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Out of the dark 2015

I’m home, about to leave. Okay, I’ll do it right now, but then that’s it. I’m leaving immediately. You made it clear. Who is it? This can’t be happening. I’m sorry. Good afternoon. We’re now approaching Santa Clara airport. It’s … Continue reading

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Behaving Badly

I am so fucked. I make one stupid bet with a sociopathic Lithuanian kid and now my best friend’s in jail, my dad is a fugitive, they found a dead body in my mom’s trunk, the love of my life … Continue reading

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Jason Nash Is Married 2014

- Man, I tell you. It is… it is hard. I hear her… her voice in my head all the time. I walk in the door, and she’s asking me something to do. When the… when the lock turns, she’s … Continue reading

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