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But this time, I’m going to see it through
to the end no matter what happens.
The First Research Expedition built
Showa Station from scratch and
actually lived in Antarctica for a year
making preparations for us.
To carry on their legacy,
let’s make sure we get to shore and
make this cross-winter expedition a success.
They’re alive.
I believe that too.
There will be a miracle.
January 1959,
Soya was sailing south on the Indian Ocean
with the Third Antarctic Expedition on board.
Usually, Riki here ran as the leader.
The others are Shiro, Kuma from Monbetsu,
and the brothers Taro and Jiro…
Taro, Jiro…
We’re all hoping that they’re alive.
The first time we all gathered,
Shirasaki-san said that
bringing the dogs back was
one of our important mission too.
-Sensei said that?
An enormous swell approaching ahead!
-Here it comes…
-Here it comes…? What?
Wait. What?
What do you mean?
-We’ll be in storm zone for a while. Watch out.
-Storm zone?
-Starboard helm!
-Starboard helm!
-Both sides full speed!
-No matter how much revamping’s been done,
this is never easy, is it?
Do you think he got to see Riki?
I don’t think they’ve arrived yet.
Anyway, you’re going to be late.
-Haruka, let’s go.
Ryo, Haruka.
You know, I’m sure he’ll get to see him.
-Good morning.
-Good morning, Sensei.
-Good morning.
do you think Onii-san
got to the see dogs?
But I’m sure…
Were they serious when they said
they were going for the dogs?
They can’t possibly be still alive.
If they are, it would be a miracle, but
Kuramochi sincerely believes that.
I do too.
Thank you…
-Port the helm!
Port the helm! Port side 15 degrees.
The swaying stopped.
Is this…
…the midnight sun?
We’ve entered the Antarctic Circle.
This is where the real battle begins.
Although we are now in the Antarctic Circle,
we’re still
180km from land.
As you know, we were trapped by
ice and blizzards last time
and couldn’t even get close to shore.
And so this time,
having learned from our experience,
as we head towards shore on Soya,
we will be
transporting the crew members
and essential supplies by air.
If Showa Station should happen to be destroyed,
it may not be possible to winter over.
First, we’ll send out a surveillance aircraft
to scope out the situation. Therefore,
when the weather recovers and
we’re within a safe distance,
please go assess the condition of the station.
-Who, me?
-You’re the one who’s most familiar
with the station.
Please go there first.
Yes, will do.
Each person will start getting ready
what he can. Dismissed.
I want to find out
about the dogs as soon as possible too.
-I’m counting on you.
-Got it.
We’re almost there.
Wait for me.
We’ll let you know
as soon as we hear from them.
-Please. Thank you.
-Thank you.
Has the Third Expedition reached shore?
Apparently, they’re being held back by ice
and blizzards again.
In the worst case, it’s possible
they may not get there again then?
-They’ll work something out.
The first…
and the second expeditions made the
third expedition possible.
Japan is no longer inexperienced in Antarctica.
We have a bag full of
experience to draw from.
We’re having a hard time
moving forward in this thick ice.
Can’t you send out the helicopter?
Not in this blizzard.
Besides, we’re still too far
from the station for the helicopter.
300km round trip is as far as the helicopter can go.
The fuel capacity is
just barely enough from here.
To be on the safe side, I’d like to be
at least 50km closer to the station.
I think we can make the round trip
if we’re careful with the fuel.
No, in any case…
I can’t let the helicopter
fly out in this condition.
I cannot allow the Cessna
to fly out in this condition.
Just once. Let me go to those guys.
Once is all I’m asking for!
Please have the Cessna fly out.
Third Antarctic Expedition Still Unable to Reach Shore.
Thick Coastal Ice Making Headway Difficult
-They might not make it again, huh?
-They’re gonna make it.
They gotta get there
-no matter what this time.
-Sure looks like they won’t.
They’ll make it!
They’ll make it!
The blizzard appears to have died down.
How far are we from the continent?
160km. We’re getting closer to the
safe zone for the helicopter.
-What’s the matter?
The ship is being swept out
to sea along with the ice.
Just like the last time…
Ongul Island
The blizzard’s died down.
But all we can do is wait for now, right?
We had this conversation
several times last time too, didn’t we?
Oh, this…
Furutachi-san’s grandkids made it for Riki.
-He’s like family
to those kids.
Is that right.
running hard
with that slender body of his,
the other dogs…
I betrayed all of them.
At that time…
I thought that was our only choice.
But whether that was truly the right decision,
I still wonder sometimes.
will you fly out to the station
when the day breaks?
But I thought
we weren’t in the safe zone yet…
This time, instead of being defensive,
we’re going to attack.
what I decided,
having gone through this before.
Antarctica… the continent.
Full speed ahead!
No problems noted port side!
-No problems noted starboard!
There’s thin ice for 3 miles ahead.
Looks like we’re going to make it too.
Kuramochi-san, there’s the Showa Station.
I’ll get off
and once I check out the station,
I’ll get back to you.
Got it.
Himuro-han, you’re here too.
I wonder how they’re doing.
Those guys must be misunderstanding.
This isn’t a good-bye or anything.
Be good and wait, okay?
This is loose.
We’ll be right back.
You were able to get loose, huh?
you guys, all this time…
Please be alive…
You were pulling on your collar, huh?
It must’ve hurt…
I’m sorry…
Where are you?
The weather’s changing again.
Kuramochi-kun took food
with him, didn’t he?
He should be fine for 4 to 5 days.
Any word from Kuramochi-kun?
We’ve been trying to call him,
but he hasn’t responded yet.
I see.
Ah. That dog is part Sakhalin Husky too.
-His name’s Riki.
Come on, Riki!
Show us the pride of a leader!
Come on.
What are you doing? Wake up.
We’re going home to Japan.
Haruka-chan and Ryo-kun
are waiting for you.
Come on.
Open your eyes!
But you’re still warm.
You’re still warm!
Were you trying to come back? Huh?
I’m so proud of you.
I’m sorry.
If only I came…
just a little bit sooner.
I’m sorry, Riki.
I’m sorry.
This is Soya. Showa Station,
please respond.
-Please keep trying.
-This is Soya. Showa Station, please respond.
This is Showa Station.
Kuramochi-kun, it’s me, Shirasaki.
I’m sorry for not getting back sooner.
The station is damaged in places, but
both the generator and electrical system are fine.
What about the dogs?
I found eight of them.
I found the remains of eight of them.
But apparently,
Riki was able to get out of his collar.
It looks like he went away once, but
he was on his way back to the station.
When I found him,
his body was
still warm.
You mean
Riki was alive
until just before you found him?
I think so.
Good job. Thank you.
I’d be lying if I said
I wasn’t expecting this,
but still…
Are you alright, Kuramochi?
Yes, I’m fine.
The dogs?
They were at the station, but…
They didn’t make it?
It would be a miracle if they’re alive, wouldn’t it?
Jakku, don’t be a pain.
I’m counting on you, Shiro.
Where are you, Deri?
We came to get you, Anko.
Anko, you sure run hard, don’t you?
You’re with Taro and Jiro, aren’t you?
What the hell are you doing, Kuma!
Will you let me have these two dogs?
Don’t be scared. Taro, Jiro.
Come on.
I’m sorry.
Excuse me.
I heard.
I don’t know what to say…
-Hoshino-san. But I still…
feel the same way too.
Riki Deceased
Taro Unknown
Jiro Unknown
Shiro Unknown
I’m really glad
I got to meet you.
Thank you.
You guys were alive.
Come on.
What’s wrong?
Did you forget?
I wanted to see you guys.
I just had to see you guys.
I’m sorry for leaving you behind.
Once again,
I wanted to see you guys once again.
It’s me.
Hey, it’s me.
Is that right?
So Taro and Jiro
were alive, thank God.
Once the wintering over starts,
I’m planning to search for the other dogs too.
Wasn’t Kuma from Furen with you guys?
I see.
Is that right?
Hoshino-kun, thank you for calling.
We’ll talk again… Bye.
He said Taro and Jiro were alive.
What about Riki?
found him near the station.
In the end, I think he wanted to return
to the place he lived with everyone.
But more than likely, only Taro and Jiro survived.
Our work isn’t done yet.
Our dogs
all lived valiantly.
We have to live valiantly as well
so that we can live up to our dogs.
Let’s try to
live our life with determination.
Extra, extra!
Taro and Jiro were alive.
Believe it or not, the dogs were alive!
Extra, extra!
Believe it or not, Taro and Jiro were alive!
Upon seeing the crew member,
they jump on him with joy
Taro and Jiro were alive! Extra, extra.
Onee-chan, Takeshi-san
finally got to see the comrades
he’s been waiting to see.
And so…
this is Shirasaki.
This is Kuramochi.
I’m ready.
we will now lay to rest
our precious comrades
here in Antarctica.
This is Kuramochi.
in front of the station,
I finally got to see
my eight comrades for the first time in a year.
They all looked like they did
when they were alive,
except for their necks,
which were all raw and red from the chafing.
They must have pulled
and pulled on their collar
that was connected to the chain
in their desperation to live.
I think they tried desperately
to live until the very end.
Some time ago,
I remember having
this conversation with Shirasaki Sensei.
He was hoping that 10 years from now,
this Antarctic expedition would come to
symbolize “the Japan that refused to give up.”
the ones who
refused to give up
were not us, but them.
I’d like
our comrades who
refused to give up
until the very end to
watch over Japan’s Antarctic expeditions
and ever
here in Antarctica.
To the
souls of our precious comrades
who helped pave the new road
for Japan’s Antarctic expedition.
Kuma from Monbetsu
I’m going to live, guys.
I’m going to live my life
to the fullest for you guys too.
I promise.
Let’s meet again.
Let’s meet again for sure.
Let’s meet again with a smile.
Thank you.
Let’s meet again for sure.
Until then,
wait for me, huh?
In an era known as “post war,”
believing in Japan’s future,
we lived desperately.
We lived desperately.
Then, Haruo-kun.
What’s your dream, Sensei?
My dream is to…
get you all prepared and
send you off into the future.
Because to keep on living, to keep on moving
Don’t be afraid of failure.
People were born to
accumulate experiences.
Never give up.
Anyway, just give it a try.
is proof that we were here.
Wakkanai Park, Hilltop Training Center
Because it’s proof that everyone lived.
Monument to Taro and Jiro
-Taro-san, it’s done.
-Bring it here.
We’re gonna be late delivering it.
Don’t dilly dally, guys.
What do you think is the most important thing
in mountain climbing?
What is it?
It’s for everyone to come back alive.
Okay, let’s get going.
To live.
-Thanks for waiting.
-Put in the soup base next.
We’re short on green onions too.
To live.
Get into step!
File to the left!
To live.
Icebreaker Shirase
The fourth Antarctic Expedition Ship after Soya
I’m sorry, Sensei, for asking you to treat my dog too.
That’s alright.
People or dogs, life is life.
To live.
At that time, just staying alive everyday
was a challenge.
Someday, I’d like to study
the aurora in Antarctica again.
We were definitely alive.
Doctor of Science
Inuzuka Natsuo
Congressman Himuro, we’d like to hear your opinion.
Himuro Haruhiko-kun.
In order for Japan to
advance in the field of science,
I am of the opinion that our country should
aggressively pursue our involvement in Antarctica.
you’ve been to Antarctica, haven’t you?
Yes. It’s a wonderful place.
My friends
have lived there too.
The Antarctic Treaty
I’ll be back.
Jiro, Taro.
lived, believing in tomorrow.
After all was done,
we believed we would meet again with a smile.
Excuse me.

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