I have done
and when I have done it.
Just because I have screwed up,doesn’t mean
that you can pin everything on me.
Screwed up? Doubtless you mean the four
murders to which you have confessed?
Counsellor, may I remind you that Mr. Salinas …
.. appears of his own free will.
He may only be examined
in respect of this case.
Limit your comments
strictly to this trial.
Excuse me, your Honor.
Counsellor, please go on.
I had already finished, your Honor.
The plaintiff?
No questions.
Thank you, Mr. Salinas.
You can step down.
Listen, kid.
If you didn’t do the deed,
good luck to you.
To the question, is the accused guilty
of the murder of Emily Malinowski, …
… It was answered ‘yes’
by 7 votes out of 12.
The majority of 8 not being
obtained, Mr. Eckmann is acquitted.
The court orders that he be released.
“Mr. Malinowski
Are you satisfied with the verdict?
If Salinas is not the murderer,
who killed your daughter?
My dear captain, …
… This time, that’s it.
Here I am.
VIP section
individual cell …
… For all the sex offenders,
the “nonces”, as they are known here.
I have had the time to
think about everything …
… These strange impulses which turn me into
the polymorphous pervert described by the experts.
The first time I was 20 years old.
The little bitch wanted to report me
after getting screwed …
… even though she led me on.
The second time, it was different.
she was younger.
I sometimes think about her corpse,
which has never been found.
Your daughter was the third.
What happened between us
was incredible.
Her youth, her freshness …
All I did was take what was offered.
Now I’ll tell you how it happened.
Are you ready?
I’m ready.
Sir, you’re on.
Hi, good evening.
First I would like to say that it is fortunate
that the death penalty has been abolished in France.
Otherwise, Mr. Eckmann would
almost certainly have been executed.
Then I would like to ask of Mr. Eckmann, how did he react
when he was the victim of such a serious miscarriage of justice?
I think I reacted pretty well,
pretty positively.
Those who condemned me
did not have all the facts.
Then I was pardonned.
You know, I believe in God.
It helps.
There you go.
Thank you and goodbye.
Before taking
a new caller, …
.. I would like to spend a couple of seconds on the man,
thanks to whom you have been released, Inspector Malinowski.
You have said that you would like
to thank Inspector Malinowski.
Yes, it’s true. I owe my release to him.
We cannot, of course,
give out his private number, nor yours …
… but, instead, if Mr. Malinowski
is watching right now, ..
… he can contact us at the number
at the bottom of the screen.
We’ll be right back after
the advertising.
Are you okay?
What is it?
I thought that for our first meeting …
… I was expecting something
a little more romantic.
And have someone recognize me,
and be all over us? No thanks!
Whenever I go out, I am constantly harassed.
Journalists, people in the street.
I wanted to share this important
moment in peace.
I think I am going to accept
the offer from that guy.
The guy from Nice?
Are you going to go there?
I’m tired of Paris.
They’ll pay 200,000 Euros
in compensation.
3 years jail for nothing,
I have earned it.
I can buy a house. In 3 or 4 months,
you can come down and join me.
-3 Or 4 months?
We just barely …
Just three months.
We already waited three years.
Yeah …
I don’t know. I am not alone.
I have my son.
Bring him. I look forward to
getting to know him.
Did you bring the letters?
Yes …
What are you going to do with them?
I have to burn them.
Of course, it is safer.
But, these letters are important
to me. This is our story.
They always remind me of prison.
And our story. as you call it,
it starts now.
Come on, give them to me.
Is this all of them?
This is very important to me.
You know, it’s thanks to you
that I endured it.
Are you sure that nobody
knows about the two of us?
-Nobody. You don’t brag about
a relationship with a convict.
What’s up?
I think back to
what I said in court.
I know that you are innocent
but it was wrong of me to lie.
Christina, listen to me, …
… You heard the officer testify for me,
the father of the little girl?
Do you think that he would have done that,
if he wasn’t sure that Salinas was guilty?
You didn’t lie. You just allowed
the truth to be established …
… and that truth is that the man, who you love
and who loves you, is innocent.
When I saw you in court
it was crazy.
You were exactly
as I had imagined you.
I wear it all the time.
C’mon, now. You should get going.
I’ll call you soon.
Dials mobile phone
Good evening
it’s Daniel Eckmann.
I would like to thank Malinowski
before I leave …
… and you said you would
give me his number.
Yes, go ahead.
Ok, thank you.
You can count on me.
You gave me nothing.
Sure. Good night, Counsellor.
Good night.
Phone rings
Richard, it’s Daniel Eckmann.
You are not surprised?
I knew you would call.
I am leaving Paris the day after tomorrow.
I would love to see you.
I need to see you.
Good evening.
Good evening.
This is stupid,
I don’t know what to say to you.
In fact, I wanted to thank you
before I left …
… and also, to give you this.
Since the first day of
my incarceration, I prayed to God …
… that he gives me the
strength to endure …
… and that he does something
to get me out of there.
Do you believe in God,
I’ve stopped.
It was not mutual.
I would like you to keep it anyway.
It’s important for me.
That’s all I’ve got.
Her bedroom is upstairs?
I would like very much to take
a few moments to pray for her.
I would not be upset if you
I would understand completely.
Your wife is not here?
No. She’s gone.
It’s not for good,
I hope.
She’s a medic, right?
Right from the start,
I knew it was you.
It’s one thing to want to kill
someone in the heat of the moment …
… when you are in pain.
Afterwards, it’s not the same.
Over time, ..
.. We forget, so as
not to go crazy.
Sometimes, even, we forgive.
15 years of police work.
I’ve seen broken families, ..
Fathers swear they would wait 20 years …
… But they would kill the
murderer of their child or wife.
It never happens.
Salinas was a unique opportunity.
But he has nothing to do with this.
He has an extremely rare condition.
Someone with this condition
is unable to have sex.
I don’t know why he didn’t tell the judge.
Perhaps he didn’t want to roll
over all the time.
Maybe he got a kick out of it.
Told himself that by shutting his mouth,
he would save your hide.
Muffled shouts
You should never have written to me.
Muffled cries
There is still no news
of Daniel Eckmann.
His employer, who was expecting him
yesterday, is worried.
We managed to contact his lawyer,
Mr. Peters.
Mr. Eckmann’s car was found
locked at Orly airport.
Could we assume that he wanted to disappear,
tired from the pressure?
Listen, to tell you the truth …
… I have heard nothing from him.
When you think about everything that he has
lived through since his incarceration, ..
I wouldn’t be surprised that
he might have cracked …
… and that he might have wanted to
escape all of the media attention.
He needs time to recover …
Time to enjoy the freedom, of
which he was unjustly deprived.
I am sure that, in a while,
he will resurface.
Thank you, Counsellor.
That is the end of the news.
Thank you for watching.
I found your letter of resignation.
Before his disappearance,
Eckmann called you.
We have the telephone records.
He wanted to thank me.
That’s it, right.
I received a phone call
from a retired doctor: Delmas.
He wanted to talk to you.
He told me something
about Salinas, …
… A genetic abnormality
that he suffered from.
Apparently he had told you.
If he says so …

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