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Previously on
Hatfields McCoys…
All this to-do over a pig.
This is about honor,
about lyin’, and murder.
I’m Johnse Hatfield.
I know who you are.
You spent the night
under a Hatfield roof?
You’re not my daughter anymore.
They’re trying to kill you.
I’m going there to
rescue my bride.
I’m gonna shoot you
dead, come dark!
My brothers have got Johnse.
Please, Mr. Hatfield, hurry!
Hurry up.
See, I want to
just shoot you myself.
But I got to humor my brothers.
In a couple of minutes,
when the sun comes up,
I’m gonna give you this pistol.
Now, will you do the honorable
thing and kill yourself?
Why in God’s name
would I do that?
Shame and remorse.
No, you all,
you just want to save yourselves
from doing a murder.
And I ain’t ashamed
of loving Roseanna.
So he won’t die
by his own hand.
Will he eat poison?
To hell with this.
Guns down.
I said now.
Do what he says,
or I’ll scatter your brains
all over this place.
The rest of you kneel down
there next to your brother
and pray as if your lives
depend on it,
on account they do.
Are you deaf, McCoy?
I said to kneel.
I kneel for no man.
And I pray only to God,
not you.
You’re a brave man, Jim McCoy.
Your daddy should be proud.
All right, Skunkhair, torch it.
You know, we should’ve burnt
down this shithole years ago.
This is none of your business.
Get off me!
You’re a damn fool for riding
into McCoy hands.
None of that matters now.
Roseanna’s carrying my baby.
She saved my life.
I’m gonna marry her.
Roseanna’s what?
Did you know about this?
Johnse, she’s a McCoy.
She betrayed her own family.
She’ll betray ours too.
That ain’t true.
You know, I ain’t…
I ain’t taking this.
No, you’ll take it.
Stop it!
You’ll take it and like it.
Stop it, please!
Anse, Anse!
Hey, that’s enough.
That is enough.
That is… that is enough!
You don’t touch that boy
no more, Anderson Hatfield.
You will never marry a McCoy.
You leave this house
to go after her.
You don’t come back.
Now, you make your choice.
Make it now.
Stay or go.
– Whoo!
– Whoo-whoo-whoo!
I’m up.
Come on, come on.
Go, squirrel.
Come on, Sammy.
– Ah-ha!
– Whoo!
Now we got a competition
on our hands, boys!
One apiece.
Robert E.
Jefferson, Jefferson.
That’s the family discount.
– Give me that.
– No.
– How much you had already?
– No, I ain’t had nothing.
– Give it to me.
– I ain’t had nothing.
Stop acting like that.
Quit hitting me.
Quit hitting me.
Hey, Robert E., take over.
Hello, Johnse Hatfield.
How ya been?
I been fine.
You know,
I should’ve called on you.
I really didn’t mean you
no harm.
I just… I guess what happened
was kind of an accident.
I guess it was.
But don’t you worry
about it none.
I just been all messed up
in my mind about Roseanna.
How is she?
Doctor says she took down
with a cough.
She’s been spitting up blood.
They think she might lose
the baby.
Lose it?
Or not.
Who knows?
Hey, will you…
would you tell her that I asked
after her and the baby?
Would you do that for me?
I’ll pass it along…
Next time I see Roseanna.
Hey, grandpappy.
That ain’t funny.
Yeah, it is.
Hey, don’t let it eat you up.
Hey, speaking of eatin’,
have you tried
this pickled okra?
It’s a damn pepper.
Bullnose red hot.
You son of a bitch.
If you weren’t my brother,
you’d be dead right now.
Come on, now.
Let’s dance.
Right there, son.
This competition’s
still open, ain’t it?
If’n you don’t mind
wasting a bullet.
I ain’t wasted one yet.
How you gonna beat that,
fog eye?
Good luck.
Hey, hey, toe the line.
You’re over the damn mark.
Judge should’ve caught that.
Just do what you do, son.
What he does is miss.
Oh, Cap.
You missed complete.
No, he didn’t.
Hit the nail on the head.
Right on the gol’dang head.
You see where that went.
Hey, settle down, boys.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
This here
is a shooting contest.
This here is a shooting contest,
Get up.
Look at this.
Watch McCoy put his head down.
Hatfield’s a-tremblin’.
Devil Anse couldn’t meet
the old man’s eye.
Randall McCoy looked away
like a lonely girl seeing
a hard prick for the first time!
You watch your filthy mouth,
Might be some rowdy-do.
Whatever happens, Cotton,
you stay right here.
Keep these horses peaceable.
Yeah, McCoy flinched.
Skipped off a step.
Hatfield, he shit himself.
You can smell it yet.
How’d you see it, Ellison?
Seems to me both men
behaved gentlemanly.
If anyone looked off,
they both did together.
Let’s go.
That is for owing me almost
a whole greenback
on my heirloom fiddle
for a year, you thieving prick.
Johnse was right.
You hit like a old woman.
Maybe we should get you a bonnet
and a dress.
No more.
I am hell on earth!
You’re a damn stinkhog.
That’s enough now.
You take him, Ellison.
Hatfields, stay out of this.
Get in there.
Come on, bud.
Come on, get him.
Yeah, that’s the way.
How many more do you need?
Let him sit there.
Aw, we ain’t done with you yet.
Go on, there, get him!
Go take your dancing lessons.
You’re going dancin’!
Take this.
Stick ‘em.
Hold on, little brother.
Just keep holding on.
Anse, Anse.
Where’s Cotton?
Cotton, come here.
Let the law handle it.
You get well.
We’ll look after the rest.
Cotton, you comfort your daddy.
Can we go home now?
Levicy, get him to a bed
at the house.
Johnse, Captain, get his legs.
Gonna get him in the wagon.
Levicy, get a blanket.
Gonna get him up there…
He was always angling
for peace,
throwing water on fires
that others started,
letting people have their way,
and now…
now maybe killed for it.
What did Ellison say to you?
Asked for Cotton.
We got ‘em!
Sherriff holed ‘em up!
We got them bastard McCoys.
We got ‘em, Anse.
you can’t let them take us.
How’s your brother, Anse?
Still alive…
I need you to hand over
your prisoners, sheriff.
I understand how you feel,
But these boys
broke Kentucky law
on Kentucky soil
and are obliged
to be tried by Kentucky justice.
Well, I’ll take ‘em anyways.
Anse, give me a minute.
I want to go on a record
about all this.
I wish you would, Judge.
Explain to your brother
howsomever he and you
and the other Hatfields feel…
and I know that’s awful…
this business requires
to be done legal.
you acknowledge the victim
was a West Virginia citizen.
That’s the essence
of the case determinative.
That’s why West Virginia law
Now, you can dispute the matter
here or later in court.
It’s your choice,
you son of a bitch.
You’re likely to lose
in either venue.
You abscond with these boys
over my strenuous objection.
Easy, easy.
He gon…
he gonna die?
Should’ve already.
Oh, my lord.
Obtained a directive
from Judge Tobias Wagner
instructing the sheriff to
recapture and restore the boys
to his lawful custody.
The law…
Ain’t worth a bucket of spit.
They-they were kidnapped
So why can’t we kidnap ‘em back
the same way?
No, Hatfields will have ‘em
heavily guarded.
Could turn into a bloodbath.
Sweet Jesus,
what have they done?
Jim, you go with Perry
to Pikeville
and get this letter
toé sheriff maynard.
Calvin, you stay here with
your mother until I get back.
you ain’t going over there.
Alone he’ll do me no harm.
It’s Poppy.
Right there.
– Right… you see him?
– Yeah, I see him.
– He’s coming to get us.
– There he is, Poppy.
I come unarmed to ask you
for my boys.
You got my word.
I’ll turn ‘em over to the law
in Pikeville.
Your boys stabbed my brother.
They stabbed him over
and over again, then shot him.
Penalty for that’s
the same in Kentucky
as it is in West Virginia.
How is Ellison?
I pray he recovers.
You still believe in praying?
I do.
Well, then we’ll leave it
to the almighty.
If my brother survives,
you can have your boys,
and we’ll let Kentucky law
take its course.
If he dies…
If my brother dies,
your boys will stay here
not long before justice
will be done on ‘em.
Is there anything I can say
or give you
that’ll move you from that?
I’d like to see my sons.
I don’t think so.
Then let their mother see ‘em.
We’ll send for her.
Devil Anse Hatfield,
I rue the day I saved your life.
May God damn your eternal soul.
That might be, Randall.
But I don’t recall God saving
your ass that day.
We saved each other,
’cause that’s…
’cause that’s what men do
in war.
This all here,
this all sits the way it sits,
’cause of us and nobody else.
If you feel the need
to bring up God one more time,
whose side he sits on…
You won’t be making a ride home.
I hope you and all of your kin
and friends and babies
come and try to rescue ‘em
so’s we kill you all at once,
not drag it out.
Shut up.
What, where’s he going?
What’s he doing?
He’s leaving us.
He’s leaving.
– Poppy!
– Poppy!
– Poppy!
– Shut up.
Poppy, we’re here!
Shut up.
What are you doing?
Cutting the boards.
What for?
There’s a possibility.
There’s a possibility
of uncle Ellison dyin’.
Jim said we’d want a coffin.
Don’t you cut no boards.
I tell you when you can cut
any boards.
Yes, sir.
Now you better do your job
and get ‘em back.
We just have to get up a posse.
We have a written finding
here from Judge Tobias Wagner
stating you’re legally entitled
to enter West Virginia
in hot pursuit.
West Virginia’s sovereign
and has armed Hatfields
swarming all over.
You cannot abide by this.
If’n Ellison Hatfield dies,
Devil Anse has so much has said
he’d kill my sons.
Ellison dies,
your sons are murderers.
Just made some enemies,
Get out of my way.
Reverend Garrett.
Captain Anderson Hatfield
sent me to fetch you.
He promised Randall.
Passed over Jordan
singing with the angels.
Oh, dear God.
I’m to fetch you to your boys.
Where are they?
They’re in a safe place
where they can visit
with their mother.
I’m to bring only her.
I gave my word.
Ride to Pikeville.
Tell your father where I am
and what has happened.
All right, ma.
I’ve come to see my sons.
They’re inside.
It’s very Christian of you
to do this, Anse.
Save it for your congregation,
Please, Captain Hatfield.
Let me take ‘em back to Kentucky
with me.
You’ll get ‘em back.
That much I can promise you.
I brought some food from home.
Is Poppy here?
Is he coming?
I’ve got apples
from the yard tree and cheese,
the one you like, bud,
bread your sister baked…
Is pop comin’ back?
Some chicken.
– From the first book of kings…
– Hold on, reverend.
Mama, we…
We saw Poppy riding away.
When’s he coming back?
When’s he getting us out
of here?
You can’t imagine the pain
that comes
with giving birth to a child.
But I welcomed that pain
over and over
so that I might have
each of you.
I love you all
and will always love you.
But what about Poppy?
He will always love you too.
I meant…
“Any who escape the sword
of hazael
“will be put to death by Jehu.
“And any who escape the sword
of Jehu
“will be put to death by Elisha.
“But I shall spare 7,000
in Israel.
“All the knees that have
not bent before baal.
All the mouths
that have not kissed him.”
All right.
Whoa, whoa.
Hickory tree there.
Tie ‘em tight now.
Is that too tight?
You’re shooting phamer there
when the time comes.
You reap what you sow.
You’re shooting Tolbert.
Tolbert first.
You boys understand
what’s gonna happen here?
You understand why?
Make yourselves ready.
Harden your hearts.
“Surely thou shalt slay
the wicked, o God.
“Depart from me therefore,
ye bloody men.
“Do not I hate them
that hate thee, o lord?
“I hate them
with perfect hatred.
I count them mine enemies.”
Same family that killed
your brothers killed my pap.
Somebody ought to do something
about it.
I don’t see your sister.
Roseanna’s ailing.
Still laid over at aunt Betty’s.
Can’t travel none.
She lose the baby?
No, it come, a girl,
but it’s sickly.
Likely to perish?
I pray not.
But likely.
Baby’s daddy,
Johnse Hatfield…
Folks are saying he was amongst
them that killed your brothers.
I pray he wasn’t.
Likely was.
And bud…
Having been handled with such
manifest injustice
and cruelly murdered,
when they stand before the lord,
he will wash away their sins
and take them
to the promised land.
People forget.
Hatfields killed our pap too.
Honest soldier
coming home from war
doing no harm.
That’s another item goes on
Hatfield’s account…
Shut up.
Come on.
Which reckoning is past due,
which bill needs collectin’.
Come on.
I’m accepting donations,
reward money for the capture
or killing
of the murderous Hatfields.
McCoy family thanks you.
Do not let this atrocity
go unpunished.
Jesus will be smiling on you
and your family.
Thank you.
Thank you.
It ain’t fitting
you remain here
just sitting days on end.
I know he’s revenged.
I miss my daddy.
My brother was always about
the work of life.
He’d not…
He’d not want you lingering
about his remains…
Not when…
not when there’s chores to do.
A lot of strange faces in town.
Man hunters, Randall,
here to bring your sons’ killers
to justice.
They ain’t here for justice.
They’re here to try and collect
the bounty we’re offering.
This here Devil Anse
Hatfield’s loggin’ enterprise?
Devil Anse won’t be back
till tomorrow mornin’.
If you’re looking for work,
he only hires men he know:
His neighbors, his kin.
Well, right now, I believe
I got business with you.
What’s that?
You got that funny streak
of white in your hair, Tom.
Guess that’s why folks
call you Skunkhair.
My friends call me that.
Well, no reason we can’t
be friends, Tom.
Don’t get testy.
I’m just doing my job.
You got a prize on your head,
Mr. Skunkhair Tom Wallace.
You got the wrong man.
I didn’t do nothin’.
Kentucky courts say otherwise.
You must’ve crossed the tug
and got lost.
This here West Virginia.
I’m in the right place, Tom.
McCoy family’s gettin’
indictments for them
that murdered their three boys,
already posted rewards.
What the hell?
How much?
I don’t recollect exact.
Couldn’t be more than two bits
or so for you.
You son of a bitch.
Shut it down.
Take ‘em off.
All right.
Hey, Selkirk, come here.
Come here.
Where you been?
You been drinkin’, hmm?
No, sir.
You sleepin’?
Yes, sir.
I’m a hold back 25¢?
Yes, sir.
They scalped him,
like Indians done it.
He’s my best friend
since we was little.
He was my best friend.
Randall McCoy done this.
Thought we’d leveled
the scales.
Uncle Anse,
I found these in the logs
underneath Skunkhair.
$750 for you.
Seeing as how you was
the outlaw leader.
What in tarnation?
Am I in there, French?
Well, I’ll be damned, Lark,
you and me both.
They’re after me too.
Hell, Selkirk,
you’re worth more than me,
McCoy defector that you are.
That’s uncle Wall.
Uncle Wall wasn’t even in
that shootin’.
This is out of hand.
Greedy bushwhackers
and bloodsuckers by the dozens
are gonna come after us.
Just keep your guns handy.
Yes, sir.
Take care of Skunkhair here.
Everybody else get back to work.
– Come on.
– Anse, a word.
Reckon we ought to stock up
on supplies and ammo.
We need to take to them hills
if a posse comes.
Nobody knows these hills
like us.
Set up lookouts along the tug.
We won’t get caught unawares
What do you hear of Roseanna?
I once had a daughter Roseanna,
who’s now dead to me.
How’s Sally holding up?
How would you expect?
Women are fortunate to enjoy
special consideration, hmm?
If I curled up in a ball
every tragic turn of events,
I’d never get any work done.
Quit talkin’ like an imbecile.
You never lost your sons.
Mr. Cline?
Not now.
We’re busy here.
Not too busy to pay me
the $250 bounty owed me
on Mr. Skunkhair Tom Wallace.
Should I have brung
his ears too?
Put that abomination away.
I’m owed the bounty.
There were no conditions
We are not Savages.
It is our duty to bring
the Savages in for justice.
Avoiding unnecessary wear
and tear on their corpses.
Had to get me out
of West Virginie quick.
Couldn’t strain my horse toting
a whole carcass.
What’s your name?
Frank Phillips.
You the one they call
“Bad Frank”?
Not to my face.
And not twice.
Do not come back for more
reward money, Mr. Phillips.
I will not be a party
to atrocity.
Any event,
we got our indictments
against the murderers,
and we’re sending deputies
across the tug.
No doubt they’ll handle things
just fine.
I’d like to see Roseanna.
See our baby.
Even if she weren’t too sickly,
she’d not want to see
the murderer of her brothers.
I didn’t…
I didn’t murder ‘em.
I raised my rifle.
I shot over their heads.
You can ask Alex Messer.
I built a cabin for me,
and the baby to live at.
It’s a… it’s a real nice one
with an oilpaper window.
You built a cabin
for your whiskey business
and to consort with whores.
God damn it.
I took a chance coming here.
They got a reward out for me.
A man…
A man’s got a right to see
his own child.
You got no rights here.
Now, get yourself off my porch
and gone.
I got my rights!
I’m tellin’ you that!
God damn it!
Come on, girl.
Fft, fft, fft.
You see him?
You see him?
You see him?
I got him.
Shoot him.
Just be quiet, Parris.
Did you get him?
Identify yourself.
I said identify yourself.
Bounty hunters.
Worst kind of trash.
Cap, get your paper and quill.
Time to put Randall McCoy
on notice.
Found these horses ground-tied
a few miles out of town.
Figured I’d bring ‘em in
for the sheriff.
Letter pinned on there
is addressed
to the lawyer Cline and you,
Mr. McCoy.
“My name is Nat Hatfield.
“I am not one individual
but many.”
This is as good as a confession.
“We hereby notify you
that if you invade our state
“to take or kill Hatfields,
we will charge it to you.
Your hides will pay
the penalty.”
Devil Anse Hatfield
is threatening to kill us,
like he done these men.
We got it in writing.
We appreciate your help,
Mr. Miller.
Let me get these horses
over to the sheriff.
Hey, Cotton,
give us another bottle.
Cotton, give us a bottle.
I love Johnse Hatfield so much.
Why don’t he see that?
On account of you’re a whore.
Better than some McCoy bitch.
Cap, put down the whiskey,
make like nature calls.
Get my drift.
All right, I’m gonna find me
a tree to water.
That’s good.
You know, I knew this boy once
30 years ago.
Could hold his hand
over that fire
for two minutes
and take the pain.
Do you know who that boy was,
Cotton Top?
That was your old uncle
Jim Vance.
Yes, God’s truth.
William “Cap” Hatfield.
Button your dick,
you vulgar bastard.
I’m arresting you for the murder
of Tolbert, phamer, and…
Miller, come on, wake up.
Another one of your deputies
what’s gonna fix things for ya?
A tele-scop…
– Scope.
– Scope.
It’s a telescope.
For a gun, latest thing.
You shoot a target at 100 yards,
makes it the same as 25.
You joshin’ me?
Hard to miss at 25 yards.
Ordered it near six month ago.
Just arrived by push boat.
Take a look, little brother.
That is one fine purchase.
I figure to use it
on old Devil Anse.
Hey, give me that.
Come on.
Take that.
You see him?
Get on the ground behind me.
Don’t even breathe.
I got you this time.
Oh, God.
Hey, Anse!
I do believe we got ourselves
a real McCoy!
Cap done shoot ‘em dead!
You saved your pappy.
I’m proud of you, son.
You are good, boy!
Mama, are you sure
you won’t eat some?
No, thank you, sweetheart.
I’m fine.
There’s something you’ve been
wanting to tell me?
What is it?
Your nephew Parris
has been killed.
Good lord.
Poor Parris.
Got to do something about it,
Got more detectives and family
coming back dead every week.
You can’t keep poking a mad bear
with a twig
and making it madder.
We need a big stick,
someone prepared to execute
our indictments.
Let me do it.
I’ll get my brothers’ killers.
I’ll be his right hand.
I can fire a gun, pa.
I appreciate it, boys,
but the only success we’ve had
in capturing any
of our fugitives
has been with Bad Frank.
I do not like that man.
That man is a Savage.
He’s the only one equal
to the task.
Can this bad man, the Savage,
can he bring me my boys back?
We got a paying customer
for ya.
Bye, Miss Nancy.
Easier seein’
president Chester A. Arthur
than passing through these woods
to get your ‘shine.
What you want, Nancy?
Purchasin’ whiskey
for my brother’s birthday.
Though I did hear you paid
a visit to my aunt Betty.
I don’t much like aunt Betty.
When you gonna stop tryin’
to win over my relations?
Only one I care about,
your cousin Roseanna,
mother of my baby.
Little Sarah Elizabeth
is frail and ailing,
and so is Roseanna.
Folks don’t expect the child
to live much longer.
I’m truly sorry, Johnse.
Without the baby, I fear
you’ll lose Roseanna too.
After all that happened, I…
it seems like she don’t
want you anymore.
What am I supposed to do?
You don’t deserve
these hard times, Johnse.
You truly don’t.
Ho, ho, ho.
My lady…
Uncle Wall,
I’d like you to marry us,
me and Nancy McCoy.
Jesus H. Christ almighty, boy.
You gone plumb crazy?
No, sir.
What about the McCoy woman
you already knocked up?
Yes, sir, well,
that is a sad chapter.
That seems over with… Roseanna,
though, not by my choosin’.
You know,
it’s different with Nancy.
There ain’t no one opposed.
Do your ma and pa know?
You know,
I ain’t askin’ this time.
Please, uncle Wall.
Me marrying a McCoy
could help end
all this dying
between our families.
By the power vested in me
by the state of West Virginia,
I now pronounce you
man and wife.
Jefferson, come over here
and sign this thing.
Right there.
Let me sign.
Shut up.
You sure you want to do this,
Smile, little lady.
It’s your wedding day.
Man and wife now.
And I expect no more trouble
between us, not ever.
I sure hope you know
what you’re doin’, boy.
I don’t know how to tell
y’all this but just say it.
Just come on out with it, Wall.
Yesterday I married Johnse
and Nancy McCoy.
You married ‘em?
it was damn sure reluctantly.
I can tell you that.
Harmon McCoy’s daughter?
Oh, my God.
Well, he was lookin’
to be lost to us.
This time,
he just may have succeeded.
Well, Anse,
he thinks it’ll make peace
between you and Randall.
He does, huh?
Somebody want to tell me
how a son of mine
could turn out to be
so goddamn dumb?
Get your horse.
Go fetch your brother.
No matter how you fortify it,
this place is too close
to the tug and open to attack.
As long as that peckerwood
Perry Cline
keeps putting up bounties,
the wolves are just gonna
keep on comin’.
Oh, Wall, I think
we sent Kentucky a notion
of how we deal
with bounty hunters.
Damn it, Jim.
All I’m sayin’ is,
y’all would be better off
deeper in the mountains.
Just to be safe, Anse.
Well, I’ll take it
under advisement, Wall.
And don’t you let Johnse bring
his new McCoy hussy with him.
I’ll bring him home, mama.
When you do the trick with me,
are you picturing Roseanna?
Tryin’ not to.
Tryin’ but failin’?
I need more time, I guess.
I’ll give you time, Johnse.
I can wait a long time
for what I want.
Anybody the hell in there?
That’s my brother.
You got to hide me.
Why we got to do that?
Can’t let me hang, sis,
not for no fight
that I can’t even remembers,
’cause I was drunk
and feels terrible about
poor Fred Wolford.
Fred Wolford?
The mailman.
We was at a barn dance,
drinking, arguing,
went out back,
commenced to scuffle.
I just give him… I give him
a little cut,
and he tried to shoot me.
So I wrenched that gun around,
and I made him shoot
his own damn self.
Oh, hell.
He died this morning.
Now they all out there
looking for me.
They got a reward out.
Come here, brother.
You gonna be all right.
All right.
We’ll feed you.
You can spend the night here.
You’re gonna be safe here,
For the night.
As long as I’m here.
I don’t look like the girl
Johnse romanced no more.
Will he still want me
lookin’ like this?
Too late to worry about that.
I didn’t want to stir the pot,
but here it is.
Johnse’s gone
and got himself married
to your cousin Nancy.
Did you hear me?
Johnse Hatfield
married Nancy McCoy.
Mr. Phillips,
good to see you.
Equally good to see
the two of you.
Expect you know why I called
this meeting here this morning.
Y’all are lookin’ for someone
to lead a posse
across the river,
and I’m the only gun handler
around here
who’s man enough for the job.
You’re awful full
of yourself, ain’t ya?
I wouldn’t call it that.
I wasted some years
of my misspent youth
a’ridin’ with Jesse and Frank.
Once got to witness wild bill
kill a man,
so I seen better than me,
though not many.
And I can’t help but see
what you got to choose from.
I didn’t realize
you’d once been an outlaw.
Oh, that, of course,
was before I was saved,
long prior to my being
washed clean of sin
by the blood of our lord
and savior Jesus Christ.
You sure don’t act Christian.
I’m a warrior for God,
Mr. McCoy,
a fighter of evil,
right and ready to take on
your demon murderers.
I heard you were
a Pinkerton man.
I was,
till I got shot in the back
by Hatfields,
left me with my limp,
another reason that warrants
my hiring.
I bear Devil Anse Hatfield and
all his kin a personal grudge.
Now, let me get this straight.
Now, Randall wants his governor
to make our governor arrest us
and cart us over to Kentucky?
It’s called extradition, Elias,
and I don’t think our governor
Wilson will agree to it.
Well, I got my own ace
in this poker game.
My friend John Floyd works
with Windy at the capital now.
Yes, sir, our new assistant
secretary of state.
John will help out.
It’s Cap and Johnse.
How do we handle this boy,
Well, not by pushin’
and pullin’ him.
That’s what drove him into
the arms of another McCoy.
You want to untie this knot…
You get her to hate him.
Take your hat off in here.
How’s the married man?
Doin’ just fine, uncle Wall,
just fine.
So marriage suits you then,
Yes, sir,
right down to the ground.
She must be
one sorry-ass cook.
You choosin’ a ham supper over
a comely McCoy bride.
She ain’t McCoy no more,
is she?
She’s Hatfield,
Mrs. Johnse Hatfield.
Hatfield ain’t just a name
on a piece of paper.
Don’t expect to bring her
around here like the last one.
Things get spoke that ain’t
for McCoy ears.
I didn’t bring her here, did I?
Don’t sass your father.
Your horndog philanderin’
helped make this mess.
Mama, please, you know what?
I get enough grief at home.
Truth be told,
I need to get away for a bit.
It ain’t her, you know.
Nancy treats me fine.
It’s just…
Her gol’dang brother is turning
my honeymoon into misery.
Jefferson McCoy?
I heard he killed the mailman
the other day.
Got a gol’dang reward up too.
You’re harborin’ a McCoy
with a price on his head?
Nancy says it’s just
for a while,
says it’s her duty
to protect him.
Well, loyal sis.
How much is the reward?
I don’t know.
$100 maybe.
Well, we just want you
to be happy, son.
Why don’t you take a little time
away from home, hmm?
Wouldn’t hurt none.
Go huntin’ with your pa.
It’s true; I ain’t
been huntin’ for a spell.
You up to goin’ with me, Johnse?
That’d be nice.
I don’t know.
Yeah, might as well.
Shit, better than watching
my layabout brother-in-law
drink up all my whiskey profits,
Amen to that.
I believe that’s
a Jefferson McCoy.
Who’s sayin’ that?
Johnse Hatfield’s
uncle Jim Vance
and his little brother Cap.
Where’s… where’s Johnse?
Out huntin’ with his pa.
So what you doin’ here?
Doin’ a little hunting
Not much huntin’ around here.
Place is all shot out of deer
and such.
there’s still critters here.
And one critter in particular
has a handsome reward
on his head.
What are you doing
to my brother?
Nancy, do something!
They gonna take me in!
Get off!
You get back in that cabin,
Miss McCoy.
You get yourself dressed proper.
Get off him, you old coot!
What the hell you gonna do?
Damn it.
I’ll show you.
Come on.
Get ‘em, Nancy!
Get off me, you…
you bitch!
You good for nothing bitch!
Let go!
You want to do some whippin’?
Here’s some whippin’, girl.
Don’t let him do that to you!
Yeah, bet you like that,
don’t you, you mean little…
Get off of her, Vance!
Stop it, Jim.
Stop it, Jim.
He’s gettin’ away.
Come on, Cap.
We’re gonna lose him.
Stabilize me.
I ain’t drowned!
– Come on.
– You Hatfield morons!
Come and get me!
Goddang pecker-pullers!
What’s the matter with you?
Can’t swim?
Go ahead, shoot, you fog-eyed,
half-blind bastard!
Here I am!
You one-eyed ape, it’s 1/2 mile!
A hole in the head.
You did good, boy.
Somebody bashed you?
Oh, my God.
Jim Vance beat me like I was
a mule, worse.
Uncle Jim?
He did disgusting things to me.
Him and Cap come in here
and take Jefferson.
Now, you tell me true
whether you had anything
to do with that.
I swear to you I didn’t.
Nancy, I swear it.
Well, then you go,
and you get after ‘em,
and you bring my brother
back here.
You go on and do that.
You do that for me.
Damn it.
I can’t, Nance.
Can’t or you won’t?
I can’t.
It’s already been played out.
I seen my… my brother Cap
down the road.
Jefferson tried to run.
Cap had to shoot him.
Jefferson’s killed, Nancy.
Now I ain’t got no one.
Hey, hey, hey.
All of ‘em dead.
Now I ain’t got nobody.
Now my brother’s dead.
You got me.
– You st…
– No!
– You still got me.
– Stop it, damn it!
– Come here.
– Don’t touch me!
Stop it!
I don’t want you here!
Damn it.
Get out of here.
Get out of here!
Why you want to be
on the posse?
I don’t like Hatfields.
Were you in the army?
I tried to enlist, both sides.
There was something awry
with my genitals.
It prevent you
from riding a horse?
Oh, not anymore.
And I’m a fine shot.
I can hit a rat’s ass
at 40 yards.
You leave word where to find
you when it comes to that.
My name is Ransom Bray.
I am armed and ready to ride.
And I’ll take on your fight
and anyone or anything
you put in front of me.
Mr. Phillips, I ain’t here
to just join a posse.
I want to be
your personal deputy,
’cause I work hard,
and I wouldn’t say…
got any law enforcement
Well, I… I want to learn
the occupation,
’cause I know I’d be good at it.
I ain’t gonna give you no guff.
All right, look,
you take me on,
and I’ll even split my wages
with you.
Well, sir,
let me talk to Mr. Cline
and Mr. McCoy about you.
Lady upstairs
wanting to talk to you.
Gentlemen, I’ll be back.
Man downstairs said you had
something to tell me.
How would you like to know
where Selkirk McCoy is,
traitor that killed his own kin?
What would you want in return?
For you to kill Jim Vance,
man that did this to my face…
worse than that,
killed my brother and my pap.
Jim Vance is on the list.
Sooner or later we gonna get
every damn one.
Not just get ‘em, kill ‘em.
You can demonstrate on Selkirk.
He’s workin’ down in
beckleyville using a fake name.
Want me to kill him too?
Makes me no never mind.
It’s Jim Vance I hate.
And just one other thing.
Just leave Johnse Hatfield be…
for now.
Selkirk McCoy, the kin killer.
Yes, sir, I believe that’s you.
Well, you got me wrong, sir.
Name’s bidwell.
Stop the horseshit.
You’re Selkirk McCoy,
and we damn well know it.
Don’t… don’t kill me.
Don’t kill me.
I give up.
I give up.
You got me dead to rights.
A man who’d shoot
his own cousins,
I don’t expect he’d let himself
get taken alive.
Make your play.
I ain’t wearin’ no gun.
My hands are up.
I won’t deny a man his right
to defend hisself.
I’ll count to five,
and you go for it.
One, two…
Aaron, you tell him
I’ll surrender!
I’m gettin’ down on the floor.
I’m helpless.
I surrender.
You got a witness right there.
He knows I give myself up.
real-life Judas Iscariot.
Don’t do it, Mister.
It ain’t right.
Maybe you’re right.
Maybe he ain’t worth the price
of a bullet.
That’s right.
No, sir.
Hit me, Cap.
It’s me.
Open the damn door.
He’s alone.
Hey, sugar.
You insane, boy?
That’s right, Johnse.
Don’t give up.
Come on, Johnse.
– Yeah!
– You shut up.
Why’d you do it, uncle Jim?
What the hell?
Do what?
Get your money, Cap.
Let’s get ‘em.
All right, now.
Get off him.
I’m gonna kill you!
You monster!
Nancy says you damn near
raped her!
That’s a lie!
That bitch came at me first.
That’s my wife you’re talking
about, God damn it.
Johnse, sit down.
You’re drunk.
Sit, sit.
The only way I could
come here was liquored up.
I hate goin’ up against
my family like this.
Uncle Jim’s right about Nancy
comin’ after him.
She started whippin’ him
with a cow’s tail.
Pret’near took my eye out,
she did.
I had to jerk that thing out
of her hand to save myself.
I’m sorry, Johnse.
Well… You know.
You hear about Selkirk?
That Bad Frank prick hauled
him off to Pikeville jail.
How did he know where he was,
Selkirk was incognito.
Only us Hatfields knew
where he was.
I am foursquare Hatfield,
front and back, dawn to dusk.
Yeah, well, that’s why
emotions are runnin’ so wild,
because there’s a spy
amongst us.
Papers come through.
It’s official.
“Special deputy,
state of Kentucky,
Mr. Frank Phillips.”
Sent by governor Simon Buckner.
You should be very pleased,
Mr. Phillips.
Men, should you meet resistance,
you’ll use no more force
than is necessary to prevail.
We are not infidels
like the Hatfields.
We embody the law.
Let us pray.
Dear lord,
may you be with us today
and bless our endeavors.
Years past,
you’d have lead the charge
and fixed this mess yourself.
Today you best leave it
to the younger men.
He killed my boys.
This is my fight.
Your sons can ride
in your stead.
With dignified regard,
Mr. McCoy, you ain’t deputized.
He’s right, Randall.
You’re the one who insists
this all be legal.
Let’s ride!
Our boys will be fine.
I thought you were goin’ off
with ‘em.
Mm, they reckon I’m too old
and shaky.
I’d slow ‘em down.
They’re young men.
We should pray for their safety.
You ever get tired
of praying, Randall?
Seems like it so rarely works.
It’s not ours to question
God’s will.
That’s what faith’s for.
Don’t be fearful, mother.
Gets awful dark
in these woods at night.
We could use some
of Tom Edison’s
electric lightnin’ bulbs.
There’s so much I wanted
to give you,
so much, Sally.
But all I brought you is pain
in this life.
Others have, but not you.
You always believe what you say,
That is a rare quality,
and I admire you for it.
That why you married me?
I married you, because one day,
you’re gonna buy me
that electric double boiler.
Where’s the guards?
I don’t know.
Maybe waiting to ambush us.
There ain’t nobody here,
Mr. Phillips.
Food on the stove,
plates on the table.
Let’s wait till they get back.
Devil ain’t comin’ back.
Heard us comin’ and gone deep
in the hills.
Least we got him on the run.
Now, we got others to go fetch.
Wake up, frenchy,
you lazy son of a bitch.
Don’t kick me, Lark,
you asshole.
Lark Varney!
French Ellis!
Come on outside!
We’ll give you one chance!
Well, who are you?
Deputy marshals
out of pike county!
We got warrants!
Toss out your guns
and come on out!
We’re lookin’
for Devil Anse Hatfield!
Either one of you mush-heads
know where he went to?
Hey, that you, Ransom Bray?
Hey, I know you!
Yeah, I’m friends with the fella
that’s humpin’ your sister
Ruth-Anne back home!
Thought maybe I’d look her up
but the line’s too long!
I think they killed me,
I’m g… I’m gutshot.
Tell us where the Hatfields
run off to,
and we’ll spare you!
– Hey, Lark.
– Come on out!
They shot me, frenchy.
Come on.
Drink some of this.
You got to stay with me, Lark.
Okay, I’m freightin’ you out.
– Okay.
– Okay?
You put up a good show,
and I’ll make a run for it,
circle behind ‘em.
– Okay.
– Okay, come on.
Come on.
All right, we’re comin’.
Hold your fire.
Lark will tell you
about the Hatfields.
All right,
you break to the right,
and I’ll go left, okay?
All right, I quit this fight!
Here’s my gun!
Hell, if I’d have known
y’all was comin’,
I’d have put my Sunday best on.
French, you’re under arrest
for your part
in the illegal execution
of the sons of Randall McCoy.
How you know my sister
McCoy boys.
Calvin, Jim, I see y’all were
takin’ up your daddy’s war.
Jesus, you already got Alex
and Charlie?
You know, that other fella
I don’t recognize.
I mean, y’all just round up
anybody you come across?
All you need to know is,
this here warrant
has your name on it.
Yeah, reckon I’m gonna hang,
be a big disappointment
to my family.
Well, take us straightaway
to Devil Anse,
you won’t have to ride
in the cage.
How do you know my sister?
Hell, everybody
pass through bluefield
gets a pork job
from Ruth-Anne Bray.
What the hell?
Made one damn remark too many.
He was takin’ us to Devil Anse!
He don’t know
where Hatfield is!
French Ellis was always
a fat liar.
How do you know him?
We was in school together,
the one year I went.
The way I fire
asswipe morons is,
I put a bullet
in their goddamn heads.
Won’t happen again.
We got to do this right.
No more trail justice,
you hear?
I might want to be sheriff
one day.
I picked up our ammo
and our winchesters.
Dumb McCoy’s raiding
all the push boats;
Didn’t think to
check the mail wagon.
– Yeah.
– Is it true?
Governor Wilson in there?
Next best thing.
He sent his boy John B. Floyd.
No, no, no.
John, now,
I want you to understand this.
Now, what we got here
is Lark Varney,
French Ellis,
Skunkhair Wallace,
all of them dead.
Then we got Alex Messer,
Selkirk… pliant men…
about a half dozen others
I hear you, Wall.
It’s hard to know how many
of our relations
they’ve buried
in unmarked graves.
Why, you have governor
Wilson’s complete support, Anse.
He’s doin’ everything he can.
Well, it’s pretty clear
it ain’t enough.
I petitioned
the U.S. district court
for writs of habeas corpus
on our imprisoned citizens.
Now, governor Wilson has had
a heated exchange
of telegrams
with governor Buckner.
Heated exchange?
Yes, sir.
Hear that, Wall?
They had a…
They had themselves
a heated exchange.
Give me troopers
at the border, John,
troopers at the border,
so when McCoy tries it again,
you stop his ass.
John, John, what these son’
bitches are doin’ is illegal.
Ain’t no out-of-state lawman
got the right to invade
another sovereign state
to abduct citizens,
warrant or no damn warrant.
I sent an official requisition
to Kentucky
calling for the arrest
of Frank Phillips
and 23 members of his posse.
Kentucky ain’t gonna
do nothin’.
But if they try to invade
West Virginia again,
Mr. McCoy’s posse
can be arrested here.
Mmhmm, by who?
Ah, hell, deputize us.
Give us a few Cannon,
we’ll ride into Pikeville,
end this shit right now.
Sir, you are talkin’ about
startin’ another civil war.

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