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You! Stand still,
or die.
He’s the type of person you’re looking for.
He is willing to die for you.
How can you hide such a criminal?
Where is he now?
Hurry up and let’s go.
There are a lot of people waiting for you.
The peasants directly captured him and
handed him over to the officials.
Have you called for me?
You said you wanted to become my person.
Do you still want it?
Yes, of course.
Fine. I am giving you your first job.
There is a person you have to kill.
Please, give the order.
Who do you want killed?
Episode 15
The person being held in the prison,
do you mean that person?
That is so.
You cannot fail.
If you fail and are captured, you
must kill yourself on the spot.
If you succeed, I’ll take you
in as my personal guard.
I accept your order.
Do you think you can do it?
It is heavily guarded and they are more
alert than usual, given the situation.
I should give it a try.
Is there any way for me to help you?
Not helping me is a way to help.
We have to pretend not to know each other.
Even talking to me now is a mistake.
I know, but I am worried too.
This is just the beginning.
There will be more obstacles
to overcome in the future.
If you are worried over this little thing,
you’ll make my work even more difficult.
Trust me.
I understand.
When Sing Hee kills that man, all the
guards will head in that direction.
You have to take advantage of the situation
and get the ledger. Bring it back to me.
If Sing Hee gets stuck there,
shouldn’t we try to save him?
All you have to do is find and get
the ledger, nothing else matters.
He is nothing but a decoy, meant
to distract the guards’ attention.
Whether he saves himself from that
spot or not is not important.
I understand.
Is everything alright?
Without my permission, nobody
is allowed to enter this place.
– Be very careful!
– Yes!
Sing Hee did not try to break into
prison, he observed and then retreated.
I think he was not confident
enough to fulfill the task.
Otherwise we could have killed
Geom Cheon and found the ledger.
Was I wrong about him?
He didn’t look like a coward.
Sing Hee, Your Majesty’s bodyguard,
is asking for an audience.
Tell him to enter.
Why did you come?
Geom Cheon is not in that prison.
He is not there?
What do you mean by that?
Is it not fear that drove you back?
Why would I be afraid?
Security is too lax.
It doesn’t look like a place already holding
prisoners, rather a place expecting prisoners.
Were I to break in, I would have
walked right into their trap.
Then where is he?
That, I do not know.
But if I were in their place, I would keep
him safe somewhere outside the city walls.
They will have to move him at a certain moment.
All we have to do is wait.
It seems you are not an impulsive person,
and you have great observation skills.
Leave me.
He still refuses to give
us the list of names.
How powerful are the ones on that
list, to frighten him to such extent?
In fact, I have a suspect.
Who is it?
3 years ago, when Geom Cheon was exiled,
Naesin Jwapyeong helped him get reinstated.
Isn’t Naesin Jwapyeong the
subordinate of the Prime Minster?
Is the Prime Minister involved, too?
It is what I think too.
But, until the investigation is finalized,
we should refrain from speculating.
It seems Your Majesty would have to give
up the death sentence, in his case.
Where is he now?
In a cave, outside the city.
What about the ledger?
Well… the ledger is
hidden in a nearby temple.
Bring him here.
I want to interrogate him myself.
If he tells the truth, he will live.
Right. Your Majesty should
tell him clearly this.
Small fish are not important.
We have to capture the leader.
For sure it will be done that way.
I’ll give you the newly appointed guards.
Guard him with your own life.
Yes, Your Highness.
Now, which of the
three is Geom Cheon?
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Catch him!!!
Catch him!
Catch him!!
You did a good job.
But how did you know the one
in the middle was Geom Cheon?
How could you tell the difference?
I wanted to kill all three prisoners.
Yes, but in that case,
it would have lasted too long and the
surprise element would have been gone.
Anyway, not a bad fellow…
Leave me.
So, Geom Cheon died and you
lost the ledger, didn’t you?
I am sorry.
We planned everything so carefully,
and now everything is gone.
We two were the only persons who
knew Geom Cheon was in the middle.
Your Majesty, I didn’t talk
to anyone about this matter.
I am not afraid of death
and I swear on my honor!
we have no means to unroot corruption?
What is certain is that the Prime Minister was
involved in Geom Cheon’s being reinstated.
A full investigation will bring
this to light, Your Majesty.
You are alright, aren’t you?
I was worried about you. You did a good job.
But how did you know Geom Cheon
was the one in the middle?
It was pure luck.
I know you did not rely on luck alone.
Just tell me, don’t be so humble.
In fact, I was quite
confused, when I saw them.
But, after carefully observing them, I noticed
some subtle differences between them.
Subtle differences?
It was the way they walked.
Both the man in front and the one at the
back walked at a steady, normal pace.
Their walk looked comfortable.
But the second prisoner
did not walk comfortably.
He was not sure where he
was being dragged off to.
The uncertainty was due to not knowing
what was going to happen to him.
It wasn’t definite proof but I bet
everything on that deduction.
I’ve gotten myself a very
capable personal guard.
Is there any particular
reward that you would like?
What is it?
Please give me the opportunity
to serve you to the end.
Whose end are you referring to?
Of course, my end.
Your ingenious loyalty is my favorite, despite
your stunning skills in martial arts.
Itsn’t that right?
It is Your Majesty’s good fortune.
From now on you will protect me.
It’s an honor, Your Majesty.
There was an opportunity to save him.
There was no need to kill him.
What are you saying now?!
You can live because he has died.
even I don’t know who killed him.
There should be no secrets between
you and me, Prime Minister.
Anyway it is done so it is a relief.
It is not done yet.
Your Majesty, I am sorry I
caused so much trouble.
Geom Cheon is dead, but we are still in trouble,
because of your involvment in his being reinstated.
Besides, they will find
out you received bribes.
Please, don’t worry.
Whatever happens to me in
prison, I shall not break.
I won’t say anything.
How is that?
Considering you corrupted the officials…
With this incident, the peasants
won’t believe the royalty.
I really have no excuse.
Shall I just withdraw to a far
off place for a length of time?
I will follow whatever order you give.
Do you think that by doing so
people will forget their grievance?
Just kill yourself.
Your Highness.
Geom Cheon, our witness in this corruption
case, was killed. The ledger dissapeared too.
Those who did this are
Geom Cheon’s accomplices.
They must be here today.
If you confess now, your
lives will be spared.
But if you are found guilty later on, your
families will pay too for your crimes.
Naesin Jwapyeong, is it you?
Your majesty, it’s not that.
Though I do not know who killed Geom Cheon,
the person responsible for
this corruption matter is
Dae Jeong Pu.
Naesin Jwapyeong, how dare you?!
Such nonsense!
Really, Dae Jwapyeong?
They all bribed you, including the
officials working with Geom Cheon.
I guess the Foreign Affairs Minister was not the only
one who bribed you, the other 6 ministers did it too.
Naesin Jwapyeong!!!
Are you out of your mind?
Do you have any evidence?
Do you think someone like the Prime
Minister would leave behind any evidence?
But I am well aware of all the rumors.
Those investigating this matter were
quite clear about it, were they not?
Majesty, your servant is innocent!
I never took any bribe. This is a set up.
Is that so?
If you have been wrongly accused,
Naesin Jwapyeong will be punished.
But, in order to find out the truth,
we have to start an investigation.
Your Highness.
Naesin Jwapyeong! Naesin Jwapyeong!
Why did you accuse the Prime Minister?
Why did you do it? Don’t you know the Prime
Minister is the leader of the nobles?
If you betray him, you betray all of us.
Don’t you think you will pay a
heavy price for betraying us all?
Do you think I did it with no reason?
You all know very well
how loyal I am to the Sa Taek family!
But to me,
he said to kill myself.
I was willing to take the blame
for him and go into exile.
And now… is this the price I have
to pay for being loyal to them?
If you don’t want to end up like me,
you should come to your senses.
Please tell us.
Is it true that those officials
offered money as bribe?
Don’t just sit there, say something.
Have we misjudged you?
did you tell Naesin
Jwapyong to kill himself?
Don’t you trust me any more?
I’ve never taken any bribe.
You’ve followed me for so long.
Do you really not believe the queen and me?
I understand.
You are so firm on your position…
I shall never believe what others say.
I will believe in you.
You two, should not suspect him any more.
You should believe and support him.
What a surprise! He turned around an
bit the hand of the Prime Minister!
Due to the corruption
case, the Sa Taek family
pushed Gim Il on the edge of the cliff.
A dog doesn’t bite its owner
without a good reason.
Do you think the Queen and Jeok
Deok are going to kill Gim Il?
Gim Il must know their intentions.
He will take all necessary precautions.
The problem is getting more interesting.
The nobles will be finally divided,
not sharing the same opinion any more.
Your Highness!
Your Highness!
Are you okay?
What shame…
what shame our family has to endure…
That Gim Il… Gim Il… what a disgrace…
! Sing Hee, are you outside?
You called for me, Your Highness?
You need to do something.
Please, give your order.
There is a conflict among the nobles.
God is helping us.
Go and give a warning to Gim
Il, as the Queen ordered.
The queen is currently mistaken.
If Gim Il is injured, things will be
even more difficult for
the Sa Taek family.
I understand.
You can’t get hurt.
Do you mean until the
good day arrives?
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What? Who are you?
In His Excellency’s room!
This is Sa Taek family’s doing.
I cannot trust them any more.
I feel the same way.
I heard an assassin broke into
Gim Il’s home last night.
I heard that, too.
Nevertheless, I don’t think you are
involved in this incident, Prime Minister.
It doesn’t matter what people think,
it is all due to my inefficiency.
I will withdraw.
The investigation hasn’t begun yet.
Don’t you react too soon?
Even if there is an investigation,
for the sake of transparency and
fairness, I have to resign.
There’s nothing I can do
if that’s your attitude.
I was the cause of so much trouble for the
royal family. I am really very sorry.
I just heard
Dae Ja Pyong has withdrawn.
Is that true?
It is.
Maybe it is because he tried to
assassinate Naesin Jwapyeong.
The king may call for you.
He won’t leave the Dae Jwapyong
position empty during this turmoil.
Then it would be your duty to
conduct the investigation.
You have to prepare thoroughly.
Father, I’m scared and nervous.
I wish you wouldn’t get
involved in this turmoil.
Madame, how can you say that?
This could be a good opportunity
for father and myself.
Even so, you have to be careful.
Yes, I know.
I’ll think about it
carefully, so don’t worry.
I heard you accepted the Prime
Minister’s resignation.
I only accepted Dae Jwapyong’s intentions.
If he is innocent, what is the problem?
He will be reinstated as soon
as he is proven not guilty.
Of course that is how it is.
But the investigation
process must be correct.
If only one person conducts the investigation,
it would be very difficult for that person.
I want to appoint Yeon Mun
Jin as Prime Minister.
He will conduct the investigation.
He is a highlty respected and honest person.
His decision will be accepted by everyone.
Isn’t that so, My Queen?
I’ll take this opportunity to clean the Court,
the nobles and all of the officials.
I don’t think the Prime Minister
is guilty, but if he is,
he should be prepared to die.
Your Highness!
Your Highness! Your Highness!
Your Highness!
Your Highness! Your Highness!
How is the queen?
I am sorry Your Highness.
I don’t know yet.
Right now, I’m thinking that it may
be due to a big emotional shock.
What exactly is wrong?
Please, come to your senses, mother.
It doesn’t seem to be a serious illness but the
queen collapsing like that can cause a big problem.
It is really bad.
For the royal family it is a disaster.
What do you think about this situation?
I want to reinstate you as Prime Minister.
I retired a long time ago…
I don’t know if I can be of benefit.
I want you to conduct a thorough
investigation of the Sa Taek family.
Until things are cleared up.
Well, let me see.
It is a very important matter.
I don’t know if I should take on this job.
It is the perfect opportunity to
bring down the Sa Taek family.
It’s turning out well.
The Sa Taek family received
a devastating blow.
We can finally get rid
of the Sa Taek family.
Of course, it is possible.
But, is there something else you would like to
do, besides bringing down the Sa Taek family?
Are you thinking of bringing
down the queen, too?
The king will join us in this effort.
Who knows when another
opportunity will arise?
I know it is a good opportunity,
but aren’t you rushing things a bit?
I’ve come this far dreaming
of this opportunity.
I was waiting for this day, when I told
my family to trust me, to follow me,
as I brought into my home a
dragon as my son-in-law.
This is what I was waiting for.
It is the perfect opportunity
to destroy Sa Taek family.
This is when we can start afresh.
You have to make a decision, Your Highness.
Yeon Mun Jin Dae Jwapyeong wants to take this
opportunity and bring down the Sa Taek family.
He also intends to bring down the Queen.
More over,
he wants to convince His
Majesty to change the system
and get rid of Sa Taek and all
the nobles who follow him.
Any other thoughts?
Ah really!
In the end this old man
shows his true colours.
It seems like a good opportunity.
I agree with you.
A fleeting moment in a thousand years.
(the opportunity of a life time).
It is our occasion to bring down Sa
Taek, the leader of the noble families.
We won’t get this chance again will we?
This seems to be the situation.
What makes you say this?
What can I say?
It is an intuition I have now.
Which is also known as
sixth sense, or feeling.
That’s really what I think as well.
It may sound ridiculous,
but I’ve been doing things according
to my intuition for a long time.
Your Highness has endured
this for far too long.
Since you’ve waited for so
long, it may be that when
the time comes to act, you’re
now reluctant to do so.
What do you think?
You have to let the Prince know what you
think, only then can he make up his mind.
It’s not easy to make a decision.
What I’m saying is that you, agassi, will have
to expose your true self before the Queen.
I’m ready for that.
I am uneasy.
I’m afraid I may fail to protect you.
It’s not just for revenge
that I’m standing here.
It’s because I want to protect
the person I love, and…
for that fine day in the future.
That’s why I’m standing here.
Until I make sure I can protect you…
agassi, I can’t make my decision.
Just give me a little bit more time.
It looks just like a painting.
What’s this about a good country or a bad country?
It would be good if a beautiful woman were to appear before my eyes now.
You’ve not looked at yourself in a mirror.
With your kind of looks,
even if a woman should appear,
she would take flight.
Have you finished talking?
If you dream about women, ask Yeon
Mun Jin to bring you a woman slave.
The way you behave, no woman
would ever come looking for you.
If I were to get married, the first thing
to be done would be throwing away my pride.
This is out of the question!
Look here, Seong Chung! Do you really believe that
once the Sa Taek family is out of the picture,
things will settle down?
Once the tiger is removed, the
wolf becomes the next king.
In fact, we just replace the Sa Taek family
with Yeon Mun Jin’s family.
This is what we do…
You think the same too yes?
Such an action needs extensive
and careful preparation.
First, he has to be acknowledged by those
nobles who did not support Sa Taek.
Then, he needs His Majesty’s support.
If things go wrong, he will be the first
to go down, so we must be prepared.
Yeon Mun Jin…
that snake lying hidden in the grass…
that old man.
He already concluded a deal with His Majesty,
or he wouldn’t have come out so easily.
Even if we succeed, there will be
many other matters to be settled.
I need to ponder over this
matter with utmost caution.
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I am here to see Her Majesty.
Her Majesty is not feeling wel.
That is exactly why I am here.
I didn’t say you could enter her chambers.
Let him come in. I know him.
Make way.
I don’t know when mother
willcome to her senses.
From now on you will obey
me as you obeyed my mother.
From this moment on
I am your master.
Once a master, always a master.
The sunflower that follows the sun
does not bow its head only because
the sun is hidden by a mere cloud.
Did you discover the Wi Je headquarters?
They came because they
didn’t receive orders,
as the Queen is currently ill.
This is a very good opportunity.
If we successfully
eliminate the Wi Je Group,
even if Sa Taek family rises again, the dissolution
of the Wi Je Group will be a terrible blow.
I shall destroy them.
Can you do it?
They killed my mother.
Also, they are the Queen’s loyal servants.
I will wipe them out.
You need a poison powerful enough
to kill hundreds of people?
Yes, ahjusshi.
I’ve known about Wi Je
Group for a long time.
They are assassins serving the Sa Taek family
and they have killed many innocent people.
Getting rid of them would
be a precious opportunity.
You have to find a way.
Poison that can kill hundreds of people…
It’s a difficult problem but who am I?
I am Im Ja, king of poison! I’ll find a way!
There are many ways to produce poison,
but the most efficient one is
to burn this cinnabar.
First, it was used as medicine, but
when it hits fire, it
releases a poison.
This one here looks like ordinary coal,
but it has some very special properties.
When you burn it, it releases a fatal smoke.
This is a special, imported oil.
As it can catch fire, it is called kerosene.
It is more inflammable than normal oil.
How is it? Will it be enough?
It is enough Ahjusshi.
Thank you.
You’re very useful.
That is why I’ve never cried
over all the money I gave you.
If I’m allowed to travel again,
I can be even more helpful.
How is it?
So, you’d better give me some more money…
Do you want to run away to play?
I don’t deserve such words…
If we want to eliminate Wi Je Group,
we need the help of the rioters, too.
They have to risk their lives.
But, if we succeed, many
innocent lives could be saved.
I’ll do it.
I’ll convince the guys to join me.
Don’t reply so quickly.
You have to put your life on the line.
If that is the condition to eliminate the
assassins who serve the Sa Taek family,
I’ll do it!
My comrades died because of them!
My mother and my brother also died because of them!
You are not the only people in pain.
Those who had to leave their homes all feel the same.
Their lives have been robbed.
They will all regard this as a mission.
A family that rises by
walking on innocent blood,
will have to pay with blood
for all the wrongdoings.
There must be a lot of pleople who hold
grudges against the Sa Taek family and would
consider this as a mission from heaven.
But if this continues, things will get worse.
The Sa Taek family has held onto
power for too long. They have misused
their power and corrupted Baekje.
We can reduce the risk if we convince
people that such a mission is just.
I’m begging you then.
It may be dangerous, but please gather
the people who will join in this fight.
Everybody has gathered.
At sunrise, we’re going to leave.
Be careful.
If I agree, it means rebelion.
Please consider that it is
time I make that decision.
Please, do as you planned.
Gye Baek.
The feeling Your Highness talked about…
I know it too well.
I have been in the battle
zone for a long time.
My feelings and my perceptions
changed so many times.
What I feel now…
is that we must be extremely careful.
Something that we don’t expect
could be waiting for us.
If we continue to wait and ponder,
we may lose our opportunity.
If we don’t decide now, we may lose
everything and have nothing in the future.
Once you make your decision,
please don’t doubt yourself.
Throw away your worry and nervousness.
Look forward and continue on.
I will do it that way.
Would you do the same, Your Highness?
Are you saying that you can’t do it?
It seems that rumors
about you are all wrong.
Are you from the palace?
You don’t need to know.
Hey, hey, hey. Wait.
When it comes to management, I’m
the one you should talk with.
This guy is the fighter.
He doesn’t know how to negotiate.
So, deal with me, with me.
Oh my.
Ah you!
This guy. Just because you’re from the palace,
do you think it’s okay to push people around?
Just look at you! What a poor disguise!
When you have to do a job, do it properly!
I’m talking to you, scoundrel!
You jerk…
You are an official who came here incognito.
Do you want to die?
“Want to die?”
Look at the way this young one talks.
This, really? You…
Do you think it is enough to
have power and influence?
Fine. Are you a senior official?
Looking at you, it seems rather impossible.
Gyo Gi.
Gyo Gi? Oh!
Is there an official named Gyo Gi?
This is the first time hearing this.
Perhaps it’s go-gi (meat)?
If you say Gyo Gi, then our
2nd prince is Gyo Gi…
Wait… then…
Maybe you…
You’re not Prince Gyo Gi, are you?
It’s the prince.
What are you guys doing?
Let’s get out of here.
We might have another deal.
Do you know about Wi Je Group?
If you tell me, then I
will do whatever you wish.
Why do you want to know that?
I have a debt to pay back.
You’re not worried about dying.
It’s a debt important
enough to bet my life on.
Say it.
What do you want to know?
I want to know the location
of their headquarters.
You’re really brave guys.
Those from Wi Je Group…
don’t fear danger.
They follow their faith.
And our faith…
goes only to our Queen.
My body
does not belong only to me.
Give it a try.
If you get rid of all those
guys, I’ll take you in.
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Please, look.
I was right.
As it is written here… The Royal Hospital,
Personnel and the Historical department…
Palace Affairs, Topography…
22 government departments in all.
Do they report to you only?
Each departmental chief has
provided a hand-written confession.
They have always looked for your
approval, excepting all of your schemes,
although most of them have refused
to give a written confession.
But he has already pocketed
a very large amount.
Jo Jeong Jwapyeong, those
confessions are clear evidence.
How do you explain this?
Why do you make me say the
same thing over again?
This is defamation.
I am not even familiar with those persons.
As you can see, all these are
allegations against Sa Taek Jeok Deok.
Just relying on these, we can
convict Sa Taek Jeok Deok.
That Naesin Jwapyeong who usually
follows behind Jeok Deok Sa Taek,
has now betrayed him.
I’m really surprised.
Tomorrow, make an immediate
announcement, and execute him.
Forgive your servant’s audacity,
your servant hopes that Your Majesty
will not forget how General Mu Jin died.
First, we must separate the
Queen from Sa Taek Jeok Deok.
After ensuring Your Majesty’s safety,
then we’ll publicize what we’re going to do.
If we don’t do this, that side will
try to influence the nobles again.
They might even retaliate
using their military might.
Then what can we do?
Make sure Her Majesty
continues to recuperate.
Sa Taek Jeok Deok is already a spent force.
Your Majesty, even if the Sa Taek
family mobilizes their military force,
if we take control of the palace
and the capital city first,
whatever action they take,
they’ll be a step behind.
To gain control of the palace and capital, we must
first take control of the ministries and royal guards.
Presently, my son is at the ministries and
royal guard division, trying to persuade them.
Therefore, right after dawn
tomorrow, Your Majesty should
use the excuse that the
palace is undergoing repairs
and move to a safe place.
Once Your Majesty has reached the safe place,
we will immediately begin our insurrection.
Because there are still many noblemen
who’ll side with the Sa Taek family,
even if the insurrection does
not bring us what we wish for,
it will at least ensure
Your Majesty’s safety.
They had in their cruel hands two thorns
that were so very painful for us.
Nobles have always feared them.
But now the situation has reversed.
Your Majesty.
In my heart, Your Majesty, you have
become the powerful king of Baekje.
You are the true king of Baekje.
I told you already…
it was mutually decided that
I would not accompany you!
My arms are hurting!
What’s going on?
We’re under attack!
Because of the toxic smoke, our men fainted.
Careful! Hold your breath
till you are out of here!
Why are you so mean?
Do I belong to you, by chance?
What is that?
It looks like there was a fight.
Something happened to the Wi Je Group.
It seems others have arrived before us.
Aigoo! We are late again!
Bul Hae let’s retreat.They’re probably dead.
Ah really.
Bul Hae, I’m begging you.
You should give up searching for revenge.
This is not good for you mental state.
Look at me.
Me too, because of the Wi Je people, I was
consumed by the desire to get revenge.
After I let go of all my thoughts
of revenge, look at my skin…
It’s nice and smooth.
And do you see any gray hair?
You don’t see any. I used to have lots of gray hair
but after letting go of all thoughts of revenge,
all the gray hairs fell out
and dark hair grew back in.
So what I’m saying is completely right.
Bul Hae, let’s cancel this.
Everyone, we’re going back! Retreat!
One more word and you will really die.
Hurry up!
Am I bleeding?
A little bit.
Who are they?
I’m not sure, but they don’t
seem to come from the palace.
What’s going on?
Ah, what is this?
Watch carefully.
The guys in black…
those are the enemy.
Just kill the ones in black.
Take out your sword.
You, too. Now get going.
Hey Il Yee,
I think the leader has just escaped.
I don’t see him.
I don’t know who you are
but thank you for helping.
You have erased all our efforts.
Who are you?
Your words are crude.
So what if I’m crude?
Then I’d become crude, too.
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