“House M.D.” We Need the Eggs – 2012

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Nice and slow.
Now, the first
couple of shots
will show you
if the sights are off
or the barrel’s bent.
Let me make this
real easy for you.
The sights are off
and the barrel’s bent.
Mm, you’re off
to the left about an inch.
That’s it.
Shoot around the star.
Not at it.
Yeah! You did it!
I didn’t.
You just won your girlfriend
a Teddy bear.
Cool. Hey, which one
you think she’d like best?
And then Thursday night,
this physicist
is giving a lecture
in Brooklyn.
It’s about time travel
and the grandfather paradox.
I don’t know
if you’re busy…
Okay, Henry.
Can we talk for a second?
I’m really happy
that we’ve been
hanging out so much.
Yeah, I–
I like you too. Heh.
Can you put down the bear?
I can’t.
I know.
You have a girlfriend.
It’s just…
She never seems…
to want to do anything
with you.
Are you crying?
No, I have allergies.
I must just be,
like, tearing up.
Henry, I think
that’s blood.
What? I–it…
Original air date on April 16, 2012
[Massive Attack's Teardrop]
35-year-old male
cries blood,
and he’s not
vampire Bill.
Should we ask?
What, her?
Yeah, my favorite
companion is retiring
from “companning.”
So I’m interviewing
Thank you…
Is that a family name?
How long are you gonna be
using the office for sex games?
Just so I can
plan my day.
Sex and work?
I’m not a savage.
I asked for a cappuccino.
That’s what this is.
No, a cappuccino’s got
a nice, stiff foam on it.
This is wetter than…
almost slipped there.
Well, thank you,
Ms. Scotch,
but poor foaming’s
a deal breaker.
Could you ask the next
candidate to come in?
Initial exam showed
no sign of trauma
or subconjunctival
ALC’s in normal range,
but it’s in the high end
of normal.
Take a seat, Fawn.
And tell me, what’s your
favorite Woody Allen movie?
Annie Hall.
You’re interviewing hookers
but not gonna
talk to them about sex?
Sex is a given.
They’re hookers.
Defend your choice.
It’s the most popular.
Ohh…that’s so close.
We would have accepted,
“Diane Keaton looks great
in suits,” or,
“it’s a trenchant commentary
on today’s mores,”
or, “I needed the eggs.”
Thanks for your interest.
To get the gig,
call girl–
sorry, call woman–
needs a combination of skills
that I find useful/entertaining
for the remaining 57 minutes
of the hour I paid for.
Lymphocytosis works.
Maybe we should take
another look at the blood.
Could also be
cavernous sinus thrombosis.
Clot builds up pressure
at the base of the brain.
Rerun the patient’s
blood panel
and get a CT venogram
of his head.
Let’s see which one of you
is right.
How are you
with small appliance repair?
Uh, this cavernous sinus thing,
is it dangerous?
If Henry’s got it,
we can treat it
with a combo
of drugs and surgery.
Success rate
is over 70%.
Do you want me
to call Amy again?
No, it’s fine.
Amy’s his girlfriend.
I’m the neighbor.
I did leave a message
at their number.
Do you wanna
try her cell?
Be here for a few
more hours at least.
Oh, she doesn’t have one.
She worries about radiation.
I could stop by
on my way home.
She knows
who I am, right?
You don’t need to,
but thanks.
Good luck.
Have you ever paid for sex?
Every guy who’s ever seen
a Merchant Ivory movie
has paid for sex.
It just…
seems too demeaning
to women.
Given the things you’ve
done to women,
that seems arbitrary.
You’re Chi Park, right?
Who’s asking?
Uh, you called about
my guitar flyer.
You’re Micah.
This guy’s selling
a 1974 Gibson SG
standard in tobacco
for $1,250.
Yeah, actually,
I came in to tell you
I already sold it.
Oh, um…
Thanks anyway.
Blood panel results
seem pretty much the same
as before,
and that guy likes you.
Maybe we should check
for diabetes.
Could weaken
conjunctival vessels.
And shut up.
If I’m wrong,
then why is he coming back?
My band is rehearsing
tomorrow night.
You should come by
and jam with us.
That…sounds fun.
I’ll think about it.
Great. Call me.
Park has a boyfriend.
I’ll break your face.
This is the talent portion
of the interview.
You like cards.
But you can juggle.
I fail to see how this would be
of benefit to you.
What if I’m busy?
Have you got anything else?
CT showed no clots
or malformations.
Park and Taub ruled out
lymphocytosis and diabetes.
Well, since you have
nothing of relevance
to report, I assume
that you’re here
to toss your panties
in the ring.
Patient’s got
a mysterious girlfriend
he really wants to see.
She’s unreachable by phone,
and the neighbor’s
never even seen her.
What do you think?
He’s gay.
I think he’s a junkie.
The girlfriend is a fix.
The guy’s inhaling glue.
Can you repair a blender?
Can you bite me?
Go search the patient’s home.
Well, thank you, ladies.
I’ve seen a lot of very
talented candidates.
Got a tough decision
the next few days.
This is the part I hate.
Well…this is not
exactly a crack den.
Doesn’t exactly look like
a woman lives here, either.
“To Amy.
I love you.”
Okay. She exists.
Doesn’t mean
he’s not a drug addict.
It’s good you’re playing it
cool with House.
Once he gets a rise
out of someone…
Yeah, I’m not crazy about
the whole hooker thing,
but I get it.
Other than the fact
that it’s exploitative
and dangerous for women,
you get what you need without
any of the emotional baggage.
You’re not seeing
anyone, I take it.
I’ve been volunteering
at the Trenton Free Clinic.
Keeps me busy.
You volunteer every night
and every weekend?
No time to grab dinner?
What’s more important–
making small talk
over ravioli
or helping people
who are less fortunate?
With that rationale,
none of us
should ever eat again.
Let’s just say
I’m not hungry right now.
Oh, God…
I don’t think
she’s breathing.
Do you think
she OD’d?
That or he killed her.
I’ll call the coroner.
I don’t think that’s
gonna be necessary.
This one works
in financial district.
She can get tips,
give you leg up in market.
What is “fudgey Gonzalez”?
Uh, imagine
a “vanilla Gonzalez,”
but from the other side.
I’m about to make
a decision,
but there’s still time for you
to sneak under the wire.
My favorite
Woody Allen movie
is Melinda and Melinda.
Our patient is not a junkie,
but he does have a girlfriend.
I call her my “girlfriend”
because people understand that.
If I explained it,
they’d just think
I was a weirdo.
We’re not here
to judge anyone’s fetish.
I’m not a pervert.
It’s not like
I’m more attracted
to dolls than humans.
So you don’t have sex
with her?
It’s not just about that.
Does the doll talk to you?
I know she’s not
a real person.
In a lot of ways,
she’s better than a person.
I can tell her things,
and she won’t
argue with me
or make fun of me.
I come home every night,
and I know
she’ll be there waiting.
So is your toaster.
No one in the world
has an emotional attachment
to a toaster.
But a lot of people
are willing to spend $7,000
on women like Amy.
Have you ever tried
an actual–
Yeah, I’m 35.
I’ve been in relationships.
Just none of them fulfilled me.
And one day,
I saw this website,
and…maybe the perfect woman’s
out there somewhere,
but it’s not worth
going through
what it would take
to find her.
Amy makes me happy.
You’re swelling.
It’s sort
of hot in here.
Not that hot.
Bleeding plus
two more symptoms:
Fever and neurological.
I’m not sure about
that last one.
I think he’s just…weird.
He wasn’t hallucinating.
He didn’t have
a thought disorder.
And you don’t think
it’s “disordered” to talk to–
It’s not all that different
from talking to your cat
or a Teddy bear.
You don’t have sex
with your cat or Teddy bear.
If you did,
you’d probably talk
to them more.
Guy loves an imaginary being
who’s never going
to respond to him.
He’s no crazier than
millions of churchgoers.
You think anything off
about any patient is a symptom.
This guy buys flowers.
Real flowers for
a piece of plastic in a dress.
You know
what’s really crazy?
Living with a human being.
Someone with
opinions and feelings.
Gets mad just ’cause
you want to take Salsa classes
with them one night a week.
One night.
He’s just running away.
He hangs out with a doll,
he never needs
to fear rejection.
It’s sad.
You do understand
the irony here?
Every person in this room
has a sex doll.
At least the patient
has the stones
to be honest about it.
Ooh, a metaphor.
What you didn’t foresee
is that
is that I actually do have
a sex doll.
Your doll is your kids.
Yours is your parents,
yours is your charity.
All excuses for not being
in a relationship.
He’s not wrong.
And you–
I have meaningless sex
with random strangers.
Thanks for the insight,
but I stopped that
months ago.
I actually had
a relationship.
With a patient.
You just date whoever happens
to cross your path.
My dating is getting
in the way of my dating?
You don’t go looking for
the right person.
You just shack up
with whoever’s in the room,
and then you get surprised
and/or divorced
when it doesn’t work out.
I’m surprised
you haven’t asked Adams out yet.
Uh, for your information,
I’ve got a date tonight.
I’ll be jamming with
a cute guy and his band.
– You’ll bail.
– He’s right.
The obvious solution
is for me to
hand my kids over
to your parents.
Can we stop trying to argue
the premise
and move onto figuring out
why it is
that you’re all social morons?
You do understand
the irony here.
You mocking us
for avoiding relationships,
but you can’t handle
losing your “doll.”
Your spending
all this time and energy
interviewing for a new one.
You’re right.
That is stupid.
What about the patient?
Dude’s banging a sex doll.
A festering cesspool of bodily
fluids and associated bacteria.
Swab her out
and find out which one.
I need you.
Please don’t quit.
You’re the only hooker
I know who can tune a piano.
If it’s about the money,
then I can up you
to three nights a week.
I’m getting married, House.
His name’s Harris.
He’s a certified accountant,
he’s loves
schlocky horror movies,
and he just moved in.
We’re very happy.
Well, you’re happy?
Yeah, you’re happy
because he doesn’t know
about your employment history.
He knows.
We’ve talked about it,
and he accepts me
for who I am.
No. He…
If he accepted who you were,
he would not be making
you give up your career.
Women need
their own identities,
their own livelihoods.
Otherwise, why was I smoking
all those Virginia Slims?
I know this is weird
for you,
but you need to figure out
a way to be okay with it.
I’ll miss you, too.
I feel like the stirrups
are overkill.
I’ve never done a pelvic
on a doll before.
I’m unfamiliar
with the protocol.
I’m pretty skeeved out
right now.
I’m not gonna lie.
What House
said back there–
House says
a lot of things.
I don’t just date
whoever shows up.
I mean, I did meet women
in the hospital,
but they weren’t
just flings.
Basically, you’re explaining
why you’re not going
to ask me out.
That’s not what I was–
did you want me
to ask you out?
I told Park to tell Taub
to tell House
to pass you that note.
It’s completely clean
in there.
He said
he just bathed her.
there’s a swelling
beneath the skin…
3-inch mass.
Is it…
Part of the doll’s skeleton?
It feels like a tumor.
CT showed an air-filled mass
in the doll’s abdomen.
It’s probably just
a chemical reaction.
Henry left her too close
to a heating pipe or something.
This guy brushes her hair
every morning,
brings home movies for them
to watch together.
You think he tosses her
in a broom closet
at the end of each day?
More likely than
it getting stomach cancer.
How about clostridium?
Bacteria got trapped in
the airtight cavity,
produced gas…
It doesn’t explain
the neurological issue.
We can explain that
the same way
we explain
the tooth fairy.
Oh, I get
to play Solomon.
Cut the doll open.
We can’t just destroy
the patient’s property.
That thing cost 7 grand.
Ask him for consent.
If he says yes,
then we get to
go hunting bacteria.
If he says no, there’s no need
because he’s crazy,
and we need a different theory.
See ya.
Gotta go build a temple.
You sure?
It won’t be able to heal
when we’re done.
But you think she could tell you
what’s wrong with me.
Should we take her
to the procedure room?
It’s not a her, which means
we can do this anywhere.
You can know
something’s not real
and still love it.
I think the procedure room
might be better for this.
You are a horrible person.
All I need is to break up
one marriage.
You’ve broken up
three of your own.
You’re like the Stephen Hawking
of killing relationships.
Actually, no,
Stephen Hawking
is the Stephen Hawking of–
I have work to do.
Your computer is off.
Sorry, I can’t hear you
over my “stereo.”
Why do you assume
that marriage
is better than hooking?
We don’t know anything
about the guy.
He could be
a serial killer.
Even if that were true,
it would still be a toss-up.
What kind of guy
marries a hooker?
Somebody who hires hookers.
And someone who hires hookers
is not exactly
the monogamous type.
If we expose him
as a cheater…
You’re a coward.
Would a coward
fight to the end
to save a damsel in
soon-to-be-proved distress?
Absolutely, if what
he’s afraid of is other damsels.
Your last relationship
failed so miserably,
you ended up in jail.
Now you’re clinging
to this hooker
when there are about
3 billion other women out there
who aren’t call girls,
some of whom are attractive
and intelligent,
one of whom is living
in your apartment
and is married to you!
You’re right.
Why am I asking you
for help?
You shouldn’t sleep
with Chase.
Thank, God.
You got here just in time.
What do you have
against him?
but House has a way
of getting
into people’s heads.
Just like last week
when he was prying into
your relationship with Chase?
It was silly then,
and it’s silly now.
Why was it silly then?
I’m not 5’9″ with curves
and flowing hair,
so it’s impossible for me
to get it on
with a good-looking guy?
Do you resent me?
You’re the quirky,
hardworking sophomore
and I’m the evil cheerleader
who steals boys?
If you’re not getting any,
it’s not my fault.
Should we get the one with
the panda on it or the bird?
Good choice.
Pandas eat only bamboo,
they know nothing about cereal.
Your little girl
is adorable.
She keeps me very busy.
You and her mom
must be very proud.
Her mother…
Died in childbirth.
[The Association's
Never My Love]
♪ You ask me
if there’ll come a time ♪
♪ when I grow tired of you ♪
♪ never my love ♪
♪ never my love ♪
♪ never my love
never my love ♪
♪ how can you think love
will end ♪
♪ when I’ve asked you
to spend ♪
♪ your whole life ♪
How’d it go?
We’re growing cultures now,
but she looked clean,
and there was no telltale smell.
I’m guessing the lump
was just an air bubble
that got trapped in the mold.
You bandaged her up.
I threw in some stitches, too.
Just wanted to make her
look her best.
Do you want me to put her
in her chair?
Call a code!
You looking at
the apartment with those
or the transit of Mercury?
If night comes,
you’ll be thanking me.
They’re seeking heat.
He’s an accountant.
How late do you think
he’s going to party?
I bought jar to pee in.
We heard crackles
in Henry’s lungs.
We diuresed him,
but he still needs oxygen.
Echo shows
normal heart function.
Could be high output failure
from anemia.
Hematocrit was rock normal.
What is this? Mushroom?
Say “mushroom,” charge $2.
Say “truffle,” charge $5.
Is that the man who wants
to marry hooker?
But he’s not
the one we’re after.
Should we ask?
How rude of me
not to situate you.
I’m doing Emily a favor.
We’re going to track
her fiance
until Dominika can
seduce and expose him
as the lying cheater
I need him to be.
I’m guessing she didn’t ask
for this favor.
Oh, you know,
the noblest gifts
are the ones
we give anonymously.
Crackles are nonspecific.
Hypoxia plus bleeding could
indicate D.I.C. or some other–
no neurological symptoms?
I knew your bleeding heart
would bring you around.
Too bad it’s also taking you
off the market.
And by market, I mean Chase.
Come on, buck up, Chase.
There’s always Park.
How did band practice go?
– Great.
– Does she look like she’s lying?
Kind of.
Popo needed a ride
to the doctor,
and my mom couldn’t,
You’re terrified of dating
a previous relationship ended
because your latent rage
made you vicious in arguments.
Or reincarnation.
In a past life,
she was Anne Boleyn.
Taub feels confident enough
to turn the spotlight
on himself.
It’s almost as
if he wants me to ask…
What’s her name?
Wendy Jacobson.
33, Brown grad,
family therapist.
Nice choice.
Since you got two families
to “therapize.”
First date,
we didn’t discuss everything
So it was just
a one-night stand.
You’re wrong.
I actually like her.
I’m going to see her again.
Mazel tov.
Great relationships often start
with snap decisions
aimed at proving me wrong.
Air bubble in the doll could
mean the silicone is degrading.
If he hailed some particles…
Silicone deposition.
That could work.
Start him on plasmapheresis.
Now, turning to Adams,
my theory is tripartite–
Want to hear my thesis?
It’s kind of interesting.
No man comes out.
But old naked lady in 3-C
is eating whole block of cheese.
Will this hurt?
No, you might feel
a little cold, though.
I only have a second,
but I went to
the time travel lecture.
That is…awesome.
What is it?
It’s so…
Oh, realistic.
Oh, and it’s all bandaged up.
It is one of those
CPR things?
We’re starting a procedure.
A little privacy–
No, no, it’s–
it’s good that she’s here.
I’d like you
to meet Amy.
I’m serious.
I know it seems
a little strange,
but she means a lot to me.
I, um, got
to get back to work.
But you just got here.
Sit down.
Yeah, but I–
I said that I only had a second.
Enjoy the handouts.
Listen, um,
I have to admit something.
Her mom isn’t dead.
We’re separated.
You’re the first person
I’ve asked out since then.
I’m not used to explaining…
I panicked.
Which I regret, because now
that I’ve gotten to know you,
I like you.
It was a really stupid lie.
I’m sorry.
Was that a different baby?
That was a different baby.
It’s nice having you here.
I wish you could come over
and get in bed with me.
Like this?
You’re talking?
It’s not all I can do.
Amy, there are doctors…
I don’t know.
Just put your hands on me.
It hurts.
It hurts…
Pushing Lorazepam.
If it wasn’t neurological
before, it sure is now.
Right upper quadrant’s
He’s hallucinating because
his liver’s failing.
Elevated transaminases
confirm liver failure.
We’ll have to put him
on the transplant list
in a couple days.
It’s clearly not the silicone.
Could be vasculitis.
Serologies were negative.
if you want Adams to hear,
you might want to not stand
so conspicuously far away.
I’m making coffee.
And sometimes,
I date co-workers.
Like everyone else
on the planet.
Hepatic fibrosis.
If it damaged his platelets,
it’d explain the bleeding.
I actually thought
you might agree with my theory.
Because that would mean
nothing’s your fault.
You fell into relationships
based on proximity.
Of course they failed.
But I guess I was wrong.
You picked perfect women.
You just screwed it up.
How about all five of us
live together
and the $7,000 sex doll?
It’ll solve all our hang-ups.
Adams suggests
that we all sleep together,
and your issue is high prices?
Pretty sure she was joking.
Yes, I’m 99% sure
that you’re right,
but I would never
forgive myself–
Those dolls are only $5,000.
He must have had it customized
Oh, like, you didn’t check
the website?
I guess we don’t need to ask
how your dating life is going.
I was curious.
Hepatic fibrosis wouldn’t cause
difficulty breathing.
It would if liver failure
opened pulmonary av shunts.
Fibrosis fits.
Start the patient on steroids
and find out how
he pimped his ride.
I don’t know the answer.
Marriage to destroy.
“Okay” as in passive-aggressive
reverse psychology?
Or as in depressed resignation
“okay” as in
I changed my mind.
Oh, it’s morally reprehensible
and bound to fail,
but in a weird way,
it’s a step forward.
This thing with Emily.
It’s real without being real.
It’s a long-term relationship
that can’t actually hurt you.
It’s, um…a stepping stone.
It means you want more.
So, passive-aggressive
reverse psychology.
Got it.
Try not to come on
too strong, okay?
Just get to know him a little.
Ease into it.
Why would I ease?
You could just walk up and
stick your hand down his pants,
but I heard
there’s a middle step.
Men want to have sex.
Not with crazy people.
Well, yes,
a lot with crazy people,
but not that kind of crazy.
Well, yeah,
that kind of crazy–
They don’t care how crazy
if she look like me.
I’m Jennifer,
new to marketing department.
Accounts receivable.
Oh, interesting.
Do you want to get
out of here and have sex?
Uh, sure.
You know, I got 45 minutes
left on my lunch break.
Where you wanna go?
Off to a place where men don’t
cheat on the women they love.
You’re not invited,
What are you talking about?
Why, I hope you’re speaking
out of some deep kind
of moral relativism because–
Who are you people?
You’re not Emily’s fiance.
Emily’s my sister.
We called the company
that made Amy.
They said they modeled her after
some photos you sent them.
Who is she?
We met last Christmas.
She’s a yoga instructor.
Totally different from me.
She–she loved Chopin,
hated Indian food.
She changed entire my life
for 17 weeks.
My husband cheated on me…
With a girl he met on the plane
coming back from our honeymoon.
It’s not easy to get past things
like that.
She wasn’t unfaithful.
She didn’t betray me.
She just…she just wasn’t
in love with me.
I know Amy’s not going
to break your heart.
But she’s also not going
to change your life.
The lights are bright.
What’s happening to me?
Is your neck stiff?
I think you have meningitis.
I’m not leaving
the business.
I’m just leaving you.
I didn’t want you
to feel bad.
So let me get this straight.
I’m being dumped
by a hooker…
Who’s worried about
my feelings?
You’re married.
Half your clients
are married.
And you’re a hooker.
My other guys sneak around,
but you’ll take me
into the bedroom
while your wife’s
in the next room.
That’s just…mean.
Oh, my God.
The marriage, it’s a sham.
The only really thing
about it is the green card
she’s going to get
at the end of it.
So, if you want
to get the meter running…
It’s still mean.
It’s not a marriage.
It’s a felony.
I’ve seen how she looks at you
when you’re together.
Trust me.
She likes you.
And I’ve seen
how you look at her.
Fever’s up 105.
He’s not responding to meds.
At this rate,
he’ll be dead
by the time we get
the cultures back.
Spinal fluid was full
of white cells.
Meningitis could be
Cytology showed nothing.
An amoebic infection would cause
fever and meningitis.
But not liver failure.
It could if he had a clot.
How could amoebas get past
his cribriform plate?
He went swimming in
a frozen lake in New Jersey?
Adams said his ex-girlfriend
was a yoga instructor.
Maybe he sprained his chakras.
Yoga nuts are
way more likely
to be into
alternative medicine.
He has this little weird teapot
in his house.
What was it like?
Um, little.
Weird. Teapot-ish.
Like that?
You think he drinks some
sort of toxic herbal tea?
If by “tea,”
you mean salted tap water.
And by “drink,”
you mean poured up his nose.
His girlfriend didn’t just leave
him with a broken heart.
She left him with a neti pot.
It’s an Indian method of.
Of clearing the sinuses
during allergy season.
Also known as now.
The distilled water can act
as a snot flushing system.
With tap water, it can act
as an amoeba delivery system
to the fluids around the brain.
Start him on metronidazole.
If he’s lucky,
he’ll get to see
his plastic children
walk down the aisle.
My neck
feels much better.
Your fever’s gone,
and your liver function’s
almost back to normal.
You should be able
to go home soon.
I’m going to have some hospital
bills to pay.
I don’t suppose used sex dolls
go for anything online.
Dr. Adams?
Can I get your email?
What for?
I just thought maybe
we could see each other again.
I-I can’t.
No, I know.
It’s a professionalism thing,
but you won’t be my doctor
when I get out of here.
It’s not that.
what is it?
You said I should
change my life.
You were talking
about yourself, too.
I know you were.
Henry, I–
I think you should
ask Molly out.
I should have known
this would happen.
You’re a good guy, Henry.
You deserve more than a doll.
Promise me
you’ll keep trying.
Date tonight?
So she can’t deal.
There’s someone
out there who can.
You just got to find her.
I’d love to prove
House wrong,
but…I ruined my marriage,
broke two people’s hearts,
had two kids who are always
going to wonder why I didn’t
love their mommy enough.
It’s better if I just…
focus on what I do have.
Give that band guy a call.
I’m not that good at guitar.
Or flirting or small talk.
I’m not as pretty as Adams,
I have stuffy clothes,
and I hate my hair.
Adams works 80 hours a week
fixing bunions on hobos
because she can’t face getting
to know someone new.
Trust me.
You find a boyfriend,
she’ll be the jealous one.
See you tomorrow.
Do you…
want to get a drink?
To annoy Park
or to prove House wrong?
Oh, I…
It’s just, um…
I think it’s time
for a change.
I don’t really think that’s
a good idea for me right now.
House has a way
of getting in people’s heads.
No, mom.
I’m still at work.
I’ll be home in a couple hours.
Love you too.
One, two, three, four.
[Playing I Got You Babe]
♪ ♪
♪ they say we’re young
and we don’t know ♪
♪ we won’t find out
until we grow ♪
♪ well, I don’t know
if all that’s true ♪
♪ ’cause you got me
and baby I got you ♪
♪ babe ♪
♪ I got you babe ♪
♪ I got you babe ♪
♪ they say our love
won’t pay the rent ♪
♪ before it’s earned,
our money’s all been spent ♪
♪ I guess that’s so,
we don’t have a pot ♪
♪ at least I’m sure
of all the things we got ♪
♪ babe ♪
♪ I got you babe ♪
♪ I got you babe ♪
♪ I got flowers in the spring ♪
♪ I got you to wear my ring ♪
♪ and when I’m sad
you’re a clown ♪
I fix blender.
So I see.
I had fun seducing
hooker’s fake fiance.
Sorry it didn’t work.
I thought I’d take a break
from the whole hooker thing.
I think maybe you need
milk shake.
Is pistachio.
♪ I got you babe ♪
♪ I got you babe ♪
♪ I got you babe ♪
I’m…gonna go to bed.
See you tomorrow.
♪ hold my hand ♪
♪ I got you to understand ♪
♪ I got you to walk with me ♪
♪ I got you to talk with me ♪
♪ I got you, I won’t let go ♪
♪ I got you to love me so ♪
♪ babe ♪
♪ I got you babe ♪
♪ I got you babe
I got you babe ♪
♪ I got you babe ♪

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