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The Band's Visit -- The U.S. theatrical trailer for The Band's Visit, directed by Eran Kolirin. The Band's Visit -- - Trailer (Flash) The Band's Visit -- - Trailer (Quicktime, Flash)


Once, not long ago, a small Egyptian
police band arrived in Israel.
Not many remember this,
it was not that important.
It’s not them…
There’s a bus, we have the address,
I can’t see the problem.
And manage on our own?
– Yes.
Why not call the Embassy?
Let them take care of it.
This band has managed on its own
for 25 years now,
I have no intention
of changing that.
Especially not now…
under the present circumstances.
Picture please,
may I take a picture?
We’re taking a photo.
Municipality, good morning.
Good morning.
This is Tewfiq Zakaria, commander of
the Alexandria Ceremonial Orchestra.
Lt is Tewfiq Zakaria, from the
Alexandria Ceremonial…
Who do you need?
As I said,
it is Tewfiq Zakaria
from the Alexandria Ceremonial
Orchestra, we have…
Municipality, good morning.
This is Colonel Tewfiq Zakaria
from the…
Do you see it?
Get Khaled, tell him
to ask at the information desk.
Do you mind asking
which bus goes to Bet…
Bet Hatikva.
You’d better send someone else.
My English isn’t that good.
Do you want to be part
of the police force?
Then learn to take responsibility.
Go and find out how we get there.
Just watch out, Okay?
Of what?
I don’t know,
just keep your eyes open.
Bet Hatikva?
Yes, Bet Hatikva.
You have eyes…
Very beautiful eyes.
Do you like Chet Baker?
Chet Baker.
I play violin…
in an orchestra.
But I play trumpet…
About the new piece
that we will play tomorrow,
do you want me to conduct?
Lf you do, I’ll need to work
on the orchestration.
We’re in enough trouble as it is,
Some other time.
Of course.
If their plan at headquarters
is approved,
there might not be another time.
Their plan
will not be approved.
That’s why we’re here,
isn’t that so?
We had three concerts
in April,
two in June.
No one should speak to us
about efficiency and won’th.
The Alexandria Police Ceremonial
Orchestra manages just fine, period.
Line them up.
Good afternoon.
Dina, come here.
Some General
wants to talk to you.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon to you, too.
I wonder if you could be so kind to
direct me to the Arab Culture Center?
Excuse me?
We’ve been invited by the
local cultural department to play
at the initiation ceremony
of the Arab Culture Center.
Where are you from?
We are from Egypt.
We are the Alexandria
Ceremonial Orchestra…
There is no Arab Center here.
No Arab Culture Center?
No culture. Not Israeli culture,
not Arab, no culture at all.
Bloody nowhere.
Who invited you?
The Betah Tikva Cultural Department.
Petah Tikva?
– Betah Tikva.
I think he needs Petah Tikva.
– Do you need Petah Tikva?
Betah Tikva.
– Not Betah… Petah!
As soon as we get back, you are to
report to the disciplinary commission!
I’ll make sure you will not stay
with us one more day!
Is that clear?
General, you need help, General?
Arert we eating today?
Excuse me?
I asked if we’re going to eat.
I did not join the police
to starve to death.
And anyhow, I’m not really sure
that you know where we’re going.
Pardon me?
Does anyone else feel like Khaled?
We haven’t eaten
since this morning, sir.
All of us.
Just a second…
Khaled, would you mind…
They haven’t eaten
since this morning,
this might affect their playing.
Perhaps we could organize something
with those people back there.
After that,
things will fall into place.
Hello again, General.
Madame, I would like…
on behalf of the Alexandria
Ceremonial Orchestra,
we shall be grateful if you
could be so kind to help us,
in light of the circumstances.
How can I help you?
Would it be possible to dine here?
Lt’s a restaurant here, no?
Yes, but…
we have little Israeli money left.
We don’t need something special,
just some bread, something light.
Could we pay with Egyptian money?
Don’t take this disciplinary
thing to heart.
It’s all bullshit.
Say you’re sorry and you’ll
get off with a warning.
He can fire me for all I care.
Did I spend five years
at the academy for this?
Playing marches in the desert?
How can you stand him?
Ask Simon what it’s like to be
with him for 20 years.
Simon, are you conducting
tomorrow or not?
Why did you stop?
I didn’t finish it.
You wrote this?
It’s an overture for a concerto
but I didn’t finish it.
What do you say about that?
We shall be going soon.
You have been very kind to us.
You’re welcome.
You decided what to do?
We shall manage.
There is no more bus today.
No more bus?
No. Finished.
Hotel? Here?
Of course.
When is your show?
Lt is tomorrow evening.
Say, ltzik…
Can you take three of them?
They have nowhere to sleep.
Take them where?
What’s the big deal? Two
in the living room, one with the kid,
I’ll take three, four here,
how many are they anyway?
I don’t know.
We’ll manage something.
I mean, they’re stuck.
Give me a break,
it’s Iris’ birthday.
Even better.
You know what, General?
You can stay here with us
tonight, if you want to.
What do you mean, here?
Here, with us.
You can sleep here tonight.
I can take some,
Papi can make room here,
I have some room in the restaurant
and I talked to ltzik.
It’s okay,
we can work something out.
Tomorrow morning you take
the bus.
No, no, thank you.
You’ve done too much already.
We shall call our Embassy,
they will take care of things.
But just I want you to know that
if you want, we here in Bet Hatikva,
we shall be very honored to have the
Alexandria Police Orchestra with us.
Will your husband agree to that?
Once when I see him I ask him.
You’re not married.
By the way, I’m Dina.
What do you say?
We’ll spend the night here.
No shit.
I hope there’s no need to remind you
of the delicate situation we’re in,
nor of the effect
this whole story will have
on our struggle over
next year’s budget.
Please bare in mind:
We’re here representing Egypt,
and I expect you all to conduct
yourselves with dignity.
We need to carry out
this mission together,
and prove to whoever needs proof
what we are made of.
Let’s all protect the good name of
the Alexandria Police Orchestra!
Good luck to you all.
Khaled stays with me.
We’ll spend the night here,
in the restaurant.
So, you come?
How are you, Mrs. Maimon?
I’m not…
I don’t open it too much.
Not many guests.
Do you prefer the wall
or the window?
– No, please, we’re fine.
What are you looking at?
Come, bring us coffee.
Very quiet here.
Alexandria is a big city, yes?
A lot of people, and lights.
And noise.
It’s good. You feel you live,
it’s not like here.
You don’t like to be here?
Lt’s my life. I got used.
But sometimes…
Sometimes I think maybe I could…
Why didn’t you?
I met my first husband.
And you, General? Do you have
someone waiting for you in Egypt?
A wife?
No, no.
Maybe after, if you want,
we can go out a little.
No thank you, Madame,
it’s too late.
It’s no big deal.
Just show you around.
There is a place,
not far from here.
Nice, some food, some drink.
The woman wants to go out,
why not take her out?
You want to come too, Khaled?
No thank you, Madame.
I’ll stay.
How do I look?
Very fine, indeed.
Would you say
if you thought otherwise?
Don’t you want to take
your hat off?
Excuse me?
Lt’s very hot with a hat.
You can take it off.
It’s better, no?
A man should not hide
behind a hat.
Got yourself a General, Dina?
What’s up?
Has she called yet?
Soon. She’ll call
any minute now.
God help you.
Oh, sorry!
Lt’s okay.
You saw this boy?
Every night he waits
for his girlfriend to call.
Oh, shit! I forgot!
Look, can you…
When I tell you, okay?
With the key.
Almost a month it’s like this.
Every time I forget to fix it.
You know,
she has her birthday today?
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
Many happy years.
Thank you.
See they’re alright?
Nice people, right?
Why shouldn’t they be?
So you’re awake?
Very nice.
Too bad they don’t visit
all the time.
You should invite them more often.
So what do you do in the
orchestra? What do you play?
I play the clarinet,
and I also conduct.
Well, sometimes.
You know, Avrum,
Simon wrote a concerto.
A concerto?
Before, in the restaurant,
he played for me.
Well, it’s not really a concerto,
I didn’t finish it.
We’re all going to cry now…
Why not finish?
I started to write this after
I finished the academy,
but then, my wife,
got pregnant and…
time, and…
Do you work in the restaurant?
Not really. I’m between works now.
Between for almost a year.
It’s clean, okay?
He should be saying thank you,
instead of making faces.
You know, I also played
the violin.
There he goes again.
I used to play at…
weddings, celebrations…
That’s how I met my wife.
That story again… We didn’t meet
there, we met at your aunt’s.
Come on, didn’t we meet
at the Calypso?
We met at your aunt’s.
Okay, but where did love start?
What love?
Besides, why do you
care so much about details?
Do you really care if they’ll
think we met at the Calypso?
Lt doesn’t matter.
I don’t care what they think.
I used to play there with a band.
All songs.
Beatles, Rolling Stones, Klezmers,
Then one day I was playing
and she was dancing.
And I looked…
and maybe for three or four minutes
I stopped playing.
I was like a stone.
And of course I was dressed
nice and played,
so she was in love.
You know that?
Good evening.
Egyptian Embassy?
This is Kamal Abdel Azim of
the Alexandria Police Orchestra.
We’re in trouble.
Kamal Abdel Azim of the
Alexandria Police Orchestra.
We’re in trouble.
The Alexandria Police Orchestra!
Yes, please.
Yes, please.
Good bye, sir.
Arab salad,
tahini sauce,
fries, lots.
Put some more.
You sure you don’t want something?
Coffee, maybe?
Yes, maybe coffee. Thank you.
Coffee. Get us a coffee.
Tewfiq, tell me something
in Arabic.
Something. I don’t know,
just to hear the music.
What does it mean?
In wintertime, take an umbrella,
in summertime, put a hat
on your head,
in autumn time stay at home.
Everything is okay?
Yes, it’s just…
People are staring.
Leave it. People here
are in the Stone Age, you know?
So what do you play
in the orchestra?
You play like army music?
You know, like…
We are a traditional orchestra.
We play classical Arab music.
What, like um Kulthoum? Farid?
Why police needs to play
um Kulthoum?
This is like asking
why a man needs a soul.
I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that…
I mean, it’s nice.
It’s okay. You’re not the only one
who thinks that way.
Music today is not
that important any more.
What do you mean?
Well, people today care about
other things:
Money, efficiency, won’th.
People are stupid, aren’t they?
Yes, they are, sometimes.
Oh no, not him…
Going out? Good time?
Don’t know.
Just going…
I don’t lock. You can go in.
I can go too, you know.
Have a good time.
I don’t sleep, so maybe
I come with you, like a tourist.
Have a look on the city.
No, see…
One girl. Okay?
One girl?
Yes. One girl.
Okay. I just look on the city.
You and the girl do what you want.
Well, this raises questions.
They’re all like that.
Very questionable.
I like clothes. Clothes nice.
Like Michael Jackson.
This is the cousin?
No way,
it’s that gloomy girl.
You fixed me up
with that gloomy girl?
Is she gloomy?
Of course she’s gloomy.
She’s not gloomy.
She is!
Come on, you’re exaggerating.
Papi, meet my cousin, Julia.
Make some room.
I just look on the city.
No problem.
Tewfiq, you see this guy?
He’s someone that…
I mean, me and him,
we sometimes, you know…
I see.
Hi, Sammy.
Meet Tewfiq, a good friend
of mine.
Please meet.
This is Sammy.
Tewfiq is a conductor.
They came here for a special concert.
How do you do?
How are you doing?
Son of a bitch.
A real son of a bitch!
One minute.
This is for you.
Come, Papi.
This ain’t for me.
Come on, don’t be scared.
I’ll show you.
No, please…
Don’t be scared.
Stop it, get off my back!
You don’t go with girls a lot, eh?
I hear the sea in my ears.
Sea? In your ears?
I don’t know what to say,
what to do.
I want to talk, but I hear
sea in my ears.
Like that…
So you and girls, you never…
You never…?
What’s it like?
I can tell you, but…
only in Arabic.
This is the park.
It doesn’t look like a park,
but it’s a park.
You have to imagine.
You see?
This is the grass.
And there is where
the children play.
And this…
This is the sea.
Tell me, how does it feel?
I mean to do music, to have
the orchestra, how does it feel?
To have all the people waiting
for you, and all the eyes for you…
You know…
Lt looks like the most important
thing in the world.
No, the most important thing
in the world is fishing.
What? Fishing?
Lt’s so boring!
No, it’s not boring.
To sit whole days like that,
maybe four hours
until you catch something?
Lt’s not boring at all.
It’s the sound of water,
and waves,
and distant children playing
on the beach,
the sound of the bait falling
in the water.
In early hours at sea you can hear
the whole world like…
Like a symphony.
And the fish, you cook it?
Well, usually I don’t catch.
But sometimes I just put them back
in the water.
Before, when my wife was alive
I used to take them home
and she used to cook…
but now I just put them back.
Your wife is dead?
Was it a long time ago?
Almost 3 years ago.
In September, the 21 st.
I’m sorry if I’m asking something
that hurts.
No, it’s okay. They say it’s good
to talk sometimes about things…
She was pretty?
Did she like fishing?
– No. Not at all.
How did you meet?
In the academy, at a friend’s house.
She came with her friends.
You know, we talked,
she laughed at me with her friends,
I thought she didn’t like me,
after a few days she came
to see me play a concert.
Did you have children?
We had one child.
One son?
What, you, a big man like you,
Arabic, you know, family…
and only one son?
I’m joking.
Can we please go now?
The cousin is crying.
Why is she crying?
How would I know.
Just sort something out.
You need a drink.
You drink also.
Now what?
We are going to sleep now.
I am sorry if we caused trouble.
No, no. It’s not you.
All the time it’s like this now.
We fight, she go…
Stupid, isn’t it?
You know…
maybe this is how your
concerto ends.
I mean… not a big end
with trumpets and violins,
maybe this is the finish.
Just like that, suddenly.
Not sad, not happy.
a small room,
a lamp,
a bed,
child sleeps,
tons of loneliness.
This is me, Kamal.
Are you sending a car?
Very good.
I am at the phone.
Very good.
Waiting for instructions.
Goodbye, sir. Goodbye.
Do you like Arab movies, Tewfiq?
Omar Sharif, Faten Hamama…
When I was young we used
to have here, on television,
Arab movies, Egyptian movies.
Every Friday at noon,
all the streets in Israel were empty
because of the Arab movie,
and me, my mother, my sister,
we sit and we see Egyptian movie
and we cry our eyes out.
We were all in love with
Omar Sharif.
We were all in love with love.
And I think that now, this night,
we could live this again,
you know…
big love in big Arabic words…
But I fuck it all up
like everything else.
My life is an Arab movie.
My wife you have
asked about before,
she died because of me.
We had a son,
a bright and beautiful son,
he made some mistakes.
I was hard with him,
I didn’t understand.
He was gentle, fragile, like her.
I didn’t understand him.
He took his life.
It broke her heart.
Do you have children?
When I could have, I was too
occupied with nonsense.
When I wanted, I couldn’t.
Too bad. You are a good woman.
You think so?
I’m sure.
do you like Chet Baker?
Chet Baker.
No. I don’t know.
I like Chet Baker.
I have all his recordings.
From the beginning, with the
Harry Babsin Octet.
To the last concert in ’88.
A bit weak on the lower key,
but not too bad.
I know.
I got some left in the fridge.
Thank you.
But I shall go to sleep now.
It’s too late.
You’re sure? You don’t want some?
Not tonight… Not for me.
We have a long day tomorrow.
You too, don’t stay up too late.
We shouldn’t impose anymore.
Go on, son.
We have a long day tomorrow.
Hi, Amalia.
How are you, sweetie?
I’m fine, how are you?
Is your mother better?
I miss you!
No, I put on a sweatshirt.
The white one you got me.
It keeps me warm.
Love you…
Did you have a quiet night?
I guess. Sort of…
I would like to thank you
for your hospitality.
We shall be ever grateful
for your help.
My pleasure.
This is the place: Petah Tikva.
Goodbye, Madame.
Sasson Gabai
Ronit Elkabetz
Saleh Bakri

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