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I mean, anytime.
Monday I go back to Paris.
Very good. Come in to my office
Monday at 14.00.
Monday, 14.00.
The office is located
an “La Defense”, Aurora tower.
I’ll get you a visitors card.
Very good..
Very good, my boy.
Go, fetch!
Go on.
Denver, here.
Come on.
Bring it back.
One of the artworks
from my eldest son, Paul.
He wants to make comics.
Oh, my children.
this heat!
You would think it was August.
it’s Marie, right?
Yes. Good Day, ma’am.
– Good Day. Dimitri told me about you.
“Brilliant” he said, and coming from him …
– Until next week.
Tell your mother it was good
that she told me about you.
How is it going with your father?
Your mother told us about his accident.
It can’t be easy.
You’re very brave.
Dimitri’s never wrong.
– I bought you a racket.
– Ah, Cool.
– Yes?
Ah Claudine, Set the table outside.
It’s such nice weather.
– You are right.
– I bought some beautiful squid.
– I will make them with white wine …
– Bye.
– Good morning.
– Good morning.
Come on, Jacques …
Help me a little!
Wait, I’ll help.
I’d almost got it.
– He should have died.
– Mom, enough.
We got back a vegetable.
And my house had more air.
Are you thirsty?
enough? Some more?
– What’s that on your hand?
I have an interview with Mr. Speranski.
– In Paris, Monday.
– You went?
– How was it?
– Well I think he wants to try me.
You can thank me.
I was right to try.
He was in the bakery.
He rarely takes time off.
Standing still is going backwards.
I had your CV in my purse.
They were very nice.
Even her,
with her air of importantance.
The horn is Dr. Vincart.
I have to go.
I heard your with Royal Marketing.
I have an interview Monday.
We’ll see.
Your father didn’t say
what was decided?
My father said that with that CV,
she could do anything.
I think my mom
chose the place.
Too much sun on you.
You know Marc?
– We’ve seen each other.
– He’s my brother.
– I’m his idol.
– Hi – Hi
– What shall we do tonight?
– Marie’s having a birthday party.
We wont be many,
but if you’re interested …
Flo, you shouldn’t have invited them.
My house is a mess.
Why not? It is not!
Be nice.
– My aunt is there. I do not …
– So what? So Marc comes?
I should give up on you.
– Thank you.
– Happy birthday.
– Happy birthday.
– Here, Marie.
– Happy birthday.
– Thank you.
– A gift.
– A gift! Great!
Did you see the choreography?
I’m tired, Let’s go home?
So proud of you, my niece.
Oops, you have lipstick everywhere.
Your aunt always exaggerates.
D’you see how she’s dressed.
for Netball on 14′th July, it seems.
And she always had too many notes in her singing.
The Life of Another
A film by Sylvie Testud
– Paul?
– No,It’s me, Rita.
What is this nonsense?
Mom, I can’t open the honey?
Huh? ..
What did you say?
You say “Excuse?” or “Pardon?”.
Now we say “Huh?” ?
I’ll be back.
– Oh fuck!
– What was that ? What did you say?
Did you say “fuck”?
in a minute.
Paul, are you there?
My hair.
Is that me?!
Paul, what’s going on?
Please, Paul.
Mama… Is that your vacation dress?
Are we going on vacation?
Don’t I go to school anymore?
Aren’t you going to work?
I don’t have a spoon.
A spoon?
Look, my bread is crumbling
– Huh?
yes, It is crumbling.
You’ll see, this is better.
– Did you eat alone?
– Rita wasn’t here this morning?
No, she eats elsewhere.
Yes, at her house.
Yes, in her home.
Can I say “Huh” now?
– yes.
– What?
This bread is delicious.
Happy birthday,
Mrs. Speranski.
Mrs. Speranski?
Are you coming?
What day is it today?
– It’s your birthday.
– Looks like it.
– What year?
– 2011.
What is your birthdate?
February 15.
Game of reflexes. Do not think,
respond as quickly as possible.
Dad slept with you?
That’s not the game.
Respond without thinking.
What year were you born?
Two thousand …
– Your full name.
– Adam Speranski.
– Your address?
– 7 Buenos Aires street.
Why aren’t you in school?
You forgot to take me. You slept in..
Indeed. What time do you usually go?
– 8:45.
– What time is it now?
Why don’t we take the lift?
That’s the game. Today you lead.
You do things the way
you want.
– It’s the game of “reversed”.
– Yes
Hurry up because we only have
10 minutes.
– What floor are we on?
– the top.
So we usually take the lift.
What’s your father’s name?
Name and surname.
– Paul Speranski.
Your mother?
– That would be you.
That’s the game. What’s my name?
Name and surname.
Marie Speranski.
And my mother? Your Grandmother on my side.
Do you know her name?
Where is your father?
– in his studio
– What is his profession?
– Cartoonist.
And what do I do?
– office work like Grandpa…
How old am I?
– 35 years.
– Are you sure?
– No. You’re 41 years old.
Yes, Jeannette?
I know, but I had to finish something.
Ok. Just wanted to tell you the new copies are in.
They’re very good. You’ll be pleased.
When are you coming in?
I still have to draw the figures in front of the store.
I wanted to finish tonight, but…
I’m exhausted.
I don’t know. Around 14:00 ?
You can work here, if you want.
Nobody will bother you.
– See you later?
– Later.
You walk fast.
– I’m trying to keep up.
Why do we not say “hey”?
– “Excuse” is better.
– Who taught you that?
– You. What will you say to Mrs. Trochot?
The game’s still on.,
Who is she?
The principal.
What will you say?
Good morning, Mrs. Trochot.
– How are you this morning?
Mrs. Speranski?
– Mrs. Trochot, How are you this morning?
– Mrs. Trochot?
– Yes, Ms. Chemin?
It is a game between Adam and me.
It is the game of “reversed”.
We had a little trouble this morning.
It won’t happen again.
One time is nothing.
He can go to class.
“The exception proves the rule.”
Yes, the rule:
“Before the hour, there isn’t time,
after hours, also not…
– Bye, Adam.
– Till tonight, mama.
Have a nice day,
Mrs. Trochot.
Class begins: 8.45
Doors close: 8.45
Lesson ends: 16.45
Do you have a pen?
Here you are.
Thank you.
Michael Jackson is dead?
Barack Obama?
Are you going to read it all here, or buy?
– I forgot my purse.
– Are you kidding me?
Karing Rachman
retrograde memory …
partially degraded. This may indicate …
a locked consciousness.
Thank you for seeing her.
See my colleague,
Thursday at 10 am
Saint Antoine hospital.
He is very good.
– And stay like this all week?
– You should tell someone.
So they think I’m crazy?
It bothers me to let you leave like this.
I have a friend.
Florence Malerba.
I would call her.
If you call,
it will help me.
But I do not have the number.
That can be resolved.
Listen . I need your help.
Call me. Kisses.
Did something happen?
Who was that?
The witness at my wedding
who didn’t show up.
Childhood friend.
I have not seen for 10 years.
They couldn’t just put names?!
Can you open up for me?
Thank you.
Mrs. Speranski, You’ve never forgot your keys before!
Please, Mrs. Besuin, You have a copy,
Of course. Right over here.
Mrs. Besuin’s copy of the key
doesn’t work very well.
The lock …
closes itself?
His secretary called twice already
and the master cartoonist never stops.
– Thank you.
– Can I clean your office?
Yes Clean my office.
It’s beautiful.
It’s a winter festival.
– Yes
– It’s …
It’s beautiful.
Not yet painted.
Everything OK?
Are you okay?
Don’t you have work to do?
– yes, yes…
I’ll go buy a cake.
For tonight
For my birthday.
– okay.
I’m sorry. Shit!
Rita …
Do you know where I left my purse?
I slept so badly.
I Haven’t slept for 15 years
Bank Next. Bank Sofra.
Thursday 10am sitting…
The Euro…
Of course.
The Euro!
I have money. I have lots of money.
The Empress of Royal Investments.
I’m going to work.
That’s my watch?
Your watch. No, no.
I’m putting it back.
I don’t know what I’m doing today.
Good day, Rita.
I’ll start at Royal Marketing.
Now Royal Investment Marketing.
I became captain, the Empress.
Without me, Speranski would have gone bankrupt.
– And the candles? How many do you want?
– 40 …
Wow, 350 bucks for a cake.
Look, Mom. I’m racing against
other boats.
The Bontant-Speranski case.
We are in process against whom?
Yes hello.
Good morning, Severine.
Yes, I saw.
I had four calls this morning.
No, unfortunately not
I was not in today.
I will definitely be there tomorrow.
All right, Séverine.
Good bye, Séverine.
Mom and Dad.
Do we still live
in District 14?
I’m late.
It won’t happen again.
was a Very complicated day.
I’m here for Adam
Adam left half an hour ago
as always.
– The babysitter came to fetch him.
Is there a problem, Mrs. Speranski ?
No, no. Thank you.
Are you okay, ma’am?
I couldn’t.
I wanted to put an end to it. Nothing more.
Is this proof of post-modern love?
In five years,
never visited her husband.
I never found the corresponding letter.
That chair is empty,
just like your file …
What else did I miss?
– The victory of France in 1998.
– Was there a war?
Sir, Was there a war?
– You should get yourself looked at.
Mom! Mom!
– Good evening, ma’am.
– Good evening.
-We had a great herbarium.
-A herbarium?
Will you show me?
– Mona knew almost no leaves.
I confused a chestnut with a banana
– That so?
is Dad working?
Don’t want to bore you, but I’m still
waiting for a journalist.
I’ll go. What time do I pick you up?
21:00, We leave at 21:30, okay?
Yes, ok.
See you later
No, mother. Bakugan gains
50 points when it falls in the packet.
This one can’t fight with that one.
Say it again.
Why do the monsters have the same letter?
they are of the same family.
They can fight together,
but not against one another.
Yes, of course.
You can go home.
– shouldn’t I finish dinner?
We can finish pasta, right?
– I bought a delicious cake.
– Yay!
– Thank you.
– So, good night.
– Will you eat with me?
– Yes
Have mercy!
Good Evening.
– Daddy !
I caught her. She’s a squaw.
We are the Apaches. See, Daddy?
We’ve been playing the whole time.
I’m hungry.
Where is Mona?
I’ll put him in the bath
and then cook.
I’ll find us something.
Are you eating with us?
Mum bought cake.
I can’t tonight, I…
– Okay, I’ll go after then.
– Yes
We need oil
And gruyére
– More!
– More?
just because it’s ugly doesn’t make it bad.
I called this dish:
“No one has a Choice.”
You want some?
We didn’t eat your cake.
it’s okay, it was a mess.
Mama, Will you give me Jeannette ?
Who is Jeannette ? This?
No, the basket of toys.
In the corner.
– No, there.
– Yes!
And why is the dog called Jeannette?
It’s a bitch.
She knows all my secrets.
Ah, if she’s a bitch
why tell her your secrets,
it can be your best friend
and can be called Jeannette.
I’ll lend it to you for the night,
for your birthday.
Now you made me happy.
Sleep well
You’re the greatest mom in the world.
This is just the beginning.
Going out?
Yes, I’m leaving.
We’re eating cake alone..
Got an idea to make him stay
a little bit with me?
What did you say?
Jeannette and I
don’t want to be alone.
I swear.
She told me for 2 seconds.
It is true
she has an ugly face.
The doll that Adam called Jeannette ?
Yes, that’s a pretty name.
What are you talking about?
Will you stop with this nonscence?
Are you completely crazy?
What’s wrong with you?
What was that? What is happening?
Stop it.
I do not understand anything, Paul.
Neither do I.
The fox is nice.
but he’s a bastard.
Adam. watch your language.
Dad, can you make me toast?
You eat toast?
– it’s better for honey.
otherwise it crumbles, and that sucks.
– You say annoying.
Ok, Adam.
Your doll, you named it Jeannette?
Good morning
Can I get one
– Ok.
Did you work?
I mean, not too late?
Need more sleep?
I’m hungry too.
– Let’s make toast.
Are you working tonight?
We have to hurry.
otherwise Mrs. Trochot…
wont let us in.
I think we’re almost there.
Sorry about last night.
I never called.
Did I make a mess of it.
You know what Adam named his toy?
Thank you.
Yes ?
– Docter Vincart?
it’s Marie,
The daughter of Denise and Jacques Bontant.
it’s Marie, Docter Vincart.
Do you know where my parents are?
I’m looking for them.
You always were a dick. I still know that.
Mom lives with Vincart. So where is dad?
Yes, Séverine.
I didn’t forget the meeting.
What time was it again?
Yes, I’ll see you there!
Rita, I need your help.
– Yes.
I have a gap.
Do you know where I park my car?
Where’s parking?
Where did you park yesterday?
I don’t know.
With the remote,
it should open automatically.
The car will answer.
The head lights come on
and it’ll make a noise.
just a click.
it’s in there.
Holy shit !
it’s truely beautiful.
Like riding a bike
You never forget.
it’s an automatic. I’m not used to that.
Good morning, Mrs. Speranski.
– Good morning.
Good morning, Mrs. Speranski.
– Good morning.
Can you rewind?
What? The television?
What about the reorganization
of the offices?
Reorganisation ?
– Must I do this on all floors?
There’s no change.
You are on the 21st floor.
Should I phone your secretary?
– No thanks.
Good day, Mrs. Speranski.
Good Day, ma’am.
Good Day, Mrs. Speranski.
Mrs. Speranski.
Good Day, Mrs. Speranski.
Have yesterday’s appointments been rescheduled?
Set the meeting an hour later.
– Ok, to 12:00. I know.
Mr. Speranski is still in London.
You chair the meeting in room D.
He’ll be in the meeting tomorrow.
In the Same room.
I’ll bring you some lemon tea.
Bring me coffee rather.
– Ok.
I’ve done well. The variation…
I read it.
Mrs. Speranski ?
Mr. Volin, line 2.
It’s about time, Marie
I’ve been trying to reach you for 2 days.
You must give me that letter
because it’s not going well.
The judge is a liberal ve…
– Happy birthday.
If you come to the hearing on Thursday
it’ll stroke his ego.
Because those two are attacking
and four-eyes is on the same page.
and your bitch mother doesn’t care.
They gave her Jacques medical file
apparently, we’ve got nothing
Our only argument is the letter
which you spoke of Friday.
Do not forget it.
I have a gift for you.
Otherwise Vincart wins in one fell swoop
Can we meet soon?
Then we can discuss it.
Yes, Let’s meet for lunch.
At 13:00 at “The Mirabelle”?
– 13:30.
Will you fax the file to my secretary?
There isn’t much…
I’ll e-mail it to you
to my secretary.
I’ll do so immediately.
Ciao, bella.
Come with me, and take these files.
One conclusion compiled from various reports.
shows us that the interest
of this investment has been 12%.
The conclusions of the previous analysis
remain the same.
And we can then make decisions
based on that.
What do you think?
I do not pretend to …
I. .. I think this investment
should be postponed.
until the impact of the latest initiative
has been evaluated.
Very good. Exactly what I was thinking.
Yes, Mrs. Speranski?
I looked at your assessments this morning.
Your calculations are wrong.
Have any suggestions, comments?
In that case…
Ma’am, Mr. Volin mailed you the file.
– Thank you.
Death certificate. / i
Good Day, Mrs. Speranski. How are you?
Good, and you??
– Right on time.
Your table is waiting..
Come Thursday.
Otherwise I’m afraid
We do not have a case.
A bottle of Chateau Angelus, 1996.
They can not accuse anyone
doing that.
Find the fucking letter.
It’s proof that she neglected him
Chateau Angelus 1996.
– Perfect.
What are you doing??
I started again. I’ll stop tomorrow.
Smoking is prohibited, ma’am
I can put you an ashtray outside?
– No, it’s ok, thanks.
Your mother wont be a problem
The catch isn’t always where you think.
Remember that when you divorce.
not eating?
Yes, yes.
Why do you look surprised…
Are you alright, Marie ?
Who asked for the divorce?
It was … was you.
Your appointment is here.
Mr. Bachir from Salviare.
Should I send them in?
Good day
In 2010, three of my advisers
“stood up”
to the French market
and saw growth of 2%.
Meanwhile, we see that the volume
of credit increased by 1%.
What the firm…
Economy. Royal Investment Marketing
buys UK Marketing Company.
It is headed by Marie Speranski,
The purchase was announced this morning.
Let’s listen…
Are we still eating together?
Finally, a comic strip from Paul Speranski
Until tomorrow, Mrs. Speranski.
Paul and I are divorcing
You wake up one morning,
and forgot everything, Even your car,
And find you made a mess of things.
Good night, Rita.
until tomorrow, madam. Good night.
I caught up to you!
I’m going to win.
– Hurry, hurry. Secret passage.
That game looks fun.
Is dinner ready??
– Yes.
I’m dining with dad.
– I got you.
Saturday, Do you want to go to the movies with me?.
– And Dad?
Dad might not be able to go.
Dad and I go to guys movies.
Not chick-flicks.
Maybe I’ll find I like those too.
I want to go with Dad.
Right then…
I gotta go, otherwise I’ll miss Dad.
Pleasant night, ma’am.
– Good evening.
This is for you.
Thank you.
Come drink with your team?
For years we fought to publish your comic
We do,
The result is amazing.
was well received by the press.
You wont come out with the team,
You just sit in here and sign..
With a long face…
Ok, I’ll come.
What’s wrong?
I’m sorry.
er Paul, sorry
The colours looks good.
Tints worked well
Cool. I wanted to say,
your ex is outside waiting for you.
How’s it going, Paul?
– great.
get in.
Also not working tonight?
Where are we going?
Is Dad back from London?
You alright, Marie ?
The last few days…
Are you sure? You’re a little …
Is that what we’re doing?
it’s not a winter festival,
but it looks alright, yeah?
Did you have plans tonight?
Swallow, Please.
Did you have plans tonight?
This is difficult.
Unless I’m swimming back.
gonna Hire some flippers?
This is from Adam.
You see that? Three of us.
Where is my wife?
I thought you wanted to talk.
If I should start…
Come on.
What is going on?
Is this the resurection of Marie?
is this a new strategy ?
but surprising
You’re acting…
Like when we first met.
For years I’ve lived with you,
I feel a little lost…
I am Marie, Paul, but with a small difference.
I forgot… everything.
fifteen years to be precise.
Try to imagine it.
My memory stops on the
night we met
After that, I remember nothing more.
I woke up – married to the man
I was in love with.
the moment the love ended,
while it had just begun
I’m not laughing
Neither am I.
You’re well prepared.
what are you playing at.
Watch it!
I don’t know you, Marie.
Next time, try to not get rich.
Stop. Stop.
don’t get rich!.
Great, it’s a party!!
Liberate us!
It’s true what I said earlier.
– it’s as if I don’t know you.
What do you want?
Damn it, What are we doing?
five years ago, this marriage ended.
Five years!
And now you love me?
You’re very good
to reinvent your life.
Very good… congratulations.
Today is the birthday of Maxence.
– is it?
You want to go?
He didn’t come to mine,
So I’m not going to his.
He had chickenpox!
– He said I’m bad at judo.
Bad at judo ?
Then teach him a lesson.
He’s just jealous. That’s all
Kiddo, You’ll surprise everyone, am I right? …
am I Right?
I’ll masacre them!
– Good then. Have a great day.
Good morning, Rita.
– Good morning, sir.
I’ll beat him to a pulp.
I’m making a little man.
How’s it going with your house?
I’m working on it.
– Let’s just see who wins.
Pass me that piece?
– thank you.
you already have windows?
Good morning
No, no, no. stay right there, Mona.
Not going to school today?
Not on a Wednesday.
And what do you want to do today?
Don’t know what to do?
– Very good!
We’ll have lunch at Grandma’s
and then off to judo.
We could go see Dad in the gallery.
yes, yes.
In a minute. Good day, Mrs. Speranski.
Good day, ma’am.
The growth potential of this company
is already at maximum.
Good Morning. Here are the graphs.
Pass them down.
Thank you. This side too.
Apart from the elements, the results
of 2009
We see that the productivity index,
climbed at least 350 points.
and then stabilised at around 62,2%.
I think, buying into Royal Investment Marketing
is a good investment.
Excuse me, Mr. Cornet,
I’m not so sure.
Go on.
Why is it a good investment?
It opens up many oportunities
And access to many new companies.
You’re right. Obviously.
Our London office is fantastic.
If you want, you’ll have ‘carte blanche’.
Get a bit of fresh air.
away from this exhausting mess.
You’re right.
I shouldn’t meddle.
Mrs. Speranski, Mr Cornet left
this bag for you…
I wanted to ask you what you thought
about my taking leave?
Take a vacation.
– Thank you.
Thank you. I’ll finish all the planning
and the files.
Mélanie will replace me
while I’m gone.
Friday I bought my parents house…
Jean, an exhausted woman asks
for a favour to end her suffering.
My life hangs on your decision.
I couldn’t take Jacques
suffering anymore.
Hello ? yes?
It’s Marie
The daughter of Mrs. Bontant.
Will you open?
Mom, it’s Marie.
Mom! it’s Marie. Open up.
I just want to talk to you.
That’s all. Mom! Mom! Mom!
Open up ! Mom!
– What the hell is going on?
Will you shut up?
I got your letter.
Go away!
– Mom, I have your letter.
Stop it. Stop it. Are you crazy?
I just couldn’t do it anymore,
it was too hard.
It crossed my mind…
But I’d never do that,
believe me?
I loved him, you know?
I visited him?
How could things change so much?
Was I a good person?
Did he suffer?
Thank you.
Adam, wait for me.
Good Evening.
Can I…
have an autograph?
– My Pleasure.
What name?
– Alex.
Yes. Kevin. From the polo club.
He’s my brother.
Do you know when the party will end?
– No, ma’am.
Good night, ma’am.
until tomorrow.
Mom, Today we have to wear spring colours.
-that’s good.
We’re doing a dance in the woods.
Are you making toast?
Goodbye, Dad.
Adam, wait. Please.
Will you bring Adam?
– I Promise.
When the divorce is final,
we wont have the same name anymore.
Nor will Adam and I.
I’d prefer someone else to Adam.
Excuse me?
– Jeanne.
Your jealousy is boundless.
it’s pathological. They grew up together.
You will never separate them
Not you, not anybody.
For you, family
perhaps less important.
For us, they are essential.
Even to become a good man,
You can’t deny your family.
Not even cousins.
I am proud of this family.
You decided to leave.
I’m sorry, believe me.
You are free.
Everything ok?
I’m going to grow my hair, I think.
– Good.
Even if it is at 40
41. Less “business woman” but,
I feel better..
with long hair.
I loved Adam immediately.
So proud to have given birth to that
little guy.
If we took pictures of his birth,
I’d like to find them.
He must have been adorable.
I had a caesarean.
I saw a scar on my belly
I didn’t have before.
I never thought
that I’d like motherhood.
I don’t know what happened?
Didn’t think it would happen to me
I wish I had a neice.
Would’ve loved that
A sister or a brother.
I don’t know.
Do I have any friends? I called Flo,
but she didn’t call back.
My father finally died.
I probably never told him I loved him
And I have…
Never helped my mother.
Probably always had something better to do.
I’ll try to call her.
I remember
one thing…
As soon as I saw you I was in love with you.
I don’t know if I said it, but I loved
you since I saw you on the beach.
I was there, I think.
In my family we were never
very warm… I certainly was not…
But today I feel so bad.
I want to hold you, but
I don’t know how.
I don’t know if London
has a school for that.
I’ll let you know
I was always good at exams.
There is hope.
I still have some time. Unless…
tomorrow I wake up 10 years later again.
I hope it doesn’t get more difficult
I’ll end up exhausted.
always having to walk uphill.
I don’t remember…

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