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aerial surveillance advises
suspects are fleeing
west on Temple
with a van full of stolen goods.
Robbery Homicide
unit two responding.
We are in pursuit.
Copy that.
Let’s roll.
We are in pursuit, right?
Yeah, what, this music
help get you in the game?
I got you.
Here we go; let’s go.
Yeah, let’s go.
Let’s go, baby.
I am in the game.
A good pursuit, Travis,
a good pursuit
requires some thought.
Oh, a good pursuit
requires balls.
Requires balls.
All right, come on,
you got a beat sound system.
You can only get it
in this car; let’s go.
All you listen to
is jazz. Let’s go.
Come on.
Head like that.
Jazz promotes
and analysis.
If you’d analyze
the situation…
If you’d analyze
the situation,
you’d realize that these guys
are going west on Temple,
which means they’re probably
headed for the 101, right?
But, of course,
the entrance to the 101 is
closed for construction.
♪ Do-do-doo… ♪
Which means we
can just wait.
Do you ever get tired
of being you?
Often, actually.
But somebody’s got to do it.
Put your hands out of the car.
Get them out!
Let’s go!
I am a woman now,
and I’m capable
of making my own decisions.
And I’ve decided to marry Owen,
and I don’t know why
you won’t accept that.
But you are incapable
of making an adult decision.
I mean, Owen?
He’s irresponsible.
He’s… lazy.
He’s a good-time Charlie,
and that’s fine.
I don’t have a problem
with that.
He’s not husband material.
Dakota and I love each other.
Owen, you don’t know
what love is.
And furthermore,
I can’t keep doing this.
Can’t keep doing this.
We’ve been doing these
weird role-playing exercises
for the last three sessions,
and by my count,
this is the third time
someone’s asked me
to play the cold,
withholding father.
Meanwhile, Travis here
gets cast as the cool,
romantic, you know,
love interest.
Does it bother you
that the group
sees you as an authority figure?
No, it bothers me
that this group
has such a problem
with authority.
Okay, look,
I-I just don’t…
I-I don’t know her father.
I’ve never met him; how am I
supposed to portray him?
What’s the point?
It’s a fair question;
in a sense,
you all have been studying
for the last three weeks.
Preparing to take on the role
of a lifetime.
Your partner.
This week, I want
you all to try
switching places
with each other, as it were.
Because by becoming them,
we can start
to understand them better
and ourselves.
All right, enough talk.
I’d like you to stand up
and switch chairs
with your partners.
This is stupid.
he’s good.
That’s spot on.
What are you talking about?
He’s being you.
I know he’s being me,
but that’s not me.
Uh, that sure
looks like you.
I don’t sit like that.
Wes, I invite you
to respond as Travis.
I don’t care
what these good-time Charlie
people have to say.
I don’t care what any
of you all have to say.
This is stupid.
all right,
I don’t talk like that.
I don’t talk to people that way,
and I don’t sound like that.
Like that.
That. I don’t talk like that.
Can we take a time-out?
991, what’s your emergency?
I’ve been attacked.
Please help me.
He forced his way in.
He kept hitting me.
Are you safe now?
Is your attacker there?
I don’t know.
His name’s Kevin Boyd.
Ma’am, are you still there?
What are you doing?
Are you still there?
Help me!
Please help me.
I need your address.
Please, ma’am,
tell me where you are.
Ma’am? Ma’am…!
Original Air Date on June 29, 2012
I think
this role-playing exercise
is gonna be good for us.
Unlikely, since I have
no plan of doing it.
That’s the beautiful thing;
you don’t have to do anything.
I’m gonna show you what
it’s like to work with you.
Oh, you’re gonna be
and on point?
I find that highly unlikely.
There you go, you cast
yourself in the role
of the enforcer of
the world’s standards.
I think you mean well;
you just don’t realize
you’re coming off
like a dick.
Who put this tape here?
Field manual clearly
states to establish
They resent you.
It’s not me.
Besides, it’s seven yards, guys.
Sobering mirror, my friend.
Sobering mirror.
Congratulations, guys,
you just caught the
world’s easiest clearance.
What makes you say that?
Woman named Beth Boyd
owns this place.
Someone broke in here
last night, tied her
up and tuned her up,
and then they strangled her.
Why does that make this
the world’s easiest clearance?
She managed to
place a 911 call
before she died.
She gave us the name
of her attacker.
A guy named Kevin Boyd,
her husband.
We’ve already got APBs
out for him.
Things must have really gone bad
between these two.
Have I thought
about visiting harm
upon my ex?
Yeah, sure, but…
That’ll be all, officer.
And, uh,
make sure you pay
for that cupcake.
I already did.
But thank you
for checking, dick.
Oh, my God.
Who is that?
That’s the victim’s
We called her down here
to identify the body.
Yes, that’s her.
That’s my sister.
I’m extremely sorry
for your loss, ma’am.
But if you’re up for it, I need
to ask you a couple questions.
Beth made
a 911 call before she died.
She said her husband
did this to her.
You don’t seem very surprised.
I wish I were.
Kevin and Beth are…
were still married,
but only because
they couldn’t settle
on the terms of their divorce.
Beth kind of
hated Kevin,
and he gave it back
to her in spades.
And they had to see
each other every day.
He owns the place next door.
Beth and Kevin bought this
whole row of storefronts
back when things
were better,
but when-when things went south,
they couldn’t decide
how to split it all up,
so they just… they dug in.
They’ve been in court for years.
Do you know where Kevin
might be right now?
Our officers can’t find him
at the address we have on file.
Well, if he snapped
and hurt Beth,
I-I don’t know.
Maybe he’s running.
Hey, Suzanne!
You son of a bitch.
what’s going on?
Son of a bitch!
Kevin Boyd?
What the hell is going on here?
So, you can’t remember
where you were last night?
I drink sometimes, okay?
It’s not good, I know.
But the divorce
and the shop, it’s just
so much stress.
Come on.
I closed up my store.
I walked two doors down
to Northbrook for a whiskey.
And that was, um,
I ordered another drink,
and that’s the last thing
I remember.
Okay, I woke up in Van Nuys
behind the wheel of my car,
and that was
about 8:00 this morning.
Kevin, your
wife called 911
at 12:13 a.m. last night.
Your alibi leaves a rather large
window of time unaccounted for.
Yeah, I know,
but I didn’t kill Beth, okay?
I’m not an animal.
Why’d your wife file a complaint
for assault, Kevin.
That was five years ago, okay?
I just…
I grabbed her too hard.
It’s not right;
I was drinking that night.
You were drinking
last night.
Kevin, you and your wife
were tied up
in what, like,
five different lawsuits?
There was the divorce; she sued
you for failing to maintain
the greens outside your store.
So, you sued her for defamation;
she came back…
Yeah, we hated each other, okay?
I’m not denying it.
Kevin, that’s enough.
my client is going
through a painful divorce,
but that’s not evidence
that he committed any crime.
Yeah, how’s this?
911, what’s your emergency?
I’ve been attacked.
Please help me.
He forced his way in.
He kept hitting me.
Are you safe now?
Is your attacker there?
I don’t know.
His name is Kevin Boyd.
Oh, my God, I…
Hey, look,
I don’t know what to tell you.
I mean, that’s definitely
Beth’s voice,
but I don’t think
I’m that kind of man.
Look, I’ll cooperate
however you need, okay?
I’ll give you DNA.
You don’t have to agree to that.
I want to. If I…
did that. I deserve
whatever I get.
I’ll tell you what we’ll
do, Kevin.
We’ll take a sample here, we’ll
compare it to
what we have at the crime scene.
What is that on
the back of your hand.
Oh… Looks like a mark
from Red Lace.
It’s a burlesque club
up on La Brea.
I go there sometimes
when I drink.
I didn’t have this yesterday.
Look, maybe Beth was wrong.
Maybe, maybe I was at
this club last night.
So, this guy doesn’t know
where he was last night.
And he wants us to run down
his alibi for him.
Well, I admit,
Kevin looks guilty.
But if he was at that strip club
last night, he didn’t kill Beth.
Wes, please. Red Lace is
a burlesque show.
Those women are dancers.
Thought you had more
respect for the arts.
– Please.
– Taking your clothes off is not art.
Oh, I see what you did there.
You lay a little trap for me.
When you keep lining them up,
I keep slamming them home.
Stop, stop, stop, please?!
I have been telling you not to
slip your ballet moves
into this routine.
Look, you want art?
Go rent yourself a place
over on Franklin.
Put on a show there.
Sorry, Ed.
I don’t know, Ed, it
looked pretty good to me.
Can we talk?
You don’t have to
talk to them, Ed.
They amended the city code,
these guys
are suppose to schedule
their spot inspections now.
You can sue them for harassment.
We’re not code inspectors.
We’re LAPD homicide.
You a lawyer?
Law student.
Is that so surprising?
No it isn’t so surprising, Ms…
Ms. Destiny?,
I know a think or two
about the law myself.
Here we go.
I speak lawyer.
And isn’t it true,
that the present code
as been reammended?
I’m positive.
The judge that I clerk for,
had me pull the papers
last week.
And you are just digging
yourself in deeper.
I could make a case against you
for tortfeasance with intent.
You should know that the
punitive damages for that
can run the gamut.
If you’re going to pretend
to be me, you better have
the knowledge to back it up.
Have you scene this gentleman
in your club last night?
Uh, oh, yeah, that’s Kevin.
He’s in here all the time.
Yeah, he was in here
last night for a few hours.
I remember because he was
throwing down lots of tip money.
Usually, he’s kind of cheap.
What time did he leave?
I saw him leave, uh, right as
the curtain went up
on the midnight show.
Beth Boyd placed that
911 call at 12:13.
Larchmont’s about a mile from
here give or take.
Kevin could have left the club
and been at the store
just in time.
Kevin say anything about
where he was going?
Withholding information from a
homicide investigation
is obstruction of justice.
Now, you wanna go to jail?
He said he wanted to
keep his night going.
He was spending so much money
so I referred him
over to my friends place.
It’s kind of a
casino-type operation.
They’re kind of loose with
the permits over there.
Not strictly, um…
Well, they’re open
for business.
Or they’re about to be
You know, guys in my law firm
use to love places like this.
They’re shabby on the outside,
slick on the inside.
Yeah, just the opposite
of the clientele.
All right. Well, BMW’s in.
Wait, wait, hold on.
It’s the music.
I just…
The interplay between the bass
and the piano.
You get tired of this, yet?
It’s exquisite.
You’ve been doing this for hours now.
♪ Bah do bah… ♪
Wait, wait, wait, okay,
here comes the bridge.
♪ ♪
All right, enough of this.
You think you’re proving some
kind of point to me?
Do you want to know why
I have to pay such attention
to the rules, Travis?
It’s because I’m partnered
with a maniac.
You wanna know
what that’s like?
You wanna know what
that’s like?
I’ll show you.
Yeah… yeah…
Evening, sweetheart.
Look, uh, my friend and I
are feeling lucky tonight.
We heard this was
the place to be.
Nobody drives through there
without a password.
Oh, a password.
The password is,
uh, “hot tub.”
As in, you, me, bubbles.
Go ahead.
Thanks, darlin’.
♪ ♪
What are you doing, man?
This is your game, right?
Kinda scary not knowing
what your partner is going
to do next, isn’t it?
Excuse me!
How you guys doing?
Okay, okay, everybody looks
very nice today.
Back up.
LAPD– Where you going?
Where you going?
Look, my partner and I just have
a few questions to ask you guys.
And y’all better damn well
answer them or…
You go, girl.
…everybody here’s gonna wake
up in jail tomorrow.
Got it?
Yep. that’s right.
I just broke a glass
for no apparent reason.
All right, listen up,
douche bags.
We need information,
and you all are going
to give it to us,
or each and every one of you
is going to take
a ride downtown,
and I think you know what I mean
by “downtown.”
You hear me, douche bags?
You said douche bags already.
Okay, here’s what we want:
We want to know if anyone has
seen this guy here last night.
Uh, I recognize
that guy.
We got here at the same time.
And what time,
perchance, was that?
– Uh, I don’t know.
– Excuse me, sir?
We have cameras on the door.
If you want to take a look, you
can see what time he got here.
Just, please, don’t break
anything else.
Now, I never forget a face,
so I don’t want anybody here…
…causing any trouble.
Half of us are optometrists.
You, zip it.
Thanks, hon.
Easy, cowboy.
You’re just jealous because
I’m more you than you are.
Hey, look, we got
what we came for, right?
Kevin came here
at 12:24 last night.
Last 911 call
came in at 12:13.
That leaves Kevin 11 minutes
to kill his wife
drive here and start gambling.
Is that even possible?
If he had a helicopter.
I’ll tell you what,
Kevin’s bail hearing is
tomorrow morning.
If I was his defense attorney
and I had that kind of timeline
to work with,
I could definitely
get him out.
If he couldn’t have done it,
then why did Beth finger him
for the call?
Maybe the killer had a mask on?
Maybe she never saw his face
and just assumed it was Kevin.
Let me ask you this:
besides that phone call
does Kevin seem like
a killer to you?
He practically cried when
we played him the 911 tape,
and he volunteered his DNA.
No. Not really.
Maybe it’s time we started
figuring out
who else wants Beth dead.
You know what? This was fun.
I think it was a valuable
object lesson for you.
You just like
pretending to be me.
I’m the one teaching lessons
here, and tomorrow, ugh…
school’s back
in session, baby.
I guess I should commend you
on diving into your homework.
Thank you.
Something tells me
that the two of you
have managed to turn this
into a competition.
That’s not commendable?
I think you look sharp, son.
– You really make that suit.
– Oh, yes.
Yes, you do. Yeah, you…
Last night, I played Travis
to a tee, might I add,
and I guess this is his way
of upping the ante.
You didn’t play me.
You played yourself.
He just let out everything
that he keeps all bottled up.
It just all came
out like a volcano.
You can’t…
You know what?
This is actually a good thing.
It is?!
Yes. I mean, right now,
you’re just playing
caricatures of each other,
but if you stick with this,
you will end up
learning about each other
whether you want to or not.
We don’t really
do the learning.
Yeah, it’s kind of an
unwritten rule in our thing.
Yeah, well,
that’s why you’re here.
You cleaned your desk.
I don’t get it.
This should be making me happy.
You’re not capable
of happiness,
but recognizing its absence
is a good start.
We’re making progress.
Something’s wrong
with this picture.
What’s with the suit?
Role play week in therapy, Captain.
Role play week.
I remember it.
Not bad.
He’s just wearing a suit, Cap.
Yeah, but I think he captures
the essence of you.
Take a look at this.
That new girl down
in digital forensics,
she stopped by.
She says you asked her to comb
through Beth Boyd’s hard drive.
Now, Beth lodged a couple of
harassment complaints
against an ex-con,
named Carl Battier.
Battier already had a couple of
aggravated assaults in his file.
After his last stretch,
he got a job
delivering ingredients to that
cupcake store every evening.
So the cupcake lady
thought he was harassing her.
Well, she was e-mailing
back and forth with
a lawyer, trying to get
a restraining order against this
Battier character.
But she dropped it once the
delivery company let him go.
Where’s he working now?
It’s all in there.
Sorry, guys. I don’t get paid
if I don’t spin the sign.
So somebody killed
the cupcake lady.
That’s terrible.
I meant to stop
back in there,
I mean, after she had
a cooling-ff period,
and-and say thanks.
She got you fired.
You’re dressed
like a hot dog.
Yeah, this gig’s the best thing
that ever happened to me.
I get to stand out in the sun,
breathe the fresh air,
meet people.
What’s up, man?
Can you tell us where you were
at midnight on Tuesday?
Whoa. Sir.
It’s a term of respect.
Is that a problem? I…
No. I usually just don’t…
get… “sir.”
I don’t know, you just look…
All right, look,
I was home,
I live alone,
I’m a felon on minimum wage,
but I didn’t kill that lady.
Like I said, I was
grateful to her.
I get to put on this suit,
and the old Carl
kind of disappears,
and I can become
a different guy.
You feel me?
Yes, we feel you.
Excuse us.
You know, I actually think
he’s telling the truth.
Beth Boyd’s forensic
screen came back in.
She had someone’s skin
under her fingernails.
The DNA’s a match for Kevin.
So he killed Beth and got
over to that club in 11 minutes?
I know, I know, it doesn’t
make any sense to me, either.
But that’s what
the test says.
Kevin’s lawyer got him out
on bail this morning.
He could be anywhere.
We gotta get all hands on deck
and try and track him down.
All units, be on the lookout
for Kevin Boyd,
last seen in the vicinity of
1277 Larchmont.
Kevin’s holed up inside
his wife’s store?
Yeah. One of the guys saw him
sneaking in through the back.
Anyone else gone in?
He told us he was
going to blow the place
if we got any closer.
Blow the place?
Yeah. He can’t live knowing
that he’s a murderer.
He gave us 20 minutes
to evacuate the area.
Kevin’s gonna commit suicide.
I told you people
– to stay out of here.
– Kevin.
You don’t want to do this.
I absolutely do.
And you don’t want to
be here for it, so get out!
I killed Beth.
I killed my wife.
Kevin, we don’t know that
for sure.
I got these scratch marks, and
I don’t where I got
them from, but my lawyer
said they found my DNA
under Beth’s fingernails,
so, it kind of
adds up, doesn’t it?
Yeah, it does.
But Kevin, my partner and
I– we don’t agree on much.
We argue all the time.
It’s kind of our thing.
We put a lot
of murderers in jail,
and neither one of us
is convinced that you did it.
How can you say that?
She named me
in the phone call, okay.
My DNA was under her fingernails.
The physical evidence
is stacked against you,
and that’s why
we got to bring you in.
But think about it. The time
line doesn’t make any sense.
You had 11 minutes
to get from here to that casino.
On Vine.
Nobody could get over there
that fast.
Seems hard
to believe, right?
And I’ll tell you
what else.
You just don’t seem
like a killer to us, Kevin.
Killers don’t offer up
their DNA.
Killers don’t give police
20 minutes
to evacuate innocent people.
Then how did this happen?
We don’t know,
but if you didn’t do it,
your DNA had to
get there somehow.
So, you’re saying
I was set up?
it’s definitely possible.
Think about it.
You blacked out
for a long time.
Takes more than a few drinks
to do that.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
So… what, I was drugged?
Well, we just
don’t know, Kevin.
Give up, let us
take you in.
We’ll run a tox screen,
we’ll find out.
But if you don’t,
you’re gonna die here thinking
that you murdered your wife?
You don’t want that.
Pass me the lighter.
All right, all right,
let’s get you.
Let’s get out of here.
Oh, shoot.
I was afraid
I was gonna chicken out
with the lighter,
so I set the pilot light
to turn on after 20 minutes.
Are you okay?
What are you gonna do tomorrow?
What do you mean?
Well, I know you don’t own
more than one suit.
What are you, hung over?
What do you mean?
Your hair is a mess,
and you’re dressed
like you just rolled out of bed.
It’s a thing
we’re doing for therapy.
When Travis gets here, I’m gonna
show him what it’s like
when the professional partner–
i.e., me–
is saddled
with a ill-dressed malcontent.
Good morning, Jonelle.
So, what do you think?
You’d make a good grownup.
It’s too bad it’s
just a costume.
Let me guess.
A contest?
Only in the sense that
Wes is getting his ass kicked.
Only one suit, huh?
Let me help you guys
cut to the chase
with all this what-have-you.
You two, as messed up
as you both indeed are,
need each other.
Wes, you need Travis to be
Travis, so you can be you.
You don’t need Travis
to be more like you,
whether you realize it or not.
That’s deep.
Same thing goes for you, too.
That’s just stupid.
Honestly, Jonelle,
we appreciate it,
but we’re not here
for pop psychology.
We’re here for real science.
Really? Fine.
I don’t envy
your therapist.
But since I don’t get
to do a tox screen
on a living suspect instead
of a dead victim every day,
here you go.
Somebody gave a whopping dose
of flunitrazepam to Kevin Boyd.
It’s a roofie.
They gave him
the date rape drug?
What’s the last place Kevin
remembers before he blacked out?
Uh, he had a drink
at Northbrook,
that restaurant just down
the street from his store.
Mm. All right,
thank you.
Uh, Travis?
Huh? Yeah?
You, um… you got a…
price tag on your suit.
He got a good deal.
All right, thanks
for coming in, Miss Hecht.
I understand
you have some questions
about what happened to Beth?
Yes. Your restaurant,
Northbrook– it’s down the block
from your sister’s
cupcake store, correct?
That’s right. Beth and Kevin
gave me a deal
on the lease back
when I was getting started.
Well, it seems like
your restaurant’s the last place
Kevin remembers the night
that Beth died.
He showed up for drinks
at, what was it, 7:00?
Was it 7:00?
Mm, around there.
Mm, that’s right.
He had, uh…
two drinks.
Started getting all pissed off
at Beth, at me.
Then he just left.
Couldn’t have been
any later than ten minutes till.
We ran a tox
screen on Kevin.
Turns out someone slipped
him a roofie that night.
Look, um…
none of this matters now.
It doesn’t change
anything that happened..
so I’ll just tell you.
I told Beth that Kevin
was coming over that night.
She asked me to do her a favor.
She gave me a bottle of whiskey
and asked me
to make sure that I served him
from that bottle.
Hmm. You did?
I just thought she was gonna
play a trick on him, you know?
Like, maybe slip him that stuff
that makes you sick
to your stomach.
Kevin was really hard on her.
If she wanted to play dirty,
I wasn’t gonna ask
any questions.
She was my sister.
Why would she dose Kevin?
Maybe she just…
She wanted him
to pass out, I guess,
so she could get the DNA and
frame him for
the assault?
But instead, he…
he blacked out.
And he killed her.
So Beth Boyd slipped
her husband a Mickey.
None of it adds up to
another suspect in her murder.
Well, we’re
not sure.
We know that Beth got
her sister to dose Kevin.
Does that mean Beth is a suspect?
In her own murder?
Well, she didn’t necessarily
mean to kill herself.
Think about it, Cap.
She’s tied up in this brutal
litigation with her Kevin.
If she stages an attack and gets
Kevin convicted of a felony,
then she gets everything.
I’m sorry. What-what is that?
My new white noise machine.
It gives me clarity of thought.
That’s great, Cap.
What Wes was getting at
before being Wes
got in the way was
maybe Beth’s
death was an accident.
She set up Kevin to be convicted
of an assault,
and she never said he was trying
to kill her on the 911 call.
As she’s making the call,
she drops the phone
and her chair falls over.
She strangles herself.
She trussed herself
to the chair?
Try proving that one.
Well, first we have to see
if it’s even possible
and then we can worry
about proving it.
You said you liked
role-play, right, Cap?
All right, we got the
pile hitch. What’s next?
Okay, Cap, you got the bowline
knot all ready to go?
Here’s what
you’re gonna do.
You’re gonna take
the end of that rope,
throw it over
your shoulder,
tuck it underneath these
ropes around your chest
and back in front of you.
Hit it.
I gotta say I’m
pretty impressed, Cap.
I gotta give credit
to my first wife, Cindy.
Yeah? She taught you how
to tie knots, huh?
Cindy liked to role-play
as well.
She loved that hostage/
freedom fighter scenario.
What do you want?
It was the ’70s.
I can’t do it.
It can’t be done.
Okay, all right, Cap, relax.
Let me see that. All right.
All right, underneath…
that goes under here,
back up through the bowline.
There’s just no way
Beth tied herself
to that chair.
Wait. Look at the knots.
They’re backwards.
Cap tied himself
to this chair,
and he’s right-handed.
Whoever tied Beth
to the chair’s a lefty.
Kevin Boyd is right-handed.
So there was someone else
in that bakery with Beth.
It wasn’t Kevin Boyd.
911. What’s your emergency?
I’ve been attacked.
Please help me!
He forced his way in…
911. What’s your emergency?
I have been through
and there is absolutely
no forensic evidence
that anyone other than Beth
or Kevin was in that room.
Is your attacker there?
Why do you keep
listening to it, Travis?
We’ve heard it
a dozen times.
I don’t know.
You know?
I’m playing you, right?
I’m playing you.
Isn’t that what you do?
Just keep
reviewing the evidence
over and over again
until you’re certain
that this
innocent person
isn’t going away?
You know, that almost
sounded like a compliment.
You’re lucky I’m in a bad mood.
Otherwise it never
would have happened.
No, no, no, wait, wait.
Play it again.
Why? You just said we’ve
listened to it a dozen times.
Yeah, I know I said that
but we know more now.
We know someone else
was in that room.
Listen to Beth’s
voice on this.
911, what’s your emergency?
I’ve been attacked.
See, she’s talking
to that 911 operator right now.
Everything’s going
according to plan.
Is your attacker there?
there, she falls.
Ma’am, are you still there?
What are you doing?
Now she doesn’t have
that phone anymore.
And it doesn’t sound
like she’s talking
to that 911 operator anymore.
Sounds like she’s talking
to whoever else
is in that room.
Beth didn’t expect
to start choking.
So she’s begging for help.
Listen to it again.
Okay everybody shut up
for a minute.
Is your attacker there?
There is a pause between
the first and second time
she says “help me.”
Ma’am, are you still there?
What are you doing?
I need your address.
Please, ma’am,
tell me where you are.
The killer
said something to her.
Yeah, let’s get the recording
down to digital forensics.
See if they can drop
the operator’s voice out
and boost up
the background noise.
What are you doing?
I need your address.
Please, ma’am,
tell me where you are.
I’m sorry.
Please help me.
I’ll be damned.
A woman killed Beth Boyd.
Ivy, make sure you tell
your customers
we’ve 86′d the goat cheese
salad, okay? Thanks.
Guys, you really
should have called first.
This is not a good time.
That’s okay.
We brought Beth’s
personal effects.
We thought you might
like to have them back.
Thank you.
Oh, you know what?
She has to sign for them.
Oh, yeah. Sorry.
Sign right there.
E-Excuse me.
Statue of Liberty?
No. I’m you today.
I get to do the takedown.
Stop you’re under arrest!
Hi, there.
You’re under arrest.
You hit her with the cart.
Technically, you hit
her with the cart.
See, we’re role-playing.
It’s a long story.
You okay?
You good enough
to roll over?
These suits are
uncomfortable, man.
Yeah, welcome to my world.
Oh, man.
So Suzanne collaborated
with Beth to frame me?
You took the roofie,
and passed out long enough
for Beth to get your
skin under her fingernails.
As far as Beth knew,
it was just supposed
to be an assault.
You know, you go to jail,
she’d get everything.
But Suzanne’s restaurant
was bleeding money.
So she figured with Beth
out of the picture,
she’d own the property…
and all her troubles
would be over.
Sorry, Kevin.
Look, I know you guys
were having your problems
but Beth was your wife.
How do we get so far away
from who we used to be?
I have to make
some changes.
Big ones.
Thank you. Seriously.
You guys believed in me
even when I was
ready to write myself off.
Good luck, Kevin.
Oh, man.
I’m so tired of this thing.
It’s not easy
being me, is it?
I already cracked
the case by being you.
You didn’t crack
the case being me.
I was the one listening to that tape?
I was the better…
I was the one that discovered
the pause in the tape.
You wouldn’t have heard the pause…
That’s something…
…if I wasn’t listening
to the tape.
All you could figure out
was that I did the pen thing.
Listen, man, I can see through that shirt.
That’s pathetic.
And I look better
in this shirt than you do.
So I take it you’re done
with the role-playing?
It’s an
interesting experiment.
But it ran its course.
Do you think that either of you
learned anything from it?
What? No.
Absolutely not.
Does anyone else want to share
their experience?
Yes, Travis?
Yes, Travis, is there
something you’d like
to share with the group?
There was that thing
that Jonelle said.
Oh, come on, not that.
Okay, she said that
I need Wes to be Wes
so I can be me.
And vice versa.
And makes a lot of sense
if you really think about it.
Why is that?
Well, uh…
I’m the kind of guy who
flies by the seat of his pants.
I take things as they come.
And there are times,
there are moments
when it’s probably
a good thing
that Wes is around
to help get things
squared away.
That’s true.
All right, all right,
I’ll concede
that I can get a little lost
in my head sometimes
and Travis helps
to push things along.
And, um,
in some cases I may
if Travis weren’t around.
That is so cute.
You guys need each other.
I didn’t say
we needed…
That’s not what he said, woman.
I mean…
I said, I over analyzing…
Congratulations, guys.
You really applied
yourselves to this.

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