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Doctors are the most important attribute of patience.
A doctor, be friendly,
and be motivated to
people to be able to save it.
I want
if it could be a good doctor.
Perfect upgrade my skills
that I may see my work successfully.
The key here is that all patients
We can heal.
What is Haru, are you okay?
I have not done one step.
Doctors are the most important attribute of patience.
A doctor, be friendly …
What is wrong?
Rink, bye.
We Haru is very sick.
Are yesterday’s party due.
Maybe I ate too much.
Your father was not at the party of business?
But a lot of people talking,
ülhettem and down a minute.
Stood at almost two hours! Unbearable!
In your place I would have wiped out.
So the situation is not that bad.
Just pick a small pharmacy.
Depending already make you feel better.
Rink, you’ll be really great doctor!
Rinke, thank you very much!
Oh, nothing.
My life purpose is to me excellent doctors!
Of course, to help those in need.
Are you all right, Dad?
What? Yes.
I’m fine.
That’s good.
once you have become the first class, right?
Rink again first class.
Oh, I’m glad my daughter.
If you do one of the high school,
checkbox in the family business from your father.
Come on, Dad.
I would rather get along alone.
I do not want to live from you.
Rink, if you work hard,
Soon you can be independent.
I can not believe that the company went bankrupt.
Yes. This has also affected Japan’s economy.
If your friend is like to work abroad,
This does not apply to him?
I care a bit.
Since then, I could not achieve.
Indeed, Sakurako, there will be no problem.
I could take back just a bit ourselves.
My father decided
sent to Australia to study.
Your father is very cool.
If you should choose a guy,
you wish you were like him.
I hope tonight’s gig
caught a good hand.
So do I.
But by all means leave it there,
if you are not a millionaire.
Otherwise, you can not sustain.
– Hi.
– Hi.
Rink, come to the party in the evening?
Get to know a little bit.
Get to know? Who?
A lot of guys money.
If you like someone
randizhattok you later.
Rink, come on you,
find yourself a good guy.
Thanks for the invitation,
but it is not possible.
A woman should be independent! Hey, guys.
Then tonight, dress up,
and get to know a few guys,
OK, Sakurako?
Police venue?
What happened?
I’m home from school!
Dad, Mom, where are you? Mother?
Where is everybody?
Huh? Something is wrong.
Your father went bankrupt company.
Yeah, I see … What?
I am sorry that such a sudden had to know.
Actually, this situation has long been ripe.
There were problems,
but I did not tell you or your mother.
Today, however.
And Mother said,
that if I am poor,
you no longer want.
So divorced from me,
and moved to a lover.
I can not pay the university.
This letter I have indicated them.
I can not go to school more?
In addition,
the house was lost.
Please move out after reading the letter.
Is there anyone here?
Open the door!
Our money here!
It appears stepped.
Now what?
Although I was able to escape
but it is not broke.
Perhaps the cards still work.
You have to try it.
Good evening.
I’m very tired.
– I would like a room.
– Okay.
Already remove your card.
I am sorry that the automatic
it is not enough money.
But it’s a gold card!
That’s right.
But unfortunately it did not.
Try this.
I am very sorry, but this is not good.
But I do not have money!
I did not know
that such newspaper is hot.
This is the only way out here
against the common cold.
I can not imagine,
so that now live.
Daddy, you bastard!
What is Haru, worshiped at the party yesterday.
But unfortunately, it never found the right one.
Because there are so special, What is Haru.
So nice, you say that!
I heard that Rinke father went bankrupt.
Yes, I know it.
Rink Where to now?
I worry about it.
But Rink always told me,
that wants to be independent.
And so it is not.
Well, the reality is somewhat different.
How he could live alone?
What is Haru, are you okay?
I do not want to eat?
This has just baked.
But it’s tasteless.
Then do not eat it.
Do not be something wrong with you.
You are right. Let’s go back to school.
I leave to see if a cat eats.
What is Haru, or you’re a regular!
Yes, I forgot about that.
Now you can just count on me.
First, to look for work.
If I have money,
enroll in med school,
and many people are saved.
Please take it!
How can I add a little girl?
Go away.
This is a very difficult job.
I know, but it does not matter.
This is not a student.
Go away.
Anything I can do.
Just take out a graduate of people.
Although I can not cook
but I learn quickly.
Please take it!
Students do not deal with.
You also wrote in the ad.
But I do not go to school.
It has long been like to work in a flower shop!
Sorry, but there is no vacancy.
Go away.
Please add!
Have reached the job.
I work in exchange for accommodation.
Cop-rem! Cop-rem!
I can not keep the animals.
Go away.
Bar Planning
This is the last title.
Good evening.
I phoned earlier.
Rink’s name.
Mr. Sawakura looking for.
So finally arrived!
The delay is not very good introduction.
– Akira, you can start.
– Yes!
How do you do
I am the boss, Sawakura.
Nice to meet you.
Then … come with me.
This is a small company.
I think we agree on the location.
Yes, of course.
Now a high school girl should eljátszania.
But …
There will be no problem.
So here we go.
But …
– Here is your partner.
– Hi!
But cute!
Chief, finally earned a nice girl.
I am Chokopocci Yamada.
Nice to meet you.
And I Rink.
Nice to meet you.
Ready for decoration.
You can start recording.
Okay, you will.
It is now …
Yamada, please lie down on the bed.
Now you can stand over.
What is wrong?
Just do it, possibly even today!
– It will be good?
– Yes.
Yamada, its coming.
Great playing!
– You can now look down.
– Yes.
The medical journals have seen so far
I have not seen such a large sexual organ.
You say the words.
“Such a naughty boy,
only deserve this. ”
– Then pisáljon into her mouth.
– What?
Again this?
Oh, now the boss
stood on these bizarre things.
What do I do?
Piss off.
Yes, absolutely still.
The best would be to hit the mouth.
Wait a minute.
He wants to belepisáljak in your mouth?
Yes, you should drink.
The pee?
Is there something wrong?
Kondo, prepare the work pee.
Okay, I’m doing well.
– The other source of vitamins you can get!
– What?
I just noticed
indeed, Mr. Yamada to vitamin deficiency.
Best guess for magnesium.
But this is not the best thing pisibõl extract.
It would be better milk
the richer.
I’m sorry I’m late.
I phoned yesterday.
Excuse me!
The uniform of thought
that you are an actress.
Unfortunately, this is the only clothes.
Oh, poor girl.
No place to sleep.
Here you can relax.
Feel free to use the apartment.
The dresses.
Thank you very much!
What a variety!
If he knows the human body,
it could be the assistant director.
I think we could work together very well.
What would it work?
Adult films do.
Adult movies?
What is that?
Only one thing I’m curious.
Do you know what is sex?
Now you kidding?
Of course, I know.
The penis enters the vagina.
This human reproduction
indispensable condition.
Very good.
The company is ….
Simple but if you look.
This is the case.
It will not be so good, Kondo!
Can you see how seriously the matter.
Get a hold of yourself!
Vitamin A deficiency.
Drink this.
The pee will be good for.
Are you okay?
It seems that this is too much for him.
I’m sorry!
Are beállna?
Do not force it, if you do not go.
Boss, do not use.
Such a girl
can not work here.
– How can you about that?
– Huh?
Today, an open topic of sexuality.
I would like to be a good doctor.
Then, as I will be practicing.
Get up, please!
Wait a minute, Chief, he says seriously?
Is not never backed off,
no matter how hard the job.
The best stretch my form.
Then I run into a bright career in future.
Then think of it positively.
Here we go!
Akira, will bring the others.
– Biggest collection out.
– Yes.
Jöjjönek me.
I wish you good work!
I wish you good work!
What are you waiting?
Help cipekedésben.
Got it.
But, Kondo, I can hardly lift.
It’s too hard.
Specializes in muscle contraction
animal tissue built up …
Stop it!
Why it took this dress?
I found this company.
The chief has been allowed to carry.
Okay, shooting.
It’s so humiliating.
But that’s just a job.
Take off the panties.
Oh, I see!
On paper, they speak?
If you have any questions,
just described.
Thank you.
Look what I found! Try it!
This is not to be so used.
Leave only the actors.
Okay, five-minute break.
Have stopped the recording.
Good job!
Here’s the anal sex.
Yes, for me to go.
Right. Then Yamada,
Wait a minute.
The anal sex medical terms
that the penis penetrates the anus.
That’s right.
Well you know.
But at the end of anal sex,
whether the anus over the man?
Do not ask if you can, you idiot!
One second
but for some reason have to jump out.
What do you want to buy?
I have to go.
But Rink, now we gig!
Where is, where is …
That’s it.
I’m home.
How can get here so late?
Already finished filming.
But I wanted to
If you see Rink.
Already been conducted?
Is a little late with this,
but please stick.
The last scene after the
easily damaged.
The mouth can be seen,
a bit of vitamin deficiency.
I really do not feel so well myself.
Then I thought well.
Thank you very much.
From fast is better.
I’m sick and I can not sleep.
But tomorrow morning I wake up at six.
But that’s tolerable.
At least got a job.
Please come on.
Good afternoon.
Well, how do you feel?
Doctor, look, a little increased.
How serious a problem!
Let me help you lelohasztani.
Doctor …
Doing it wrong.
Not have to be a patient.
And you’re doing what?
We just traffic!
But it should not be a patient.
Shut up!
And again we have this dress?
Perhaps you want to be listed?
I found this in the office.
It looks terrible.
But …
Rinkonak somewhere right.
We can not so much from reality.
But, Boss, it’s just a movie!
Kondo, is at the expense of quality.
Rink, tell us what would be the correct one.
the doctor to thoroughly examine the patient.
Then, gently touching the wound.
Like this?
Then examine the area around the scar,
to see its potential spread.
Making it better.
There you are.
So be ready … and the oil works.
What’s that?
What is the use of this disgusting thing?
This work is just a little oil.
If too sticky,
can be diluted with some water.
Too much energy is wasted,
he moves so much.
I would never do that.
– Now you do.
– Yes!
It is very tiring!
I said faster!
If you do it slowly, you will not get anything!
Really trying.
Do not talk so much.
They are paid to do it well!
I’m sorry …
It is very difficult …
Will be good.
Enter the set.
– But still.
– Yes!
– Do not believe it!
– I’m sorry …
I can not stand up.
Such a beast!
But it is very difficult …
What fun company!
We finished!
Rink …. Go on!
Here you go, there you go.
Very well played!
This work is an oil-fun!
Then go to the Everest Poker European Cup.
Then continue with the usual Pozza, then …
could now more eggs?
Hmm …. be.
After all, she come three times already.
Sorry, but we just ran out.
– Rink! – Yes?
– Leave tojásért.
It starts.
Nearby is a supermarket,
bicóval go.
– Bicó …?
– By bike!
But still!
Again what the hell are you doing?
Sorry, but you’ve never cycled.
Go on!
I’m sorry I took so far.
You should be.
Kondo is very angry.
But there was no egg in the nearby shops,
I had to go to another.
What is this?
Unfortunately, just like that.
The rest is sold out.
How much did it cost?
3,000 yen (about 6,000 forints).
And it was also the cheapest.
Rink …
I see now, that Kondo
what used to be nervous.
Anyway, this is no time.
Oh! Kicks?
But it’s a waste!
The egg-sperm producing works to be.
This is to do so.
I see.
But what we have this?
It’s like a sperm.
Do not you understand?
As if he had heard at school.
Ráspricceljük the actress’s face.
It’s as if it were true.
I get it!
The adult film can be very creative!
What do they do?
For a long time waiting on the set!
We go!
This was the last straw!
I’m so sorry!
Kondo is on the ceiling again.
Boss, I do not mind, right?
– At least a good mood!
– That’s right.
Yukishima Mr.
very very thank you!
Oh, no word is worth.
Recently released movies are going well.
Even the other directors are also far from them.
I will bring a new approach
the adult film market.
I trust in you!
See you!
I drank a bit much.
This bike is not so easy.
– Get up.
– What?
– Sit up.
– Okay.
Only slowly.
It was not his problem?
I’m sorry.
Constant trouble.
Do not say that.
Is there something that the others do not.
Sense of purpose.
Kondo for years to come will be the same,
but it is not, Rink.
Are you serious?
Therefore, should not give up.
You are right. I will work harder.
– Then on it.
– Yes!
One or two …!
The company will soon be filming a new movie!
Got it!
We are counting on you!
Slow down!
This is dangerous!
Rink, when it will be ready?
Yes! Immediately!
Now do not make mistakes!
Got it!
Clean up this junk.
Yes, sir.
– And do not so slow!
– Sorry!
What happened with Kondoros?
More nervous than usual.
The actress is famous today.
So I made a serious thing.
Who is she?
The most famous adult film.
But now such a small company
assumed role.
This is a great opportunity for us.
I see.
I believe the rejection of the request kedvünkért 20,
nyaggatta long as the boss.
I mean …
The chief drank a lot yesterday.
A little hung over.
And now here is the famous
Miss Yuna, welcome!
Nice to meet you!
The radiation will provide more
remarkably more!
Today I have to work very hard,
to help our quality to the table.
Well, then …
The scenario described in
then when the sex takes place
elõjátékkal a real start.
– Mr. Yukishima, in an instant.
– Yes?
Did not I say earlier that
I do not like the female employees?
Really …
Did not I say earlier, Sawakura-san?
Miss Yuna
She does not like the employees.
But he is a member of one of our finest!
You can not.
All a man’s attention be directed at me.
Another woman can ruin a scene!
I understand, but …
Chief, stop it, because then …
I do not allow this issue.
So now what?
Miss Yuna, an Exception Could not you just this once?
In no way either!
But not enough people.
That we do not care.
– All right, boss, step down a bit.
– Rink …
But before it forces you to adjust the blanket
because, if uncomfortable,
difficult to work on it.
Miss Yuna’s body is very important
Therefore I want you all would be perfect.
Rink, I’m a man,
Because a woman who can cry,
but not in love with a woman not sad to see.
So please do not cry.
Crying is the body’s natural reaction,
so please do not worry about me.
My goal,
everyone to do better,
I learned so much at school.
But now there is no chance
return to the university,
so there must be melóznom.
Now I work a lot harder than before,
in no case that I draw the company.
But I can not understand,
why you hate this woman.
There are many people in the world.
But nothing we can do about it.
Such a film fõszereplõjénél
However, it is important to feel good.
I understand what you say.
The actress is a man,
who szexelnie be naked.
Weigh very high pressure.
It is therefore important that the atmosphere must be favorable.
Do you mean?
Boss, why work in a place like this?
Sex is a basic instinct.
Essential for everyone.
Even for those who can not find a pair for himself,
There are also sexual needs.
Except the people are like animals.
So the sex is very important.
Even with our employees,
or the actor as well.
Thank you for all the work,
Miss Yuna and the appearances.
– Thank you very much.
– What is.
I hope that at other times working with you.
Such a thing
I do not want to hear it again.
– What?
– I do not want my colleagues
feel excluded.
Mr. Sawakura not know
how famous Yuna Miss?
Take any movie like candy!
It does not matter.
We will also proceed well,
We shot another company.
You know what I’m getting at?
The fact that we are a small company,
does not mean
that anyone would be superfluous.
I do not want it again
to hear such a comment.
– Are you serious?
– Seriously.
– It’s that important to her?
– It’s that.
Thank you.
I really have nothing.
I felt very comfortable bed.
It is good to say.
Very talented.
Therefore, to protect the boss.
So see you later.
See you.
But this …
Chief, this is the place ….
Rink, familiar here?
Of course.
I went to this school before.
I understand that, but now a popular theme.
The sex life of schoolgirls.
Miss Yuna proposed location.
Thank you for your patience.
What kind of lame Gönc?
The sulis my uniform!
Our company is the actual school uniform of choice.
This really came here for?
The film is definitely a success already!
But …
Chief, we’re ready.
Okay, you can start, Lady Yuna.
Mr. Kondo …
Sure no problem here in the rotation?
I worry that you might be prohibited by law.
What? Do not worry.
Today is Sunday.
Wait a minute!
That’s enough!
I told you that there will be no problem.
Now we have to rotate!
But …
Okay, here we go.
It may be that you?
After I left high school,
I had no idea,
it must return here.
You’re the Rink?
What is Haru, Sakurako!
Rink, it’s really you!
How long since I saw you!
Oh, yes!
What do you mean here?
Because today is Sunday.
We are confident of the Flower Club.
Meglocsolni the flowers came.
And what are you doing here, Rink?
What is the dress you wearing?
Looks awful.
This is our uniform.
What’s going on?
The girls did not know that our traffic.
I’m sorry.
Rink, you know them?
He is the boss of me.
This is the ugly guy on the boss?
Rink, what is this working?
Shut up you, girls!
What is wrong?
Calm down!
He’s just …
– Rink, no problem.
– What?
We heard that your family
Now go through the difficulties.
Then speak to your parents,
that they do not have to work.
Yes, come with us.
Leave this job.
Wait a minute.
Mr. Kondo!
Go on.
Never mind us.
Hurry up already.
We do not need you.
It’s a good chance.
Go back to the easy life.
Well says the ugliness, come with us, Rink.
What is wrong?
Thank you very much,
but I can not go with you.
I do not want others élõsködni.
My erõmbõl I want to make a living.
Anyway, I love this job.
Great, baby!
Mr. Kondo, reinvest the very end again.
Rink, be prepared.
Yes, sir.
What is wrong?
Recently, the work is done better.
Are you serious?
I’m glad Mr. Kondo to think so.
You idiot, why be happy?
Hey, Mr. Kondo, blush!
– Only spelled the day.
– What kind of cute, Mr. Kondo!
Okay, done!
Thank you so much!
Thank you!
I’m tired.
Had three scenes filmed.
Two and one guy.
– Yes. Not so easy this work.
– Do not.
Rink, for a moment …
Thanks for the help so far.
Here a salary.
– It’s …
– I’m sorry,
that only this much.
My erõmbõl achieved something!
This is my first payment?
Thank you!
Can I own a house soon!
Ennyibõl not sure.
– Too little church.
– Really?
Unfortunately, yes.
If you own a house,
to be a lot of money.
Are you serious?
I have a house,
I know so.
Thanks, I can take it with you.
You want to be my secretary?
In this dress …
They gave me the boss.
Then come with me.
Lady Yuna.
This is not a short skirt with a little bit?
But looks good.
Try this one up.
This is not good.
When not working,
szolidabbat wearing something I should.
Come on.
Just try it.
Let’s go to another store.
Wait a minute.
I also want to look somewhere.
Come on.
“I welcome with us!”
– Horrible!
– And this is my style.
Did not you say that there is not enough money?
How you can take your clothes so expensive?
Ever since I was little I wear this brand.
But now is not so much money.
Do not you think I should do more wrong?
Yuna, but then you spent a lot of money.
Yes, but I have my money.
I also have.
Yes? You can show how much remains.
Let’s see …
It may be that you?
You little silly!
You spent almost all of them!
But do not worry,
At the end of the month then you get paid.
But I’m different.
Maybe tomorrow will be no job.
How can you say that!
After a famous actress.
Do not believe what they say Kondo.
And he’s right.
You’re the best actress in Japan.
It is now really like,
but you can replace
a new girl.
It …
Very high competition.
I do not like to be famous enough.
Like a cigarette.
If kiégsz, discarded.
So now I have to live.
Everything they buy whatever I want.
Do you understand?
I was right! Porn Star!
– He’s Yuna!
– Come on!
– The other girl pornós?
– No!
What do you want?
What was that?
Talk to your fans?
How beautiful you are today!
How annoying you are.
Let’s go somewhere.
Let’s go!
Will know each other better during sex.
Just come with us!
– What we leave now.
– Yes.
Maybe sex is not good for men?
Hands off! Men so,
but these are not idiots.
This stupid bitch!
Where do you live?
Right here.
I really here?
I know I can not imagine living my life here.
I’ve got used to it.
Who you are!
related to the former …
Do not worry about them.
An adult film actress
many of these stupid events.
Do you zavartasd because of them.
Thank you for this day!
It’s my pleasure.
Has long been to
I spent the day with a good friend.
Friendly? You do not say?
After all, only recently met.
You’re right …
I can not believe
that such a friendly girl
Do not be …
This would be of some adult film company?
Finally found each other!
Now we are interested in what I am saying?
This could be the beginning of a relationship …
I have a present!
This has gone too far!
Okay, okay.
Perhaps we can agree on.
But before it must be something ígérnetek.
He missed everything.
Sure, whatever you want. Go ahead.
I can handle this, do not worry.
You just call the police.
Do not assume that just makes you!
Not kept your word!
Do not oppose,
and it will not hurt.
– Lying asshole!
– I am a liar?
Let me go!
Oh, do not oppose.
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
Do not rángatózz!
– Take it off!
– I think she liked it.
– Give him a fiber weed!
– Well another one!
Lady Yuna!
I said maybe funny?
Yes, exactly.
On the right we
“Planning Bar” name.
“Bar Planning”, yes.
Please hurry.
Dangerous-looking young
invaded us, yes.
And you’re doing what?
It’s almost to the police.
It is better to leave.
Even megemlegeti!
Stupid. We never called the police.
We do not really act like guards.
I’m sorry I just got here.
Well do you have?
I do,
– Miss Yuna … but less.
– I’m fine, no problem.
Then later, everything tells me go,
but now let us go to a doctor.
Lady Yuna …
Fortunately, nothing serious has happened,
but for safety’s sake
would be better to spend a few days in the hospital.
Now look what you did in the famous Yuna!
No more working for themselves,
I guarantee it!
Now, immediately cancel the contract!
I’m sorry.
In this case …
Please allow us to work with Miss Yuna.
It can not be too dangerous.
I beg you!
He is the Best Actress!
Our company is definitely count on him in the movie!
If Lady Yuna now it also gives the film maker
sure would like one last time
a masterpiece of art included.
I really want you to work with us again.
Please consider!
I just do not understand what I’m saying!
Never going to work with you!
I said: No!
So …?
But I would do less!
I see. Bye for now.
Chief, unfortunately, did not rope
but it also tried to convince.
– Well …
– Akira? What do you think?
– Maybe we can throw out the entire movie.
– The really bad thing.
Something you should find it.
– I’ll do.
– What?
– Let me be the main character.
– What?
I fulfill my duty.
Rink, it’s not your fault.
Let me!
He thinks he’s joking now?
No, and why I offered myself!
Formamide will be the best!
Thanks to me that the movie was shot.
Let me go!
That’s enough.
Such a girl may not be starred.
Especially when so naive.
Lady Yuna.
I fired my agent.
Now I work alone.
Here you are. Rather, with this mind.
Lady Yuna.
Now you will have a camera.
Do not let me down!
All right!
Kondo, be prepared.
Akira, call the male characters.
Rink, expecting you!
Rink, will be good for this dress?
Yuna beautiful even without makeup.
Very erotic was the whole impression.
You little …
Guys, that’s enough.
So here we go.
Okay, start the camera.
I’m ready.
Is finally finished!
Such a special film
sure will reap the stores.
Typical! Nothing more, typical!
Do not praise the dead girl!
I have an idea.
The next film
turn off the man’s point of view.
This has to think about.
Tojásért go!
I’m going!

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