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Why didn’t you make me yours?
Why did you go?
Flower Fetel makes me think of you.
Why did me have to part like that
When flower belong fade and fall,
that’s the time,
I think of you,
We didn’t even say good-bye.
We didn’t say goodbye.
Flower, Flower
Who are you following?
Ah, you’re in for it.
Don’t follow me.
Get lost!
You’re in for it.
My, my mom.
My mom, my mom.
Here, this hole…
Elder brother!
You’re nuts!
One night! That’s it!
Get up!
Get out of here!
Get a move on!
I can’t believe it!
I want them by tomorrow!
– Mrs!
– No!
– What’s wrong?
– No!
– My only son!
– He’s dead!
My only son! No!
Have you no fear of God? You bastards!
Elder brother!
I remember…
My brother’s friends stopped by our house.
– It was already summer break.
– How about this? Very pretty?
They were all handsome and they read my cartoons.
They took me together.
And I sang for them.
I was very shy
– In our class…
– What?
I’m the best singer of KIM Choo-ja’s song.
– You say…
– I’m serious. Should I do?
OK. Do it.
I wonder what happens at home.
When nobody’s there.
The empty kitchen is pretty lonely.
The corner I used to sit on…
My favorite spot…
How sad it must be without me.
The wooden floor
warn shiny and smooth…
I wonder if it misses me.
14101 arrests in Seoul and 4500 in Pusan.
This accounts for 61 % of the roundup.
In custody are 629 members of 71 gangs
and 546 ring leaders from 14 organizations.
With a tatto you’re a criminal.
– Really?
– Buddy you got to be careful.
If you even
look at a soldier
you’re arrested.
Arrest a bold man
like the president?
Even teachers are jailed.
People who welsh on their debts?
Whose play is it? I’m confused.
Let’s change the channel. It’s too distrocting.
I got the Queen!
If I get borny, whose fault is it? It’s been a long time.
I get out of home for one month
Get out!
You’re always sleeping…
as if you were home.
Get out!
Get out of here! Get out! Get out!
Get out of here!
Where are you going? Where? Where?
Where are you going?
Drink! Drink!
No one knew how the girl got to Okpo.
People said
they saw a girl near the Kum River.
But no proof that it was her.
I saw a girl who looks like her…
I wonder if it’s her?
She’s small and skinny.
With crooked feeth.
She’s crazy, She’s loony,
She’s crazy, She’s loony,
She’s crazy,
Let’s take her bundle.
She’s crazy,
You brats!
Get out of here!
Maybe I fed you too much.
You’ll be alright.
You’ve got to eat.
How is she?
Can you look after her for a few days?
That’s the only thing to do.
She’ll end up a corpse anyway, if we don’t.
She speaks sometimes. Maybe if she gets some food,
she’ll remember where she lives.
What kind of parents would desert their child like this!
On that first night…
and till the next morning she just slept.
But she had bad dreams
She kept flailing her arms.
At times I saw the white of her eyes.
For the 5 or 6 days after that she was okay.
She did my errands, washed the dishes.
She broke a few dishes… but not more than 5 or 6.
For someone not well, she did a good job. Pitiful creature!
This legs is very slim
It’s like actress.
You’re crazy? Do you think of her as a woman?
A week after she got here, she changed.
She looked out of sorts, different.
What are you looking at?
Get back in your corner.
For God’s sake, brush your teeth.
Are they gold or what?
Brush them!
Brush! Brush!
Do you know her?
What’s he saying?
He says “You’re crazy”.
Get out!
I’m the best singer of KIM Choo-ja’s song.
You say…
– I’m serious. Should I do?
– OK. Do it.
She didn’t go to Jang Hang.
Our guess that she followed the workers was wrong.
We went back to Okpo to the restourant
where she stayed.
I have a bruise!
Who are you? Speak to me! Now!
Hurry up! Now!
Speak to me! Now!
Speak to me!
– Now!
– Elder brother, brother…
Elder brother, brother…
– Elder brother, brother…
– Am I brother?
I’m not your brother!
Who’ll wear it?
Your wife?
– Your daughter?
– Yes.
How old?
Maybe 15…
It’s the latest fashion.
…or is she 19?
Asshole! He doesn’t even know his daughter’s age!
Who’ll wear it?
Put in the bean curd.
The onions…
but… kids don’t like onions
You like eggs… Put in the eggs
What’s up?
Are you sick?
Why are you looking for her?
She’s the sister of a friend.
It takes such a big group?
Where are her brother and parents?
Are they dead?
Who is Kim Sang Tae?
Well, he is sort of…
He is the nephew of some rich guy.
Because of the lady Okpo, I am losing a day’s wages.
Does this guy know how to drive?
Have you seen this girl?
There are people who saw you taking her to the hospital.
No, not me.
Are you going to buy that?
Looks like a picture of a school trip.
I think…
this is a great song
A while ago. A strange rumour circulated…
that here in this cottage,
some time ago a girl moved in.
The rumour was that…
countless local men
slept with her.
One story was that
she was very young.
While other stories had her…
as a middle-aged woman.
She was here.
She like a beggar!
Her entire body was covered in bruises.
The smell was horrible
I thought she must be dead.
She is dead!
If her finger had not moved slightly,
I would have just gone.
She kind of scared me.
I felt such a sense of shame
because she was a human being just like me.
She has a strange will to live.
On her back and wast
were traces of bruises.
It’s Amazing.
The bruises were old. How did she survive?
Another amazing thing…
She hadn’t eaten for a long time
but now she’s almost back nomal.
Don’t worry.
You took her to hospital.
Mustn’t have been easy.
My girl was
so young
and dead
before become adult.
But, word had been spreaded in town
I was blamed to let her die
and a little girls in the village
were afraid of me.
They believed that
I had a special poison to make little girls die…
As time went by,
memories of my dead girl friend
were so strong I thought of dying
I went through hell.
I hardly get over it even though
I try to bury the past in my head.
I don’t know…
if she was listening to my story or not.
I’m not sure if she understood
what I was talking about.
But, my gut feeling is
that she knew.
When I asked her “Where are you from?”
“Mommy was shot and
I tried to find my brother.”
She replied
She has understood me.
How did her brother die?
The one she was searching for?
An accident in the army.
You believe that? He was forced into the army.
What do you mean? Forced?
He was forced into the army
because he demonstrated.
Where might she have gone? Isn’t that important now?
I don’t have any idea.
I got a call from the nurse,
but she’d left when I arrived.
I hung around Daechun Station
and the bus terminal.
For a while…
I thought that my dead girl friend
had come back to me.
She’s crazy.
Hey! Hey!
Why is this stupid bundle so important?
You’re driving me crazy.
Damn! Come here!
Keep still.
You haven’t washed for a month!
Keep still. Come back!
We’ve got to brush your yellow teeth.
And don’t move!
Damn! Keep still.
It’s hard!
It’s hard giving you a bath.
Open your mouth!
Don’t turn away.
Look at me and tell me in your own words.
I can’t.
Don’t talk to me.
You still feel
your mother’s grasp.
Are you looking for your brother?
You filthy thing!
You have got all those dirty memories
in your bundle.
What are you going to do?
Didn’t see? You saw!
What did you do to your mother?
Speak to me! Speak to me!
Speak to me! Speak to me! Speak to me!
No. Stop talking, stop!
It’s alright.
What is she saying?
Don’t worry.
Go back to sleep.
I mean it.
Things were worse than this Korean War.
Be careful.
It’s all rumours.
Those asshoes from the Special Forces
beat demonstrators up.
Fired guns and
stabbed people.
There are stories that the soldiers
stabbed a pregnant woman
and cut off a girl’s breasts. It was hell…
– Really?
– It’s not lies.
Over 2000 people were killed.
They showed no mercy.
How could it be that soldiers,
here to protect their own country
could do such things to their own people?
Hey, you guys better watch out.
What 2000 people?
At most it was a couple of hundred.
You know
who started this whole thing?
Spies who come to Kwangju and messed things up!
The commies are responsible for everything.
What commies? All we hear are rumours.
All protesters deserve to die.
The foreman is here.
He’s a pain in the ass!
Let’s go back to the old grind.
Why am I feeling sick suddenly?
We hung around Daechun for days,
stayed at a boarding house nearby…
Looking for her.
President Chun Doo Whan
has made his formal entrance
To the people of Korea
and to this evening’s guests
and VIPs…
According to the precedent of law
I wish to
announce today the declaration
of a new constitution,
This new constitution
is being enacted
with the whole hearted cooperation
and in answer to
the will of the people,
the results of the recent elections
have shown me that
the citizens of this country are
ready to begin a new era…
You can’t wipe it off, it’s rust.
Stop it, for God’s sake!
False rumours!
Those bastards…
after they beat the people up
they shot them or bayonetted them.
It was a real mess!
They stabbed a pregnant woman
and cut off a girl’s breasts.
Over 2000 People were killed.
From babies to old people… everyone.
It’s a nice mirror!
Come in.
– What’s this?
– Well… Your camera…
I was wondering…
Maybe I could borrow it for a day.
You’re going on a date?
What? No way!
I just need it for a day
OK, but it’s not here
I’ll bring it next time. Good bye.
What are you doing?
Let’s go
We were so caught up
in Kim’s stores and liquor
we didn’t notice that time was flying.
Who once said
that love was beautiful?
Who once said
that love was beautiful?
I would rather have been
put to sleep forever,
by the touch,
of those white hands,
we might as well go
and check the bodies at the police station.
Yet we still expected
I felt just like
she walked in front of me
comes again.
It hurts me.
We didn’t
say goodbye.
Brother… It’s me.
Do you recognize me?
If you do, then say me
Say “Oh it’s you”
I have many stories to tell you
Do you remember my dress?
Mom and I went downtown
and I bought it to welcome you home.
You said that I was beautiful.
All the boys would like me.
Please don’t stop listening when I talk.
If you do, I’m just going to disappear
And turn to dust.
I’ll tell you the story of that day.
I wake up, thinking it had rained…
but I couldn’t be sure…
because mom had cried all night.
Mom started acting strange
when those men
in suits brought
a letter to our house.
we could start again,
but the day came.
You shouldn’t go to school today.
Stay home!
I want to go to market with you.
I do not
go to market today.
Do you want to die?
You are crazy!
Bye… Bye…
Ash… Why are you outside?
– Take along me!
– You!
Go to home!
Go inside!
Mom! Mom!
Go to home, hurry up!
Go inside, hurry.
Go inside, hurry.
Mom! Take along ma!
You… I will return home at noon
Go inside, Hurry!
I don’t run away! Go to home! Hurry up!
Let’s go!
President Choi Kyu Ha is
abroad for an official visit,
The Prime Minister,
following the violent demonstrations
has decided to hand in his resignation.
– Give them back to the life!
– Give them back to us!
– Give back them to the life!
– Give back them to us!
Guarded by her people,
ever may Korea stand!
Stay here. I’ll be back
in a little while.
Please do what I tell you.
I’ll back to pick you up later.
Stay here and don’t move.
Don’t go anywhere else.
Help me!
Help me! Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
I was put on the back of a big truck.
I didn’t know why I was there.
There was blood on me.
They thought I was dead too.
People with no faces
and holes, were in the truck.
the most scary thing was…
that Mom might be on the truck.
That was the scariest, brother.
The playing of the National Anthem will commerce.
In front of the flag,
I firmly pledge,
with body and mind,
that I will commit my all for the infinite glory
of my country and its people
We left Daechun on the night train,
just leaving our contact numbers.
We felt we would never meet again.
Hey! Get up!
Let’s hope it works…
Why late?
Look at this. Could this be about her?
Here! Here!
Anyone who knows this person please contact me
She is about 15 years old 155 cm tall
– It is her?
– Yes!
What’s the paper’s date?
Pretty old, Huh?
Anybody home?
Is there anyone here?
Anybody home?
We saw your ad.
Ad? What ad?
You put an ad in the paper about a girl.
– Is she dead?
– What?
Is she dead?
She was here, wasn’t she?
Ah! I’m!
I’m not talking to you!
Get out!
I’m not talking! Get out!
Get out!
I don’t know where she is.
Guests, please don’t go.
Don’t go! I’m sorry!
Sir! Sir! Don’t go!
I’m sorry!
I’ll be good to her.
Please, please don’t leave me
Please find her!
I promise I’ll be nice to her!
I don’t hit her!
Forgive me…
Forgive me…
Damn! I’ll be real good to her.
Damn it! Who are you!
Why are you all ignoring me like this?
I’ll be real good to her.
Damn it!
When you pass by a cemetery,
a river or the corner of a street,
you might meet this girl.
Although you may notice her skin
through her dirty clothing,

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