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Behaving Badly

I am so fucked. I make one stupid bet with a sociopathic Lithuanian kid and now my best friend’s in jail, my dad is a fugitive, they found a dead body in my mom’s trunk, the love of my life … Continue reading

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Jason Nash Is Married 2014

- Man, I tell you. It is… it is hard. I hear her… her voice in my head all the time. I walk in the door, and she’s asking me something to do. When the… when the lock turns, she’s … Continue reading

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Subtitles “Believe” Second Chance – english eng English

Download subtitles of Subtitles “Believe” Second Chance – english eng English Previously on Believe… – Bo, who is that? – Dani. Her readings are the strongest we’ve seen since Bo. She’s had a difficult past, Roman. didn’t kill their brother. … Continue reading

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