“Batman: The Brave and the Bold” Four-Star Spectacular! 2011 English English

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STRANGE: It took a while,
but I found the perfect gift.
I can’t wait to see Alanna’s
face when she opens it.
Impossible. I calculated the timing
and location of the zeta beam perfectly.
Something’s afoot.
Alanna’s present.
No errant zeta beam’s gonna keep
me from my interstellar sweetheart.
Ha, ha! Looks like I made a friend.
This isn’t Rann.
And it’s definitely not Earth.
Great Scott.
It’s Kanjar Ro.
Adam Strange.
Energirod, huh? Let me guess.
You used it to highjack the
frequency of the zeta beam.
Hoping to use it to teleport
that negaton bomb to Rann.
Indeed. And after the bomb vaporizes all
sentient life on the planet…
…I’ll control the zeta beam and begin
my conquest of every planet in the galaxy.
You picked the wrong day to
take over the universe.
I have a date with Alanna.
This isn’t Rann.
Only missed it by a few
star systems to the left.
Mind if I give it a try?
Blast it.
You win, Adam Strange.
Rann is… Huh?
Mine! All mine!
You’ve failed your precious
love and doomed her entire planet.
Hold your fire. He has a negaton bomb.
That’s right, Earth-bag,
and when I trigger it…
…every sentient life form on this
planet will be vaporized.
What about you?
The Energirod creates a positron field that
insulates me from the bomb’s effects.
Your planet is mine.
Aah! Unh!
Curse you, Adam Strange!
You’re too late.
Let’s see where this one sends you.
Sorry I’m late, my dear.
I was trying to find you
the perfect gift.
Happy anniversary.
I must say, Batman.
This is an absolute work of art.
Perfectly balanced,
feather-light yet nigh indestructible.
It’s a real beaut, or my name
ain’t Captain Boomerang.
You won’t have it for long,
you obscene outbacker.
Mind if I give it a whirl?
Looking for these?
What took you so long? I sent that
alarm at least two minutes ago.
Sorry about that.
There were complications.
Be there is a sec, Bats.
All right, Mirror Master,
you might as well come out now.
Hello, again, Flash. Been a while, eh?
Not long enough. Nice mirror maze.
If you think that trick’s nice
check this one out.
Is that all you got? I can still
defeat each of you in the blink of an eye.
You might fight your way through one…
…or two or even ten
of me duplicates, Flash.
But there’s no way out of me mirror maze,
and eventually we’ll wear you down.
Good thing I don’t have to defeat
all of them, just you.
Then catch me if you can. Ha, ha!
Am I late? Did I miss it?
FLASH: Abra Kadabra, the 64th century’s
most malevolent magician.
If you’re here to kill
me, you’ll have to get in line.
I’m not here to fight you, my primitive foe.
Then if you don’t mind,
I’m kind of busy at the moment.
After our last run-in…
…I returned to the future to figure out
why I failed to defeat…
…an un-evolved primitive
such as yourself.
Do you know what I discovered?
That you’re a terrible villain?
Temporal paradoxes.
You’re a part of my history, therefore I can
not kill you without changing the time line.
But in my research, I found something
that may be of interest to you.
Notice the date? It’s today!
I may not be able to kill you…
…but I can watch someone else
succeed where I have failed.
The article mentions a
Mirror Master?
ALL: Still not impressed with
me latest gadget, Flash?
Ooh! This is it.
Such a shame…
…your defeat must come at the hands of
unwashed, snaggle-toothed barbarian.
That’s it.
Talk about your glass jaws.
No. How did you know which
Mirror Master to hit?
– Actually, Abra, I owe it all to you.
– Excuse me?
If you hadn’t pointed out
his dental deficiencies…
…I might never have found the original.
His teeth were the only
thing that weren’t symmetrical.
But, my newspaper.
Looks like your
newspaper’s wrong now, Abra.
I guess I don’t die today after all.
Impossible. You can’t change history.
Me? You’re the one who changed it.
Aah! You’ll pay for this.
I did it. I killed the Flash.
But if the Mirror Master was meant to,
I may still have changed history.
I must get back to my own time.
See if anything has altered.
So I take it you’re not actually dead.
Mind if I ask why not?
Thanks to this. I used
Mirror Master’s gizmo and let him…
…destroy the duplicate while
I stayed out of sight.
So the newspaper was always wrong.
Like Grammy Flash always says,
“Don’t believe everything you read.”
Are you the cat-sitter?
I am ‘Mazing Man.
Righter of wrongs.
Defender of the oppressed.
Doer of good deeds.
Owner of a spiffy hybrid car.
I brush my teeth after every meal. And…
…I occasionally volunteer for the
Gotham City Kitty Koop Cat Shelter.
– Then you are the cat-sitter.
– Mm-hm. Yeah.
Mind not standing on the couch?
Hmm? Oh, sorry.
I’m Fiona and this is Owen.
Very nice to meet you, Amazing…
Uh, actually, it’s ‘Mazing Man,
ma’am, with an M.
Of course. Now, there’s
food in the fridge…
Oh! This must be Precious.
Oh! Isn’t she the cutest thing?
What a pretty cat!
Be sure she eats her dinner and call
us if anything goes wrong.
You needn’t worry about anything.
I am a superhero, like
my good friend Batman.
Well, Precious.
Prepare to be…
You do this:
Oh. Precious? Precious, honey?
She flew up the flue.
Are you having fun in there?
Well, you need to come out.
Precious, you probably ought
to come out of there.
Please, Precious, I swore an oath to
protect you. Don’t make me look bad.
Hmm, I’ll use psychology.
All right, maybe you should
stay in the wall, Precious.
See if I care… Oh!
I’m totally freaking out!
What’ll I do? What’ll I do? What’ll I do?
Calm down.
What would Batman do?
Oh! Precious.
There. Finished.
A fitting tribute to Precious.
That doesn’t look anything
like this picture.
– Well, I hope everything went…
– Aah!
I swear, I’ll spend the rest of
my life making it up to you.
I’m a terrible person.
There was just too much wall
for one little cat.
I know I could never be half the cat she
was, but I’ll never quit trying.
Just show me where the
litter box is, please.
Did you miss us, Precious?
It’s Precious.
Oh, Precious.
And you did such a good
job keeping things clean.
The place is spotless.
No need to thank me, ma’am.
Spotlessness is all in a day’s
work for ‘Mazing Man. Whoa!
This looks like a job for ‘Mazing Man.
This is it, freaks. We’re entering the zone
where Allied planes have disappeared.
Including one of our special operatives.
Hold on, freaks.
Move it, freaks.
Wait until Army Intelligence sees this.
SHRIEVE: I wonder how big this little
fella is gonna get.
What are they waiting for?
They are waiting for me, dear boy.
And you are?
I am the Ultra-Humanite.
Doesn’t ring any bells. I assume you’re the
one knocking Allied planes out of the sky.
Yes, yes. But that is only the beginning.
I have perfected my control
of these magnificent beasts.
Soon I will unleash them on
the Allied Forces.
They will insure victory for
the Axis powers…
…and the defeat of the Allies.
What a fitting addition to my forces the
Creature Commandos will be.
These freaks work for me and
the good old US of A.
And we’re not joining up with some Axis
lackey who wants to enslave the world.
Once I plant receivers in your brains…
…I will control you as easily as these
Seize the Creature Commandos.
Get that remote control.
You heard the man,
Creature Commandos.
Thanks, Creature Commandos.
When Army Intelligence sees
proof these dinosaurs exist…
…they’ll make those lizards the
greatest war weapon since…
Lucky, no!
What’s the idea?
You made us monsters, Shrieve.
Made us fight your stinking war.
That’s something we can
But those dinosaurs are simple creatures,

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