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You’re bleeding
through your bandage.
Good morning.
Don’t we need to get you
to a doctor?
I am a doctor.
That didn’t come up
last night?
We didn’t do
a lot of talking.
I’m good.
You never told me
what caused your accident.
I was stabbed
by a patient.
That’ll teach me
to overbill.
If she likes
crippled guys,
I’m free for
the next six minutes.
What do you want?
truck driver,
recurrent seizures.
No metabolic
or structural–
does this look
like a good time?
Sort of.
At least as good
as the other 12 times
that I’ve called and paged you
in the last three weeks.
Those times I just didn’t
feel like talking to you.
Kinda like now.
I’d apologize again,
but I’m still waiting for you
to accept the first one.
You do work for me.
I am entitled to ask
when you’re coming back.
I don’t know
when I’m coming back.
I don’t know
if I’m coming back.
Got a problem
with that,
fire me.
Original air date on February 13, 2012
[Massive Attack's Teardrop]
It’s good to see you
in the hospital,
as a patient
if not as a doctor.
Believe me,
I’d rather be the guy
with the clipboard.
How you doing?
Arrhythmias are gone.
Fine motor control
is improving.
Not what I meant.
If you need to talk
to someone,
a professional…
I’m fine.
Fine enough
to get back to work?
You don’t have
to work for House,
but you do owe me
20 clinic hours.
What, getting knifed doesn’t
buy me an extension?
Buys you whatever you need.
But I know you.
If all you do
is physical therapy
and your nighttime
version of it,
you’ll lose your mind
faster than you regain
those fine motor skills.
I, uh, have
this terrible pain
in my left shoulder.
It came out of nowhere.
And nothing
seems to help.
Any other symptoms?
Chest pain?
No. None at all.
What were you doing
when the pain came on?
Just sitting
and praying.
She’d been helping to make
the altar breads that morning,
but no hard physical work
or repetitive motion.
A couple of possibilities.
You have enlarged
lymph nodes,
so I’d like to start
by ruling out breast cancer.
And I do mean “rule out.”
It’s probably nothing.
I’m gonna do
a quick breast exam.
Do you mind stepping out
for a moment?
Not at all.
That was so I could ask
about the second possibility.
Left-sided pain means
it could be angina,
which is made worse
by stress.
Might not be a coincidence
that the pain started
on the verge
of a major life change.
How did you know?
Blue veil means
you’re a postulant,
haven’t taken
your vows yet.
Brown vestments means
you’re carmelites,
cloistered nuns,
which explains the chaperone.
You’re about to withdraw
from the world for good.
I was a seminarian.
Who obviously didn’t
take his vows.
Cassock made
my ass look fat.
Do you mind
unbuttoning your shirt
and lying down for me?
I have had second thoughts.
I’m kind of a wreck.
A life of perpetual
and almost complete silence?
If you weren’t
wrestling with this,
I’d say there’s something
really wrong with you.
I’m going to admit you.
There’s a little mass here,
and I’d like
to get it checked out.
It’s just a benign
fat deposit.
Her imaging’s clean.
Stress test too.
It’s not angina.
So why the shoulder pain?
Is it possible
that she hurt
her shoulder?
Thanks a lot.
I didn’t tell him.
You were cagey
about where you were going.
And Chase being cagey
in general.
Good chance I’d find the two
of you in the same cage.
So I had park follow you.
How you feeling?
Heard your arm’s
healing nicely.
Good to see you
on your feet.
Patient’s a nun?
You turning back to your
long-abandoned faith
in time of trouble?
She was next up
in the clinic.
And I don’t want
your help.
You got stabbed.
You blame me.
But what did
you learn about me
that you hadn’t known
for years?
Maybe I was an idiot before
and I’m not one now.
Or maybe
the reverse is true.
Thanks for all your help.
Your soul sister
is having a fungal infection
from the unprocessed wheat
in the altar breads.
Explains the shoulder pain
and the jumbo lymph nodes.
Thanks for all my help.
I’m–I’m sorry
I led House to you.
It’s part of the job.
Maybe we could get
a meal after work tonight,
if you want
some companionship.
You asking me out
on a date?
I just–
I guess that sounded–
must be scary to be back.
All those knives
and needles.
Infected blood and tissue
everywhere you look.
Just thought you might need
someone to talk to about it.
Just knowing you’re there
for me is enough.
Ever surf Kirra Point?
Obviously you’re Australian.
I’ve surfed all over
the Gold Coast.
Don’t tell me you have.
The closest I got
was Waimea Bay.
I grew up on Maui.
If you don’t mind me asking,
why are you becoming a nun?
You asking
’cause I surf?
Well, I know that Jesus
walked on water but…
Plus the average postulant
is a lot younger than you.
What were you doing
before this?
Not much of anything.
Worked as a nanny.
Moved around a lot.
Bunch of failed
And then what?
God spoke to you?
You heard the calling?
Something like that.
Does there have to be
some dramatic moment
where the skies part?
Usually, yeah.
Is that what happened to you
when you entered the seminary?
Mom drank, dad worked.
They stuck me
in catholic school.
Priests and nuns were
the closest I had to family.
Turned out that wasn’t much of
a reason to join the priesthood.
Is that why you left?
Something like that.
I think I may throw up.
What’s wrong with me?
Not a fungal infection.
You’re probably wondering,
why the soda balloons?
I’m not.
Well, I’ll tell you.
You’re not the only one
whose life spiraled
out of control
when you got knifed
in the ventricle.
Taub has decided–
I need help
with my patient.
She’s vomiting.
That’s not from
a fungal infection.
What are you
planning to do
now that you’re
not working for me?
I have no idea.
Almost dying’s
been clarifying.
I can do anything.
You can do anything.
So you come back
to the same building
you’ve worked in
for years.
Guess you can cross that
off your bucket list.
Can we get to my patient
sometime soon?
As soon as you admit that
you’re a confused mess, sure.
You’ll help me.
‘Cause even though you don’t
find my case interesting,
you find my interest in it
Well, when you
put it that way…
Ascending colangitis.
Missed me.
Can’t be,
bilirubin’s normal.
Clinical signs
can show up days
before lab signs.
Ha ha ha!
This is great.
We should make this
a regular thing.
She can’t feel
her foot at all.
What does this mean?
It means I’ve got
to spend more time
with a colleague.
He tried to tongue-kiss Park
when you were closer.
You think his sexuality
is normal?
I need more help.
My patient has a new symptom.
Ischemic foot.
Get the lecture
out of your system
so we can talk
about my case.
Let me start
with an allegory.
Okay, I’m curious.
Your overreaction
to your stabbing
is to blame me even as
you are drawn to me.
Taub’s is to take
moronic self-defense classes
that won’t defend him
against anything.
Krav maga.
Which helped me
block your shot
and will continue
to help me
defend myself in a building
full of drugged-up strangers.
Taub has to accept
that by instinct and genetics
he is a coward,
who’s better off
running and hiding
at the first sign
of danger.
I’ve already fended off six
of your blitzkriegs in a row.
And the seventh?
And the eighth?
And the nth?
If you get him,
what’s that gonna prove?
That unexpected things happen.
By definition, no class can
teach you to expect them.
Which is why Taub
is idiotic to study them,
and you’re idiotic to attach
any significance to them.
Blood clot.
Her D-Dimer’s normal.
On the other hand–
What if he’s right
about the blockage
but wrong
about the cause?
That explains everything
but the lymph nodes.
And any minor infection
could have caused those.
Calcium channel blocker
to treat.
Are you okay?
I almost got you killed
by bringing a scalpel
into that room.
I could feel better
about that.
You saved my life too.
I think the ledger’s clear.
But how can you not
be traumatized?
Can’t change
what happened.
Can only make better
choices from here.
So you’re Zen about it
but won’t let go
of your anger toward House?
I’m seeing
a trauma counselor.
I think you should too.
I’m okay.
Just knowing you’re there
for me is enough.
Convent lets you
have this?
I borrowed it from
one of the nurses.
I’m still on temporary vows.
It may be the last time
I hear Eminem for a while.
You’re using an iPod.
But I’ve never seen you
use rosary beads.
What day did Jesus die?
I know,
one gospel says passover,
another says
the day before.
How many times
did the cock crow
before Peter’s
third denial?
Once or twice?
You can’t argue away
my faith.
Because it’s so strong
even plain contradictions–
because it’s not
that strong.
I’m not saying
I don’t have faith.
I just haven’t felt
the calling yet.
No one joins the clergy
without having that epiphany.
That God’s love
is speaking to you directly.
It’s the silence,
the contemplation,
the order.
I need them.
Hoping everything else
will come later.
That’s not an answer.
If you want silence,
you can get ear plugs.
I tried the outside world.
It wasn’t enough.
Have you been married?
No kids.
You never found a career.
Doesn’t sound like the outside
world got much of a try.
What you’re
headed towards now,
14 hours a day
in silent prayer,
never having a family,
never touching
another human being.
Just because that’s
what you’d miss the most.
The nurses talk.
Nothing’s wrong
with having fun.
They said you were almost
killed three weeks ago.
You go right back to fun?
Is that why
you wanna be a nun?
Someone broke your heart.
I’m just looking
for something more.
So am I.
I’m late for work
in the clinic.
George Washingbaum?
He was a character
in the Flintsteins.
Just hiding out till House
leaves the cafeteria.
The self-defense classes,
you think they’re making
any kind of difference?
Not as much
as House’s surprise attacks.
He thinks three steps ahead,
so I do too.
Which is why you should
accept his apology
and come back on the team.
He’s annoying,
he’s maddening.
But he makes us
all better.
Note to self.
Foot color’s good.
Arterial pulse is good.
Capillary refill’s good.
And her shoulder pain
is all gone.
Looks like you’re ready
to go home.
I’ll get the car
and meet you out front.
I’d say I’m in the book,
but not the one you’ll be
reading from now on.
Six years ago,
I was a nanny in Honolulu
for this beautiful
two-year-old boy.
I loved him.
Probably spent
more time with him
than his own parents.
One day I was in the park
talking with another nanny.
He wandered out of the sandbox
into the street,
into the path
of a moving car.
That could have happened
to anyone.
I don’t think so.
And even if it did,
they’d blame themselves
for the rest
of their lives too.
You shouldn’t.
You shouldn’t run from what
can still be a good life.
I’m running to God.
After what happened to you,
don’t you wanna
remake your life?
Not by hiding myself away.
I hope it works out
for you.
It is gonna be hard.
Not touching anyone.
Who knew mother inferior
was a smoking hottie.
No wonder you’re playing
handsies with her.
You think I’m hitting
on a nun?
Angry at God or I just
need a challenge?
Or you’re terrified
of intimacy,
which is why
you’re a serial slut.
But right now you’re grasping
at an emotional life raft.
Ideally someone for whom
intimacy’s not an option.
That actually makes sense,
which I can’t say
about anything else
you’ve been doing.
I’m not emotionally
involved with her.
And much as I’d love
to hear you contradict me,
I have a 7:30 appointment
to explore my intimacy issues
at La Scala.
I’m talking to this agent.
He’s a bit of a sleaze.
But he’s really excited
about representing me.
Although he can’t take on
any new clients right now,
he’s trying to get me
an audition
for one of those
online soaps.
Have you ever watched
one of those?
Am I boring you?
Unfortunately, yeah.
You’re not supposed
to be here.
Or anywhere.
You were right.
I was running away.
Oh, now you’re shy.
It’s brighter
in the morning.
So are we gonna spend
the rest of eternity
in a lake of fire
while pointy-tailed demons
poke at us with sticks?
This is a little scary
for me.
I had a whole life planned.
Not that I wasn’t
struggling with it.
And then I met you.
Don’t worry, I know you’re
not the relationship type.
I’m not
not the relationship type.
I was married once.
You’re fine.
So what’s next for you?
I have to find
a place to live.
Get my old job back.
Sure, I’ll feel guilty,
start doubting.
As long as you keep dealing
with your doubts
in the same way then…
I’m sorry,
did you say something?
Your neck.
Are your ears ringing?
What does that mean?
We’ve got to get you back
to the hospital right away.
The artery that’s bringing
blood to your brain,
it’s coming apart.
Means you could stroke.
I’ve paged a team
of our best doctors.
I don’t have
to cough as much.
It’s clotted up.
Is that bad?
We’re almost there.
Get me her o-two level.
What are you doing?
I want to make sure I can
position her wrist properly.
For what?
I don’t need an A.B.G.
Just get a pulse ox.
I’ll do it.
Grab a consent form.
We need to operate
right now, okay?
Good to operate.
Repeat this, no ifs, ands,
or buts about it.
No about it and no ifs.
Get her into O.R. 11.
Carotid dissection,
four-inch pulsatile
mass in her neck,
and some broca’s aphasia.
It’s got to be a clot
keeping her
from bleeding out.
Bounding, four-plus.
It was a three-plus
20 minutes ago.
Thought she just got here.
That blood
looks pretty dry.
Cut yourself shaving?
You know,
that can happen
when the nun you woke up with
coughs blood on you.
You slept with a nun?
Forget nun,
you slept with a patient?
Former, to both.
Internal neck trauma,
that’s impressive.
It’s happened to me
a few times.
Up high.
Dr. Chase.
Clot’s broken.
Bring her in
and pack her nose.
I’m gonna need
number three vicryls.
I’m gonna fix this.
You’re not gonna
operate on her.
Kapur and Carlyle
are unavailable.
Reilly’s done far fewer
dissections than I have.
He’s also slept with her
far fewer times than you have.
Your judgment’s
I spent the night with her.
Doesn’t change
how I make an incision.
Tell him!
Do the surgery.
You’re trying
to score points with him
at the risk
of a patient’s life.
He’s the better surgeon.
Vascular clamp.
You’re not gonna put her
on bypass?
It’d take a half hour
to set up.
You clamp now,
she could stroke out.
She’s already got
neurological symptoms.
We wait 30 minutes, she’ll
definitely have brain damage.
You’re trying to make sure
she’s either perfect or dead.
She’s not going to die.
If I get this done
in five minutes,
she won’t stroke out.
You don’t know
that you will.
And you can’t know
because you can’t
think clearly about her.
Vascular clamp.
Occlusion time 9:46
and 23 seconds.
Vascular scissors.
We’re over five minutes.
Good flow.
Lighten the anesthesia.
You’re not gonna close
the wound first?
Can you hear me?
Repeat this,
no ifs, ands, or buts.
No ifs, ands, or buts.
I’m sorry about before.
You’re scared,
aren’t you?
That’s why you wanted
That’s why you cried out
when House shot at Taub.
What exactly
are you scared of?
A needle stick?
Some other nut
pulling a scalpel?
I’m scared
of everything.
It sucks that
there was a stabbing.
But you’ll get over it.
Like you have?
You weren’t even there.
I know, I–
I left the room.
It was pure luck.
I was in the room.
That was pure luck too.
I get that you’re scared
and guilty.
You’re still a doctor.
I don’t have time
to teach you to act like one.
We removed the artery.
I found nodules.
Could mean lupus.
Negative A.N.A.
Where are you going?
Great thing
about assigning Taub
fraudulent lab work
is you know exactly
where he’s gonna
end up.
Great thing about
assigning Taub
obviously fraudulent
lab work
is you get to watch
his inner paranoiac at work.
And then…
Two to the head.
Can we talk
about my patient?
Quite a journey.
Starts with a surgical tool
in your heart
and ends with
a surgeon’s tool in a nun.
What’s the plan?
Plan’s to cure her.
Well, if it’s
not meaningless sex,
kinda screams out
for an end game.
You’re the dog that’s
chasing the popemobile.
You sure you want–
oh, my God.
Taub is interrogating
the janitor.
He must think that
I hired him to attack–
why didn’t I do that?
Plaques could be confused
for nodules.
Which would mean…
Explains the shoulder
and foot involvement.
Hope you practiced
the immaculate
Lock and load.
Boo-yah to you too.
But I hadn’t
had sex in years.
Tertiary syphilis means
you’ve had the disease
for at least that long.
Does that mean
you also have it?
Probably not contagious
at this point.
Can it cause
It’s unlikely. Why?
While I was
on the operating table,
it didn’t feel
like a dream.
I saw the boy
who I was caring for.
The one who died.
He walked right up to me.
What did he say?
He just held my hand.
It was like
he forgave me.
Do you think
that’s crazy?
I think it should
give you solace,
help you to move on.
You slept
with your patient?
You’re off the case.
I saved her
from brain damage.
You think my judgment’s
the least bit compromised?
She’s still sick.
If she dies,
we’ll be in the middle
of a brand-new
This is about you
covering your own ass.
I gave you time, leeway,
and you decided to do
whatever the hell you wanted.
House can dance
all over the rules,
gets me knifed,
and he gets a pass.
I break a rule,
no one gets hurt,
but you kick me off
my own case?
Unfortunately, yes.
I’m sorry.
I took that scalpel
for you.
That’s why I did this.
Three weeks ago,
you never would have
slept with a patient.
And you never would have
operated on her after.
You need help.
I need to get away
from House
and everything
that reminds me of him.
By breaking the rules,
not caring what
anyone else thinks.
You’re gonna get away from him
by turning into him?
It hurts.
Right upper quadrant,
pain and distension.
What’s wrong
with my stomach?
This is your liver.
The liver failure could be
from intraoperative
Checked the anesthesia sheet,
pressure was fine
That voice in the hall
that none of us
have any reason
to be listening to
is not surprisingly wrong.
Abdominal ultrasound
was negative.
Then we have to assume
liver failure
is just another symptom
of whatever she’s got.
Trousseau’s syndrome
could send clots,
cause the ischemic foot.
Add the enlarged lymph node,
T-cell lymphoma.
Wilson said
it wasn’t cancer.
Wilson says
it’s not breast cancer.
Normal ACE level.
Highly insensitive
for sarcoid.
Negative chest X-rays aren’t.
Then we’ve got
to biopsy.
Yeah, Foreman’s
clearly wrong.
You’re clearly
not grasping at straws
’cause you’re clearly
not emotionally involved.
I know you want to believe that
this is something we can cure.
It’s not.
I’m sorry.
How soon will they know
if it’s cancer?
Within hours.
And if it is?
There’s always chemo.
You say that like
it’s not gonna work.
Could extend your life.
I’ll be here
as much as you need.
You still never told me
why you left the seminary.
Mary Knoller.
Wife of the groundskeeper.
He caught me with her,
got me with a rake.
Those scars on my ass
you may have noticed.
Why didn’t you
tell me that before?
Because it was so shallow.
I wasn’t exactly wrestling
with great
theological questions.
I don’t believe that.
You don’t sleep with
the groundskeeper’s wife,
not unless you’re struggling
with whether you belong there.
I always wanted to believe.
Would have made
my life a lot easier.
It never took.
It’s too late.
Are you having trouble talking,
like before?
I can get the words out.
Just feels heavy
when I do.
Wherever my
chewing muscles are.
I’ll be right back.
House finally got you.
He tried but–
I gotta go.
You shoulda seen it.
It was perfect.
She has jaw claudication.
If you only heard claudication
and carotid dissection…
I’d say
giant cell arteritis.
And I’d tell
your former teammates
to put her
on steroids.
She’s gonna live.
And then what?
They say my liver
function’s better.
That I can get out
of here soon.
And when you do,
I’m gonna take you
to puerto escondido.
The Mexican pipeline.
Early May is when the surf
really picks up but–
what’s wrong?
I spoke to the prioress.
You’re going back?
I felt the calling.
When you saw the boy.
I felt God’s love,
his Grace.
I’ve been waiting
my entire life for that.
It’s not real.
I know you didn’t feel anything
when you almost died.
I did.
You felt oxygen
You felt your brain
releasing noradrenaline.
You didn’t say that before.
I wanted you to move on
with your life.
I wanted to reassure you.
I wanted you
to feel better.
And now you don’t?
I think I love you.
“Noradrenaline and
near-death experiences.”
Oh, dear.
You saw God?
She did.
She wants to go back
to the monastery.
So now you’re preparing
a Powerpoint presentation
to keep her in your garden
of earthly delights.
You’re an idiot.
Because I found someone I love?
Because you’re an idiot.
At least you two
have that in common.
Her feelings are based
on a chemical process.
They’re gonna wear off.
You just slept with her.
Your brain is exploding
with oxytocin.
You think that’s gonna
last through the ages?
She’s throwing away her life
because of blind faith.
So are you!
She’s found something
she wants to build
her life around.
It’s a total illusion,
but apparently she’ll take
a little ignorance
with her bliss.
And you want to take that away?
How many times have
you thrown the truth
in people’s faces?
Because it’s the truth,
not because we’re gonna
live happily ever after.
Either your relationship
just blows up
like every other
non-magical romance,
or she stays with you
but blames you
for stripping all the meaning
out of her life.
This has nothing to do
with the truth.
You don’t like that
I’m reassessing my life,
that I want to change it,
that I can.
Anyone can screw up a life.
I never said
that wasn’t possible.
You’re incapable
of human connection,
so you want everyone
to be like you.
If I wanted you
to be like me…
I would be urging you
to make a stupid,
stubborn decision
that blows up your life and
leaves you lonely and miserable.
You reassess your life
when you’ve made mistakes.
You didn’t.
You just got stabbed.
Don’t look at the book.
I haven’t done a jugular line
since my residency.
I don’t want to needle
the carotid.
What’s the first step?
Palpate the S.C.M.
Middle third of the neck.
I’m happy I knew you.
So am I.
24-year-oldwater treatment worker
with pyrexia and double vision.
Would have seen it on the MRI.
Diphtheria paralyzing
the ocular muscles?
No, paralysis was first.
– Aneurysm?
– Not with this fever.
Maybe we’re thinking about
this the wrong way.
Retro-ocular infection?
With no local symptoms?

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