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Narrator: Last season on
Falling Skies…
Alien structures
are going up over every city
that we know about.
They flew here in spaceships
and turned kids into slaves.
What’s happening to us?
You really think you can
deal with those lizards?
Skitters were our us too.
Who do you think they are?
I don’t know.
I wish we could use these
against them.
We don’t have enough people
left for a suicide mission.
The harness…
is a process.
And Ben isn’t free
from it.
They’ll call him back…
unless you go with them.
You don’t want to do this.
No, I don’t.
[ Insects chirping ]
[ Screeching ]
[ Engines revving ]
[ Whirring ]
Pope: Anthony!
[ Thudding ]
Open fire!
[ Screeching ]
Where the hell
is our backup?!
Keep your heads down!
Make every shot count!
[ Gunfire ]
[ Screeching ]
Remember the drill,
Five-O –
arms, legs,
then the cabeza!
You ever think you enjoying
these turkey shoots
a bit too much,
hands you lemons…
[ Gun cocks ]
…you blow
its frigging head off!
[ Screeches ]
Cease fire!
Save your ammo!
[ Gunfire continues ]
Cease fire!
Ben! Stop shooting!
[ Gunfire stops ]
Hal: Captain!
We look good down here!
Get the hell out of there!
We got…eight minutes, tops,
before those beamers respond!
Let’s go!
Let’s go! Let’s go!
[ Engine revving ]
Jimmy, stay close!
Ben! Come on!
We’re moving out.
Got one still moving.
– Can’t get a shot.
– Well, leave it!
[ Skitter screeches ]
[ Roars, growls ]
Ben! What the hell
are you doing?
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Thud ]
Ben, orders
are to bug out.
Ben: There’s another one.
I can feel it.
[ Growls ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
Hal: Dad!
It’s Dad.
Dad? Dad.
Ben. Ben.
You’re alive, thank God.
Original Air Date on June 17, 2012
Weaver: We got beamers
on top of us!
Where the hell
is Hal and Ben?!
That wasn’t
eight minutes!
Looks like the bad guys
are growing a brain.
Hal: Captain, hold on!
Hold on, Captain!
Ben: Got to get him
in the back of the truck!
Weaver: Tom!
Hal: He’s hurt bad.
Get the back open.
Maggie: Let’s get him
in the truck!
Pope, Anthony,
get out of here now!
Get him in the back!
Where’s he hurt?
Come on! Hurry up!
Where the hell
did he come from?
[ Engines rev ]
Weaver: Go, go! Go, go!
[ Tires screech ]
[ Insects chirping ]
[ Vehicle approaches ]
Man: Easy, easy!
Hal: Dr. Glass!
Dr. Glass! Anne!
Somebody get Anne!
Out of the way, people!
Get out of the way!
Let him through!
Easy, easy.
Man: Tom Mason is alive!
Is he okay?
Oh, my God. Tom?
He’s been shot.
He lost a lot of blood.
Tom: Anne.
Was it a Mech?
Tell Ben
it wasn’t his fault.
Uh, it was an accident –
friendly fire.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
I didn’t know!
It was dark.
Ben, I got to go.
Ben, it’s okay.
Let’s turn him over.
[ Tom groans ]
No exit wound.
That means the bullet’s
still inside. Okay.
I need his pressure.
Dad! Dad!
Hey, buddy.
What happened to him?!
He’s been hurt pretty bad,
But he’s gonna be okay,
Lourdes: 90 over 70.
Start an I.V., okay,
go get the propofol
we found in Fitchburg.
I can’t stop the bleeding
until I find out where
the bullet is, okay?
I have to go in, Tom.
Lourdes: Guys, I know how much
you want to be here, but…
She’s right. Come on.
Let’s give them some room.
Let’s give them
some room.
[ Groaning ]
Come on, Ben.
It’s all right.
Let’s give them
some room.
Thanks for that.
I go in blind like this,
I could make things worse.
[ Breathing sharply ]
I trust you.
[ Whirring ]
[ Grunting ]
I’ve been here for days!
I want to know about my son!
[ Screaming ]
[ Electricity crackling ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Electricity crackles ]
[ Gasping ]
Karen: Don’t.
[ Grunts ]
Sorry for this, Tom.
I hope you’re not afraid.
Whatever you think
they’ve done to me,
I’m still Karen.
This way.
You said what they were doing
to Ben was a process.
Whatever it is,
can it be stopped?
– That’s up to you.
– Me?
it’s time to face facts.
They’ve won.
There’s no use prolonging
hostilities for either side.
Meaning what? They’re asking
for a cease-fire?
No, they’re allowing
the resistance
to surrender.
“Allowing the resistance
to surrender”?
Sounds like we’ve been more
trouble than they expected.
Don’t overestimate
a few small victories.
The resistance
is an inconvenience.
They are offering you
a gift, Tom –
a chance to have a life,
a real life,
with Hal and Matt
and Ben.
After everything
they’ve done,
you expect me
to take that on faith?
Not on faith.
Once you hear
what they have to offer,
I’m sure you’ll understand…
[ Indistinct conversations ]
So, they finally
got the bullet out,
but Anne says he’s looking
pretty weak.
Your father’s a fighter, Hal.
I know that firsthand.
Yeah, but you saw
the way he looked.
There’s no telling what else
he’s been through.
How’s Ben handling it?
He’s been keeping
to himself.
You know, he’s got to feel
like hell.
You notice anything else
about him?
Look, Ben’s fine,
all right?
If the Skitters are still
pulling his strings,
I think they’d make him miss
every now and then.
I still want you
to keep an eye on him.
Now, I know
that you’re worried
about your father, Hal,
but we got a situation here.
Yeah, like how this
eight-minute escape window
just turned into two.
Those munitions we lucked into
allowed us to inflict
some serious pain,
but these ambushes were
supposed to be a holding action
till we got new orders.
You’re not thinking about
backing down, are you?
We haven’t heard word one
from any of the other units
since that attack
on Boston.
For all I know, we’re the only
ones still left in the fight.
And I’m for killing these
bastards every chance we get,
but we get boxed in,
we may not come out.
So we don’t get boxed in.
All right?
We’re finally drawing blood.
That was the point,
Got to hurt them
as much as they hurt us.
I’m gonna go get some air.
If anything changes,
just come outside.
[ Sighs ]
[ Sighs ]
The girl told us you were
a historian before we came.
It’s not her anymore, is it?
I’m talking to you?
She is allowing me
to speak through her.
She has no choice.
You took her like you took…
Ben and everything else.
There was
no other way.
We’ve studied you
in great detail, Professor.
We’ve drawn from that
to make a proposal
that would end hostilities
between us.
In exchange
for sanctuary,
we will set aside
a protected area
where human survivors
will be relocated.
Some kind
of prison camp.
A place where you would be
allowed to live in peace.
You must be familiar
with the concept.
It’s taken directly
from your own history.
The worst of it.
You can’t hand-pick
from our darkest moments
like Cambodia
or Nazi Germany.
Or Nanking, My Lai,
the trail of tears.
Professor Mason.
We can think of dozens
of more examples.
Be honest.
Oppression is in your nature.
And that is your justification
for the murder of billions?
If those atrocities
are the worst of us…
what does that make you?
The ones who will decide
if your world lives or dies.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Ben, I’ve been looking
for you.
I wanted to be by myself
for a while.
You heard
what happened, right?
Yeah. I know you didn’t mean
to hurt dad.
You’re going out again.
Got no choice.
[ Gun cocks ]
Pope and Anthony sent another
alien patrol our direction.
We don’t ambush them
on our terms,
they could roll
right over us.
It’s not fair!
I-I should be going
with you.
[ Sighs ]
you’re nowhere near ready.
Because everyone keeps
treating me like a little kid.
I’m old enough to fight.
Old enough to know how,
at least.
How about this?
When I get back,
I’ll see what I can do.
Sure you’re up for this?
Skitters are coming,
whether we like it or not.
Hey, thanks, buddy.
Oh, sorry.
Go ahead. You first.
Wow. You sure know how
to impress a girl.
What’s next –
his and her grenade launchers?
Who knows? I might do something
crazy like open a door for you.
Hey, Ben!
Hey, wait up!
Hey, I know what happened
with Dad was an accident,
but the next time
I give an order,
I need to know
you’re gonna listen.
Whatever you say.
Hey. Hold up. Hey.
What’s up, man?
I don’t get you.
I mean, as much as he got
into it with Weaver,
Dad always understood
chain of command.
I’ll follow your orders,
but you’re not Dad, okay?
[ Engines rev ]
Pretty sweet spot
for wasting Skitters.
Put a shooter up on the roof
with a Barrett.
Yeah, a .50-Cal will put a hole
through anything.
Maybe get
a cross fire going
with that dry cleaner
right there.
While you kids
get that started,
me and the brain trust, we’ll
get the cooties’ attention.
We’ll come back
to the north side.
[ Whirring ]
Hal: Get out of the truck!
Take cover!
Maggie: Get out of the truck!
Do it now!
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Get down!
Not the Harley!
[ Whooshing ]
Pope! Stop! Stop!
[ Gun clicking ]
[ Explosion ]
[ Clicking continues ]
Come on, man.
Let it go, bro.
Let it go!
Come on!
[ Indistinct conversations ]
What the hell
went wrong?
Damned if I know.
Never even got off a shot.
They’re onto us.
There’s something else.
The way they kept laying fire
into the truck
after we bugged out –
it’s like that was the target.
We know
they can pick up heat.
Could be the engine
is what got their attention.
First time
they’ve targeted vehicles.
First time for everything.
With these beamers
on constant patrol –
We’re screwed and blued,
and you can kiss
this ambush plan goodbye.
If we can’t run our trucks,
we’re not mobile.
The Skitters got to know
we’re close.
Won’t be long before
they catch our scent.
you wanted to see me?
Dai tells me
that you’re doing a fair job
of taking over for Scott.
He did?
I can only hope
he’s right.
We think that the aliens have
recalibrated their beamers
to pick up the heat
coming off our vehicles.
Probably using
some infrared sensor.
As long as we stay put,
engines off, they can’t see us.
Only that’s not
an option.
Our patrols
just saw three alien units
all walking around out there,
all within five miles.
It’s only a matter of time
before they nail us.
If we can’t move our vehicles,
we lose our mobility,
and we lose most
of our supplies.
We need to find
a way to mask the heat
coming off those engines
long enough to put some distance
between us and those patrols.
Well, how far?
At least 20 miles.
20 miles?
That would mean keeping the engines
cooled out for at least an hour.
All right. I’ll try.
You don’t get points
for effort.
We don’t find a way
to move those vehicles,
people are going to die.
No pressure.
I don’t care
what you wanted from us.
There must have been a way
to get it peacefully.
You didn’t even try to talk
to us before the attack.
This was never
a negotiation.
That’s why we’ll never stop
fighting you.
We have no patience
for empty bravado.
So those
are our alternatives –
live as prisoners or die?
Why would you expect
better from us
than you do
from yourselves?
Because I look
around this ship,
at the technology that
brought you from another world,
and I want to believe
that only an advanced species
could have
achieved so much.
But I would be wrong.
You will lead your people
to the neutral zone.
Then the choice
has been made.
I would be careful about drawing
too many lessons from the past.
Why is that?
Because our history
has yet to be written.
[ Electricity crackles ]
[ Screeching ]
[ Growls ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Tom Mason, 2nd Mass.
I didn’t know
they had anybody else.
Neither did I.
Bonnie Garcia,
Vermont militia.
Bastards wanted me
to lead them to my guys,
talk them into buying
this sanctuary bull.
That’s why they took us –
to finish what they started.
This isn’t right.
[ Whirring ]
Oh, my God.
[ Whirring ]
[ Chitters ]
Everybody run!
Don’t give it a target!
Woman: Run!
[ All screaming ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Weapon cocks ]
[ Chitters ]
[ Whirring ]
[ Thudding ]
Find your stance.
Lean forward a bit.
Hal: Hey, Ben!
What’s Matt doing
with a gun?
Ben’s teaching me
how to shoot.
Figured it was time.
He needs to learn
how to defend himself.
So you just gave him a rifle
without asking me?
I might have to follow
your orders on missions,
but not here.
Hal, wait!
Go back to camp, Matt.
Go back to camp.
You know, maybe he’s ready,
maybe he’s not,
but we both know
Dad didn’t want that for him.
Three months ago. How do you
know what he’d say now?
I don’t know
what he’d say right now,
and neither do you,
So how about we wait
and let Dad make that decision?
Only way we win this war
is by killing
every Skitter we see.
If Matt’s old enough
to load a gun,
he’s old enough
to shoot it.
After what happened
with Dad,
you think you’re the best one
to be giving lessons?
I just don’t want him
to be taken away
the way they took me.
Or your girlfriend,
[ Grunting ]
I’m not the math geek
you used to push around.
Deal with it.
[ Grunts ]
It’s like I don’t
even know him anymore.
[ Sighs ] Michigan.
[ Wind whistling ]
[ Crow caws ]
Teresa: Stop!
Jared: Quit struggling!
Stop! Get off of me!
I swear, if you don’t let go of that bag,
I will shoot you!
Leave me alone! It’s all we have left!
I will shoot you!
Do you understand?!
Every store within 20 miles
has been picked clean!
Please! Please!
[ Gun cocks ]
If I see you again,
I’ll use this!
My name’s Tom.
I’m not gonna hurt you.
I just wanted
to see your bike.
No! It’s mine!
Hey! Hey!
Stop it!
I’m not letting you
steal it!
Come on. Come on.
I’m sorry.
I should have asked.
[ Sobbing ]
Look, I know
that you’re scared.
But I’m not
gonna hurt you.
If he comes back,
we don’t want to be here.
We had a few cans of soup.
That’s all.
Go ahead!
Take it and leave me alone!
You hang on to it.
I’m on my way
into Boston.
I left some people there –
friends and family.
They can help us.
Bike’s yours, but I sure
would love to borrow it.
You can come with me.
That’s hundreds of miles.
Oh, I know it.
I’ve been on foot
for weeks already.
So…what do you say?
Just remember
it’s a loan.
And only
as long as I say.
And only if we don’t
leave her like that.
[ Sniffles ]
Fair enough.
Anne: Captain.
I’ll have the med bus packed
and ready to go in a half-hour.
How’s Tom?
I need to know what happened
to him on that ship.
Ben and Lourdes are with him.
He’s weak.
But if we have to move,
I think it’s all right.
Dr. Glass!
Do you know anything
about scotch?
Some’s good,
some’s better.
I found this…
couple of stops back.
It’s a Glenfiddich.
30 years old.
has good tastes.
If we have to run,
it’s just dead weight.
Seemed like it’d be a shame
to waste it.
Maybe it’s a sign –
Tom coming back.
How do you mean?
I mean that if I hadn’t let him
get on that ship…
…if he’d been here,
he would have warned me
that we were
pushing our luck.
He would have warned me.
But he wasn’t here.
Second-guessing doesn’t change
where we are.
I think you’re wrong.
I remember something
he told me once,
about making the price
of the occupation so high,
the aliens have to leave.
That was the idea.
He would have said your strategy
is risky but worth it.
And when he wakes up,
he’s gonna be proud
we’re still fighting.
Hell, he might even have
a historical anecdote
to put it all
in perspective.
Jamil: Captain.
What the hell is this?
It’s light,
it’s an insulator,
and these warehouses
are full of it.
We wrap our engines
with it,
we’ll get a good hour
before it heats through.
I want people going
through every house,
every warehouse
on the block.
We’re moving out A.S.A.P.
Ben: Dr. Glass?!
It’s my Dad.
Something’s wrong.
Let’s go.
[ Sleepily ]
We’re close now.
We got to keep going.
I don’t know what happened.
He just started bleeding again.
I must have missed
a fragment.
He feels feverish,
We still have a few bottles
of I.V. antibiotic.
I’m sorry, Ben.
The school’s only a few miles
that way.
But they’d be long gone
by now.
I’ve been seeing
a lot of airships
heading southwest
to Connecticut.
Could be
they went that way.
The woman we buried.
That was my mom.
I’m sorry.
You never told me why you
helped me out with that guy.
That’s what people
are supposed to do.
Not anymore.
I don’t believe that.
And I’d hope that someone
would do the same for my kids.
We were going
into the mountains,
trying to find
a place to hide.
I don’t think that we can hide
from them anymore.
[ Bag zips ]
My middle son, Ben –
you’d like him.
He’s about your age.
He’s dead.
They’re all dead.
That’s what happens now.
The aliens find you,
and they kill you.
we kill them first.
Come on.
We got to keep going.
This engine-blanket thing
better work,
or we’ll be wearing
this truck for a hat.
That’s another thing.
When the hell did I become
a damn baggage handler?
[ Laughs ] I was gonna say
it kind of suits you.
Yeah, well, I’ll tell you,
if I had any brains,
I’d steal one
of these rice rockets
and kiss Weaver’s glorious
revolution goodbye.
Yeah, you try that,
and your brains
will be scattered
across two states, Pope!
You really are a true believer,
aren’t you?
In killing Skitters,
Yeah, well, that’s pretty,
but, uh, you know,
there’s no law that says
you got to do it with me.
My merry ex-band of outlaws
wasted your buddy,
and yet here you are,
Tonto to my lone ranger.
Well, first, I think you got
that “Lone Ranger” thing
a bit backward.
And don’t think
that I forgot about Click…
or when you patched me up
after we went in
on that alien structure.
I can’t make sense
of either.
We all make mistakes.
Hal: Captain!
[ Laughs ]
Hal: Captain!
Hey, Cap! Incoming!
Anthony, where’s Cap?
Right there.
Captain, we got a Mech convoy
about a mile away.
They’re straight east.
They’re coming this way.
We move that med bus now,
Tom’s not gonna make it.
Convoy goes!
Medical stays with Dr. Glass
until she can stabilize Tom.
I need four volunteers
to stay with the bus
in case
the Skitters show.
You know I’m in.
Sounds good.
Make that three.
Gather all the ammo
you can carry.
Dai’s got the map.
We wait for you 20 miles out.
Stay safe.
We’re moving out, people!
Five minutes!
[ Whirring ]
All right, guys,
we got incoming.
we’re gonna go dark.
There’s something there.
I just
can’t get ahold of it.
All right, guys,
we’re gonna lay low
and hope the Mechs
pass us by.
Nobody shoot
unless I give the order, okay?
[ Thudding approaches ]
[ Whirring ]
Hal: Get down!
Not yet.
[ Groaning ]
we have to hold him steady.
[ Thudding ]
[ Whirring ]
I think I’ve got it.
[ Exhales sharply ]
Not much to it.
It was enough.
We can close now.
[ Thudding continues ]
[ Thudding departs ]
I think they’re gone.
[ Sighs ] Oh, God.
[ Chuckles ]
I think that was
our lucky day, right?
[ Laughs ]
Come on. Let’s go.
Hey, good job, man.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Brakes hiss ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Tires screech ]
[ Gunfire, explosions ]
This is bad.
We need to keep riding.
It’s close.
I don’t want to
be here anymore!
[ Weapons firing ]
That’s Mech fire.
[ Gunshots ]
That’s a shotgun.
That means
there’s people.
You said when we started
it was just a loan.
Got to see
who’s out there.
I’ll come back
when I know it’s safe.
My mom wanted to show me
the mountains.
I’m going there.
For her.
[ Gunfire, explosions continue ]
I hope you find
your family.
[ Engine revs ]
Weaver: Cease fire!
Save your ammo!
[ Gunfire stops ]
We got eight minutes, tops,
before those beamers respond!
So let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!
[ Skitter growls ]
[ Screeches ]
[ Screams ]
[ Screeching ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
You’re still here.
I never left, Tom.
You gave us
quite a scare.
You feeling all right?
My boys?
They’re fine.
I should have
had faith…
that you’d come back
for them.
Not just for them.
[ Sniffles ]
It’s okay.
Dad, I, uh…
I didn’t mean to hurt you.
I know.
It was an accident.
Come here.
It doesn’t matter.
All that matters now
is that we’re together.
Oh. Ben, don’t –
Look at what the cat
dragged in.
I missed you, old man.
I missed you, too.
I missed
all of you.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
– How you feeling?
– Like it’s good to be home.
we should talk.
Plenty of time for that.
You just get better first.
A lot of people
will be glad to see you.
Welcome back, Tom.
Thanks, Dai.
Pope: Professor
happen to mention
how he, uh, busted out
of Skitter Central?
He did not.
[ chuckles ]
Man strolls
onto an alien rocket,
only to just come waltzing back

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